Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Friday morning and I'm getting ready to get ready to go to the lake. Scott called earlier this morning to tell me my Kentucky Derby horse pick that I had chosen had scratched so Rose and I had to pick a different one. Brayden thought that if we placed a bet on every horse then we'd be sure to win. Scott wouldn't let us do that. Rose and I placed a win, place, or show on the only filly in the race. We placed our bets on the females!
I just talked to Margaret and she and Norm were on their way somewhere. She said she is getting around pretty well and can get up and down their steps. She and Norm were doing less 'doctorin'. She said she is no longer taking physical therapy because her ankle is so much improved.
I've talked IM with brother Joe this morning. He had to get off the computer and go cut the grass before it stormed. People have asked me what caused brother Pete to black out a few weeks ago. I asked him last Saturday. He said he was dehydrated.
I type very slowly but will maybe get all caught up on my emails and the blog when I get back from the lake which will be late Sunday. Scott will still have a long drive ahead of him when he gets to St. Louis. He's used to long days so I guess he doesn't mind.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I got back to St. Louis Monday and Shirley and Rose got back Sunday. I had a great time in Louisville even though most of the boys' ballgames and practices were rained out. Jalen did have a game on Wednesday, the day I arrived. I do plan on getting back before their baseball season is over. Both of them truly love baseball - or just sports in general. Baseball is my favorite sport and it was Brick's and Denny's, too.

I had a wonderful birthday even being as old as I am. I talked to a lot of my siblings and friends and my grandchildren. Rose and Shirley and I had already celebrated before I went to Louisville. Scott and the boys and I went out to dinner Saturday evening. It was an eventful occasion.

I got home Monday evening and Goldman met me at the airport. Yesterday I went to an overnight visit in the hospital for an IVIG. I'm back home now. Everyone on the neurological floor at the hospital knows me. They remember me from previous visits.

I'll update more about my visit to Louisville when I have a little more time. Both boys are great students and excel in different capacities. I wanted to just get some news updated today.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're going off in different directions today. Rose and Shirley and are going to Boulder, CO. I'm off to Louisville. I hope the boys are looking forward to seeing me (all three of them!). Dave Smith, Sabrina's husband, is going to finish painting the kitchen while we're gone. Brother Joe has a bad cold and went back to bed. I'll check in with Margaret before I leave. Things are just quiet around here. Perhaps more from Louisville.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I was the first one up again. I was also the first one to go to bed again. I did watch the Cardinals lose that long game. The game on Friday had a Grad Slam with the bases loaded!! That was spectacular!! Groves is a hockey fan and he was watching some playoff on his computer which us baseball fans paid no attention to. He didn't care about the baseball game either. The guys played Risk again after the games were over. I retired to my bed.

I don't really have much news to post. The weather was wonderful. Mad Dog made pork chops, fried potatoes ((Idaho Russets), and broccoli for supper. It was the first time he had cooked broccoli in 12 years but I don't think there was any left. Ding made tuna salad for lunch but Mad Dog made supper in about the same amount of time. Supper was so good that they didn't have to tell me to clean up my plate. The tuna salad was 'just like I used to make - like Momma taught me' very good.

They're up now. Ding just went to the store to get a loaf of bread and charge his phone on the trip (modern technology). They're making bacon and eggs for breakfast. Dave and Judy came over yesterday and visited for a while. Most of the neighbors aren't down this weekend. I talked to Rose several times. She had some kind of meetings she had to attend yesterday. I don't think Shirley had to attend. We had Rose's car and she had the little orange car. I bet she was cute in it.

