Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'll try to catch some of the happenings that I've missed here lately (as we say down home). First, today is Pete and Janet's 51st wedding anniversary! Congratulations on the occasion. Pete got her flowers. It took him 51 years to get romantic. Janet was going to bake him a rhubarb pie. They were going out to dinner with the kids and grandkids this evening except for Kelly who lives too far away. Have a wonderful time.

Last Sunday (May 25) was Sabrina and Shirley's birthdays. Neither wanted me to post their age so I am obliging. Just say they're both over 21.

Margaret went back to the doctor last week because she was having some swelling and pain in her broken ankle area. The physical therapist sent her. The doctor sent her for some more tests (an ultrasound) because he was afraid there was a blood clot forming. The tests didn't show a blood clot so he put her on some antibiotics and sent her home. She is still having a lot of pain but the swelling is some better. The surgeon will see her again next week. She is scheduled for physical therapy again on Tuesday.

We had the boys until Thursday when we met Scott at the 130 mile marker over in Illinois to drop them off. They kept us busy. We had 4 kids at the lake this weekend (Jalen, Brayden, Lukas, and Josie). Except for Josie I think none of them could remember to shut the door when they went in or out. This included some of the big kids. I don't know how many times I yelled "Shut the door" or "Dry your feet". Doug is thinking about putting a screen door with a spring that shuts the door by itself to save my voice,.

Goldman is out of school on Wednesday, the 4th until the 11th. He and I will head down to the lake as soon as he gets out is finished next Wednesday. Sandi will arrive from Portland on the 11th and there's lots of things she wants to do. Maudie is coming too but hasn't firmed up her plans yet.

Joe and his kids made the rounds on Memorial Day. Muzzy's was closed so they couldn't have lunch there. I'll have Rose post his email.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here are some photos, and, as you can well see, they are in no particular order. [My camera and my computer think for themselves, and none too well.] Some are of Jalen and Brayden (those up in the air), one is of Yvonne (Shirley's niece) and her baby Savannah, Mark and Karen, and another is of Shirley and her sister Loretta on the beach in Panama City Beach.

Yesterday Sue and I took Jalen and Brayden to a mall where they had this great trampoline. We watched some Big Kids for a while who did nothing but bounce up and down. Soon our boys wanted to try it. Brayden went first--after considerable negotiations with his brother. He immediately began doing flips, some single, some double. Soon Jalen was suited up on the second apparatus, and he too started showing us some stuff. Several people gathered around to watch. As you can see, I think, both boys were high in the air but well strapped for safety and maximum showing off. Sue and I had the most fun, however.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's been a while since my last update but we've had some very nice entries meanwhile. Right now Brayden and Jalen are here with us so I may have to make this a two part update.

Last weekend (the 17th) was Erica's (Marge and Norm's granddaughter) graduation party. Margaret was able to go for a while. Goldman took me to the lake for the annual property owner's association meeting and we stopped by the Abbotts on the way home on Sunday. Though the party was on Saturday Margaret was still glowing on Sunday. She and Norman are both so proud of her, rightfully so. Sandi, Norman's garden looked really good. I don't know much about gardens except what he tells me now and feeds me later in the season. We ordered a Domino's pizza which didn't compare with some of Margaret's homecooking.

This was the first big weekend at the lake. Suzanne, Lukas, Josie and I left as soon as Lukas got out of school on Friday. Doug and Goldman left as soon as Goldman got out of school. Scott and the boys had a much longer drive and were last to arrive. They got there around 11, I think. Maddog was there and had things ready and waiting for us.

Saturday morning arrived and so did rain. Doug went to Jeff City and bought a tarp cover that fits over the big outside table. As soon as the guys got it set up, the rain stopped! The weather was fairly nice until Sunday night when we had a torrential rainfall. The new tarp collapsed. The neighbor's waverunner was tied to an anchor and came loose and ended up in the middle of the lake. Maddog and the neighbor got on our waverunner and rescued it. Doug wasn't sure what he could do with fixing the tarp. We all slept through the rain and wind no one heard the tarp fall.

