Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I've been waiting for Ding to add his comments and pictures about the birthday party but I do understand he's a working man. I will add the 40 year old honorees at the party. They were:

Christopher Spreitler
Jane Crawford
Chris Crawford
Eric Nichols
Julie Nichols
Suzanne Hollensbe
Doug Hollensbe
Dan Cullinane
Laurie Stallings

These kids have been friends since before they were in school. They all call me "Mom," and most of their kids call me "Granny". There's a man at the lake who wonders how many kids that woman has. Again, let me repeat, the party was a huge success. I'm waiting for Ding to add his comments and pictures.

Mark Lary (Brick's son} and his wife Karen are raising chickens in their backyard in Kirkwood. Mark's experience with chicken raising has been picking eggs at Grandma Spreitler's when he was a kid. Karen has named them. She has named one "Martha" after me and says I could change the name if I'd want to. Grandma Spreitler's name was also Martha. I don't want to change the name. I just hope it's the prettiest one. The chickens haven't started laying yet, but Mark has heard it will take about six months. He has expanded the coop to give them more room but is limited in space.

Now when Ding and Shelly go on their float trip with Kelly and his boys, Mark and Karen are going to meet them in Boise and float with them. Ding and Shelly are going to bring two of their dogs and leave Tucker, the biggest one, with Shelly's mother. Mark's son is going to be in Germany studying this summer. Mark's daughter lives out of town so they won't be available to chickensit. There is no listing in the yellow pages. Have you ever hired a chickensitter? The word comes out as a typo on my computer. Scott and Ding both have chickensitting experience as children from visiting their Spreitler grandparents and from spending parts of their summer vacations with Uncle Pete and Aunt Janet in Idaho, but Ding will be on the Westward Ho Trip and Scott lives in Louisville so he's too far away. Uncle Joe did say he remembers on the farm we would chop the chickens' heads off, dip them in scalding water, pluck them, butcher them and fry them for supper. He asked if I remembered. I told him I must have blocked it out, and I don't think that's what Mark and Karen have in mind.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last night was the 40th birthday party for the kids who were in "Chris's room". There will be pictures later on and lots of them. It was a wonderful evening. Chris and Shelly had the dinner catered and the food was absolutely delicious. The weather was very hot and very crowded with lots of people from his high school class and also Scott's high school class were there also. Mark Lary is 51 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mark Lary, and all others who are celebrating there birthdays this year. Scott couldn't come because because the boys were getting trophies for baseball and he came to the lake with the boys last weekend and will be there for the Fourth of July also next weekend too. They may or may not be able to come. We just talked to the boys and they're not sure. They may surprise us. I sure hope so.

The weather is much cooler today and I'm sure feels better than it did yesterday. I haven't been outside yet but Mark and Karen rode 60 miles on their bicycles yesterday. Rose did laps over st the high school. I rode the exercycle and did the arm cycle aqnd plan to do so again today. Mike Lynch is going to take me to Kingdom City Tuesday evening to meet Mad Dog and his dad. We'll switch and he'll bring his dad to St. Louis and Mad Dog will take me on down to the lake to prepare for the Fourth. The rest of the group will come Thursday night.

Lunch is ready. More later.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Has been a rather quiet week around our house. I have to update frequently so the three of us here can remember what has happened in the past and go back and check the blog when we don't agree about happenings so frequent updates are a necessity. Miss Jeanne came for dinner Monday evening and we surely enjoyed having her. She asked what she could bring and Rose told her to bring a smile and she surely did. We visited and laughed and caught up on each others' lives.

Wednesday night Goldman and I went out to dinner and then over to the Hollensbe's for the evening. They had been to Seattle the previous weekend because Suzanne's stepdad is very ill will cancer and it was not a happy trip for them. The weather was not to their liking and the flight wasn't either. The extra charge for luggage was a surprise to them and not a pleasant one. I did enjoy the evening at the Hollensbes and always feel welcome as rain there. "Welcome as rain" is an old down home expression. Josie and Lukas were so good we hardly knew they were on the premises.

I have a question for you gardeners out there. We have a tomato plant in the backyard. The plant has 15 tomatoes on it and still has dozens and dozens of blooms on it. Rose goes out first thing every morning and counts the bulbs to see if there are any new ones but it has not produced any new ones for several days. One of the bulbs is beginning to turn red. We are concerned that the plant isn't producing any new bulbs. Is there a point when the plant peaks out with tomatoes? The plant is staked and looks very healthy. Is there something we need to do?

