Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I had a cute story from the weekend. When Scott and Ding were young boys they used to go spend time in the summers with Pete and Janet and family at their farm. They always got new tennis shoes and I always cautioned them NOT to 'slop' the hogs in their new shoes. Scott always called me about two days after they got there to tattle that Ding was 'slopping' the hogs in his new shoes!

I can't remember which one of the boys disliked going to church the most but asked me before leaving for Idaho every summer if Uncle Pete and Aunt Janet went to church. I always responded that they di--but my boys still wanted to go. They were baptized, made their First Communion, and were confirmed and went weekly to religion class and often to mass, all these at home in St. Louis, much to their protest. Just going to Mass with Aunt Janet and Uncle Pete wasn't as bad. They had such a good time out there doing lots of things.

When Brayden was here on Saturday night, we ate at the dining room table. We were getting ready to begin and Brayden folded his hands and asked "Aren't we going to pray?" Rose, Shirley, and I immediately folded our hands and prayed. Later I asked him did he and Dad and Jalen pray when they ate at home. He replied yes they did. Then hesitated a bit and added "but only when you're there." Shirley added to that we're best about praying when he's here!

I told Scott this story when he came by to get Brayden Sunday afternoon. His response was that he's glad the boys get some exposure to prayer! I'm going over to Louisville for a few days in April and I'll try to give them some more exposure to prayer, if Brayden reminds me.

Monday, March 29, 2010

First, I just want to say I'm not a Facebook fan. Brayden, my grandson who's seven years old, knows more about it than I do. He was with us this weekend and gave me some lessons but I still have a lot to learn about it. My Email address is marthaboaz@aol.com and my phone number is 314-452-3685. I'm working on learning Facebook and Brayden was very helpful.

It's a lovely day here and supposed to get better as the week progresses. The temperature is going to be eighty on Wednesday and pretty nice through the weekend. I'm eager to get down to see the young mens' accomplishments at the lake house this past weekend but haven't heard that anyone wants to go since it's Easter Sunday. My old friend Liz that I worked with at GMAC is coming in from Chicago but only for the two days and of course wants to see Dave and the boys. She and I had a long talk last night. GMAC is no longer a very great place to work. I went to work for them in about 1963 in Spokane, WA and transferred to St. Louis the following year. There werre two branches in St. Louis then. Liz had to move to Chicago to keep her job! She's a great employee, too!

I had a great email from Margaret Ann and she said her party was a huge success. She and Norm are looking very forward to getting back to their own home. Catrina and Robbie are so good to them but they do get homesick and it's garden time.

We had Brayden this weekend while Scott was at work weekend at the lake. You all have never seen three nuttier old ladies. We didn't get Jalen and sorely missed him. On Saturday, he was going over to play with the Hollensbe kids. We were going to Steak and Shake first and he told Aunt Rose and me to just pick him up when we were through. We ended up having lunch at home. We got there a little early and they weren't home! He was very forlorn. We asked if he would like to go by the house where Dad grew up. He said "No, I've been there." Rose then asked if he wanted to go by Dad's old school. "No, I've seen that too." Sadly he asked me "Has this ever happened before?" About that time they pulled up. We were actually early and they had gone to get lunch. He was, at that point, elated.

He got Aunt Rose to play catch with him out in the street. It's a wonder she didn't draw a crowd. If she'd miss the ball, he would chase it for her. He brought her a glove to use but she kept insisting it had a hole in it. He also had a ball that wasn't a real ball and he and I played catch for a long time. I wasn't very good but it's good exercise. He and Aunt Rose played catch back and forth 100 times without missing. It might have been a lot more. I lost track. He did the treadmill while I rode the exercycle both days. He and I slept on the third floor and he woke me up to tell me I was snoring. He is a natural comic and has such a delightful personality. He knows two jokes but Rose and me need to hear them again to catch them. He's so serious when he's telling them to us. He did bring a 'hard' book and read to us one night. He can read really well.

We watched 'Karate Kid' with him one night. It had been years since I'd seen it but Rose and Shirley were more up to date on it. Turns out it's one of Scott's favorite movies, too. Brayden sat on the sofa between Shirley and Rose and would lean on one and then the other. They would watch the movie a while and then watch Brayden for a while. That's what I did, too. I'll have to watch "Karate Kid" sometime when he's not around.

Supper is almost ready. I'm not sure what's on TV tonight. I've been really liking these old movies.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm ready to do an update and our California Pizza kitchen food has just been delivered. I'm behind on postings so will catch up as much as I can on Missouri happenings. Brayden is helping set the dinner table. He and Aunt Rose have been playing catch outside. Aunt Rose thought her glove had a hole in it. Now we've finished supper. We're going to watch 'The Karate Kid". Brayden keeps us busy, to say the least. He and I went over to Hollensbes and he played with Lukas and Josie. Rose, too, loved their new kitchen. Brayden has used Rose's Iphone for lots more than I know how to use it for.

Pete called yesterday morning for his weekly check-in. Things are about the same out there. He did give me some news about the next generation but I told him he needs to email me so I can keep everyone straight. Joe says Donald and Vita are in Missouri for a bit per Pete but he's not sure how long.

Margaret is on a walker now and says she's doing much better. Tomorrow is her birthday and her family is having a party in honor of the occasion. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARGARET.

The guys are down at the lake, eight of them, working and having a great time, too we hope. The weather may get rainy tonight but they can always work inside. I believe they drink beer and play poker after sundown. Doug has turned 41 in the past few days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, too, Doug.

