Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday morning at the lake. Scott told me I should proof read before I post. It was Jalen and Brayden who were so checking so often for our Kansas relatives to arrive and it was the boys who were trying to learrn to ski that first day down here. Scott could ski when he was younger and thinner but didn't try this time.

Pete said in his weekly call that he had been trapping raccoons and he had heard that marshmellows were good trap food. We found something even better. BEER!!!! One morning last week Goldman went outside to put the trash in the big trashcan. He could tell there was something moving around inside it so was afraid to open it. He got Doug and Maddog and a 5 gallon bucket and they were going to catch whatever was in there. They tipped the big can over and opened the lid. Out staggered a RACCOON. They called me up to see and he was really staggering. He stumbled around and half walked down the steps between the houses and half fell. They followed him down a few houses and he finally sobered up and was walking pretty good. I guess he got a beer can or two with some left in it and finished it off. They're careful about closing the can really tight.

Groves came on Sunday and brought Omaha Steaks and twice baked potatoes. They may have been the best steaks I've ever eaten. He may have paid for them with his winnings from Texas Hold'em. Stakes were't that high so he had to come back Tuesday to play again. I'm not sure who won. I had to go to bed. Rose and Shirley are eager to learn how to play Texas Hold'em when I get home.

Shelly got here Sunday evening. We saved a Omaha Steak for her. Chris had to leave. Shelly stayed until Tuesday. I think it was frustrating for her to let the boys do the cooking. We had pork tenderloin one night - Maddog's recipe. It was scrumptious. She did make some cookies which Scott said even went well with beer when they were right out of the oven.

Scott just left. He came back in to tell me there is another critter trapped in the trashcan. Mike Lynch got here yesterday. It rained all day but cleared up toward evening. We're expecting Chris and Shelly tonight and Suzanne and Trish and Ray tomorrow evening. It's supposed to be very hot today though it's cloudy this morning. I plan on going for a boat ride either today or tomorrow.

I'll post later after they let the critter out of the trashcan.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday morning at the lake and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. Everyone is still sleeping except me and Chris. Chris is out for his morning run.

I forgot on my last update to put in that Angie Slayton stopped in on the 18th and spent the night with us. She was calling on customers in Versailles on that Thursday and had to go to Columbia the next day and preferred staying with us instead of a motel. The guys did all the cooking and cleaning up and she was frustrated with nothing to do.

Also, a correction - It was Briana who loved addog's porksteaks and had them for dinner on Saturday and also for lunch on Sunday.

Joe's Lydia and Lisa got back from Costa Rica last Tuesday. I'm sure he was glad to see them. David is in Ohio. Joe never brags on his kids but did say that he was going to Beth's MBA graduation ceremony on Saturday night. This is worth bragging about, Joe.

Jeff arrived on Wednesday. The Army furnished him a rental car and he enjoyed the fishing and company. Leslie and Sam had gone to St. Louis so we goy his company right away. Maddog and Goldman made chicken and dumplings for dinner and I think he ate three bowls full. I went to bed but I think the three of them sat up til all hours exchanging Denny stories. Jeff had to report to Ft. Leonard Wood Thursday morning.

Doug got here Thursday evening. Chris arrived Friday after he got off work. Scott gott here Saturday afternoon. Groves got here sometime in the night last night.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last night I met Margaret, Norman, Catrina, and Lizzie for dinner in Clayton before all of us attended "The Miracle Worker" in which Lizzie and her dad are performing. We had a wonderful Italian meal at Cafe Napoli, which Lizzie told her mother later was "such a fancy restaurant I will remember it my whole life." Lizzie is ten years old and one wonderkind. She charmed our waiter, and she and her mother entertained us old folks through the dinner hour. Catrina is surely a McGiver Girl--you know, one of those women you could send into the jungle with a toothpick and a cottonswab, and she would build a shopping mall. I don't know when I have had a better time.

After dinner we picked up Shirley, who couldn't join us for the dinner, and all of us went to the Clayton Community Theater (part of Washington University) for "The Miracle Worker." And it was a miracle. We saw Robbie, Catrina's husband, transformed into "Captain Keller," the brusque, blustery father of Helen Keller. HE DID A SPECTACULAR JOB OF INHABITING THE CHARACTER and showing how people can be transformed through hanging in even in difficult life events. Lizzie had a smaller part and did a wonderful job with it. She told us she tried out for the Helen Keller part but was "really happy to be in the play whatever her role." [She is ten going on twenty, you see.]