Saturday night is the big occasion - The Fortieth Birthday Party for Christopher and all his friends who are also turning forty this year. I won't begin to name them all until after the party. His actual birthday isn't until July 13 but this was a good date for the occasion. The weather is going to be very hot but the indoors will be a good place to be as well as the outdoors. I think Mad Dog has been up here helping Shelly get ready for the happening and she is so good at happenings like this. Hats off to Shelly!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Will try to remember all that's happened the last week. Scott and the boys came over from Louisville last weekend and picked me up and we headed for the lake. It was a great weekend but very hot. Groves joined us and brought some wonderful filets and twice baked potatoes from the Butcher Shoppee. Mad Dog didn't get there until Saturday morning and thought I was mad at him because we didn't get there sooner. I think I got through to him that I was only disappointed and always like riding with Brayden and Jalen. Jalen made breakfast Sunday morning in honor of Scott for Father's Day. We had bacon and French toast. I'm not sure who cleaned up the kitchen when breakfast was finished. Belated Happy Father's Day to all you Father's who are faithful readers out there. Hope you had a good day.

The beginning of summer came into Missouri with a vengeance, didn't it? It is surely hot and supposed to stay that way for several more days per the forecast. Saturday night is the fortieth birthday party for all the young people who have been around us for most of those forty years. I won't begin to name them until after the party. The event is going to be held at Chris and Shelly's house and will honor several of those turning forty this year, Chris amongst them. Rose, Shirley, and I are going to this special, special event.

This is a short entry but will try to add more later this afternoon.

Friday, June 19, 2009

This is older news, but I had to stop my earlier report to eat breakfast. My doctors did put their heads together, and I may be eligible for that bypass surgery in my leg. Hopefully, it won't be necessary. The vascular surgeon will try another balloon or stent in the Fall and hopes it will work this time. He won't know until he tries it and, like the last one, we ,will have to wait and see after he does it. I'm in some pain when I walk but it's not unbearable yet. I yet have to call his office to make the arrangements. I'm trying to wait as long as I can because I'm having having such a great summer.

Pete called Saturday morning with his weekly update. They are looking forward to Chris and Shelly's stopover on their trip to meet up with Kelly and the boys. Mark Lary and Karen are flying in to Boise and joining them somewhere. I'm not sure where. They're all going river rafting. Chris and Shelly are taking two of their dogs. I guess they're natural born dog paddlers!

Mad Dog and I are headed to the lake this afternoon, and Scott and the boys are going to join us tonight. Groves is arriving this evening too. Doug and Suzanne and the kids had to go to Seattle as Suzanne's stepdad is very ill, and they felt they should go visit with him as it might be their last opportunity to do so. We are praying for that family.

Gotta go finish packing and make a trip to the grocery store now. Until later. Ta Ta!
I'm behind on my updates but so is everyone else. Margaret, Norman, and I went down to the lakehouse last weekend and had a marvelous time. We left Thursday afternoon and ate at my favorite restaurant Thursday evening. Norman cooked the meat on the grill the rest of our stay. He didn't like my grill the first time he tried it but decided it was pretty easy to use before the weekend was over. He didn't do any fishing but it looked like no one was catching anything. Brother Joe surprised us by agreeing to drive us and have dinner with us on Saturday evening and Margaret surprised him by baking a homemade apple pie. She remembered there's only one kind of homemade pie he doesn't like - a small one!!!! Rose thought perhaps this was a small one - We didn't have any left to bring home to her. We ate it all before we came home early Sunday afternoon, much to her chargrin.

Early Monday morning Rose took me down to Barnes Hospital for my periodic IVIG treatment. They got me in to a room right away and I thought they were going to start treatment right away. But after all this time I should have known better. I got there at 8 and it was about 2 before they started the first IV. The treatment finished sometime in the night and I waited for release until midafternoon. I got home and napped.

Tuesday evening was great. Chris came for dinner and then he and I proceeded to Busch Stadium to watch the Cardinals beat Detroit 11 to 2. At least I think that was the score. Anyway we beat them really bad.