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Guys' Work Week at the Lake. Projects include shelving for the downstairs closet, staining the deck, and replacing the twin beds with two sets of bunk beds to make for more comfortable sleeping.
Here is the link to Sam's Blog about his trip to Austrailia. We have all been cheering Sam along on his adventure. [He is Margaret and Norman's grandson, son of Catrina and Robbie.] http://samuelmasonking.com/blog.htm

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I don't have much to write about this morning. Margaret did say that when Norman got home yesterday he looked better than he had in a long time. The results of his tests weren't back yet and they'll let us know as soon as they hear from the doctor. She sounded really good and I'm sure was much relieved. Don't forget her birthday coming up!
Goldman and I have to leave this morning. I have therapy at 12:30. Rose has a client ubtil 12:00. She goes to hand therapy with me and cautioned me I should eat a sandwich before I get home. She has been weighing a pound or so less than me, first time in our lives. With the way these two young men feed me, she has nothing to worry about. I didn't even get the scale out since I got here. We had steak and twice baked potato and Texas toast for dinner last night. Potato is their usual vegetable.
Tomorrow I have that stent in my right leg. When I had my left leg done it was an overnight stay in the hospital. This will be a different doctor at the Center for Advanced Medicine and as an out patient. I hope I'm able to walk more without that leg hurting after that.
I rode over 2 miles on the exercycle last night and did a lot of my other exercises. Goldman and I did the grocery shopping for the weekend and it was a lot of walking in the store. I'm not sure how many guys are coming for work weekend but they will have plenty to eat. Doug and Goldman are coming tonight. Goldman is just taking me home. Doug is bringing the new bunkbeds.
Goldman just got up so it must be time for me to get ready to be on our way.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sandi Fellin, daughter of our late brother Bernie, sent this delightful update to Sue. It is too good not to share:

Hi Aunt Sue,

Nice to hear from you. I don't check my email every day especially when I'm working so I'm not quick about getting back to you. How have you been doing? I hear you are improving. How wonderful! I was alarmed to hear about dear Uncle Norm and Aunt Margaret having troubles. I am on Face Book, but didn't see much there since I haven't been on my computer. I will need to catch up and see how they are doing. I will keep you all in my prayers. I hope Uncle Norman knows that this little ambulance ride doesn't get him out of the gardening contest this year. We are experiencing an early spring here so I'm watching the daffodils and the trees blossom. My rhubarb plant is up to my knees and the raspberries are leafing out. You'd think our milder weather would give me a head start on my garden, but Uncle Norm always seems to overtake me no matter how early I begin. Bring it Uncle!

I guess I don't have much news from our neck-of-the-woods. Cyndi and Dave went on a cruise and Mom came over to stay with the boys - although their boys are practically grown, (Kyle is 20 and in college - very independant and Jake is 16 and a sophomore in H.S.), they hardly need a babysitter - it was mainly a nice excuse to have Grandma come over to our side of the mountains. All of us on the west coast wrangled her for a visit, so we kept her busy for the week she was here. Cyndi and Dave flew in and out of Portland so I got to see them coming and going. It was fun - made me feel like part of their vacation. They need to leave town more often so we can have Mom here for a visit! Hee hee.

Dave just took a new job managing a pizza restaurant with a friend after 20+ years with Red Robin. Big move for them, but this will afford the Langstons more family time since Dave's commute went from 45 minutes each way to about 5. He said he might even start commuting by bicycle. He had his first training day today learning how to throw pizza dough. He said it's not as easy as it looks. Such a bold and exciting move for their family. It takes guts to leave a job after all that time, but it is a great opportunity.

Mom brought me a quilt that she had made. She had some quilting squares that my Grandma Larimore had started, so Mom took them and made a quilt for me! It is beautiful! It is all hand sewed except for the final edge around the backing. (Does that make sense?) Such beautiful even stitches - each one perfectly placed and each a prayerful touch from my Mom. I couldn't treasure anything more. I have it on the guest bed upstairs - I don't want to use it everyday. It's my very own heirloom. We traded. I gave her a quilt that needed mending so she took it home with her to give it her expert touch. She is amazing and so loving to do these for me. Who can keep up with my Mom?

We have family - on Mom's side - stationed here in St. Lewis - just north of where Cyndi and Tammy live near Olympia. (Let's see, it's my cousin Beverly's son Brian and his wife Christie and their 5 children. So, Aunt Viv's grandson and family. Got that?) They are such wonderful folks! They are very homesick so it was nice for "Miss Maudie" as they call her, to come for a visit. Mom hurried home to Spokane after a week to get there in time for an important grange meeting and hardly had time to rest up from her visit. We dragged her all over the place while she was here.

Looks like I'll be working out on the Trading Floor for the summer again this year. This means I will be working Monday thru Friday - what a grind! (hee hee) Working 5 days a week is a slave schedule. I am used to 3-4 longer days, so going into work every day is torture. I hope to have some company this summer and maybe a project or two so it should keep me busy. I will be going to Florida to visit Tyson and of course trying to do Aunt Camp this summer if any of those busy kids has time for their old auntie. (Sigh - where does the time go? They are all grown up!) I'll have to start on the next generation, I guess.

I tried out a new pasta recipe that uses lots of fresh tomatoes. Told you I was boring!! It's a great one though, and easy, so if you's like a new idea for dinner I can forward that on.