When I went to the therapist Friday she told me that rowing a kayak was good for strengthening a person's one's arms and hands. Then she sorta backed off because of the water. I told her I'd have to wear a life jacket and have a two person kayak. I've been doing my exercises regularly and the therapist is pleased with my progress. I'm sure Brayden and Jalen will play catch with me next week when I'm in Louisville.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm at the lake house this morning with Mad Dog, Groves, and Ding. I rode down with Mad Dog and we got here first. The work they did during guys' week was just great. It rained heavy a lot on the way down but today looks to be a beautiful day. I think Groves and Mad Dog are in the new bunk beds but I don't know if they're in the top or lower bunks. Neither one is heavy so it doesn't worry me. The guys were up until at least three A.M. so I'm sure they'll sleep in. They played RISK, an old fashioned board game. They played for money and I saw some pennies laying around. We had dinner at Ruthie D's, not one of Brayden's favorite places.
Pete just called. He had gone to the doctor yesterday and now doesn't have to go back for six months. Kelly is going to take the boys skiing tomorrow. Needless to say, their weather is nothing like ours. He had found a hired man but Kelly had swiped him so now he's looking for another one. He had already talked to Brother Joe before he called me. He said he had talked to Donald last week who had talked to Wanda Jean and heard some news about her health and we'd like to hear it and post it on the blog, Donald.
Margaret sent the email about her and Norm and how they're doing. They talk to Mary Pauline every Sunday and we'd like to hear about her, too. Is she still in Great Bend? How did those Felins end up in Great Bend?
Jana sent some pictures that I don't know how to post and Rose hasn't had time. When Ding gets up I'll nag him into doing that. We love pictures. Pete and I talked about the amazing accomplishments of the last twenty years. Brayden, at seven, can do more and knows more about the current accomplishments. He doesn't even recognize them as accomplishmenys.
I tried to get Brother Joe to come up for at least the day but Lydia's great-grandmother died and he felt he should hang around. Also, there was something at the Technical College today that he wasn't sure David was going to be involved in.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm going to therapy in a little while. I've been limited to occupational therapy today because of the stent they inserted in my leg but the limitation will be over after today. After therapy and Rose picks me up there, Mad Dog will pick me up here at home and he and I will head for the lake. The weather forecast is for a great weekend. If anyone else want to come, I would love it. We're going to grocery shop first thing in the morning if I can make them get out of bed so let us know so we get enough food. Fish are biting! Ding is coming when he gets off work today. He wasn't sure what time that would be. Groves is coming too. Many of you will remember Groves. He used to live in Louisville and drove all the way over to St. Louis to be a pallbearer at Denny's funeral. He now lives in St. Louis and lives with Goldman. I'm not sure what time or who he's coming with. We may have dinner at Ruthie D's. Brayden has been there a few times and does NOT like going there. The owner/manager always calls me Ms. Boze and remembers me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sue forwarded this e-mail from Margaret, which we want to share:

Good Morning
Just read the blog and am glad to hear (read) you are doing well.  Guess when one gets older we can expect these things.  Recovery is slow in this house.  Hopefully, I will be out of this boot and walker tomorrow.  The therapist, as of this week, is no longer coming to the house.  Norm's back is slowly healing and guess he is remarkable for a man his age.  Two major surgeries within 3 days would hold down a young man.  He is chomping at the bit to get in the garden and has had several offers to do it for him.  Our neighbor Bob tilled it for him yesterday.  I hear him stirring so TTYL.
I want to blog a little this morning to reassure everyone I'm doing fine and to inquire about how Pete's doing this week. I can go back to occupational therapy tomorrow and then to physical therapy, too, after that. Goldman picked me up at the hospital the other evening and when the nurse called him to come get me his only question was "Do I have to help her dress?" The nurse thought he was my son. She of course helped me dress and when I saw it was Goldman I could see his question was valid.

Ding and I are going to the lake this weekend. Goldman told me Mad Dog is going to be down there. I'm going to Louisville on the 21st and back on the 26th. Rose and Shirley are going to a conference in Boulder, CO those same dates. I'm eager to see Brayden and Jalen's baseball games and practices. I'll probably be the loudest Granny in Louisville.