The 4 kids played, swam in the lake, swam in the pool, played video games, fished and watched cartoons. Some of them rode the waverunner and the spinner behind it and would have ridden more if the old guys would have gone with them. Doug cleaned a mess of crappie. I've been there over 20 years and have never known the Conservation Agency to come around but they pulled their boat up to our dock, checked Doug's fishing license and measured his fish. He was legal but we were on the deck wondering when we saw them stop if his fish were the right length.

More later.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hi Family!! It's your long lost relative from the North checking in. It has been xxxx amount of months since my last entry and I have a long list of events to try to detail for you. We have been keeping ourselves busy and now with the spring upon us that is taking me more and more outside. Well, in the winter it was skiing on great snowy days and hiking in the Columbia River Gorge on nicer days, I guess now it's staying home and getting my chores done! I still try to compete with Uncle Norman on getting my vegetable garden going, (btw - he's not competing with me - I am so impressed by his green thumb that I'm just trying to keep up!!)

I worked outside yesterday from 8 a.m. until 4:22, ( yes, I looked at the clock when I got back in the house!) and was one tired gardener! Last year I skipped putting in a garden and even though I rototilled it last fall the crab grass took over! I had even rototilled in my strawberry patch and was expecting to have to replant new berry plants, but - to my surprise - this spring produced a new crop of strawberries intertwined in a thriving crop of crab grass!! I had to surgically remove the crab grass runners from the strawberry plants' roots, re-till and re-plant the strawberries!! Goodness what a chore. It's beautiful now with over 60 everbearing strawberry plants that are starting to set on. My friend Marilyn who is an avid gardener came over to help for a couple of hours. It was nice to have the company and made the time go by quicker.

Glenn called and dropped in just as I was putting dinner on the barbie! It was so nice to have someone to share dinner in the backyard with. We had grilled tuna and veggies and a big salad and sat on the patio enjoying the evening. It wasn't 15 minutes after he left that a beautiful and impressive thunderstorm hit at sunset. I made a cup of decaf in the french press and sat on the front porch watching the light show. It was a great end to a great day!

We are all waiting to hear how Mom's trip to Alaska went. The timing of her departure corresponded with Mother's Day. She and a friend from church drove over from Spokane to Seattle (about 5 hours drive) on Saturday before Mother's Day and so Cyndi, Kyle, Jake, Tammy, and I drove up to spend the day with her at Doug and Cecile's home north of Seattle. Doug has been their chauffeur first to catch the train in Edmonds (also north of Seattle), where they caught the train on Monday the 12th to Victoria, BC. He will pick them up tonight at Sea-Tac airport at 8:30. We can't wait to hear how marvelous Mom's adventure was!! They caught the ship in Victoria and headed north to Alaska! They had several jaunts to take on the way and their last leg was across land to catch a flight home from either Juno or Fairbanks. I don't remember exactly, but we'll get the scoop when we hear from her. I think they will make the drive back to Spokane on Memorial Day. I don't think any of us have talked to Mom since she left two weeks ago. We were afraid of the expense to call her cell phone while she was in Canada, so we all just left her alone. (Do you think she planned it that way? Hmmm...the trouble some people need to go to in order to have some peace and quiet!! Honestly! LOL)