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More from Joe about the Marshfield fire:

Got more pictures from Joe

From: Jgfelin
To: MarthaBoaz
Sent: 7/22/2008 8:34:08 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: Marshfield Fire (Continued)

To view the pictures, one needs to click on View The Gallery in the related content of the article, same for
Marshfield Mail: Thrift store manager remains hopeful after blaze
Marshfield Mail: Downtown building destroyed in blaze

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Marshfield Mail: Thrift store manager remains hopeful after blaze
Marshfield Mail: Downtown building destroyed in blaze
View The Gallery

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sue forwarded this e-mail from Brother Joe for posting:

From: JO from MO
To: MarthaBoaz
Sent: 7/22/2008 2:25:48 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: Marshfield Fire web page

Sandi provided this web site yesterday and asked me to let her know if it works. If so, she was going to post it on the blog. Donald called yesterday (before I received Sandi's e-mail) and was back in B'ham, all their company had also gone back home to ID and MO. Donald was asking about the fire so I did forward the web page to him, figuring you would read it on the blog. It has about 10 pictures of the fire. I don't think it gave the reason for the fire?

Thanks for the lunch and good visit Saturday. Bet it will be lonesome there when all your company leaves.

Thanks for the link, Joe.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Catrina's husband (Robert King) and their daughter (Elizaeth "Lizzie) have parts in a play at the Washington University theater. The play is about Helen Keller. Robby plays Helen's father, and Lizzie plays one of her schoolmates. More information at:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Late Thursday Scott and the boys arrived from Louisville. They woke me up and we soon were all in bed. Scott and Goldman did the grocery shopping Friday morning to get ready for the weekend. While they were out they bought some children's skis as the boys were determined they could learn how to waterski. When they went out in the boat to try it, Goldman first got in the water and was going to show them how it was done. (It's Sunday now and he's still sore from the attempt.) Scott and Brayden tried several times but couldn't master the skill.

Our Kansas relatives arrived late Friday afternoon. Scott and Brayden must have asked us 50 times 'When are they going to get here?' Debbie and Joe, their daughter Sabrina, Sabrina's three - Joshua, Junior, and Martesia - and their son Thad's daughter Briana finally arrived about 5:30. The kids immediately jumped in the lake and swam until until Maddog's wonderful dinner of pork tenderloin was ready. The kids played like they had known each other forever. Though Brayden is only 5 and all the other kids were at least 5 years older he did his best to keep up.

Pete called with his weekly call. Things were okay in Idaho. He had just talked with Joe and let us know that Joe was coming for the day. Joe wasn't sure the day before. Joe got here and we all had a good day visiting and watching the kids in the water. The boat is running good and we have this spinning thing that three kids (or grownups) sit on and the boat pulls it. As the boat picks up speed, the thing spins. It was the first time we have had 3 kids with semiequal weight and it really made a difference. The kids had a ball. When they weren't doing that, they were in the lake or in the pool. Goldman hogged Joe some when they discussed their chronological research and Goldman says he could have talked with Joe much much more but Joe had to leave and be home by five. We could all have visited much more with him. He missed a great dinner. Maddog made BBQ pork steaks. Last year Martesia said he made the best BBQ pork steaks she ever had and she remembered and said these were as good too.

Today the kids swam in the lake and rode the spinner whenever they could get anyone to drive the boat. One of the Kansas grandkids said "Grandpa, we're going to have to have one of those." I saw Joe go down to the dock and write down the name and manufacturer of it. They all had a long drive so Goldman got up early and put a brisket in the oven using his Grandmother's recipe. Debby sais this place smelled like a restaurant. Junior made sure the trash was emptied throughout the house before they left. The kids were all helpful and polite. Grandpa Joe said it must be the Missouri air.

After the Kansans left Jalen begged Scott to let him try waterskiing one more time. I think he didn't want to try when the other kids were there in case he couldn't do it. Though it was going to make Scott very late getting back to Louisville he gave in and JALEN GOT UP THE FIRST TRY. JALEN CAN WATERSKI!!! He was smiling from ear to ear having mastered the sport. When he tried on Friday Goldman was in the water with him. Today he was in the water by himself. He fell a few times but got right up when he tried again. Brayden was so tired from running with the big kids all weekend that he didn't even want to try today.

