Sunday, January 31, 2010

Margaret just moved into Delmar Gardens rehab facility. She's in room 707 in the main building. The facility is located at Hiway K and Hiway N. It's in O'Fallon. I'll get a better street address after she's there longer than an hour. They took her in an ambulance because with her ankle bandaged so heavily it's hard to maneuver especially since she's not allowed to put any weight on that foot. Rose and I went out to the hospital to see her yesterday. Needless to say, Norm was there. She says he makes three visits a day. She was in a good mood and said it was hard to measure the pain 'before and after' the surgery. She then did say she was definitely better but isn't walking and won't be for some time.

The family wanted her to go to Delmar Gardens but weren't absolutely sure there would be an opening today. There was. The has great physical therapy and other advantages over other places. It's close to Norm and Sabrina and I'm not sure about the other kids. I'm sure Norm will keep the road hot between the two places - Delmar Gardens and home!! Catrina and Sam arrived just as Rose and I were leaving yesterday, and Stephanie was there one of the times when I talked to Margaret today. Sabrina had to work today but had stopped on her way there.

Tomorrow is Pete's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETE!!!! I won't put which one because I'm not sure. I have a question. How did JOHN LEO become PETE??? Personally, I like Pete better. Is the Leo part named after someone?

It's been quiet around here but cold. Brother Joe had some snow but it went south of us. In his weekly call Pete said it was cold in Idaho, but isn't it always cold in Idaho? Goldman checks in with us almost every day to see if we need anything. Rose got a new attachment for her camera so I hope she puts some more pictures on here since we've just had haircuts! Margaret talks to Mary Pauline every week but has yet to ask her if she has an email address. Do you, Pauline?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I have an update on Margaret this morning. She isn't going to be released from the hospital today but will be released tomorrow or the next day to go to the rehab facility. Her surgeon does say it's okay for her to be released but she was running a temperature yesterday and her primary care physician is having her stay another day or maybe two. Her fever is gone today. Her spirits are good. They had her up sitting in a chair when I talked to her a little while ago. They've reduced the amount of pain medicine she's getting. She says she's not sure she's in less pain or just the reduction in the medicine that is making a difference. She can see a difference The rehab facility that they want her to go to has an opening coming up tomorrow so we're hoping the timing works out right. It's the Delmar Gardens place and a really good facility and it's fairly near Norm and all the kids. The intensive therapy will help her recovery. She just told me she wishes Norm had a bed in her room there at the hospital so he could just stay there with her. I believe he almost does! She also just promised me she will take her computer to Delmar Gardens with her.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I talked to Margaret this morning and she was waiting for the doctor to come in and see her. She wasn't sure if she was getting out today not where she was going from there. She promised she would call me when she knew when or where but I haven't got any new news as of yet. It was fairly early when I called her but Norm was there and Sabrina had already come and gone. She must have come by on her way to work. Sabrina called me last night and said it looked like Margaret would be going to a rehab facility when she gets released from the hospital and they're not sure when that will be. She was sorta upset because the doctor didn't do a bone density test before the surgery but Margaret hasn't mentioned it to me. Margaret and Norm's house is a split-level so Norm has had the stairs fixed so she can get in and out of the house. She can sit on something and electrically go up and down the stairs.
I waited and finally just called her. She didn't sound too upset though she doesn't get to leave there today. She's not for sure if she's going get to go home but she too, like Sabrina, thinks she'll go to a rehab facility. She knows the intensive therapy will be helpful but says she's dreading it. She believes it may be a place in Ofallon called Delmar Gardens. If that's it, it's fairly close to Norm and the kids.
Yesterday was a busy day for me even though it has been cold in Missouri. Goldman and I went to lunch. Then Ding and I went to dinner. Rose, Shirley, and I all three got emails from Brayden. Mine said "Hi, Granny". Rose's said "Hi Rose". Shirley's said "Hi, Shirley". He's a man of few words. Goldman didn't get one and got his feelings hurt. Bet he gets one next time.
Shirley got the big bandage off her carpal tunnel surgery on Tuesday and was much relieved that it's off. The surgeon put much smaller bandages on the 'wound' and she was let them just fall off which he said should take about a week. It took two days! She is much relieved that she can drive again after he removed the big bandage. I don't know if he removed the stitches or they come out naturally.
It's been cold with some little bit of snow most of the week and is going to stay that way all weekend. I'm ready for spring and am really looking forward to the lake house. Seems nice weather is really late coming.
I'll keep you posted on Margaret. Rose and I are going to see her sometime over the weekend wherever she is. Rose has been busy with clients and of course I don't drive. Her kids and Norm keep the road 'hot' I think between their houses and the hospital.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just a quick post this morning after talking with Margaret. She sounded good and is hopeful that she may get to come home instead of going to a rehab facility when she leaves the hospital. She won't be allowed to put any weight at all on her ankle for six weeks but they may be able to fix their house to accomodate her in her uncomfortable situation. She is hoping to come home on Friday but doesn't know for sure about when she will get out of the hospital or where she will go when she does get out. I guess the doctor had been in to see her this morning but he isn't sure yet either. Will update more later.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I heard from one of the Abbotts. Catrina answered the phone when I called out there. I'm not sure who all was in the room with her. Margaret's at St. Joseph's Hospital West in Lake St. Louis in Room 2301. She didn't get out of surgery until about 12:30. Her bones were softer than the doctor thought they were going to be. She was still somewhat under the anaesthetic and the pain medicine so I didn't get to talk to her. Rose and Shirley and I had been waiting all day for someone to tell us what was going on and finally decided just to call them. It was late afternoon before we finally decided to call. Brother Joe has also asked me on the computer if I had heard anymore while I was updating this.