Sorry to say it, but that's all I got! Hope this note finds you all well and enjoying the Spring weather. Wish we were closer, but technology helps. Give each other hugs for me.
Sandi 2L
I just called Margaret and she told me that Norman did not get out yesterday. It was because he had to have a cardiogram and the doctor who ordered it was late getting there and the facility for doing this procedure closed at four in the afternoon. Margaret sounded good when I talked to her and said Norm was raring to leave there so he must be feeling good. She didn't mention being in a lot of pain or having slept badly. She had to have been very tired from the exhaustion of the past few days.
Goldman made bacon and French toast for breakfast. I got up very early but I went to bed very early and I was 'fru sleepin' as one of the kids used to say. Actually, every clock in the house had a different time set so I wasn't sure what time it was when I did get up. I've talked to Rose and Margaret this morning. Rose had talked to Dr. Hogan's nurse who cut back on one of my medicines because it was making me a bit unsteady on my feet. I do plan on going grocery shopping with the boys today. We don't have much else planned, just enjoying the sunshine. There's going to be lots of it today and warm temperature finally.
Bob and Margaret were both born in March, the 27th and the 28th. I don't know Catrina and Robbie's address but Margaret probably has someone pick their mail up or has it forwarded. Their address is #4 Peg Elaine Court, St. Peters, MO 63376. I don't know how old she's going to be but she probably wouldn't want that posted anyway.
I haven't seen any of the neighbors yet. Some live here full time. We saw one boat yesterday. Mad Dog suggested we have duck for dinner. Lots of them have been out. He and Goldman aren't fishermen. Doug is.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Just a quick update update to let everyone know that Norm is getting out of the hospital today. Catrina went over there to get him. She probably didn't get much rest last night and Margaret said she didn't either. I don't know how long they stayed with Abbott last night and Catrina went back this morning early so she would be sure to catch the doctor. They did know he had been diagnosed with diabetes but the medicine he's taking is not insulin. My knowledge of diabetes goes back a long time. I'll update again after while. Margaret did say he felt much better and was really glad to see Rose and me. It's a beautiful day here and hopefully he can sit outside when they get back to Robbie and Catrina's. The 'boys' were with Margaret when I called. I'm not sure who the 'boys' were. They sounded like men!! If I got any of this wrong, please correct me.
Margaret sent me a forward on Sam's trip to Australia. I don't know how to put it on this blog so I'll have Goldman help me on my next post. Sam isn't at his goal yet so any little bit helps.
Goldman picked me up at 8 this morning for our trip to the lake. The water is way down but the ducks are swimming around. When Denny and I used to come down we always stopped for 6 dozen medium shiners right before we got to the dam. We really missed him when we didn't stop there. Doug will stop there on Thursday. We always said " Not all fishermen are liars but a lot of liars fish." That suits them both. My physical therapist is a fisherman.
Mad Dog got here just about the same time we did. They've been planning the work for the weekend. Goldman gets nervous when the gas gauge gets to a quarter full. We were eager to get here so he reluctantly let the 'gas light' go on. I reassured we could coast OR he could walk to the filling station. WE MADE IT. I didn't even ask how much it cost or how many gallons it took.
I haven't even talked to Rose today. The boys had a bachelor party last time any one used this place and it looked great. Goldman set up both computers. I hope these young men are as good to their mothers as they are to me. Goldman is cooking stirfry for dinner and did the grocery shopping for dinner. Mad Dog blew the spring droppings off the porch and washed the outside porches. Scott and Ding, did you ever do that?
No word from the Abbotts this morning so I'm assuming that's good news. Rose and Shirley are still sleeping. I am going to the lake with Goldman today. I type so slowly that I may have another entry to the blog before we leave, but I get the job done. Rose and Shirley are Apple fans and would love for me to get an Apple computer. I keep insisting that this old one suffices but sometimes I am tempted. Who among upi readers have Apples? My email address is marthaboaz@aol.com and my cell phone number is 314--452-4685. I need some reader advice. There is an employee at the Apple store who only has damaged hands and still is a geek of sorts. He is the one I want to talk with and possibly take lessons from. I still practice my ASDF HJKL; and have all the keys memorized after years of typing. Then I went to accounting and skip tracing so left most typing behind.
Rose is up now. We're hoping the Abbotts got a good night of rest. I don't want to call out there lest they might be still sleeping. Goldman and I plan on leaving this morning and I have therapy Wednesday at 12:30, so we may come back Wednesday morning. I'm taking my computer and in case my cell doesn't work down there the number is 573-365-2106. I'm excited about going there. It will be the first time this year and the weather is supposed to be nice, especially tomorrow. I'll keep the news up best that I can. We hope Lisa and Lydia have a great time in the Big Apple.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We just wanted to relieve everyone's minds about Norman. He is much improved this evening. Margaret says he has charmed the nurses and when she left, after a long day for her, she thought one of the nurses might be going to kiss him goodnight. Margaret's cell phone number is 636-577-1809. Her email address is margaretabbott@aol.com. Catrina went to the first hospital with Norm in the middle of the night and then went to DePaul with him (by ambulance) and just headed home a short while ago.
Rose and I didn't stay long because Beth was coming to lunch. It seemed to me he just wanted to get some rest anyway. He responded when the nurse came in the room to talk with him and ask him anything. He and Margaret are staying with Robbie and Catrina which helps with household chores and any other tasks that arise. Stef and Dan are also close by. I'm sure they'll both be really glad to be less dependent. I love catching Margaret on line or when I call her or she calls me.
Norman will probably get out of the hospital tomorrow and they can probably go back to their normal routine, whatever that is, this week. I think Margaret has a doctor's checkup on her ankle one day this week. She cannot put any weight on it right now and is not doing her physical therapy until the o.k.'s more sessions. I don't think Norm has gotten his instructions for after his release from the hospital.
The weather is supposed to stay nice soon. Spring is here.
Rose and I went shopping and bought bunkbeds for the downstairs bedroom (aka the dungeon) at the lake house. Doug will pick them up tomorrow and take them to the lake later this week. This means we will have two more beds to sleep in. Everyone knows I love company and I expect lots of it this summer. Beth stopped in today on her way home from Louisville to Kansas City. If she does or if she doesn't teach summer school, we plan on spending a lot of time at the lake. this summer and Spring, too, for anyone who can make it.
We will keep the blog updated on happenings in Missouri. I will need help the next couple days because Goldman and I will be at the lake. Mad Dog is also joining us.