I want to add here that Scott made some very good breakfasts while he was here and Debbie and the girls did anything we ask them to do. One thing my guys had them do was kitchen cleanup. Debbie loved our potato peeler. Potatoes are a favorite vegetable down here. We've experimented with several peelers and Goldman's mother got us this one.

Maddog and Goldman take very good care of me and make sure that I never miss a dose of my medicine. They're pretty good housekeepers too.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm behind on updates so I hope I can remember all that's happened. We celebrated a great July Fourth. Doug, Suzanne, Lucas, Josie, Maddog, Goldman and I were the regulars here. We had a great new couple for the event - Mel and Tony. Eric and Julie and their boys along with some friends of theirs came over for the fireworks. We could hardly wait until dark for the presentation to start. It was spectular.

I had to go back to St. Louis for an overnight stay in the hospital for my IVIG on the 8th. I don't have to have another one for six months. The nurses and aides missed me since I hadn't been there for quite some but most of them remembered me. Chris came up and brought me Steak and Shake for lunch and also some stuff I'd forgotten.

Shelly and I spent the 1st through the 3rd here at the lake and then the evening of the 3rd the rest of the crew rolled in. Meals were delicious. Doug did a fish fry on Saturday. Denny taught him well. Maddog has been my steady companion whenever I've been here. He either goes to the store for me or accompanies me.

Goldman and I came back to the lake on the 11th. Goldman had to go back to St. Louis on the 13th to finish teaching his summer school session and then came back here to the lake on the 15th. He and I plan to stay here as much as we can until school starts to work on his book. He's writing the book and I'm editing it. I'm sure it's going to be a bestseller.

Leslie came up on Tuesday and left this morning. Meals were gourmet. Her son, Jeff, who is in the military and is stationed in Seattle will be in next Wednesday. He's going to do a two month school at Ft. Leonard Wood. His bride will come for a few days later on. I haven't met her yet so am looking forward to that. She's from the Seattle area. Jeff loves to fish and is going to come over here when he can. Chase, Leslie's other son, called me this morning from Baltimore and said he will be in Springfield in about 2 weeks and will try to get up to see me.

Rose and Shirley spent last weekend in Chicago. I talked to Margaret yesterday. They are home from the Valley for a few days. Norm has gotten one tomato from his garden. Margaret saw both doctors last week and doesn't have to go back to either for 3 months. They took the boot off of her foot and she said she's getting around pretty well.

Chris turned 39 on the 13th. Seems like just yesterday he was born. Goldman stopped by their house on the way home from here to wish him a Happy Birthday. I know he went bike riding and Shelly made him BBQ ribs but I'm not sure how else he celebrated.

Scott and the boys will be here tonight. I'm hoping the Kansas relatives will show up. Jana, John, and Ellie can't make it but I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of you.

I'm sure I left things out but will update again sooner next time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Aunt Virginia (Madden), photo provided by her son Mike. Aunt Virginia is the widow of mother's brother Curt and the last living relative of that Madden generation.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Joe sent us some further information about Sandi's post:

For additional detail (if needed?) It is a real challenge adding anything beneficial to Sandi'ls well worded travelogue, but for the ones missing out on this very enjoyable trip, the following is added:

This picture was taken where the pear tree used to be and they have added a driveway on the north side of the house The cat is shown on this driveway. The driveway ended in a circle drive. (for lack of a better description). The steps on the north side of the house have been removed, along with the entrance door. In place, a new door (not pictured) was built on the west side of this part of the house. The window just above the good looking guy was probably an enlargement of the old pantry window?
Any questions, please let me or Sue know.


Thank you, Brother. The house is so much changed I hardly recognized it. You post helped.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hello Everyone! Greetings from Oregon and Washington. We are enjoying some great weather - free of tornadoes, thunderstorms and humidity! be home again in the northwest. Lol!

Tasting Gooseberries for the first time! Now you see me smiling....

