Monday, August 30, 2010

Again I've gotten behind on my postings. This weekend I've been here at the lake with Groves and Mad Dog. It's Monday and we're here an extra day. Jana had said she would send more pictures to post. Those two little girls were certainly a hit. Again, Ellie requested Mad Dog's potatoes and she missed Goldman's being here. Caitlin, who is the little one, would fall down when she had her life jacket on and it made her so top heavy that she couldn't get back on her feet.

I have the Bayliner listed on Craigslist. It's a 1986 and I bought it in 1990. I never had a trailer for it. I'm selling it with the trailer that came with the new boat. I bought the new one through Craigslist with Doug's help so I'm hoping someone buys it soon. It has served well for us. Right now the waverunner is in the shop - again with Doug's help. It will be ready by the upcoming holiday when I expect lots of company. Without the help of all these young men (heading toward middle age) I don't know what I'd do.

Rose and Shirley are going to drive up to Chicago this coming weekend. I'll probably ride home from here with Scott and fly back from Louisville. I talked to him last night. I had got him copies of some famous pictures that are at Kentucky Downs. I asked if he had hung them. He said yes he had. TODAY! Brayden asked if they were hanging them because Granny was comming. Scott's reply "What do you think?"

Chris had to make a delivery in South Carolina last week so Shelly went with him and they took a day at the beach. They went through Birmingham on their way home and were within 12 miles of Royal Switchgear. They were running late and didn't have time to stop. I had just heard this when Donald called. He's going to be in Missouri toward the end of September and would like to have us get together. I surely would like that.

When Groves and I got here Friday Mad Dog had stained the front porch and most of the back deck. I had no idea that he was going to do that. The two guys did a lot of general cleanup around the outside. For a while it seemed the ants had left and gnats had taken over but they conquered them.

Friday, August 27, 2010

We had a delightful evening with Margaret and Norman's son Randy, his wife Lynn, and Randy and Lynn's daughter Amanda. Here are some photos.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Readers,

Our brother Joe worked in the railroad industry for his entire career and in retirement is involved in the railway museum. Here is a notice and some photos he sent about a tour around the state:

"Columbia, Missouri Come join us on this First Iowa Division ride which runs northeast from Columbia to Centralia on an ex-Wabash track. We will set on beginning at 6:30am and have a scheduled 8:00am departure for the first run. Our set on location is at Boone County Mill Works which is located in downtown Columbia. Take the Rangeline Rd. exit from I-70 and drive south until the T intersection with Rogers St. Turn left and the set on is about a half block in the Boone Co. Millworks facility. We will run this line two times during the day. Each run is approximately 44 miles round trip so we will have a total for the day of about 88 miles. There is a Lee's Chicken across the street from the tracks for our lunch break. Cost of this ride is $45 per car. There are several motels in Columbia with many at the junction of I-70 and Hwy 63. There is a Super 8 (800-800-8000 or 573-474-8488), Ramada Inn (537-449-0051), and Econo Lodge (573-442-1191) just to name a few. Dave Pratt (515-674-3803) is the Excursion Coordinator for this ride. Contact Carl Schneider at 515-967-5181 or e-mail for more information. This is a Narcoa-insured ride and all Narcoa rules apply."