I've got more news but breakfast is ready. Also, need news posted from other parts of the country.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here's an update on my journey back to health. I saw the vascular surgeon yesterday who did the angioplasty (inflated a balloon to improve arterial blood flow) in my leg in February My appointment was at three. It was after five before he finally got around to me. Needless to say, Rose and I were both a bit disgruntled. I had already had an ultrasound on that leg, and I knew things weren't right with it since I've been suffering some pain when I walk any distance. The ultrasound showed blockage again, and the surgeon couldn't tell if the blockage was in a new place or had returned to the same place. He said his choices are to try the balloon procedure again, but he wasn't positive it will work. He can do a bypass which would be much more invasive and require a three to five day stay in the hospital, plus he isn't sure I'm a candidate for that procedure. He could do nothing and leave me with the pain when I walk. He just asked me to let him know my decision sometime in the next two weeks.

Needless to say, he left me puzzled about what I should do. During the night I decided to resume heavier exercise, have the balloon procedure again after the great summer I'm having slows down, and discuss the situation with my primary care physician this morming at my regular checkup appointment. Rose and I were early for my appointment. Dr. Jachna was more timely but we still had to wait a while. This doctor isn't sure why the surgeon was reluctant for me to be a candidate for a bypass. She feels she knows me better, and that may be the reason the surgeon said this. He doesn't know me as well. She will call him and get back with me. Now I have high cholestorol and have to add some more medicine to my list. I have to go in the morning for cholestorol testing after fasting and then back for a physical and more blood work in six weeks.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Catrina sent this photo of her father and Randy, a photo she entered in a father-son look-alike contest.
I'll do a quick update. After Jana's flattering contribution to the blog I don't know what to say. Goldman and I went down to the lake last Thursday and Mad Dog was there when we got there. School is out for Goldman and summer school doesn't start until the 15th. We stayed until Monday. John and Jana and 'the girls' got there late Thursday and we had a great weekend. Goldman and Mad Dog cooked brisket one night and chicken fettucine another night. They were great at cooking but disappeared soon after dinner. Jana didn't seem to mind her kitchen duties. John was very good at diaper duties. I loved just sitting and holding the baby. Ellie didn't meet a stranger and kept us all entertained. Sunday night we cleaned up leftovers after John and Jana and the girls left. John had to go to work Monday morning. Jana is still on maternity leave. Kaitlyn is only a month old.

I had my weekly talk with Pete Saturday morning and talked with brother Joe on line some that day, too. Saturday was Lisa's birthday so belated Happy Bithday, Lisa. Pete and Jana were enjoying their having another great grandchild. Joe is still trying to figure out the relationship between these great great nieces and nephews of ours. We just know we're great great aunts/uncles!!! I'd underline it but don't know how.

The Abbotts are going back to the lake with me this Thursday. I'm so tickled that they're going to do that. It should be a quiet weekend and Norm can fish if he wants to and Margaret and I can just sit in the shade and relax. We'll come back Sunday and I have to go in for my IVIG on Monday. Then on Tuesday evening Chris has tickets for me and him to see the Cardinals play Detroit. I hope I get out of the hospital that day in time to rest before the game that evening.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Thank you to Aunt Sue for a wonderful weekend at the lake. Ellie absolutely enjoyed herself. She made sure to take advantage of all the lake has to offer - swimming in the lake and the pool, boating, riding the waverunner and playing with the baby pool on the deck. She even made time to tell some wild stories and do some coloring! She made friends with Goldman and Maddog and really likes them both despite Aunt Sue's attempts to make her choose between who she likes better. She has remained neutral! Kaitlyn enjoyed the weekend too. She even sleep all through the night for the first time while we were there! Aunt Sue had the perfect touch and was able to put her to sleep when John and I couldn't. Ellie had some achievements too - she learned to doggy paddle in the pool and was a big girl while we pulled a splinter out of her foot. It took John to hold her down and me to hold her foot and pull it out with the fingernail clippers and tweezers. Goldman convinced her that a popsicle would make it feel better and then she was able to stop crying. One of her favorite parts of the trip was Goldman's bacon. Apparently he makes it better than I do b/c she doesn't eat it at home but had plenty this weekend! We had a chance to see lots of wildlife. Ellie fed the ducks that made their way to the swim dock, plus John and Ellie got caught in the rocks while looking at ducks, geese and deer. We also saw some deer on the way there and while unpacking there was a raccoon that climbed in the back of our van! On the way home we spotted some buzzards along the road. Ellie was so busy from all her fun that she didn't take time to lie down and nap - she just crashed when she just couldn't stay awake anymore! My best part of the trip was visiting with Aunt Sue and just enjoying the scenery.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Janet sent the following e-mail to Sue for posting on the blog:

Subj: Good news

Hi,Sue. Here's some happy information for the blog. We are now great grandparents! Merri's son Chris and wife Angela have a beautiful baby girl born at 5:43 yesterday afternoon. Brynnley Carole Freeman weighed in at 7 pounds, 10 ounces and is 21 inches long. Our step great granddaughter Deviney, age 2 1/2, is a bit befuddled by the whole deal, but we're sure she'll be a wonderful big sister. When I asked Merri how she felt after watching the birth of her first grandchild, she simply said "There are no words to describe it." That pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

Love to all, newly appointed Great Grandmother Janet


What a wonderful event! Congratulations to the new parents, grandparents, and especially great Grandparents, Brother Pete and wife Janet! And Brynnley Carole is a lovely, lovely name.
Some interesting news from Brother Joe:

This obituary was sent to Pete and Janet, after phone discussion with Pete. Thought it might be of interest to other family members as well, especially Bernie's family. (Bernie attended SHOCKLEY school, at least the first grade,) also our Aunt Mary FELIN (Our Dad's brother Louis's wife) was a teacher there, but not Bernie's? Our cousin Fannie (Uncle Louis and Aunt Mary's daughter) was a student of her Mom's. In all probability, Basil (see obituary) was one of aunt Mary's students and a student and classmate of Fannie's?

Note in particular the spelling of SHOCKLEY. We usually mistakenly (?) spell it Shockey. Prior to the big ice storm, which fell a giant oak tree onto the school causing severe damage, there was a marker at the school location spelling it SHOCKLEY. I think Sue blogged a picture of the damaged school building.

Note also His (Basel's) ancestors homesteaded a farm in Webster County. Our Turnbo farm's south forty bordered Elbert Andrew's farm. Our south forty acres was to the east. Bill Andreatta's farm was to the east of our forty acres and their kids walked across our south forty and Elbert Andrews farm to attend SHOCKLEY school.

Elbert Andrews operated a portable steam powered saw mill. One time Pete and I were playing in the Lacey spring branch where the steam engine sucked up water for the boiler. Pete and I were mixing a lot of saw dust with the water which unknowingly was a NO-NO. We were discovered and it never happened again.

Bro uncle Joe

Here is the obituary Joe mentions:


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Basel Ray Andrews

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 8:26 AM CDT
Basel Ray Andrews was born in the rural Marshfield area on Dec. 26, 1925. He passed away May 22, 2009, in Springfield. He was the youngest of five children born to Elbert Jacob Andrews and Ida Rozella (Hampton) Andrews.

His ancestors homesteaded a farm in Webster County, and he grew up in the Marshfield area. Basel attended the one-room Shockley School, as well as Northview and Marshfield Schools. As a boy, he enjoyed skating on the frozen James River, and throughout his life looked forward to Marshfield’s Independence Day celebration and Homecoming. He also loved the Sunday gathering of his family for dinner, gospel music and the baseball games that followed. Later in life, he enjoyed hunting and fishing trips, and spending time with family and friends. Basel lived his entire life in Missouri, with the exception of a few years spent in San Diego, Calif., constructing the military airport during World War II. He was the owner or co-owner of several casket manufacturing companies throughout the area, including Marshfield Casket Co., Mac-O-Mo Casket Co. and Conway Casket Co.; allowing him to be the anonymous benefactor of many area families.

He met his wife, Paulette, in March 1978. They were engaged the following month and were married June 3, 1978, by the Rev. Dwayne Reed. They remained a devoted couple until his passing.

Basel will be best remembered for his gentile (sic) spirit, soft spoken manner, and his slow to anger philosophy.

He was preceded in death by his parents; three brothers, Hurston, Hariod and Elston; his sister, Thelma; and a wife, Betty (Graves) Dameron.

Basel is survived by his wife of 31 years, Paulette; daughter and her husband, Rita and Ken Vestal, of Branson; son and his wife, Randy and Jan Dameron, of Woodworth, La.; son and his wife, Ernie and Jessica Voris, of St. Louis; daughter and husband, Sherry and Tom McIllwain, of Springfield; son and his wife, Greg and Lynette Andrews, of Elkland; grandchildren, Ben and Tracy Vestal, Ethan and Rhianna Andrews, Elizabeth, Brittany and Hunter Voris, and Andrew McIllwain; one great-grandchild, Hayden Vestal.; several brothers and sisters-in-law; his mother-in-law; many nieces, nephews and cousins.
Joe sent this message to Sue yesterday:

Sally, good to hear from you and know your trip went well. The local MADDEN family, (my Aunt Virginia, and her three sons) are reportedly doing well. I saw Sean at the grocery store a few days back. Also I think I have e-mailed you since we visited with Wanda Jean in Alabama April 15th.