Fwd: Update on Dad

Catrina sent this update on her dad:

Begin forwarded message:

From: catrinarking
Date: March 21, 2010 12:30:28 PM CDT
To: roseholt@aol.com
Subject: Update on Dad
Reply-To: catrinarking

Hi Aunt Rose,

Update on my Daddy-he went by ambulance last night to St Joe's West after having several signs of a stroke. He was very confused and couldn't move his right arm. They did several tests and  assessed him there and confirmed he was probably having a stroke. They transferred him to DePaul which has a very good neuroscience department. He had a CT scan upon arrival and it appeared clear. He is much better today and the Aphasia is subsiding. The neurologist thinks that more than likely a clot formed in his heart and broke loose, moved "upstream" to his brain causing a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) or a mini-stroke. He is scheduled to have an MRI on his head and neck and then an Echo on his heart. He will hopefully get released tomorrow and we are hoping for a full recovery. He is in DePaul Hospital in room 716.  Keep him in your prayers ( and the rest of us could use a few too).

Love to all,
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm thinking people are sending news from other parts of the states because I don't have any news from St. Louis. Today I've heard from Pete, Margaret and Donald. Joe is back on line so we have talked several times. Of course, I had Pete's Saturday morning call which I thoroughly enjoy. He and Janet must have been talking together with me. We had a long conversation and caught up on everything in Idaho. Janet had a treatment on Wednesday which still isn't working very well but they're hoping it kicks in and takes effect. Rose and I never knew how Pete got the name 'Pete'. We asked Joe. 'Self-named'. was the reply. There was Uncle Louis, Dad was James Louis, and he could have been J. L. So Pete chose Pete. Rose and I figured Joe had chosen the name 'Pete'. He nicknamed most of us.
Donald was in Birmingham after being in St. Louis the first part of the week for Vita's Aunt's funeral. They didn't have time to stop and visit for a while because their plane was late arriving and leaving but said they would try to do so next time.
I called Margaret and she was in good spirits and had talked to Pete this morning and to Donald yesterday. She and Norm were still at Robbie and Catrina's and were sitting in the sunshine late yesterday afternoon but it's a bit cooler today.
Brother Joe caught me up to date on Springfield some last night. Lisa and Lydia are off to the Big Apple on Monday. Girls, send pictures that we can post on the blog. I love it when people admire you on the blog. It makes me so proud!
I Emailed Sandi in Portland this morning and asked her to update us on the FeLLins. We miss hearing from you. Pete asked me today if I'd heard from you recently. I'd just Emailed and Pete was going to call them. I also asked Joe if he had heard anything from Aunt Virginia and family. I think I have Mike's Email address here.
Rose has gone to take a nap and then she and I are going shopping for perhaps some bunkbeds for the lake house. That will give us 2 more sleeping spaces when we have a full house. I will have the 2 mattresses so will only need 2 more. Goldman and I are going down there Monday and coming back Tuesday. The guys are then having work weekend next weekend.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Spring time day here again but it's not going to be such a nice weekend. I've not got a lot to post about though Bro Joe is back on line and we're communicating with our computers. Rose and Shirley are still 'down in their backs' but Rose says she only hurts when she moves. Shirley had a treatment today that helped somewhat. I called Margaret Ann this morning and she's just waiting for time to heal somewhat and she will be able to 'get around'. She was pleased that Donald had called her.
Brother Joe and I chatted a long time on line today. First we made plans to meet for lunch at the lake Monday noon. I'm going down with Goldman early Monday. Then he remembered something with the railroad club (I think, correct me if I'm wrong, Joe) in Pittsburg, KS late Monday afternoon. After that he remembered that Lisa and Lydia were going to the Big Apple Monday afternoon and he was going to ferry them to the airport. The National Honor Language Society paid Lisa's expenses and Papa paid Lydia's airfare and she is bunking with Lisa. I'm forgetful like that, too.
Today I did make it to both my therapy sessions. I had also rode the exercycle 2 miles before I left. The physical therapist was a real worker and gave me a real workout. She also complimented me on how well I did. I hadn't had her do my lesson before. She had me do a lot of pushes and pulls and show my strength. The neurologist measured it yesterday and it seemed to me like more strength today than yesterday but they were different machines.
Rose went to hand therapy with me. The therapist showed me some exercises for Rose to help me with but since I'd had the seizure last week she didn't try the electrical stimulus. She had done the ultrasound before but we just worked on muscle stimulus and finger and hand movement. Rose also really liked the hand therapist. The physical therapist that I usually see is on a fishing trip.
My friend, Mary Myers, was in St. Lukes this morning and called me this afternoon while I was in therapy. I just tried to call her and got her recorder. I'm going to go call the hospital to see if she had to go back.
We're up this morning and ready set to go. I haven't heard from the Abbotts yet and hate to call out there for fear they're still sleeping. I know Catrina was off to work this morning but I'll wait a while before I check on Margaret and Norman. It was such a pretty afternoon here yesternoon they were sitting outside when I called them.

Ding picked me up on his way home last night and took me to his house for dinner. Shelly started her new job on Wednesday and thinks she may like it. She has to work again on Saturday. Ding probably stopped by Goldman's after he brought me home last night. I haven't talked to Goldman much since I haven't been feeling good.

