Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chicago apartment view

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'll update a bit of Memorial Day happenings at the lake. We had great weather until it was a bit overcast and threatening on Monday when we had to leave anyway. We had a great group with Scott and the boys, Suzanne and Doug and the kids, Goldman, Mad Dog, Groves and me. Eric and Julie Nichols and their kids and Chris and Jane Crawford and their kids came over by boat for a visit. Our kids were all interested in going to the pool and spent as much time there as they could when they could get a grownup to stay there with them. They also spent a lot of time in the lake.

The three boys (Lukas, Jalen, and Brayden) rode the Orbit - that spinning red thing that gets pulled behind the boat - a lot of times. The boys can all ride at the same time. Doug was so good to take them in the boat. The boat ran really well, and no one wanted to ride the waverunner Doug would have loved to have done more fishing and did do some with Brayden and Lukas usually right along side of him. They were all more interested in the boat. Jalen got up on waterskis but fell the first time when he had hold with one hand while pulling up his pants. He then got up and stayed up when he managed his swim trunks better. Suzanne skied just long enough to prove she could do it. She showed all the old guys up because none of them would even try it.

Monday was Sabrina and Shirley's birthdays. I rode home from the lake with Scott and the boys. When they dropped me off and Brayden learned it was Shirley's birthday he assumed there was going to be cake. Instead he had chocolate coffee. He had such a good time at the lake that he laid down on the steps and cried as we were preparing to leave. He was just not ready to go home.

I talked to Margaret for just a few minutes today. She said she and Norm had been down to the valley for the holiday and just got back yesterday. Said they had a great time and weren't sure whether or not they were going back this weekend or not. Kids were all fine. Margaret had talked to Pauline on Sunday and things were good in Great Bend.

Shirley goes to Chicago tomorrow and Rose leaves Saturday. Chris and Shelly and I are heading to the lake Friday afternoon. Mark and Karen and I'm not sure who else are coming too. Mark and Karen now have six baby chicks, and I'm not sure who's minding the chicks. One is named after me, but I can change it's name if I want to. I''m not sure what to so. Weekend weather forecast is promising. It's finally turned nice weather. I'm just looking forward to the weekend and seeing everybody.

Marshfield Cemetery, 25 May, 2009

Joe sent this photo for the blog'

Marshfield Cemetery, 25 May, 2009


Friday, May 22, 2009

Just a quick update this morning. Mad Dog and I came down to the lake yesterday afternoon and we're expecting the rest of the group today and tonight. Scott had a broken water pipe in his front yard tyhis morning but had a plumber there early and thought it would be fixed in time for him to leave. He said the boys were excited about coming and I'm excited about the group getting here.

Remember, the door is open and everyone is welcome. It's already a beautiful day and promises to be a beautiful weekend. Come one and come all!!!

I'll have a more detailed post later.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another - Memorial weekend

Edward LAFFOE's Declaration to become a citizen

    In my last post, I failed to add Joe's attachment.

Edward LAFFOE's Declaration to become a citizen


Joe sent us this e-mail yesterday:

Yesterday (May 19/2009) I gathered up some files, took them down to the Greene County Archives and got a copy of the attached. Note the spelling includes two (F's) same as on their marriage certificate.

An additional quick chronological review is as follows:
He was born in 1836 or 1837, in Ireland
Married in Dundee, Scotland Nov 19, 1866
First offspring, Louis was born in Scotland or Ireland in 1868 or 1869?
Came to the United States. ______________ Does anyone have exact date, ship or other information?
Information from an obituary seems to be incorrect as it shows him arriving in 1867 landing in New Jersey.
Worked on building bridges when Frisco RR tracks were being built into Springfield. First train into Springfield was in March 1870. His mother-in-law may be buried near Marshfield, MO, in an unmarked grave on private property. Her death reportedly occurred when end of track was at Marshfield.

Next I may go to Marshfield (Webster County) and see if I can get a copy of Edward's final naturalization papers. According to the 1920 Census, this took place in 1896. I do not have the location but since it appears not to be Springfield, then Marshfield would be the logical place.