I don't think I can catch you all up on the last few months since I wrote, so I'll just highlight some of the things that I remember:
  • January - Glenn's birthday - Monica (Peggy's youngest) moved in with me.
  • February - Kyle Langston turned 18! Kaye-Kaye's birthday. Nate (Kaye's oldest) and his wife Danielle celebrated their 3rd(?) wedding anniversary. Monica went snowboarding for the first time!
  • March - Tammy and Cyndi both celebrated their birthdays. Kyle and Jake came down for a snowboarding trip to Mt. Hood. We joined some friends there and had a blast night skiing. Ski Bowl is the largest night skiing resort ever invented, (like in the world or something, really!). The snow was great! Tyson called me from Florida while I was on the chair lift. It was perfect that I could get cell phone reception up there. He was so jealous of the great snow and playful time on the mountain! I hope he plans to come home soon. I told him the mountain missed him.
  • April - Cecile's and Dave's birthdays. The Langstons came down for a ski trip for Dave's birthday (Cyndi's husband), but the weather turned and so we hiked instead. We pulled together a birthday party in the backyard. The weather was so nice we barbequed and played bocci ball! What a contrast to just two weeks before when we were skiing!! That's the NW for you. We had Doug and Cecile down too for part of their spring break vacation time. (Cecile teaches high school French in Everett, WA). They hadn't kept up with American Idol so we had to play the past episodes to get them up to speed. Congrats on David Cook from MO being the winner!!
  • May - Anna's birthday. Kyle Lanston's Eagle Scout Court of Honor in Olympia. Mom, Anna and Dan made a whirlwind trip of the event. Glenn and Matt, (Steve's youngest) and I all traversed up from Portland. Tammy and Dick were in Whistler, Canada and jumped in the car that morning to make it by the 3:00 event time. Doug and Cecile made it down from Bothell, (their home north of Seattle). The event took place at Camp Thunderbird, the Boy
    Scout camp where Kyle was a camp counselor for three summers. The event was attended by some dignitaries like the Mayor of Lacey, the Port of Olympia Commissioner, the City Manager of Yakima lots of friends and family about 100 or so attendees. (download the pics with this link: ) Kyle and his friend Mike shared the event. They were in the same troop for many years and helped each other along the way. Dave, (Kyle's Dad) was honored by both of the boys with a Mentor pin for being a help and an inspiration to them both as they were growing up in Scounting. Kyle's Eagle project was to plan a restoration of Woodland Creek and the rebuilding of a footbridge on the property of St. Martin's Abbey. Kyle coordinated with, the Port of Olympia, the Abbey and St. Martin's University to fund, design, and restore the property. Very impressive!!
  • June - lots of birthdays!! Steve's three boys, Dad's anniversary and his 80th birthday! Tammy's (masters) and Kyle's (high school) graduation! Mom and I will travel to Missouri!! (More to come later on this. )

We are so looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks! I will try to post some pics when I next update. Welcome home Auntie M! We are so glad to see you on the mend. Hope all are well and we are keeping you in our prayers!!

Much love,

The 2Ls

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just a quick update from Kansas....

Tricia Felin's graduation was this last weekend. I'm so proud she graduated from my Alma Mater - Kansas State University!!! The ceremony was at 830am and it was indeed an early morning. We had a reception afterwards and then Tricia and her boyfriend Walter had to take naps while everyone headed back home. Here are some pictures of the day - Ryan and Ellie were looking so cute!
Tricia is going to stay in Manhattan for the summer and stay at my friend's house while she is away for work. Her Bachelor's degree is in Kinesiology and she is going to apply for nursing schools around the area and then move wherever she gets accepted. Her boyfriend, Walter works in Wichita so he is of course hoping that she moves closer to him.
We are headed to help her move this weekend and get settled in. She will continue to work at Meadowlark Retirement Home in Manhattan until she gets accepted to a new school. I don't think I could go to as much school as what she has planned. We are all so very proud of her.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Brother Joe sent me this very interesting e-mail:

"Sally Jackson, Cedar Vale, KS, who attended the family reunion last year at Sue's Lake house came by Monday. She said to tell everyone "Hello". She had visited over the weekend with Aunt Virginia MADDEN, (Widow of Curt MADDEN and mother of Mike, Brian and Sean MADDEN) Sally also visited with one of Sally's sons, in Ozark. Sally has been researching her family trees for several years and is no doubt the most knowledgeable person on the MADDEN lineage. Her side of the MADDEN clan is from Denzil, one of about nine of granddad Harve's siblings. Like other researchers, she seems to be baffled by the conflicting and sometimes non-existing information available. She takes lots of pictures and stresses the fact some small item may someday unlock the mystery! She eagerly listened to the input from Sean!