Joe's computer is back up working. I really missed having him on line. He said Donald had updated him on what was going on with Margaret that he couldn't get on the blog. I see him on line right now. Joe, I've missed you.

Rose and Shirley are in the process of putting new countertopsin their kitchens. They've already done the oven and microwave and are replacing the electric cooking range, too. I see breakfast is ready to eat. More later. Margaret and Norman probably aren't up yet. I'll add after I talk to them.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just wanted to let the blog know that Margaret got out of the hospital today and was feeling pretty good when she got out to Catrina and Robbie's. When I get to neurologist today, I hadn't met this one. Rose and I both liked him. We saw my usual physician too.

Ding should be here any time to pick me up to go to their house for supper, so I may quit typing any minute. I had a mild seizure night before last, the first one since February 2, which means the trial medicine may be working fairly well. My grogginess is due to the ativan I took. It should wear off soon. I'm having hand therapy and a physical therapy sessions tomorrow.
It's a beautiful afternoon now and I hope it stays it that way for a while. Kids are playing outside, riding on their bicycles in the street, and the temperature has warmed up some. The neurologists saw me this afternoon and one thought I had improved and the other one thought I should wait another month before I have the next IVIG treatment. I'll keep doing my therapy and exercises and trying to improve and see what happens. After I have the angioplasty on the 25th, walking should be easier. I mean, it shouldn't hurt my leg like it does now.

Ding is going to stop by and pick me up on his way home from work and take me home with him for supper tonight. Shelly had to work yesterday but doesn't have to work again until Saturday. I don't know what's happened to Joe. I think Pete said his computer is on the blink. I haven't heard from Margaret since I called her this morning. She promised to let me know what's going on with her. Her girls know how to update so I hope they do.
This will be a quick update this morning. I have not been feeling very good the post few days so haven't updated and have to go see one of the neurologists this afternoon. It's one of my regular checkups. Rose has been 'down in her back' and hasn't been herself either.

For better news, Goldman and I are going to the lake house next Monday and Tuesday. Goldman will be on Spring break. I think Scott's boys are on their Spring break in a couple of weeks. On March 26 weekend (and thereabouts) the guys will have work weekend at the lake. Let's hope nicer weather starts by then!

Margaret had another bad spell of pain and bad occasion with her ankle. She has spent a few days in the hospital but, when I talked to her earlier today, she thought she would be released today. Robbie and Norman were going to come to get her.

I'll update more when I'm feeling better and have more to say.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ding is going to post about their Idaho ski trip but I'm not sure when he's going to do it. He keeps reassuring me that he remembers his passwords and will do it soon. I also have pictures that Kelly sent me and that Suzanne forwarded to me that someone will have to post. Rose isn't feeling very well today so it may not be her posting them today. I'm ignorant about posting pictures and will just keep letting someone else do it. Kelly and I both have trouble with facebook and are happy with email. He says he actually prefers telephone!

There's some news from the Abbotts this morning. Margaret is back in the hospital. She went in sometime in the middle of the night last night because her foot was swollen really badly. She was in some pain, too, and they gave her some medication after she got there. They did some X-Rays and she wasn't sure what else they did and she's having an MRI today. The doctors aren't sure what's causing this. It could be just the 25% weight on her foot or rejection of the new ankle or even something else. The medical team doesn't know yet. When I know more, I'll post it. Meanwhile, they're staying with Robbie and Catrina and , together with the other Abbott kids, are taking great care of them. If I've got any of this wrong, will one of you Abbott kids correct me?

The sun has come out here. It was cloudy when I first got up. Rose canceled her Apple lesson today which means she really doesn't feel good. Shirley's back is still really bothering her. I may be the only one around this house who feels okay. My friend, Mary Myers, is feeling good again and she and I are going out to lunch Friday. I have a busy week laid out. Brother Joe's computer must still be on the blink. I haven't heard from him all week and Pete told me that Joe's computer wasn't working last Saturday. Get it fixed, Joe!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I wanted to finish my post from this morning. The Abbotts are fine. They were at Quest Diagnostics where Norm was having some blood work done. Margaret had forgotten her phone and wasn't answering Norm's when she saw it was me. I called Sabrina who assured me they were okay and had them call me. Norm was really happy to get out of the hospital but is still in quite a bit of pain with his back. Sabrina did say they had a pretty good weekend. Margaret can put 25% of weight on her bad ankle now and I believe it will be 100% in about 3 weeks. She has no way to measure that and hasn't been able to see her therapist so isn't sure about all this but assured me it was okay to post updates about her and Norm.

Shirley and Rose got home earlier this afternoon. They're both 'down in their backs'. Rose is with a client right now but they both may be going to their chiropractor whenever they can get an appointment. Ding brought lunch. Shelly had some more orientation today and Ding said she may stop by but she isn't feeling very well.

Scott's girlfriend is on Spring break this week, too. She's going to Louisville Wednesday and is coming here tomorrow and spending the night with us. We hope she has supper with us too. I'm not sure if Brayden and Jalen are on Spring break this week or not. Beth still isn't sure how much she can stay with me at the lakehouse this summer.