Does everyone have their taxes done? Today is April 15. It's about time for my morning nap. Brother Joe got up before I did this morning. He took Lisa to the airport for a trip to MM country. I asked where is MM country. Military man country - North Carolina. Part of her award. Brother Joe may be ready for his morning nap, too, or he may be working in the yard. It's a beautiful day here. We have the air conditioner on.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sue had her vascular surgery today. Dr. Garrity had to put a stent in her left leg. A simple balloon procedure did not keep the artery open. She had the procedure as an out-patient, and she was at Barnes Jewish.downtown from ten this morning until nine tonight. It was a busy day of coordinating an ever-changing schedule for Chris, Shelly, Shirley, Mark Goldman, and me. Mark brought Sue home, filling in for us as he does so often. Sue ate dinner and went straight to bed. I am sure she will be up and blogging in the morning.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHELLY. Today's her birthday and although Ding said they weren't going to do any thing special other than go visit the horse, we hope it will be a special day. The weather looks like it will be good. The sky is blue without clouds dominating. It was cold in Idaho when Pete made his weekly call yesterday. Merri was there visiting but not feeling good herself.

It had not been a good week for Pete. I'm not sure what day but he had blacked out and woke up in the hospital. He got there in an ambulance. The hospital (or should I say doctor) kept him three days before he could go home. Merri or Nancy stayed at the hospital with him all the time he was in there. He told me he had just trained them this way - to pamper him. I know better. I lived with them for a year! He seemed good on Saturday.

Dinner at Mark and Karen's on Friday evening was just superb. I hadn't seen Katie and Drew for quite some time nor Karen, Mark, nor Donna. Katie and Drew are the one who dubbed me Granny and there are a lot of little ones who followed who call me Granny.

Scott and Brayden went to the Cubs/Cincinnnati game in Cincinnati yesterday. Brayden is NOT a Cubs fan. He called us on the way there and talked to Shirley and me. Rose was with a client and he wanted her to call him when she was finished. We didn't hear from him AFTER the Cubs won.

Friday, April 09, 2010

This will probably be a short post because I'm expecting Ding and Shelly to stop and get me soon. We are going to Mark and Karen's for dinner and the evening and that's always an enjoyable event. The two of them make great host and hostess.

Wednesday evening Ding and I went over to St. Charles for dinner and then took a ride through memory lane. We went by all the places I used to live (not Ding. He wasn't born yet.) Pio's looks pretty from the outside. We didn't eat there. Bross's Restaurant has been torn down and is now part of Lindenwood. Rose's Kingshighway house is still there but is part of Lindenwood. Sabrina's old house and Scott's old house are both there. The house next to 331 Jackson is For Sale for $199,000. 331 looks pretty good. Clay Street is now called First Capitol. There's no grocery store at 501 First Capitol but the building is still there and looks to be thriving. Ding had a lot of questions about the bridges over the Missouri and the construction dates of the highways that I couldn't remember the years they were built but I could remember the volume of traffic and the heavy backups.

I had therapy today for two hours and also napped for a couple long hours. Joe did take Lisa to the airport yesterday evening. He and I had an IM conversation the other day about places to eat in Marshfield 'back in the old days' and also in the conversation about some of the things Momma fed us. Rose is having a potato pancake tonight - just like Momma used to make. Except for one thing - how were there ever any leftover mashed potatoes? It's hard enough around here!

I talked to Margaret for a while this morning. She said she and Norman are slowly mending and feeling better as each day goes on. She did say Norm is 'thin as a rail'. Rose and I are still competing to see who can be thinnest. She usually weighs just a tiny bit less but this is the first time maybe ever.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

You can see by the previous post that I didn't proof read very well. That post took me a long time though I really wasn't typing the whole time. I haven't had my nap today and I've missed it! The peonies out front are about to bloom and what little grass or should I say lawn we have, is soon going to need cutting.

We need news from Washington and Kansas or, should I just say, that group of Felins/Fellins. Also the Alabama Felins. Any other friends or family are always delightful news. I probably get to be boring news after a while and welcome updates on everyone's happenings.

Ding is due any time so I may have to stop abruptly. I still don't know where we're going for supper. We can always hear him roar up in that little orange car. I don't know what is so special about it but he seems to love it. He just roared up.
I'm not sure why the pictures that Rose posted yesterday didn't come through and neither is Rose but she'll post them again. We're not sure if a person can post on the Ipad and I don't even want one if you can't. Rose has an Apple lesson on Saturday and I'll go along and find out. What I'd really like to do this Saturday and Sunday is go to the lake but the weather isn't predicted to be as nice as it has been being and I don't think anyone is planning on going this weekend. I have a therapy session Friday and then dinner at Mark and Karen's which I'm really looking forward to.

