Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm going to make a short entry this evening to keep relaying some of the happenings when Maudie Ree and the girls were viviting. They're on their way home now and will probably get there before I can type a long update as slowly as I type but I keep at it

Maudie and the girls spent Monday night at the lake house. We had dinner at Ruthie D's. Brayden, it was very nice. We went on up to Margaret and Norm's Tuesday and they stayed with them that night. (I've been confused about what day of the week it's been all week. I said to Shirley today "It just doesn't feel like Thursday." She replied "Perhaps because it's Wednesday!" It seemed like Thursday to me. Maudie and the girls left today. I think their flight was around two this afternoon.

I had therapy this morning. Beth did a lot of grocery shopping in KC this weekend. Goldman and I are going down as soon as he gets out of school tomorrow. Beth will be there Friday afternoon. I'll just expect the rest when they arrive. Rose and Shirley got back from Arkansas Monday and have had to rest up for a couple days.
Again I'm behing on my updates and may forget to add some pf the happenings. The Washington relatives have been a pure delight They just aren't staying long enough.

When they went down to Conway on the 24th for their visit with their relatives, I rode along and stayed with Sam and Leslie on Latoka Street. The neighborhood had a potluck supper and a hoedown that evening. It was certainly enjoyable. That day Cyndi and Sandi and I had gone with Brother Joe and some of his on a Turnbo excursion. A lot of the places were no longer in existence. We met a waitress at the place we had lunch who knew of The Cotton Shoppee and Mother.

The Fellins spent the night with the Abbotts last night and are scheduled to leave this afternoon. I have therapy this morning but will try to update more this afternoom.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I "lifted" these photos from Lisa Lilly's (Brother Joe's daughter) Facebook Page. In the group photo are Lisa, Lydia, Joe, Sandi (seated); Cyndi, Sue, and David (standing). [Thank you for these photos, Lisa! I hope they are not copyrighted.]

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm behind on events so will try to catch up some. Last weekend at the lake we had a couple thunder storms that were loud and produced a lot of rain and lightning but didn't last long. I rode down Friday afternoon With Groves, and we had dinner at Ruthie D's. Mad Dog and his brother Mike played in a golf tournament which got rained out. Groves was with us but had to leave early Sunday morning. Brayden was in St. Louis, and Scott stopped by and got him and took him to a Cardinal game. They came on down to the lake after the game. Needless to say, Scott said Brayden slept most all the way to the lake. Beth got there Saturday and I think the guys put her in the kitchen. She sure did a good job. Scott and Brayden rode the waverunner.

Maudie Ree and Sandi arrived Saturday. They rented a car and found their way here. I came home from the lake on Sunday with Scott and Brayden, and they had to leave pretty soon. Long drive still ahead of them. We all went out for dinner Sunday evening. Chris and Shelly joined us. The Abbotts couldn't make it since it was Father's Day, so we went out there and saw them Tuesday and Wednesday.

More events to post later. Cyndi arrived yesterday. She and Sandi and Chris and Shelly went to see Sting Concert last night. Hot outside I'm sure.

Friday, June 18, 2010

We're all excited about Maudie and Sandi arriving tomorrow. We'll give them a chance to rest up from the trip and have the family dinner planned for Sunday. We'll just see how the week unfolds from then.

Pete called with his weekly call last Saturday. They may have the farm sold but are keeping it on the market just in case. They promise to email me other news but so far I haven't heard a word.

Brayden is going to update some Louisville news. i like baseball and my Dad is taking me to a st.louis Cardinal game. my favorite player is Pujols. Uncle Mark gave my dad the tickets. i think the cubs suck but aunt Shirley likes them.

Donald called me one day this week. He said the girls have opened another restaurant in the Kansas City area and are working day and night. Scott's friend, Beth, lives in Kansas City and knows where the first place is so I may go home with her and go see the girls. I'll see Beth tomorrow and see if she knows where the second place is.

Brother Joe and I have been missing each other for im's. He plays train and volunteers for the arthritis foundation often. The Abbotts looked really good last night. Margaret is getting around really good. Norm said it's been too wet to get in some parts of his garden.
I'll try to get caught up on local events though I know I'm way behind. The service for Mary Myers was last night and the burial will be this private this morning at Jefferson Barracks Cemetery. Rose sort of led the service last night and did a great job. Margaret and Norman and Sabrina and Ding were all there. The place was quite crowded. Ding also talked a bit about Mary. He's never 'not known Mary'. Very nicely put and true.

Now I'll go back to last weekend. It was me and 5 guys at the lake house. This would never have happened when I was young and better looking. It was Mad Dog, Groves, Goldman, Doug, and Ray. The boat had a bad starter and Doug took it to a place that rebuilds them because the boat is so old that they don't make new ones and, they would cost more than the rebuilt one. Doug left it at the place and I think Mad Dog is picking it up this weekend. Doug will reinstall it next time he's down.