I had a wonderful visit! Thanks to everyone who rolled out the red carpet for me. Rose, Sue, Shirley, Margaret, Norm, Joe, Lisa, David, Lydia, Stephanie, Chris, Shelly and all the Larimore clan. (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone!) Even Jalen and Brayden helped me feel at home. I wanted to thank Aunt Rose especially for giving me such a generous opportunity to move freely about Missouri in her comfy car. I hate to admit how many miles I put on that vehicle, but having the benefit of her loaning it to me and helping me with my air fare made the price of gas affordable! I bought a map on my first morning there at the news stand in Clayton at Aunt Rose's recommendation and a coffee at Starbucks and was on my way! I feel like a true world traveler - savvy, experienced and now can say, "I'm from Missouri - Show Me!" (Not everyone can make that claim!)

I finally got my pictures and videos downloaded to the computer and will post a few of them. I enjoyed every minute of my trip! The highlight for me, honestly, was meeting and starting to get reacquainted with my cousins. I LOVED spending time with Sabrina and am still heartsick about the change of plans that made me cancel our lunch date! (Sorry Sabrina!) I got initiated by Randy by falling for one of his gags - I should have known. I caught a glimpse of Stephanie, Dan and Catrina at Nathan's wedding and regret that two weeks didn't afford me enough time to get caught up. I did have a nice phone conversation with Stephanie the day before the wedding and missed a phone to Catrina because time ran out...(Drat! I hated missing that, too!) I brought my Draw Four game to play with Catrina, but it didn't happen. I enjoyed meeting Robbie's sons and was savoring how they love their Peepa and Meema. Blessings to Nathan and Nichole as they start their life together.

The Bride - Nichole.

My few days at the Abbotts were so nice. I felt like I was at home at my folk's house. We went up to Winfield one day and then on up to the Mississippi river. It was interesting to me because I had never been to the Mississippi before but also since my job is a run-of-the-river operation, I was impressed to see the Corps of Engineers and the military, (Marines?) among volunteers working together to mitigate the flooding.

Uncle Norman's garden is impressive and I had quite a bit of work to do in mine since I got home. Thankfully, brother Glenn came by to help "fix" the sprinkler system while I was away. It wasn't really broken - it was working just the way I programmed it to. Too bad I didn't mean for it to run constantly - just once a day. Monica kept the lawn mowed and held down the fort so I came home to a pleasant homecoming. I have been pruning my tomatoes like Uncle Norm showed me, but mine are just now blooming so I won't see any tomatoes for a while.

At the edge of the Mighty Mississip!

I hated to say good-bye to the Abbotts on Father's Day, but was also looking forward to a few days at the lake with Aunt Sue and our much anticipated Turnbo Tour hosted by dear Uncle Joe! For those of you who might not know, we had this trip planned for last summer and were looking forward to having my Dad and Uncle Joe give the tour. Can you imagine how valuable and memorable that would have been? As it turned out plans changed and so this year was especially meaningful to me. Thank you Uncle Joe for being such a fun and gracious tour guide. I couldn't have loved anything more than spending that time with you all!

Uncle Norman and three sisters at the Lake of the Ozarks!

I learned about Marshfield, Route 66, "Dragging the Gut", Grammie's shop, Aunt Louise's house.(uh oh, now I'm forgetting - was it Louise who lived at the little white house where the four darling boys greeted us in their anti-chigger footwear?) I got to see the Cannin' Factory and the Springhouse firsthand. We hiked through briers and brush along with my Mom and Aunt Sue and picked ticks off each other and waded in Turnbo Creek by the falls. When the time came for us to head back into Marshfield, I couldn't have been more disappointed for our day to end. I had my Mom and Aunt Sue and Aunt Vivian, (Mom's sister) to keep me from feeling blue, but it makes me cry just thinking about it as I write this now. I am indebted to you!

At Grammie's house in Marshfield! (AKA draggin' the gut with Uncle Joe!)

Lisa was profound in her assessment of what things might have been if our Grandad hadn't have died so early. All the family were tough and none afraid of hard work. The land there is beautiful and rich - the heritage we hold is richer still. Aunt Rose reflected that our lives are held by a thread. I agree and would add that the thread that is woven through each our lives and holds us together is strong and valuable - I don't want to take it for granted.

Mom, Uncle Joe, Aunt Sue, Lisa, Lydia and David at the Marshfield Cemetery.