We first went to Eastlawn Cemetery, in Springfield, MO where a Josephine MADDEN BEYER is buried. Our grandfather David Harve MADDEN had a sister named Josephine, but we have doubts this is the one?
because - Granddad Harve's death certificate gives his date of birth as 4-10-1878, Birthplace Missouri.
- Josephine's death certificate gives her date of birth as Oct. 28, 1877 , Birthplace, Ollany, (sic) IL
father and mothers names unknown.
- Josephine's records, from the funeral home, show her birthplace as Olney, IL.
Mother Ellen MADDEN, b IL father MADDEN. b IL and little other information. It shows three
daughters and one son. He is buried in this plot with a military tombstone
NOTE: The military method and the generally accepted genealogy method of dating is date- month, usually
abbreviated to three letters, and year (four letters) e,g, 28 Oct 1877

We next visited Greenlawn North Cemetery, in Springfield, MO where Curt MADDEN, Carrie MADDEN SMITH, (granddads baby sister, we think) Also next to Carrie is her (and Granddad's) nephew, Vernon (no tombstone on Vernon's grave) are all buried. The two burial plots are a good distance apart.
Next stop, Fair Grove, MO and the remains of the Fair Grove canning factory, where Mom and Dad met. Sean (Monday evening) said he himself remembered when the building burned and he pedaled on his bike to watch the fire department work. Sean also said his dad told of their stopping by the factory and warming their hands, en route to school. On to the "Knob" the hill farm about 1/2 mile south where Sean later told us his Dad, Curt was born. Mom told stories of her and Aunt Mit playing there. Uncle Kent one time mentioned a field where his dad had raised corn, now overgrown with timber. Kent also mentioned a neighbor telling about watching Civil War troops marching by (toward or from?) Springfield.

We continued on the outskirts of Fair Grove where the Cedar Bluff Cemetery is located and our mom's brother Kenneth MADDEN and wife Paula are buried.

Next we drove by the farm northwest of Fair Grove where Granddad farmed for many years and was living there when our grandmother Maggie passed away. The concrete silo is gone but the huge barn is still standing and looks to be in good repair. The house has been replaced. Sally remembered visiting here when she was very small. She and Rose Felin-Holt were both born in l942

Next stop, Marshfield, MO cemetery where our Mom and Dad and other family members are buried. Our dad reportedly purchased this lot with his WWI bonus. Our late brother Bernie once mentioned our Granddad LAFOE was in charge of building the rock fence at the entrance.We also drove by the house granddad Harve was living in at the time of his death. Sally also remembered visiting with him at this residence.

On to the Fordlalnd, MO Cemetery where Granddad Harve and Grandmother MAGGIE plus our Aunt Mildred MADDEN LONG are buried. Also several of our grandmother's family in an adjacent plot. These grandparents were married in Fordland, MO, in 1903.

The day concluded with dinner with Sean MADDEN. He added a good bit of family history including a trip his dad told him about when Kent and Curt went to Kansas City by train, when small boys, and visited with an aunt and uncle.We speculate this was Aunt Lilly and Uncle Nick ANGELOS. Sean said his mom's home, in Springfield, is only a few blocks from a relative his dad told him about and Sean had forgotten the details.
I have since e-mailed Sean the address, (one block east and one block north of his mom's house.) Walt and Molly MILLER were there names and Molly was Grandmother MADDEN's sister. This is where Sue quickly inspected Uncle Walter's gall stones she was holding in her hands, circa 1950, as she reported in an earlier entry into the blog.

With the information on the KELLEY-KELLY-MADDEN feud, which was news to Sally, maybe this small bit of information, at the right time and place, with the right researcher, will be the key. Thanks to Wanda aka Cuz, Pete and Sean for providing this and other information.