For those nostalgic about riding a train, here is your opportunity.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have some catching up to do since I haven't posted for a while. Brother Joe told me Mike Madden's vineyard is in Humansville, MO though Mike lives in Overland Park (KCKC) which is near where Jana and John live.
It was a wonderful visit with John and Jana. She and I went on down to the lake last week Wednesday and Mad Dog was already there. The rest of them joined us on Friday. Ellie and Caitlin swam in the lake and didn't evenn bother to go to the pool. They also loved riding in the boat and Ellie told John and Jana on the way home that was her favorite part of the weekend - the boatriding! Jana and I ate at Ruthie D's on Thursday evening. Brayden, Mad Dog refused to go there. He said he would not be well afterward. I thought he should have gone with us.
Labor Day is a holiday we're really looking forward to. A big bunch at the lake and the new boat. I'll try to get someone to add the pictures Joe sent of the track motor car. I don't know how to send them or attach them.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's early morning and the paper just came so, though I had planned to make a long and newsy entry, the morning paper just came. I will catch up on all the latest happenings later. Sabrina and her boys went to Chicago last weekend. Dave didn't feel well so stayed home. When Sabrina and the boys got to Chicago and found a place to park the car, from there on they rode public transportation. I guess that was quite an experience. If they got on the wrong bus they simply got off it and got on another.
Jana is in town and will pick me up this afternoon. We will head for the lake. John and the girls will join us on Friday afternoon. Goldman can't come but Ellie thinks he and Mad Dog are my brothers! Doug and Groves will be there Friday evening. I'm sure we'll all ride in the new boat!! It was fairly easy for me to get in.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sue and I had lunch this week at Cafe Manhattan, a place with a 1950's theme, much like the Sweet Shop on the Marshfield Square was in the 1950's. She noticed the car hanging from the ceiling (see photo) and remembered that Mark had one just like it when he was a child. Clearly, the prototype for his little yellow car of today.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm packing for another weekend at the lake. Groves and I are leaving at around 3 - as soon as he gets off work. As far as I know it may be just the two of us but I hope more show up. The house is going to be hot when we get there so we may have to go out for supper while it cools. The heat index this afternoon is going to be over 100 degrees. Brayden, would you chose McDonald's or Ruthie D's if you were here to eat supper?
After having been there a full week, I hated coming home but had a nice week. Ding and Shelly took me to Olive Garden one evening and then last night Rose and Ding and I went to a fish place in West County Mall. I had therapy on Wednesday. Today Brother Joe took the Berns girls to Panera Bread Company for last time for a while. Lydia leaves next Thursday for William Jewell at Liberty, MO. Lisa had been in Spain but I don't know if she's back yet.
Shirley will get back from Louisiana tonight around seven. I'm sure it's been a really difficult week for her and for the rest of her family.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I tried to delete the blank picture but don't think I did so I'll just get Rose to do it later. She's always helping me out in lots of ways. I may quit in the middle of this posting because I'm have to get a haircut. Rose and I usually go and get them cut together but she couldn't wait and went last week while I was at the lake.
The week at the lake was just too short. We picked the boat up Saturday morning. Doug and Groves and I went to pick it up. We were to be there at 8 A.M. Doug told me to get ready at about 6:35. We were there by 7:30. They took me for a long ride. We even went out on the main lake and it rode pretty smoothly. I had no trouble getting in and out with some assistance. I got on it from the swim dock which has handrails most of the way.
Scott had told me he would ski if we had a better boat. HE GOT RIGHT UP behind this one. He probably could have gotten right up behind the Bayliner but just wanted me to get a different boat. Some of them rode the Orbit behind the new boat and also rode the Seadoo.
Doug loves to fish but it seems I always have chores for him so he doesn't fish. I think the minnows that he buys on the way there usually die. He's just going to have to go there alone to get his fishing time in. He did clean some yesterday.
It's Tuesday morning after a wonderful stay at the lake. I want to report that it was one week ago today that Kim gave Aaron her kidney and they are both already home. Kim went home on Thursday and Aaron went home Saturday. I thought they would both have to stay in the hospital longer. I had no idea they would get out so quickly. It's been a very painful procedure for both of them so they've taken a lot of pain medication.

Shirley had some sad news from Louisiana. Her sister Ann passed away yesterday. Rose is on her way right now dropping Shirley at the airport to go down there. Ann had not been well but it is still very hard on Shirley.

I'll update more later today. I believe we have some pictures to post, too.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Today's the day Aaron has the kidney transplant from Kim. We're here at the lake and thinking and praying for them. I hope it goes successfully and quickly and without a lot of pain. I don't know how long a procedure it is. They're at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis.

Now to other news. I had lots of company over the weekend. Doug found a boat that seems like the perfect one for us. He and Groves and I went and looked at it and test drove it Saturday morning. We can't pick it up until this coming Saturday morning. It's a 23 ft. Four Winns and they even had the owners' manuals. Pete, for a while the old 18 ft. Bayliner looked good. Could you send me a postdated check?

We had some people over for dinner last night. Eric had been here years ago and later had tried to buy the house next door. They did buy one in the same cove. He and Julie had relatives from Denver visiting and the little ones (some who had been here before)asked right away if they could go to the pool. Shelly made enchiladas for dinner which were delicious. They came by boat.

My boys have said they'll ski when I get a different boat. Eric picked Ding up in his boat and DING GOT UP! Once he took a head over heels spill but that may have been when he was trying to drop one. We saw the spill. He did finally drop one, too.

Goldman didn't get here until yesterday because Saturday night was his 25th class reunion. Scott was in that class too but chose to come down here. Brayden and I rode down with Dave Smith on Friday. Brayden had to ride sideways in Dave's truck and textmessaged Scott complaining about his sideways ride. We saw little of him after Josie, Lucas and Will (a friend of Lucas) got here. They were all very well behaved. Scott and Brayden had to leave Sunday. Doug and Suzanne had to leave Sunday, too. Groves was supposed to work Sunday. After staying up most of the night Saturday night, he went home AND DIDN'T go to work. It was his birthday.

Mad Dog had the air conditioner on when we got here Friday. We're going to really need it today. Ding and Shelly have to leave today.

Joe sais they moved Aunt Virgina to Marantha Nursing Home. I'm not sure I have the name right or where it is. I hope someone sets me straight. I'm thinking of her.

Monday, August 02, 2010

We are always talking about Mark Goldman, a very long-time friend of Scott and Chris and a great help for three old ladies. Mark lives nearby and is here in an instant if we need him. A great assurance for us. Here is is with his lovely girlfriend Suzanne.