Be careful on your upcoming trip to Hot Springs and win big time on the horses!

A day after Memorial Day weekend I drove by the Josephine MADDEN BEYER cemetery plot near our house. There were no flowers nor American flag on her or any of what we perceived to be her family members graves. Remember, the funeral home records show her birth place as Olney, IL but we have little if anything else to connect her with Dave, Denzil MADDEN and siblings.

An IDEA: My sister Sue is the keeper of the blog. Maybe you could contribute a short e-mail covering your recent trip and anything else you think might be of family interest. Her e-mail address; marthaboaz@aol.com


Sally is our cousin. She and Joe have done a lot of research about our Madden ancestry. We think Joe's idea is a good one. Also, Joe could you fill us in about Josephine Madden Beyer and Dave, Denzil Madden?

For those who don't know, Aunt Virginia is the widow of one of our mother's brothers, Curt. She is the last living of that generation which included Mother, Mildred, Curt, and Kent. Mother had eight children, six of whom are surviving. Mildred had one daughter, Wanda Jean, who now lives in Gadsden, AL. Curt had three sons, Mike, Brian, and Sean. And Kent had two sons and a daughter. Mother was a Madden, daughter of Harve and Margaret (Stone) Madden. I believe Dave and Denzil were Harve's brothers? It gets obscure quickly!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Goldman and I are off to the lake later this morning, but I to do a little bragging on my grandchildren before we pack up the computer. Yesterday was their last day of school awards day. Scott called to tell me that Jalen, his fifth grader, had a 4.0 grade point average all through that school and received what they call the Principal's Award. I asked why I didn't get invited to the presentation, and Scott said he didn't find out about it until the day before. The award means that he is not only, as Joe Felin used to say "the smartest kid in his room" but "the smartest kid in his school". Needless to say how proud I am and would have managed to have been at the ceremony if I could have made it and had I known about it. I think sixth grade is at a different school. Scott, I think I got this straight.

I told Scott we didn't want Brayden to feel left out with all the bragging going on about Jalen and Scott said Brayden is just glad school is out. He is just out of kindergarten reading at level of one he's supposed to be reading after first grade so he may be "smartest kid in his room" but just doesn't care but just doesn't want to be surpassed by a girl, or so he says. Both of them are eager to spend some time at the lake and are great little athletes. Baseball season is just about over so their weekends will be free and with school being out maybe the boys can stay longer. We sure enjoy having them.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Joe Felin sent this family update:

Subj: Traveling Kids

This ain't exactly Greenwood news and as our late cousin Fannie used to say, it is " a long ways from Turnbo."

My granddaughter, class of 2010, Lydia's itinerary :
Wed. June 03, school over at noon.
Thurs. June 04, she travels to Warrensburg, MO for some leadership classes
Sunday, June 07 she returns home, to Springfield.
Monday, June 08, she leaves for Costa Rica.
Monday, June 22nd, she returns from Costa Rica.

Tuesday, June 9th my daughter, Lisa, (Lydia's aunt) my don David and I are going to KCMO and on to Plattsburg, MO to connect up with Donald and Vita. We will be watching their grandsons play ball that evening, before we return to KC.
Wed. June 10th, Lisa has some examinations in downtown KC. I think it is to do with the upcoming fall trip to San Diego and the gala Teacher of the Year competition. She has spent numerous hours working on her preparations and has published an excellent presentation for the San Diego competition

Wed. depending on what Don and Vita have planned, we may "do lunch" They are baby sitting the boys while the parents attend a wedding in Mexico.

Mon. 15th June Lisa leaves for Costa Rica.
Mon, 22nd June, Lisa returns from Costa Rick. Her husband is going down for a couple days and they will return together.

Note: Lisa and Lydia will both be in Costa Rica but leave and return from Springfield different dates.

Beth, (Lydia's mom or her dad David Berns) will not be going to Costa Rica.

Thanks to Lisa's former occupation as a travel agent, all this will fit nicely in place. They are all good at planning and executing! Hope my notes and reporting are correct?

Thanks, Joe. Lots going on with your bunch. Enjoy!
Again today I'm up early so thought I'd catch everyone up on the happenings. Pete, can old LDS women have more than one husband? I'm thinking about proposing to Goldman and Mad Dog. I'm not the jealous type and don't mind if they take on more wives than me, but I'd sure hate to leave Missouri. Are the Latter Day Saints widespread now? Can you find out for me? These boys take such good care of me. I think I'm in love with both of them.