In closing, some of the items genealogy researchers stress include 1) No item is too small to mention 2) The youngest living member of a family is the best source of information 3) Daughters usually keep more abreast of these items. "

Thank you, Joe. We truly appreciate the work you are doing on the family geneology. And I will never forget Uncle Walter--or at least his gall stones!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Lots of updates this week. Donald called yesterday. He and Vita had been in Plattsburg last weekend for a grandsons' First Communion. He's afraid some of his grandsons are taking to religion and religion school like my boys did. That is - reluctantly. When Scott and Chris used to go to Uncle Pete's in the summer one would always ask before they left "Do they go to church?"

Donald had recently been back to Puerto Rico but every place that was there when he was stationed there had either fallen down or was condemned. He said most of the places should have been condemned back then. He and Vita leave tomorrow (I think) for Italy. They're going to visit some of Vita's ancestral sites. Donald or Vita, we would like some pictures when you get back.

Tomorrow is also Tricia Felin (Bob's grandaughter and Bobby's daughter)'s graduation from Kansas State. I'm not sure what her plans are from there but I hope to learn more soon. Her sister Jana has promised to update the blog about the occasion and to post pictures.

I'm trying to get in touch with Bob's daughter, Debbie, to set up a weekend get together at the lake. Debby, my phone here is 314-452-3685 and at the lake is 573-365-2106. I've been trying your number with no luck.

Sandi LL, we still don't have an update on your mom's travels. Someone else in Washington couldfill us in. Kay-Kay, we never hear much from Arizona.

Goldman and I are leaving for the lake as soon as he gets out of school today. Maddog is there already. He's finishing staining the deck. Hopefully, we'll have nice weather. We're going to stop by Marge and Norm's on the way home Sunday. Their grandaughter Erica's graduation party is tomorrow night but Margaret can't make it so maybe a visit from me and Goldman will cheer her up.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

That was me making the entry yesterday - unless people think Rose has two secret children she talked with on Mather's Day.

I had an email from Mike with Aunt Virginia's mailing address.

Virginia Madden
Butterfield Residential Care
Room D104
Bolivar, MO 65613
Phone 417-777-8327

Hr said again she loves company and mail.

His daughter, Lauren, is 19 and graduated early from high school and is currently a sophmore at a local college. She is interested in food science and wants to be a winemaker. She plans to attend UC Davis where the Mondavi Oenology school is. Which came first, Mike, her ambition or the vineyard?

Haven't had any ants crawling across my computer yet. They may be still sleeping.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Got home safely Sunday in time to hear from both of my sons for Mothers' Day. Goldman had to be home early to go to his sisters' house for a family celebration of the event. Weather at the lake wasn't too good but I just enjoyed looking at the guys' handiwork. Leslie did most of the cooking and we've added a new item to our menu - Pulled Pork. Goldman usually makes his grandmother's brisket so Suzanne inquired if this was a Jewish recipe!

Mike Madden sent this update on Aunt Virginia. She is in an assisted living facility in Bolivar. He says she has a nice apartment and good food. Her phone number is 417-777-8327. She enjoys visitors and phone calls. She has written down lots of geneology info and shared much of it with Joe. Mike and Sean took her to Mike's vinyard for Mother's Day. She probably watched them work.

Goldman and I are going to the lake again this weekend. Maddog is there finishing the staining on the deck. We'll get ready for the Memorial Day weekend coming up early this year.

I talked to Margaret this morning. She is ready to start therapy. They got the lift fix on the back deck so it's much easier for her to get in and out of the house.

Sandi FeLLin will arrive on the 12th of next month and stay until the 23rd. We haven't made any definite plans yet on what we'll be doing. I know she wants to visit her Larimore relatives, too. Sandi, update the blog on your mother's travels. She's cruising somewhere along the coast of Alaska right now.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Just a couple more things I wanted to add. Mike Madden sent me a website for the Marshfield Mail. There may be some more Greenwood items to be found here. The website is

Goldman and I are going down to the lake as soon as he gets out of school today. Leslie and that King boy are meeting us there and Leslie plans to do all the cooking. I think Maddog is already there. Sam aka that King boy loves to fish so I hope the fish are biting. Goldman has never met Sam though he's met Leslie on several occasions as has Maddog. We're all leaving early Sunday morning for various Mother's Day celebrations. Chris and Shelly are having a brunch for the occasion.