Also his son Louis would be our grandmother Kate's brother. She was born in MO, in 1872. Louis's lineage (I think) includes offspring in Colorado, Oklahoma and Kansas?

Feel free to post and or all of this on the blog. I am pleased to seen the Felin-Jensen family tree includes some of this information. It may be one of the blog readers in Colorado also reads it? This is also very good. I have much more information I would gladly trade.

Bro Joe


Here is the attachment Joe mentions:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I had an interesting e-mail from Janet yesterday so thought I should share it:

Hi Sue. Pete asked me to sent you the fish names. The big ones are amber jack and the others are vermillion snapper. I told him that sounded like red snapper and he said the season wasn't open yet for them. I don't have a clue how you would tell the difference. Kelly's John, who is 7, called last night and told me they were filleting croppies. When I asked how many they caught he said it was a whole bucketful. Ryan, 9, then told me there were 18. Kelly cooks them for the boys even though he is allergic to all fish and seafood. I guess he and Merri both inherited that from their dad.

One piece of family news to share. Last Monday night we went to Chris's wife's graduation. She got her degree as a certified medical assistant with high honors and is now doing her internship in research with a diabetes specialist in Idaho Falls. She has worked very hard and we're really proud of her.


Janet put "Fishy Names" as the subject of her e-mail. Pete left his fish catch (flash frozen in Florida) with us, and we were wondering just what they were.

We're sending hot weather your way. It was 91 here today. Big chance from 50 last week. Hugs to all, Janet

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our niece, Stephanie (Margaret and Norman's daughter) keeps an interesting blog. For anyone interested, the web address is:

Monday, May 18, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BROTHER JOE!!! When he and I talked on IM last night, it sounded like he and his family had celebrated the occasion yesterday. Keep celebrating and enjoying the day today, Joe.

I'm behind on my postings but so is everyone else so I'll try to update best as I can. The last two Thursdays Ding and I have been going out to dinner. Rose and Shirley both have clients on Thursday evenings so we take the opportunity to enjoy dinner out. Sometimes either Shelly or Goldman joins us but neither could on either of these two weeks. We went to Macaroni Bar and Grill both of these weeks and seem to be stuck in a rut going there. This week Chris has tickets to see the Cardinals play the Cubs so we won't have to have to make the decision on where to go. We won't be going anywhere!

Last week Saturday Goldman, his new girlfriend Suzanne, and I went out to dinner. She is a lovely woman and I look forward to getting better acquainted with her. After dinner we came back here and she seemed perfectly at ease with Rose, Shirley, and me. That is an admirable asset and definitely in her favor.

Last Friday Karen picked me up and we went out to Bemes for a tour of the facility and to join Mark Lary and Ding for lunch. I was quite impressed with Bemes and the operation of the facility. It is much bigger than I thought it was going to be and seemed to run very smoothly. Employees were very friendly and seemed happy to meet Mark and Ding's mother. I won't wait so long to go back next time if someone will come get me. Thank you, Karen! We went out for lunch after my tour of the place and then Karen brought me home.

When I got back from my tour and lunch, part of my harem (as my friend Mary calls my young men and women who take such good care of me) were ready for our trip to the lake and weekend down there. This weekend it was Mad Dog and Doug. It was hot when we arrived but chilly and windy on Saturday. Doug fished and was going to catch enough for dinner on Saturday but, luckily, we had backup plans for the menu. We had steak for dinner. The fish just weren't biting.

Sunday was the annual propery owner's association meeting. There were't too many issues that weren't settled and the meeting just took up a lot of the day which was nice weather compared to the windy Saturday. Doug got the boat running and it's going good. The waverunner is ready to go.