Margaret originally thought she would go to the rehab facility in one or two days but Catrina says it looks like it might be Friday now because of the condition of her bones. I guess they aren't sure yet. She's somewhat dreading the rehab place too, but will be so much better when she's finished with her recovery process.

Her cell phone number is (636) 577-1809. I don't know the name or address of the rehab facility but will post it as soon as I have it.
Just a quick update: Margaret has her ankle surgery this morning. I thought it was yesterday, but she just had her pre-op testing yesterday. We haven't heard from the Abbott family today yet, but I'll post news when we hear.

Missouri weather has receded back to winter and is supposed to stay this way all week. It's very cold with snow on the ground . The snow isn't supposed to amount to much but the cold weather is predicted to last a while. Winds are going to be gusting up to 30 mph.

I had a lovely dinner at Chris and Shelly's on Thursday evening. Shirley had a carpal tunnel surgery on her left arm that day, too. She won't get the stitches out until tomorrow. It's been somewhat painful and the fact she hasn't been able to drive has made it very uncomfortable. New Orlean's winning the fottball win on Sunday cheered this whole household. I think it's the only time I've ever watched a whole football game. Though I still didn't understand all the happenings, I still watched it all and enjoyed it all. What in the world is a "Fourth Down?"

I'll update some more after I hear from the Abbotts. It will probably be when she gets out of surgery.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good morning. It looks foggy and chilly out, but it's supposed to be nicer later today. Ding is here with me. I went to dinner with Liz and Dave last night at Houlihan's and had a great time and ate a lot after eating a lot at Fitz's with Goldman and Ding at lunch yesterday. I'll soon be porking up at this rate. I may have already said this but Rose and Shirley went to Chicago yesterday and are driving the white car back today because it needs inspection and plates. They weren't looking forward to the long drive. Liz has the day off tomorrow for ML King's birthday so she doesn't have to drive back t chicago until tomorrow. Mark Lary and family are in Colorado at their place skiing for a few days. I'm not sure when they will be back.

I've talked to lots of the family since I've gotten out of the hospital. Brayden called. He and his dad were watching football yesterday. He asked me if I knew the Cardinals had moved to Arizona. Actually, I didn't. Pete called with his weekly Saturday call. He hasn't been down to Quartzsite yet to clean the place out. He has been working on cleaning out the farm place. He said Janet is 'some better' as we used to say down home. Brother Joe and I have frequent IM's. He has diagnosed me since all those doctors and tests haven't been able to. I'm having 'chicken strokes'. These are something I pretended to have as a kid when I'd lay down and flop my arms and legs and holler "I'm having a stroke just like a chicken". It's as good a diasnosis as any I've had. In other news, Margaret doesn't have something to look forward to with her ankle but perhaps it will relieve her of her pain eventually.