I think I forgot to add in here how mad Doug is at Obama. Doug says he has the nerve to want to BAN fishing!! Doug was riled up about it all weekend. My physical therapist is a fisherman and he will probably be stirred up about it when I have therapy Wednesday. Kelly and his boys sound like fishermen , too.
Good morning! It may be afternoon before I finish this post but with the time change I'm not sure. My intentions are good. I spent the weekend with the Hollensbes and it was a special good weekend too. There were lots of laughs. Suzanne picked me up on her way home from work on Friday. I teased them about their place being a 'cat farm'. They have four cats and a dog! I never did get the sex of the animals straight so I just wound them calling them 'it'. I think this was appropriate since they have been neutered. One of the cats ran away and Animal Control in St. Charles called back several months later to tell them they had 'it'. Animal Control identified it by a chip it had but they have no idea how it got accross the Missouri River. I didn't think cats could swim.
Saturday afternoon Goldman and I went to the Casino and had a really good day and then we left. Josie and Lukas played downstairs most all day. I thought they were still in bed when I got up both days but they had been up for a while and were just being quiet. Suzanne says she has them trained. I was never able to train mine like that. On Sunday Luke had a friend over and I could hear them then but they were good and didn't fight.
Saturday night some of the guys came over to watch the Blues game. When the game was over, they played a game of 'Risk'. I don't think I'd ever played it or seen it played or understood what they were doing. It was Doug, Mad Dog, Goldman and Groves. They each put $5.00 on the game and Groves won the $20.00. I went to bed long before the game was finished. Groves had played Black Jack at Ameristar to toward morning the night before so I'm sure he slept most of yesterday. Doug was tired and was playing hockey last night. I had an email from Goldman. He and Doug play on the same hockey team. They did win! I love it that all these guys call me 'mom'.
I wanted to put in this little story about the dog. Suzanne loves their dog. I believe they both do. I was watching CNN yesterday morning and they showed or told about a dog that swallowed a $20,000.00 diamond. I asked Doug "Which one of you's dog would Shady be if she did that?" Doug's reply "It wouldn't matter. It would be a DEAD dog. I wouldn't wait for it to s--t it out!"
Ding picked me up at Doug and Suzanne's yesterday evening. Suzanne wasn't feeling very well. The kids had coughs and colds. I ask Doug how they would feel today on a school day. He said Luke's legs sometimes hurt really badly so he can hardly walk or get out of bed and he can't eat and various symptoms and then Doug remembered this is Spring break. Then Doug said both kids will be up and at em' at the crack of dawn.
Ding and I had supper at Albert Puhol's Restaurant last night. It's near Doug and Suzanne's. It was great. I went to bed fairly early and Ding said he fell asleep watching television. When we got back here to the house last night, something was beeping. Ding was going to update the blog about their Idaho trip but that something was beeping. He talked to Aunt Rose and after a long while finally figured out what it was and how to get it to stop beeping.
He talked a lot about their Idaho trip but I'm eager to see Mark Lary and Karen and to see Ding's update to this blog. Kelly sent some pictures that I'll get Aunt Rose to post. That's another one of those things I don't know how to do.
We had Starbucks for breakfast and Ding is bringing lunch. Jalen had sent me a message on Facebook after he read the blog on Friday that he's SO happy that my hands are showing some improvement. I keep just moving my hands and fingers as much as I can. I have both therapies Wednesday and Friday but Rose worries if I ride the exercycle when no one is here.
Work weekend at the lakehouse is the last weekend of the month. So far we have 6 guys coming. They even suggested I be there but then I remembered I'm having that stent on the 25th and having an IVIG sometime soon. These young people are too good to me! If any other guys want to come for work weekend, just let us know! I'm thinking about getting two sets of two bunkbeds for the dungeon. That will give us two more sleeping beds. Doug says if couples want to sleep together they can sleep on the floor!I haven't heard from the Abbotts yet today. I left them a message and maybe they're just away from their phone. Sabrina says they're fine and if she hears from them she'll remind them to call me. Rose and Shirley will get back from Chicago this afternoon. We'll get back to semi-normal then. Goldman and I are going to the lake next week Monday and Tuesday. I'm praying for nice weather. The sun is shining today. Janet did say it was snowing in Idaho Saturday morning. It was only raining here.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I just wanted put in a quick post about my hand therapy this morning. My therapist sees it's working! I'm getting some movement in my hands and fingers where I didn't have any before. She was so thrilled with my progress that I actually was crying somewhat but just from elation and possible hope. Her name's Tina. Tina says any strive toward movement can be exercise and I do watch TV and try my ASDF JKL; Ding was telling me last night at supper that Kelly didn't believe that I don't type the conventional way but with a 'red thing' and an upside pencil. Goldman says only he types slower than me. Hard to believe but I haven't watched him.
Suzanne is picking me up on her way home from work. I'm going to spend the weekend with them. Ding picked me up after therapy and we had lunch. We had dinner last night. Rose and Shirley left for Chicago this morning and just called and weren't there yrt. Traffic was bad. I want Ding to update the blog about their Idaho trip and post some pictures tomorrow. Shelly starts her new job at the Zoo tomorrow. Mark and Karen and Shelly get home tonight.
Mad Dog is coming to town this weekend. I'm sure I'll get to see him. I'm eager to see my therapist again Wednesday and Friday. Friday it will be only the hand instead of hand and physical because I'm having a stent in my other leg on Thursday.
I talked to Margaret today. She had read the blog and the reason Norman got out of the hospital so quickly was because the procedure they had to do on him wasn't so difficult as they feared it might be. I hadn't posted this on the blog - He's doing fine and Robbie and Catrina are taking good care of them.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just wanted to post that Norman got out of the hospital today. He had his surgery just yesterday. He and Margaret were both on their way to stay with Catrina and Robbie with them for a few days. We haven't talked to them much the last few days so I guess they're feeling good these past few days. Robbie has been taking Margaret to the the hospital back and forth.
Rose and Shirley are going to take the old white car back to Chicago tomorrow. It's 18 years old and still runs good. I'm going to stay with the Hollinsbes for the weekend. Ding and I are going out to supper tonight. Rose and Shirley are going to fly home on Monday. I'm not sure whatKaren and Mark and Shelly's itinerary is. We're looking forward to seeing Scott and the rest of his bunch but don't know exactly when they'll be here.
Joe was IM'ing just as I starting this blog but he didn't get finished this and hope Pete will call Saturday. Give me some more news!! I'm so glad about Norm. First they said he wouldn't get out until Friday but did release him today.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