Us lucky old ladies have Brayden since Wednesday. Goldman and I met Scott half way to Louisville to get him. Scott's coming over this evening and Aunt Rose is going to meet him somewhere near Busch Stadium with Brayden and tickets (compliments of Mark Lary). Brayden loves baseball and they're going to see the Cardinals play. After the game or in the morning the two of them are coming to the lake. I'll either go down with Groves or Mad Dog this afternoon.

More later. Maudie and Sandi will get here tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Myers, Mary E. (nee Peterman) 69 of St. Charles, MO. Dear wife of Lynn Myers; dear mother of Andre Myers, Timothy Myers; dear daughter of Mildred and Russell Peterman; dear sister of Sam Peterman, Martha Ogden, John Peterman, Emily Keene; dear grandma of Eric, Paul, Brian, Christopher Myers. The Stygar Family of Funeral Service is caring for Mary's family. Services: A visitation will be held at the STYGAR MID RIVERS Funeral Home, 5987 Mid Rivers Mall Dr., (St. Charles), on Thurs., June 17 from 5:00 until 7:00 p.m. concluding with a Funeral Service commencing at 7:00 p.m. Burial Private. Memorials to St. Louis Children's Hospital, P.O. Box 500522, St. Louis, MO 63150 preferred.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mary Myers died this morning at 2:30 am. She never regained consciousness after the cardiac arrest last Wednesday evening. We will post information about funeral services when they become available.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Many of you know our friend Mary Myers. Mary is in the intensive care unit at St. Luke's Hospital because she suffered cardiac arrest yesterday while in the E.R. there. Her husband, Linn, told me he took Mary to the E.R. yesterday afternoon because she "hurt all over." In the early evening she suffered the arrest. The E.R. staff used shock to restart her heart, and her pulse and blood pressure returned to normal quickly. However, Mary did not regain consciousness.

To maximize oxygen flow to Mary's brain, her physicians reduced her body temperature to 72 degrees F until 2:00 am this morning. Now there will be a 48 hour watch to see if she regains consciousness.

I went to the hospital last evening where Linn, their two sons, Mary's sister, and Vicki and Jack (good, good friends of Mary and Linn) were gathered in vigil. Vicki sent out this e-mail later:

"dear ones--- i don't usually do such things--- but i think every little bit dear friend mary myers is in a medically induced coma at st. lukes -where they are hoping to bring her back from a respiratory /cardiac arrest......she is an amazing and resilient woman who has been thru more than most of us could imagine--- this one is pretty scarry- i am hoping you could send your prayers and loving kindness in her direction--- they will begin to "thaw " her at 2 am and within 72 hours....we should know more- i thank you for your care and concern--- and hope you and yours are all wonderful.....namaste---- vicki"

I could not say it better and echo Vicki's message.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Janet sent Sue update news from Idaho Falls along with this photo of their grandson Eric:

"Hi Sue, I'm forwarding a picture of Nancy and Rick's Eric. It's one of his graduation pictures. He was a Magna cum laude graduate from good old Idaho Falls High on Wednesday night. Next week he leaves for a 3 week European tour with a group from his world history class. Then he's off to Montana State in Bozeman where he's planning a Wildlife Biology major, and I think, a minor in skiing and rock climbing which are 2 of his favorite activities. Let me know if the picture comes through.

Pete is having his prostate surgical procedure on Thursday so tomorrow he's on a clear liquid diet. We go to the hospital at 7 Thurs. a.m. and he's supposed to be in the o.r. at 9. They say he'll probably be ready to come home in the early afternoon if everything goes as planned.

Hope your wrist will heal in a hurry. Tell everyone hello for us. Love, Janet"

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Went to the orthopedic doctor this morning to have him go over X-rays and MRI with me. Rose took me and went in his office with me. The fractures are in my fingers and are very small. The bruising has mostly disappeared excepy in my thumb. The doctor suggested we try just letting it heal on its' own. I was so afraid I'd have to wear a cast. I'm not in a lot of pain and plan to go ahead with summer as planned. Rose and I are off to the hairdresser now.

Monday, June 07, 2010

It was an eventful weekend. Ding may be getting tired of his mother! We went out for lunch again on Saturday. Actually we were looking for a good place for the whole group of us to get together when Maudie and Sandi are here. Sabrina had suggested this place - Stephina's in either O'Fallon or Wentzville. Ding and I went there on Saturday and Margaret and Norman and I went there on Sunday. In O'Fallon both days. The menu varies from hamburgers to pizza to steaks so I think there would be something for everyone. We need to get a head count so we can make a reservation. Does the 20th work for everyone?