Of course, Ding and Rose and Shirley have been in touch with me all the time. Mad Dog went by the lake house to be sure everything was okay. It was. Goldman always wants to know if I need anything. I was hoping to go to Louisville this weekend but wasn't able to make it. When I'm better I want to go to Chicago and stay with Liz and also make a trip to Louisville and stay with Jalen and Brayden, the smartest boys in their class rooms, and Scott, too. Beth went over to Louisville from Kansas City this weekend.

It may be this trial pills that is not agreeing with me. I'm going to talk to the neurologist (Dr. Hogan, the one from southwest Missouri) this week about quitting them. I had an MRI this week while I was in the hospital and was completely goofy afterward. They may be still talking about me in that place. I asked who is the one who told people about what I said, and one of the nurses said "Honey, you told everybody".

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm just going to post a short update this morning to let everyone know I'm finally home. Again, I think they found several things that probably aren't wrong with me but still, not what is wrong. Rose picked me up yesterday afterday afternoon. It was so good to be here after a long week. The staff and personnel at Barnes-Jewish Hospital are familiar with me now after so many trips there and treat me so very well. I had to go from Monday til Friday without a shampoo or a real shower, and helping staff were 'johnny on the spot' about helping me get showered and a shampooed ASAP to come home. That was just one thing they were so quick to help me with. Of course Rose was my steady companion down there and Ding filled in when she couldn't be. Scott felt bad because he lives so far away.

I'll add more later.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A medical update on Sue: Sue was set to come home on Tuesday evening and again on Wednesday morning. Both times, everything was in place--paperwork, prescriptions, follow-up appointments. Both times, it's like groundhog day; she has difficulty standing; she can't walk well; and she's disoriented. Last night she had an MRI, mainly to rule out bad stuff like stroke or hemorrhage. Today the results showed no obvious bad stuff going on. However, she is still not back to her normal state. Around 11:00 am, they again (this is the 4th time) put electrodes all over her head and began monitoring her brain waves to see if they could diagnose something. This last test requires she be tethered and monitored 24/7. And she can't be released from hospital yet.

All this means she won't travel to Louisville as planned tomorrow evening, a huge disappointment for her. Seems Jalen and Brayden are the best medicines available. Chris, Shelly, and I have made sure she has edible food--Steak 'n Shake, sticky buns, good coffee, etc. The staff at Barnes-Jewish is wonderful, and it helps that many of them have a good relationship with Sue. Lots of memories, jokes, camaraderie, and heart-felt attention to healing. We talked with Dr. Hogan and his wonderful head nurse Peggy Springer early this morning. They are mystified by this new development but intent on understanding and treating the condition.

As always, Chris, Shelly, Mark Goldman, Shirley, Margaret, and long-distance Scott have been wonderful supports. What would we do without family and friends?!!!

There is also news about Margaret. She, you may remember, suffered a really bad break of the bones in her ankle some time ago. Today she learned she will need either to have the bones in the ankle fused or undergo a complete ankle replacement--neither of which is an appealing alternative. She is discerning what to do. The rehab from either treatment is six-weeks long, not something appealing but better than the suffering she is experiencing now.

Of course, it is a whole lot more satisfying to report on all the wonderful developments among the progeny of our far-flung and very large family. But . . . .

Our niece Jana (actually grand-niece, and that she is) keeps a family blog, too. We intend to add a link here so that all of us can keep in touch with the Kansas part of the Felin-Moore wing of the family.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More news I'd rather not deliver: Sue became ill yesterday afternoon with all the symptoms of her recurring low-sodium condition--disoriented, confused, sleepy, unsteady on her feet. The low-sodium is caused by a med she takes to control seizures. But low-sodium can cause seizures. Sounds crazy, but it's true. So she had a seizure, and I called her neurologist's nurse for guidance. "Give her an ativan, let her sleep, and if she's still disoriented, take her to the E.R." I called Chris who is our stand-by guy to alert him. Sure enough, Sue woke still not "with it," and off to the E.R. we went for the second time in less than a month.