This will be another short post as I'm waiting for more news from the Abbotts. I have talked to Margaret this morning and Norman isn't going to be released today. Margaret promised to give me more information this morning. He continues to have some difficulties and Margaret will tell us more about it after while. She also talks to Mary Pauline every Sunday and had spoken with Donald this weekend so maybe will update more on news from them.
Ding got back from Idaho last night. His flight was late and Goldman picked him up at the airport. Goldman had played hockey the night before and was tired and sore. Needless to say, Goldman was very glad when Ding's plane finally landed.
I've got to go. Still waiting tohear from Margaret. Maybe one of their kids will update. If not, I will later today.

Monday, March 08, 2010

This will be a short update since I've been so faithful about my frequent updates. Margaret and Robbie were seeing Norm and, again to his much disappointment, he won't get to come home - or should I say get out of the hospital - today. When he does get out he and Margaret will probably stay with Robbie and Catrina for a few days. They're not sure how long yet. His back pain has lessened but he was running a temperature this morning. It was gone, he thought, this afternoon but the doctor wanted to see if he could determine what had caused it. Margaret had stayed with Catrina and Robbie last night and will again tonight.
I guess Ding gets home tonight and Karen and Shelly and Mark Lary are probably in Colorado. I've probably posted in here that Mark is going to meet the two women there. Goldman told me he's picking Ding up at the airport. We haven't heard from them since they left but I'd told them to take lots of pictures. The pictures will be on the blog if they did take them. They better have!
Brother Joe and I talk on line a lot and keep up with each other. He is a great correspondent though hears more from me than I hear from or about him and his. When I talked to Pete and Nancy on Saturday, I don't think they told me when they're getting back to Idaho. Well, when are you?

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Just talked to Margaret and she and Catrina had just left the hospital. Much to his disappointment, Norman didn't get to leave the hospital today. He's hoping it will now be tomorrow, but will have to wait to hear from his doctor again tomorrow. Margaret was going home with Catrina, and Robbie had stayed home to cook supper. When I called out there this morning Lizzie was cooking breakfast with Margaret's directions. She'll turn out to be a great cook if she learns to cook anything like her Grandmother. I don't think Margaret learned out of a book either.

I've signed on to Facebook, but I'm new at it and still learning. So far I like Email better and know more about what I'm doing. Brayden tried to help me last night, but I'm afraid I'm a very slow learner. He was very patient but I finally just gave up for the evening. I'll keep trying!

We had Spring-like weather again today. I rode hard miles on the exercycle and exercised my arms and hands and fingers lots too. Still more arm therapy and balance to work on after supper. I have therapy Wednesday and Friday this week and an appointment with the neurologist on Tuesday. Shirley has cataract surgery on her other eye tomorrow. Ding gets home tomorrow. We miss him. Rose and Shirley are going to Chicago Friday. It's going to be a busy week with all this and regular stuff.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Rose is working on an update that's she worked on today at her Apple lesson and hasn't quite got it posted but I know she will. She's on the sofa with her computer. Shirley's at the kitchen table with hers and I'm here at my desk with mine. Computers are a modern miracle, aren't they? Cell phones rank up there, too.

Pete called this morning with his regular Saturday call. He and Nancy were in Quartzsite and had just had a big yard sale. He says Nancy is a whiz at organizing things and packing up what they're taking home and, in general, just working hard. In spite of their hard work, it sounded like they were also having a really fun time. Nancy did say her dad could embarass her at different times and places. Pete always asks about Goldman and Mad Dog. Ding and Mark Lary and Kelly are in Stanley, ID. They had called Pete yesterday to tell him what a good time they're having and were dreading coming home and back to work.

Norm came through his surgery just fine though he was in pain when he was trying to sleep last night and today. Margaret told me he will probably get to come home tomorrow. Sabrina spent the night with her last night and I believe Randy and Lynn took her to see Norm today. Robbie is currently laid off so both Margaret and Norm may stay with them for a while. I don't know if Norm will have therapy or if Margaret's therapist will go out there.

Joe and I had talked for a short while on line before I started typing this. He had been to Plattsburg to visit with Donald and Vita and their families today. Two of the grandchildren had birthdays. Joe and I didn't visit long before Mary had supper ready so maybe he'll have more news from Donald and family when we visit again.

My friend Mary Myers got out of the hospital yesterday afternoon. She said she went to bed at 5 PM and slept the night through when she was back in her own bed. The weather here today was beautiful. Rose worked in the backyard a lot while I just sat and watched her. I truly would have loved to have helped her. With my therapy and extreme effort, I'm going to be able to do more. That's my ambition!!!

Friday, March 05, 2010

It's Friday and it feels like Spring today. Maybe it's finally going to be something besides winter. Daylight Savings Time begins on the 14th and the guys are having their work weekend the weekend of the 26th. Any of you guys that want to come are more than welcome. I know the main projects are staining the back deck and putting more shelves in the dungeon closet. Check with the foreman (Doug) for any further ideas. It shouldn't be too hard a weekend. Let's hope for good weather.

Norman is in the recovery room. Margaret called me a few minutes ago to tell me the doctor had just come out to talk to them and said things went fine. Margaret wasn't going to go home until she got to see him. She wasn't sure he would even know she was there because he would still be sedated. Robbie stayed with her last night and took her to the hospital today. She had told me that Norman would have to stay in the hospital a couple more days.