The countertops and burners are in place and look marvelous. We were without a kitchen for a few days but the end result was well worth it. The three of us ate out at a superb seafood place (anyway, we all had fish) one night. It outranked Miss Muzzy's by a long way. Goldman and I went out last night and tonight Ding and I are going out even though it's not our usual Thursday night. Shelly can't join us because she's babysitting her little cousins.

I had a long chat with Margaret this morning. She says she and Norm are both slowly mending. I personally know what 'slowly' must mean to them. She had her therapy yesterday and will have the therapist come tomorrow again. Her pain (I'm not sure where) was worse today than usual she said but was lightening up some.

I talked to Brother Joe on line for a while yesterday. He finally had to get off line to go watch the grass grow. It just darkened up here and thundered loudly. I think we're about to have a very bad storm. Rose and I were going to buy bedding plants but may not after all. Back to news from Joe: Lisa leaves Thursday for Albuquerque, N.M. The trip is part of her award. Joe is hoping she stops by on her home from school that day because he's a candidate for taking her to the airport and hoping to do so.

I went to see my favorite neurologist, Dr. Hogan, on Tuesday. My potassium level was back to norman. He's the doctor who is from West Plains and was born in the same hospital as I was and the one where Brother Joe volunteers on Tuesday. He told me his grandfather had a hospital in West Plains and was also a physician. It made me think of Birdie Helms. Do any of you remember the Helms? They lived in the Young's house across thr street from us before Mr. and Mrs. Young and Elston lived there..

Dr. Garrity, the vascular surgeon, has now scheduled the stent on my left leg for next Tuesday, April 13. He will do the right leg on April 29. I'm having an IVIG on April 27. I'm flying to Louisville on April 21 and back on the 26th. I'm hoping the stents relieves the pain which is worse right now with most any exercise. The pain tends to be most always worse in my left leg.

I've had to stop posting for a little while and go with Rose to try to get some impatiens bedding plants. Lowes' had a great price in an ad in the morning paper but when we got there they didn't have any yet! We stopped by Home Depot and the few they had were pitiful. Joe said he had gardened one day this week til his butt was dragging. How long was that, Joe? Idaho is still having freezing weather, isn't it, Pete or Janet?

Ding will be here pretty soon to pick me up. He has to drop something off at a hospital and this is sorta on the way so he's coming by here on his way to this hospital. I don't know where we're going for dinner. Shirley and Rose will be able to fix their supper in the kitchen with the new countertops and the new rangetop. Next step is for them on the kitchen update is to agree on a paint color and then for Dave Smith to paint. Rose is busy in there right now cleaning cabinets. She says some of the stuff she took out has beeb there 7 or 8 years and never been used. After paint and painting comes window treatments. Sometimes thry make me be the deciding vote. A difficult position to be in!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Brayden and Sue