The E.R. at Barnes-Jewish downtown St. Louis is an amazing place. Sue got right into a bay, was assessed, and eventually transferred to a room in the hospital. She awoke this morning seemingly fine and was released to come home in the early evening. Shelly, Chris' wife, went to bring her home only to find she had had a relapse. Another night in the hospital. Sue called just now (10:00 pm) and sounded fine, resigned to another night there.

She is on the same neurological floor (the 11th) that she's been on some 30 times over the past five years so all the staff know her. She gets excellent care. It is a small consolation to know that one of the country's finest centers for treating neurological disorders is about 12 minutes from our house.

Once again, I got to spend a lot of time with Christopher, surely one of the finest guys on the planet.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Just a short post post this morning. We have snow this morning but not as much much as they predicted, I think. Needless to say, it's cold and neither Rose nor I have been outside to see.

(Rose went out and got the paper and said we do have as much as predicted.) Goldman and I went out to dinner last night. His Suzanne couldn't join us but we'll go again when she can join us. Ding and I usually go out to eat on Thursday, but he's on call tonight and the streets are probably bad.

Tuesday was a long visit with the neurologist. (He is the one from southern Missouri.) They did an EKG, took several tubes of blood, a urine specimen, weighed me, took my blood pressure and temperature. I probably forgot something. We were there three hours. Half an hour was in the waiting room. These tests were for the trial med that I'm taking that may actually be a placebo. Even the neurologist doesn't know which it is. The drug company knows, and I am pretty sure I'm getting the real deal. Meanwhile I continue to take my prescribed medicine. Next time I see this neurologist, we will decide if I should get some adjustment of medications. He promised to have an opinion, and I hope the drug company will tell us if I was taking the placebo.

Yesterday I got the last staple out of my scalp. Anyway I certainly hope it was the last. I went to my general practioner for this. She had to call her surgeon husband for an opinion about proceeding. It didn't hurt as badly as it did last week for extraction of the other three staples. Rose was tempted to just pull that last on out with a staple puller. (That is actually the tool they use.)

Brother Joe reminded me that Monday, January 4, was the anniversary of Dad's death. He was only 49. He said the kids that were school age were on the way home from the one-room Anderson school when Dad died. Margaret thinks she wasn't really school age but went anyway, and that Bernie came along the road and picked them up. Think how hard that must have been for Mom.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I didn't finish my last post and probably won't finish this one this one this morning but will try to. I'm up early. It's still cold here in Missouri. I hope Ding, Goldman and Mad Dog are still wearing socks. We're supposed to have some snow tomorrow. We're sure competing with Idaho for weather!.

Back to the weekend and the boys. After Goldman brought them back from Sky Zone Saturday, they remembered we had told them they could could go play with Lucas and Josie at Hollensbes. When we got there, somehow it come about that they were having spaghetti for dinner and they were invited to spend the night. We had reservations at a very nice seafood restaurant (our favorite), and guess which one our boys chose? Rose, Shirley and I ate seafood by ourselves. We went over and got the boys Sunday, and Mad Dog took me and them half way to Louisville to meet Scott. They were very tired from their night with Lucas and Josie and were good all the way - our half anyway.

I forgot to add that when Karen came over Saturday, she brought a carton of fresh eggs from their chickens. They have five chickens and get five eggs a day. One of them is named Martha Sue.

There are several more updates to post, but I have to get the rest of the staples removed from my head this morning. Rose has an Apple computer lesson this afternoon, and I'll go with her and walk in the Galleria. It's an indoor shopping mall.