I'm eager to see again all the work the guys have done down there. I've only been for part of one day since they finished.
I'm up early this morning and feeling somewhat back to myself so will try to update the blog a bit. Chris came by on his way home from work last night to lend us a computer to use for webcam class last and, Rose has gone to meet him and return it. While he was here he gave us a bit of update on Kate and Austin's wedding. He had some pictures in his phone, but they were taken from afar while he and Jalen were decorating the bride and groom's car during the ceremony. Mark Lary, we need pictures.

I wasn't up to going to the wedding. Chris and Shelly stayed with John, Jana, and Ellie in Lenexa, KS, on Friday night while Scott and the boys came here from Louisville on Friday and got up early Saturday to proceed to Lawrence. Shelly helped Nancy decorate for the occasion which was held in a gazebo outside on Saturday afternoon. I talked with Mark that morning and he was still trying to think of some words of wisdom to impart to her as he gave her away. I wonder what he settled on.

Margaret went to the orthopedic doctor yesterday. She is healing nicely and will be able to put 50% of her weight on her bad leg in a couple weeks. She doesn't know how they will determine how to measure the 50%, and the doctor didn't tell her. She can't get in Normm's truck or Stef's van so uses Sabrina or Catrina's car for transportation when she has to go out.

Donald called on Sunday. The brothers' annual fishing trip was over. They had gone to see Wanda Jean after they got to Birmingham and before they went to Panama City Beach. Donald is going to fix her up a computer. That way maybe we can all get more family facts straight. I think Wanda lives with her son, Ricky, but from there the guys are confused. Donald admitted that - after all these years of deep sea fishing and catching some fish - this annual trip is also a BS session. He said it gets pretty deep at times. He didn't claim complete innocence.

More later.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hello, it's Rose here with a very quick update. Yesterday Sue had a follow-up appointment with her gastrointerologist, another young, petite, intelligent, and beautiful woman. Sue has had some kind of 'bug' that caused inflammation and it seems to be healing (slowly). Self-limiting, the doctor called it. Because being ill for four weeks has sapped Sue's strength, this physician is recommending a course of treatment with steroids to hasten the recovery. Sue is checking with her primary neurologist to make sure he is in agreement with the treatment before having the prescription filled.

I am happy to report she is 'some better.'

On another topic, here is some information Brother Joe sent about his daughter, Lisa:

"Lisa Lilley , master Spanish teacher at Glendale, was selected by unanimous agreement at Saturday's Board meeting to be the Foreign Language Association of Missouri's Distinguished Foreign Language Educator 2008. Her striving for excellence in her students, her colleagues and herself clearly spoke from the pages of the nominating materials. She will be officially recognized at the Fall Conference in October, 2008, and she will also be Missouri's nominee for Central States Teacher of the Year to be selected in 2009 in Chicago. The Central States Teacher of the Year then goes on to national competition.

Any of us around the district or state can speak to Lisa's deserving this award. One of her former students put it best, 'You're the best Spanish teacher ever! 'Spanish teacher' really doesn't do you justice...You really care and you really put a lot of time into inspiring your students...and you succeed at doing so. You're really something special, Mrs. Lilley. Just look at the part you've played in making just MY life as cool as it is shaping up to be!' --Kara M. (university student recipient of a scholarship to Chile next year to set up a literacy program)"

Congratualtions, Lisa! This is a wonderful honor.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Update on Margaret:

My momma is home!! We made bail about 1pm and sprung her from that cell. She's resting now in her recliner. Stef, Dan and I (Catrina) are here getting her settled in and Sabrina will be here after while. She will visit the surgeon again in about a month and until then, she's off her feet. We'll update as we know more, for now - it's just waiting for the bones to heal around the pins and plate. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes - now that she's home she can get on the mend and start getting some better.