Last night Goldman and I went to see Mary Myers at St. Lukes Hospital. The doctors had found the stent in her heart was clogged so they put a stent in a stent. I'm sure that's what they did though it sounds like I typed it wrong. We met Lynn, Mary's husband, leaving as we were going in, so she loved having more company. She and Goldman have the same birthdays in November (much different years) and she's going to throw them a big party. He and I went to a sports bar for supper. I'm not sure how many TV's there were. The hamburgers were great but neither one of us drink beer.

I had another two hours of therapy this morning. My legs are pretty strong so we spend a lot of the time working on ways to improve my balance. I ride the exercycle every day - almost - and look forward to good weather and walking outside. The physical therapist shows me lots of other little tricks, and I can see I improve at even just the hour I'm there. The hand therapist sees hope for improving my fingers and hands. The strength in my arms is very good. When someone is afflicted the way I am she tends to compensate by using the stronger parts that work best. Now I'm working hard especially on my hands. I type with an eraser end of a pencil and a little piece of red tubing wrapped on the pencil. I've gotten pretty fast! But what I've been doing is making the stronger part stronger and letting the weaker part get weaker. So every day I do some ASDFJKL; Do some of you remember that from typing class?

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I was just typing away and lost a lot of it somehow. Rose thinks it's the computer but she gives me more credit than is due me. I probably just did the wrong thing and it's taking me a long time to find out I can't get back my lost work. I'll retrieve what I can remember. At Melba's visitation I saw people I hadn't seen in many years. I saw some who knew me but I wasn't sure who they were. After the visitation on Monday Ding and I went out to dinner. We usually go out on Thursday nights but since he and Mark Lary are going to be in Idaho tonight, we went on Tuesday. Goldman and I are going tonight.
I have talked to Margaret since my earlier update. She's staying home today and Robbie is staying with her. I'm not sure who stayed with her last night. They all encourage her to come to their houses but she's much more content and happier just being at home. She's fretting about who will take care of them when Norm gets home and he's probably worrying about her but things always work out. They have a good bunch of kids.
I meant to say earlier that when Ding whispered "Move over, Momma" and then eased into the pew, he whispered in my ear "Was I suspect to genuflect?" It was a Lutheran service in the funeral home so I whispered back "You're okay."
Scott called yesterday and wanted to know if I'm coming over on the 12th. I don't think so. Rose and Shirley have to go to Chicago so I'll probably with Doug and Suzanne and the kids.
Shirley has her other cataract surgery on Monday. She's been 'down in her back' (isn't that Turnbo talk?) and got up early this morning and went to have a treatment with her chiropractor. She felt better right away but has to go back Saturday. Mary Myers is back in the hospital. She was supposed to get out yesterday but had a sort of relapse and they kept her. As Brother Joe says, she's the one who always having the troubles with her health, isn't she. That's Mary. Goldman may run me out to see her this evening when we go to dinner. She's in St. Lukes.
I'm going to try to post without losing this. I'll try to keep you updated on Margaret and Norm, that is if things quit happening out there so quickly. Norm's surgery is tomorrow and Margaret wasn't sure what time when I last talked to her.
I signed with Facebook but am still much better at email. I'm trying to type and make my fingers work but so far not having much luck. Still using my upside pencil mostly. It's easier. As the hand therapist says, use them or they will get stuck that way. I'm trying.
I haven't heard from the Abbotts yet today but it's still early so I hope Margaret Ann is still sleeping this morning. I don't know what her plans are for today but I'm sure she'll want to be at the hospital during the surgery tomorrow so I hope she stays home today and gets rested as best she can. Their kids all are workers but have managed so far with helping Margaret and staying with Norm a lot at the hospital. I'll update when I hear from the Abbotts.

When I got Pete's call on Saturday he was all set to head for Quartzsite. He and Nancy were leaving on Tuesday and I'm not sure when he said they were returning. They had a lot of chores to accomplish down there so it really wasn't going to be a pleasure trip though Pete can always make any trip a pleasure trip. I wish I were with them.

Ding went with me to Melba's visitation on Monday night. By the was, that baby is her grandson - not her great grandson. He kept asking which one was Melba's sister. She had two sisters and first I pointed out the wrong sister. He found the right sister (Linda) and they reminisced about one time she and Melba and I'm not sure who else stopped by the lake house and Ding and Brother Joe were there. Brother Joe and Linda both knew each because they worked for the Railroad. Ding entertained all of them royally. Luckily Uncle Joe was there or as he said he might have been having a party.

Rose went to the funeral with me on Tuesday. It was very crowded. The service but Rose and I were sitting there and I heard someone say "Move over, Momma. " Ding had arrived.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I've been waiting to post because I've been awaiting for some more info on some news we had gotten last night, and we got it this evening. Norman (who has been so devotedly supportive to Margaret in her troubles and pain and discomfort) just keeled over and fainted yesterday afternoon. Margaret still isn't able to do much of anything, so she called the kids who convinced him he should go to the emergency room. I guess the hospital was full because I don't think he got a room until this morning. They did several tests and doped him up with pain pills. I think he was in tremendous pain in his back. I believe the pain caused him to faint. An MRI finally found a herniated disc in his back and 3 bulging discs. This is not nearly so bad as all of us here in Missouri imagined it could be. It IS fixable. They're doing surgery day after tomorrow and he will only have to stay in the hospital a couple days after the surgery. Margaret and Norm have such wonderful kids who do things for them and with them. Their grandkids are great too.
Ding and Mark Lary left early this morning for Kelly's in Boise, Idaho. I hope we hear from them at least once while they're gone. I have more to update but supper is almost ready and I wanted to get this in about Norm. Say a prayer for him please, Everybody.