Monday, January 04, 2010

I thank Janet again for sending the Idaho Christmas happenings. Pete had told me a lot last week on his weekly call, but I'm forgetful and get days and events mixed up. Now we have it in writing, so to speak. I just looked at last year's 2L's posting and would love another 2009 like the 2008. Jana and John are coming over from Kansas this weekend, and I hope to get a Kansas update. Then we'll have them all.
We had a busy weekend. Scott and Beth brought Brayden and Jalen over from Louisville on Friday evening. Besides bringing both boys, they brought some of Beth's delicious dessert. We were so glad to have both boys. Scott and Beth turned around and went right back to Louisville. She had a catering order that she delivered here in St. Louis. It was certainly convenient for us.
Saturday morning Karen came over to get some stuff she had left including gift pants for me that were too small. (Pete could hardly believe that when I told him tha I got pants that were too small. Beth's dessert didn't make the pair I got fit any better.) We really enjoyed seeing her.
The boys were wanting to go to Sky Zone that afternoon. Rose had a client, and so we called Goldman to the rescue. He came right away. His Suzanne works on Saturday. He is pretty well over his cold and fever of his Christmas break, and the break was over today. He also took the boys to McDonald's.
While they were gone my long time friends , Dave and Liz, came for a long awaited visit. They couldn't go to dinner because they had a party to go to, but we made plans to go out the weekend of ML King's birthday. Liz has almost 30 years in with GMAC, but the company has changed the rules about retiring and insurance, so the date for her early retirement is in question. Dave is self-employed. One of their sons is about to become a chiropractor. (I wasn't even sure if I could spell it right.)
It's been so COLD in Missouri! When Pete called yesterday it was about thirty in Idaho while it was 5 degrees here. This morning it's warmed up to 6 but the windchill is minus 9. Joe says they have about 3 inches of snow in Springfield. We only have a scattering here. I don't think it's going to melt soon. It's so cold that Rose and Shirley taped a blanket over the fireplace. We use our heating pads every night. Ding, Mad Dog and Goldman have been wearing socks which they don't usually do.
More later but it's breakfas time.
Janet sent this e-mail about the Christmas celebrations in Idaho:

"Hi,Sue. Pete asked me to write and give you the details of the Idaho familys' Christmas activities. We had Christmas Eve dinner at Nancy's, as has been our tradition for many years. Merri and her husband and his 2 boys opted to stay home in Georgetown, but her son Chris, his wife and our 2 little great granddaughters were there, as were my brother and wife, Gene and Cherie. Then Nancy invited Pete and me to Christmas breakfast--delicious with scrambled eggs, ham from the night before, and monkey bread. That's a pull apart caramel bread, absolutely wonderful. Christmas dinner was at our house, featuring our usual prime rib and all the trimmings. Kelly and his boys also opted to stay home in Boise, doing a lot of skiing and hunting over the kids' break from school. All in all, we had a wonderful celebration and I think we all ate way too much. We hope everyone there had as much fun as we did. Love to all, Janet P.S. Happy New Year!"

Thank you, Janet!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Good morning, 2010. I'm the only one up. Rose and Shirley may have seen the new year in but I didn't. I did stay up past my bedtime but not until 2010. I want to be rested for today because Scott is going to bring Brayden over, and we're hoping Jalen too. We have their Christmas stockings ready for their arrival. We're ready to be shed of the Christmas tree but I don't know when we've decided to do that. It's beginning to droop.

Ding and Goldman have both been down with colds. Both were feeling better yesterday and neither had big celebrations planned for last night. Beth was in Louisville with Scott and they also had a quiet evening ahead of them. Rose just got up and said she went to bed at eleven.

Our company left yesterday. It was Jamil who is fourteen and nearly six feet tall, Layla who is nine and a beautiful girl and their mother. They hadn't been here for about a year. One summer they made it to the lake house and we went to Ruthie D's Restaurant which they loved. (It's the place we threaten Brayden with.) They're from Bloomington, IN.

I talked to Melba and to Liz, who are both two of my old GMAC pals, yesterday or the day before. Liz and her husband are coming by tomorrow. I tried to call her back to see if we can have dinner but she hasn't called back yet. Melba has to have some tests next week and then we're getting together for lunch or dinner. Mary Myers and I vowed to spend more time together in 2010. Leslie, my old neighbor in Springfield, and I had a long conversation yesterday. Her son, Jeffrey, is in Iraq again. His family is in Olympia, WA. She and Sam and I are going to spend time at the lake house when the weather permits. Sam loves to fish. (It's 13 degrees here this morning.) Karen is coming by Saturday. Jana and John will be in town on the 9th.

I don't know what time my grandsons will get here but I'm waiting impatiently. They'll probably want to go right over to Hollensbes. I'll wait to call Suzanne to make sure they're receiving.

My New Year's resolution is better communication with my friends and relatives. I need help!!