Mark Lary, I think I went to bed with the chickens last night. What time do your chickens retire? This was shortly after nine whem I turned in last night. I was so tired. May do so again tonight. I waited for a rooster to crow this morning but don't think there is one in this neighborhood. I guess yours are all females, Mark. Probably don't allow a rooster crowing there either.

Joe sent me an email catching me up on all the happenings in his family. I'll have Rose forward it when she gets up. I had a bad dream in the middle of the night and woke her up twice.

I'm excited about the coming weekend. Goldman's last day of school is today so he and I are headed back to the lake in the morning. Jana, John, Ellie and Kaitlyn will arrive late tomorrow. Doug, Suzanne, Lukas and Josie will get there Friday sometime late afternoon or evening. Mad Dog may get there Saturday afternoon. He wasn't sure. It's like summer is finally here. I love having company and look forwad to a summer with lots of it. I am expecting lots of visitors.

Sabrina is coming for lunch today. Her boys love the lake, the boat and the wave runner. Oh, to be that young again. Shelly, Chris and Mark Lary are participating in a triathalon Saturday. I'm not even sure I spelled it right. Karen will be waiting with a bag of Oreos. She invited me to join her.

Mad Dog and I picked Rose up at the airport in her car yesterday. There was a hailstorm while we were enroute. Mad Dog was concerned that if there was any nicks or dents in the car it would be his fault. Mad Dog, Mother Nature is not controllable.

I'm feeling newsy this morning. I like Rose to read my entries before I publish. I type so slowly that I may be ready for my morning nap before she is up today to proofread this one. She and Shirley both have these fancy Apple computers. They're so complicated that they have to take lessons. Can you imagine? I'm a smart woman, but I'm proud just to get and send emails and type blog entries.

My weight was down this morning but I won't tell Mad Dog, and he doesn't want to be bothered with computers so won't see this entry. I'm sure he would feel it was his fault when really he is a very good cook. He makes the best pork chops and wants me to teach him to make gravy to go with them. He made pot roast with potatoes and carrots in the slow cooker this weekend that was superb. Goldman, he did get baby carrots like Shirley gets except I doubt they were organic.

Since Joe just sent that email to update us on southern Missouri and Sabrina is coming for lunch to catch us up on the Abbotts and Jana will update us on Kansas, that leaves out the west for an update on family. Pete does a pretty good job with his Saturday call on Idaho but also we never hear much out of Birmingham. Donald Roy, (the Felin boy), your grandchildren would love the lake. It's not that far from Plattsburg. Tell those kids it's the "Fur Lined". Just ask Uncle Pete. I'd love to see all of you. Everyone is more than welcome.

Rose is up. Good thing I didn't go get the paper. Burglar alarm is on and that would have been better than a rooster, I think. I've been off the farm a long time.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm up early so thought I'd update before the day got busy. I'm at the lake. Chris and I came down Friday. Mad Dog had a wonderful dinner waiting here. He makes great pork chops, among other things. Chris, Shelly, and Mark Lary are going to participate in a triathalon next Saturday and Chris did some exercise for it. I laid around and Mad Dog hovered. He takes good care of me. Chris left Sunday but Mad Dog and I aren't leaving until this morning.

Pete called Saturday morning. It was his and Janet's 52nd wedding anniversary. He said Janet hadn't been feeling very good but she's put up with a lot for 52 years!!! They were going out to dinner with some of the family. Seriously, appy belated Anniversary!!!

Talked with Joe too. He's sopposed to send me an email with the news so we can just post it. I tyoe so slowly. Joe Felin, get with it.

Shirley got back from Chicago yesterday. Rose gets back today. Weather has been Missouri hot here. Got up to 90 yesterday.

The General Motors bankruptcy filing yesterday was really bad for some of my old GMAC friends. They had seen it coming but really prayed it wouldn't.

This weekend is one I'm just really looking forward to. Goldman and I are coming down Thursday. Jana, John, Ellie and the baby will arrive hopefully Thursday night. John is taking off Friday. Suzanne, Doug, Lukas and Josie will get here Friday evening. Mad Dog hopes (and so do I) he can get back Saturday evening. I like it so much when everyone is here and enjoys the lake. Doug's the fisherman but the kids may not give him time to fish.

I've got more news but got to get moving. More later.