Next weekend is the first weekend of the summer season and everyone is invited. Right now the following are coming: Doug and Suzanne and the kids, Scott and the boys, Mad Dog, Goldman and myself. I'm not sure if Sherry is coming. I hope more people show up. It's not very far from Springfield nor from Kansas or the west side of Missouri or from St. Louis area. Suzanne is going to pick me up on her way home from work tonight so we can decide what we're going to eat this weekend. Mad Dog and I may go down Thursday and do some grocery shopping and to get ready for the holiday. Mad Dog checks on his Dad and stocks him up on groceries and any needed medicines.

I hope it's going to be hot next weekend. The pool is heated but the lake is going to be cold. Brayden says he's going to learn to water ski this year and he usually does what he sets his mind to doing. He called me the other day to tell me he had played first base at his game that day and had got four guys out in a row. He's a great little ball player.

Pete, email me the names of those fish you caught in Florida and left for us. Karen took them to have Mark cook for us and I know you told me wkat they are but email me so I can remember long enough to tell her. Red herring is one isn't it?

I probably got more news but gotta go right now. More later. By the way, I love it when Rose puts in pictures.

Monday, May 11, 2009

We were very happy to get to meet Mark Goldman's lovely Suzanne on Saturday.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I'll try to remember all that's happened since my last post. Goldman and I went out to dinner on that Thursday and had a very nice evening. The next evening Scott and the boys picked me up on their way to the lake from Louisville. They both stayed awake all the way there. In fact, so did I. When we arrived at the lake house and got unloaded, Scott went grocery shopping and both boys chose to stay with with me. I was flattered and pleased.

The boys and I got up Saturday morning,, and Jalen made bacon and French toast for breakfast. They are both getting to be so grown up. Jalen can cook but Scott says he's slow at learning to do dishes - even with the dishwasher. Scott did get ,but Jalen was going to take him breakfast in bed if he had stayed in bed. Scott had to go to Columbia on an errand and when he got back he and the boys spent the afternoon at Miner Mike's. Much to Scott's relief the place closed at 5 or he would have probably reluctantly stayed longer.

Leslie got there from Springfield around 9 that morning. We had a wonderful day of visiting. She made lasagna ,for dinner. She made extra for me to bring back to Rose and to Goldman. Rose and I had ours for dinner on Sunday but I doubt that Goldman's lasted until dinner time that evening. He's still talking acout it as are Rose and I. We all left the lake early on Sunday because Scott had that long drive back to Louisville ahead of him. I did get to talk to both of Leslie's boys, Chase and Jeff, and am pretty sure I'll get to see them both this summer. Chase lives in New Jersey now and you can look up his photography accomplishments on google at Chase Heilman Photography. Jeff is still in the service, has a family, is stationed in Seattle, Washington. He will spend some time at Ft. Leonard Wood this summer.

Congratulations to the Moore family. I have the playpen and the little crib at the lakehouse all ready for your visit. I'm hoping nice weather will soon be here. It's been a long time coming. Lots more bad weather in Kansas and southern Missouri. Wind blew the roof off of a school in Fair Grove.

Scott and the boys have been rained out of their little league games and practices all week. He's taking them to Cincinnati to see the Cardinals play tomorrow. I told the boys we will look for them. Scott said they will be in the cheapest seats.

Chris and I went to dinner on Thursday evening. I get to meet Goldman's girlfriend this evening. The three of us are going to dinner, and then we're coming back here we can visit with Rose and Shirley. Chris and Shelly are having me out for Mother's Day brunch. Rose and Shirley can't go, so Chris is going to call for me in the morning.

I wanted to put in one of Brayden's funny lines. He said his mother took him to church on Christmas Eve. I asked him how he liked it. He gave me an odd look and replied "It souded like blah blah blah to me". He said he hasn't wanted to go back.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ellie with her new sister. [Brother Bob's great granddaughters]

Monday, May 04, 2009

Our Brother Bernie's grandson, whose parents are Bernie's daughter Cyndi and her husband Dave, was in a music competition:

Here is the You tube link for you to see Jake's Performance last weekend at the WMEA State solo Ensemble competition. We hope you enjoy it.

Interesting to watch! Thank you for sending us this link, Dave and Cyndi.