I then spent several days in Conway with my Mom, Aunt Vivian and cousins! We attended church at the Washington Christian Church where Uncle Oral is buried. Aunt Viv said she has been attending that church for over 50 years! I got to tour a dairy farm and meet almost all of my cousins on my Mom's side. The "girls' have an annual garage sale which is a good excuse to sit in lawn chairs and drink iced tea and visit all day long. They didn't have much traffic so exchanged "stuff" with each other. I came away with some of my cousin Terrie's bracelets. Nice. Aunt Viv is an avid Cardinals fan so several afternoons/evenings were spent paying attention to the game. We ate at the Rocking Chair which was good food and met after church on Sunday at my cousin Beverly's home for a big meal.
We visited the graveyards where my Grandma, Aunt and Uncle are buried and drove around the gorgeous countryside capturing the vision of times long ago when my mother was a girl growing up. We traveled Route 66 which used to be the main drag and is now the back road to Wal-Mart. I enjoyed the fire flies and the southern cooking and easy pace of a little town. I slept great each night and the heart of the land and the family there has enriched my life. Thanks Mom for sharing your "home" with me.

I guess I should cut my travelogue off right about here in lieu of boring you all to death! There is more I'd like to say about the warmth of all I met and how meaninful it was to me to be a part of your lives for a few days. I look forward to having some of you visit us up here. We have skiing, snowboarding, the ocean, the mountains, the desert, the Columbia River Gorge, Seattle, The San Juan islands, Canada - and yes, coffee and granola!! Who wouldn't want to come for a visit? The company of folks is also of the highest quality! Please, think about letting us return the favor!
See ya!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Brother Joe sent me this e-mail with sad news of the death of Mary's sister:

Lisa, Lydia and Mary went to Conway to see Mary's sister, Louise on Wed. Louise passed away Saturday. Also Harriet Lafoe Natale came by our house on Wed. She seems to be doing very well with the recent knee replacements.

Lisa and Lydia left for Costa Rica Thurs. Morning. They were instructed to be at the airport two hours early, which they were. Then they put them on an earlier flight out of Springfield so the time at the Springfield airport was brief but the layover in DFW was longer, as their outbound flight out of DFW stayed the same.

Glad you got back home OK. Hello To Rosey Po and all.

Bro Joe

Dave & I have listed one of our sail boats for sale on Craigslist (Similar to e-bay)

More later.

Bro Joe

We are sorry to hear of this loss.
I'm here at Barnes-Jewish waiting for them to start my IVIG. As Goldman says, this place is a hurry up and wait time. It's 11:30 and Rose and I hurried to get here at 8:30. They'll do the IVIG and I'll go home tomorrow.

Shelly and I went down to the lake house last week Tuesday. My computer wasn't working so I was all week without it. The boat is finally fixed. That hillbilly who has had it twice now brought it back last Tuesday and now says he wants more money. I'm just going to let Doug talk with him. Shelly and I went to the license bureau to get the current sticker for the waverunner. The license bureau sent us to the court house and then we had to go back again to the license bureau. After all this running back and forth, no one rode the waverunner all weekend!

Shelly had to leave on Thursday. Maddog came over. Goldman drove down. Doug and Suzanne and the kids got there in time for Suzanne to make a big pot of spaghetti for dinner. Fireworks started popping that night but it wasn't the big night.

The Fourth of July was a real occasion!! The Nichols (Julie, John, Eric and Ryan) came for dinner but took their boat and put it in a safe place before the show started. Maddog made pork tenderloin for dinner which may become a regular on our lake menu. Neighbors all chipped in before the guys went firework shopping. Our necks hurt from looking up before the display ended. We all thought dark would never come but when it did come it lasted quite a while.

Saturday wasn't anticlimatic like we thought it might be. Tony and Melanie came in that morning on their Harley. (Tony is Maddog's stepbrother and Mel worked with Suzanne at Rawlings.) Doug fried crappie in a Denny tradition. We had mountains of food and Doug was so busy frying that he didn't get to start catching fish to put in the freezer for the next fry. We had potato skins, fries, little weiners wrapped in bacon, and by then I was too full to eat anything else. Well, I did eat several onion rings.

Traffic was miserable on the trip home Sunday. I rode with Goldman and we never did see any accidents - just volume. I have more news but will post this and more later.