Tuesday morning and it's supposed to be another beautiful day in Missouri. The fellows were working on the kitchen yesterday and it was so warm that we turned on the air conditioner. Typical Missouri Spring day! It's supposed to be cooler toward the end of the week but you just never know about whether the forecast is right or wrong in the Sho-Me State.
The fellows are working on the countertops in the kitchen. Chuck McDonough and his crew came and removed the old one yesterday and picked up the new stove to be installed today. There's already been an oven and a microwave installed, and Rose and Shirley can use it but, without countertops, the kitchen isn't usable so we had to eat out last night. I had crab cakes - one of my favorite meals. Rose and Shirley both had fish so, needless to say, we ate at a seafood restaurant. Goldman and I are going out tonight. I'm not sure what Rose and Shirley will do if the counter tops aren't usable. Chuck is one of the tallest guys I've ever met and makes me feel like I should be still growing - even at my age!
I had hand and physical therapy yesterday. Shelly came by and had lunch and then dropped me off for my treatments and then Shirley picked me up. The physical therapy was hard work, and my left leg hurts almost always from the exertion. The stent to improve my circulation is now scheduled for April 29. It may be an angioplasty. I just have to wait and see. The vascular surgeeon wants to do the right leg first, but the left hurts most.
I have an appointment with Dr. Hogan this morning. He's the cute neurologist born in same hospital as me. This is for just a checkup. Then Rose and I are going to thr Apple store.
Scott stopped on his way home from K.C. Sunday to visit a little while. Brayden was Student of the Month last month at his school. This is a scholastic award. He's a great reader and also mathmatical scholar too. He's usually shy about attention but I don't know about this.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE!! It's early this Sunday morning and the sun isn't even up yet but the forecast predicts a beautiful Spring day. The flowers and trees up and down the street in front of the house (back, too) are blooming and looking marvelous.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY TO KELLY AND UPCOMING TO STEPHANIE!! Kelly and the boys are over to Pete and Janet's for the holiday. They were going to ski and fish. Hap to You, Kelly. I don't remember being as young as your boys or hardly remember my boys being so young. Nancy and family are at Donald's place in Florida. Quite different from Idaho when Pete and I talked yesterday! It was snowing and skiing weather in Idaho. I asked if they would enjoy fishing in that sort of cold weather. They just like to fish in any atmosphere! Denny was that way too. So is Doug! There was some fishing done at the lake last weekend but it wasn't Idaho weather in Missouri.

Pete called yesterday with his weekly call. Brother Joe had emailed me earlier to tell me that he and David were going to Pittsburg, KS and wouldn't be home when Pete called so would I catch him up on the news. First, Pete wanted to know what Joe and David were going to Pittsburg, KS for. Pete said Pittsburg is in lapland, where Missoiri laps over into Kansas. I didn't know why they were going to Pittsburg. Maybe to add to their fleet of sailboats?

I have an update from Joe about Lydia and her future plans. William Jewell College is in Liberty, MO which is near Kansas City. In Joe's email, Lydia hasn't made her final decision yet. Scott is in Kansas City this weekend. He went through Friday night and didn't stop to see us but said he will stop for a little while this evening on his way home.

Some more BIG news. Rose bought an Ipad! (I'm not even sure if I spell it right.) Shirley went with her to the Apple store yesterday afternoon. Shirley did not want one and Rose was just going to look. Rose came home with one and Shirley came home wanting one but is going to wait. I might be able to operate one but, like Shirley, will wait. That's Brayden's advice about getting one! Wait! I'm not sure why.

Ding couldn't make Thursday night for dinner because he was on call. It was Passover week for Goldman but we went to dinner on Thursday evening. Suzanne had made him manicotti on Wednesday night and she sent some leftovers home to Groves. I don't know if that's a Passover meal or not but Goldman said it was delicious.

I hear Shirley up now. She's usually the last one to bed and the last one up. I'm first one up and first to bed. As Joe used to call me, Lazy Lizy Lizard. Rose and I have this continuing contest to see who weighs least. She keeps overfeeding me at supper which does not help my part of the contest. I have to keep reminding her that I am taller.

I'm not sure what the Abbotts are doing for Easter. They love sitting out in their back and the weather is supposed to cooperate. It's too early to call them because they may still sleeping. Will update more later.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I want to report some good news this morning. Margaret and Norman are back to their home! I talked to Margaret on line earlier this morning, and she reported that home had never felt so good. Of course Robbie and Catrina were exceptionaly good to them and helped them in any way they needed help, but home is still home. I believe they got there yesterday, and all of the kids lent a hand in some way to assist them. The physical therapist will come and do a session with her this morning. She can put 50% of her weight on her repaired ankle, and I'm eager to see her so she can show me how she measures that. I've tried it with the scales here at home but always get more than 50% to register.

I've got some more emails that I'll get Rose to post. She's up now but reading the New York Times on line. Brother Joe and I talk on line quite often, but I think he's gone out for coffee with the girls this morning. Beth got back from D.C. last night.

Thursday is usually the night Ding and I have dinner, but he can't make it this week because he's on call. Goldman may walk with me after school and then we may have dinner. It's Passover week. I think that's the right term. I've been riding the exercycle faithfully and working my arms. Therapy didn't have any openings this week, but I'll resume my twice a week schedule next week.