On Sunday Randy and Lynn had a graduation party for Amanda. There was probably at least 40 people there. They live way out in the country - and I mean WAY OUT - and seem to love their way of life. Catrina and family and Sabrina family were there but Stef and Dan couldn't make it. We had barbeque and lots of other delicious food. Then we had cake for the graduate. Rose took me as far as the Abbotts and picked me up out there but had preparation to do for a class she's teaching. She regretted missing seeing every one and missing the delightful occasion.

Margaret is really doing well. I was amazed to see her getting around so well. She has the lift that goes up the half flight of stairs in their foyer which is fun to ride. Same way with Randy's go cart. I think Norm did the cooking for a little while but she found she much prefers her own. Norm, whose do you prefer? I prefer hers to mine.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd fallen out of bed and hurt my hand. I had the MRI yesterday and they told me today it is broken. A nurse called and didn't know how they will treat it. I've never had a cast and neither has Rose nor Ding or Scott. I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor in the morning.

Chris and Shelly's gift to Sue

Saturday, June 05, 2010

I talked with Randy yesterday and learned some interesting things about his and Lynn's three children. Amanda has graduated from high school and will go to the St. Charles community college this fall. CONGRATULATIONS, Amanda! Connor, who will be a junior this fall, has been accepted into a program for excellent math and science students. He will be a resident student and will finish his high school years with an Associate's Degree. Erica will be a junior at Westminster where she maintains a 4.0 GPA. We think Joe's granddaughter Lydia is going to Westminster this fall. We are eager for these two cousins to meet!

Friday, June 04, 2010

I'll finish updating about Memorial Day Weekend. The meals were great. It was nice to have women though the guys were quite helpful in the house too. The kids would hardly let the grownups rest. They had a new 'something' for the bunch constantly. It was really disappointing that the old Bayliner boat didn't start up right away. It is old and has run a lot of years. It won't pull Scott out of the water on skis, and Ding told me last night it won't pull him out either. Maybe they're just too heavy!!

Groves had to leave on Sunday morning. Doug and Suzanne and the kids left Sunday evening. Doug had apent most of the day trying to get the Bayliner to run.

Pete called with his weekly call Saturday morning. He and Janet were going to cemeteries. Joe went to a ballgame, cemeteries, and Turnbo. Margaret and Norm's grandson got married. I wish one of the Abbotts would update us on that. Rose and Shirley flew to Chicago and drove the old Acura back to sell to Ding.

Sandi and Maudie are coming to Missouri on June 19 through the 30th. They plan on spending some time here in the St. Louis area, some in Conway, and some at the lake. We're really looking forward to their visit.

Ding and I went out to eat last night. Even though he now has the Acura, we took the 'community car' (Aunt Rose's). It was bad timing on his part. It needed gas and we had to pick up prescriptions at two different places.

I fell out of bed last Tuesday night and thought I just had an abrasion on my forehead. My right hand didn't hurt. I went to therapy on Wednesday as usual. On Thursday the hand began bruising and hurting. If I held it in certain position, it sorta flopped. Still does. Went to the doctor on Tuesday of this week. She called at 9:30 last night. No fracture but it may be a tendon injury. Going to have to have an MRI today or Monday.

Looking back over the years in this blog is like keeping a journal. The pictures bring back lots of memories too. The lake and home and other times and places and people are wonderful memories.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm behind on posting but will try to catch up on Missouri happenings over Memorial Day weekend. Ding and Drew and I had dinner on last Wednesday evening but neither could make it to the lake for the great weekend. I had occupational and physical therapy on Wednesday and then, on Friday, when Mad Dog was ready to leave for the lake, so was I!

Goldman and Groves were next to arrive. We had a bit of cleaning to do and Mad Dog went off to see his buddy and his Dad. Groves and Goldman and I went to Ruthie D's for dinner and then went back to the house to wait for everyone to start arriving. Scott didn't tell Brayden and Jalen until they were on the way that the Hollensbe kids were coming for sure. Needless to say, they were overjoyed. They all arrived about the same time except Beth arrived later. She said she got a late start than she meant to. Goldman's Suzanne had to work Saturday and didn't get there until Saturday afternoom late. She didn't get to bring her kids because they were on a trip with their dad.

I'm not sure where everyone slept or how they decided because I just went to bed. I woke up with Brayden in my bed but he said he hadn't been there all night. I went to bed first Saturday and Sunday besides on Friday and it seems everyone rested. The new bunkbeds help. Also the kids playing so hard helps. Brayden fell asleep at the dinner table one night.

I may have to replace the old Bayliner boat this year. I hope I can find a used one that's been as good as the Bayliner. Doug and I both agree it would be better probably to buy it down there since I don't have a trailer and don't want or need one. Every year I have to do something to the Bayliner and it's just no longer smart to keep pitting more money in it.

The Seadoo was great. The kids rode the round thing behind it as long as anyone would pull them. Before the Hollensbes left it was three kids riding the red thing and Doug driving and the other kid flag watching. Then Scott drove and Beth flagwatched and all four kids rode.

I'll update more later.