Sunday, September 26, 2010

The previous picture of Ding and Mark Lary at the Continental Divide was taken while they're in Colorado on a Bemes trip. They left last Thursday and will be back tomorrow. Needless to say, Ding and I didn't have our Thursday night dinner out. I'm hoping we will this week.

Thank you, Mike Madden, for the update on Aunt Virginia. It sounds like she's suffering a lot of pain. Our thoughts and prayers are with her. As Rose said, she was so good to us as kids and always.

Pete called yesterday with his weekly call. It sounds like that place they moved to in town is definitely 'fur-lined'. They have five bedrooms and three bathrooms. He's come a long way from turnbo (or is it turnbeau now).

Joe had lunch with Donald and Vita one day this week. They were on their way to Table Rock and then to visit the girls and their families. I assume they were driving so hope they stop in St. Louis on their way home.

I'm at the lake again this weekend. It's cold and dreary out this morning. It rained last night, rain and leaves. Groves is still sleeping. Mad Dog spent the day and night with his dad, celebrating his dad's 72nd birthday. Groves and I tried a new place for dinner last night. Brayden wouldn't like it either. Their crabcakes were the best I've ever had. I'm sure Brayden still prefers McDonald's over Ruthie D's or the new place.

I talked to Margaret this morning. They were home this weekend but thought they might go to thee Valley next weekend. Sabrina and family were going to the Rams game.

I've been doing the treadmill and riding the exercycle faithfully. I have my regular IVIG this week. I have to stay in the hospital overnight just because the neurologist thinks it's necessary. Shirley's sister has them and she has them at home.

Brayden has his weekly game (or games, sometimes he has double headers). They work those kids hard. Olivia isn't sitting by him on the bus last I heard. He doesn't like to talk about her, especially to me.

This coming weekend is Guy's weekend. I don't know who all will be coming but Scott is coming over from Louisville. We're hoping he drops Brayden off with us. I hope Doug gets some fishing in.

This is Family Gazette. Let's have more updates from all the family.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chris sent this photo today. Thanks, Chris!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sue had this e-mail news from our cousin, Mike Madden:

"Hey, I need to catch you up on a few things. It's been a really hectic summer, unfortunately.

Mom has gone from an assisted living facility to a nursing home to an Alzheimer's unit in a month. As if that weren't bad enough, she broke her hip then broke her shoulder in the same week. Right now she is on heavy pain medication at Maranatha Village in Springfield.

I'll try to get more info to you soon. I'm overdue at a meeting."

For those of you who don't know our family, "Mom" here is Virginia Madden, widow of Curtis Madden, mother of Mike (who sent the e-mail), Brian, and Sean. Curtis was our mother's brother, so Virginia is our Aunt Virginia, someone who was so good to us when we were growing up that we all have wonderfully fond memories of her and Uncle Curt. One memory in particular stands out right now. When we were young town kids, Aunt Virginia and Uncle Curt would have us stay with them on their farm for a few days occasionally. Aunt Virginia's brother, Hunter, sometimes took us fishing in a farm pond where we always caught blue gill. Hunter was very handsome and awfully patient with Sue, Donald and me, teaching us how to use grasshoppers for bait and how to clean the fish. Once, Hunter took us frog gigging (I think it was called gigging). We caught lots of frogs. Aunt Virginia fried the frog legs for supper. The frog legs jumped around so much in the frying pan that none of us would eat them.

More context: Mother's siblings were Mildred, Curtis, and Kenneth--all now deceased. Aunt Virginia is the last one living of that group. Mildred had one daughter, Wanda Jean. Curtis had Mike, Brian, and Sean. Kenneth was father to Elaine, Kenneth Watt, and ? (the names escapes me at the moment. Help!) Brother Joe no doubt has all the history of this side of our family, and I know some of our generation are readers of this blog. Please weigh in to help capture this family genealogy and history.
After the exciting news from Kate and Austin, this may be a rather dull update. I rather hope it's going to be a girl but I really don't care. March 3 seems a long time away.
I'm so glad we (actually Doug) got the old Bayliner sold. Groves and I went down to the lake last Friday. Mad Dog was there and had spent most of the week with his dad. Doug arrived Saturday morning and he and Mad Dog polished the Bayliner and the guy bought it and the trailer on Sunday. The guy actually was more interested in the trailer than the boat but Doug told him it was a package deal.
I talked to Joe IM for a short while this morning. He had lunch with Donald and Vita yesterday (I think). They were on their way to Table Rock. I'm not sure who was with them or which way they were going.
Groves and I are headed for the lake as soon as he gets off work this afternoon. I think Mad Dog will already be there and have supper almost ready. Next weekend is guys' weekend and Doug is supposed to fish. He bought minnows last weekend but didn't have time to fish.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have more happenings to post later but one very exciting one that I couldn't wait to tell about. Katie and Austin are going to have a baby which will make me a great grandparent! Katie is due on March 3 and they don't know yet if it's a boy or girl and she said they won't know for about a month. She didn't say which they preferred but I'm fairly certain they don't care. Neither do I. March 3 seems a long time away.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Our guy played a double-header today.  Went 6 for 7 at bat!!!  Nice work, Brayden

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

This may be a short post since Ding and Goldman and I are going out to dinner in a very short while. I came home from Louisville Monday evening after staying an extra few days to see Brayden play one of his ballgames. His team lost but, in my opinion, he was star of the game. He can throw exceptionally well for a seven year old and bats well too. He keeps his eye on the ball. He's still in machine pitch and I'm not sure when they do away with the machine pitch. I hope I didn't embarass him with my cheering.

Rose will be teaching her first class of this session and Shirley has a client so Ding and Goldman and I are going to a place called Frank and Helen's for dinner tonight. The name of the place sounds like a gangster place, doesn't it? Rose and I had lunch with Catrina yesterday and she caught us up on the Abbotts. I was wrong about Margaret's cataract surgery. She had a preliminary on Tuesday and the surgery hasn't been scheduled yet.

Doug may have found us a buyer for the Bayliner and trailer. He had another call from our listing on Craigslist and the guy will come look at it this weekend. Groves and I will probably go down tomorrow and, if Doug comes, I hope he gets time to do some fishing. The man works all the time. I think they're going down the following weekend and I hope he has an easy weekend.

Friday, September 10, 2010

My previous post will be posted next. I don't know where I messed up and when Scott breezed through a few minutes ago and I asked him, he just said "You're asking the wrong person". He pops in every day to be sure I have lunch. We'll get Brayden back early tomorrow afternoon. Yesterday was 9's Day in 2nd Grade. He showed different combinations of pluses and minuses that equal nine for his homework. I did get to see Jalen for a few minutes twice. I hope he comes to Brayden's game Sunday.

Margaret is going to have cataract surgery on the 14th. The eye doctor told her she probably never have to wear glasses again. I think she's liking that part of it.

It's drizzling rain here today but forecast says it will clear up. I think it's about the same in Missouri. Rose has clients and then she and Shirley are going to a Jungian presentation this evening and Rose will introduce the speaker. I'd be very nervous if I were her but Rose is very good at things like that.
I wanted to try to catch up today. I'm still in Louisville and decided to stay until Monday. Brayden has a baseball game on Sunday and though I've seen two practices, I want to see a real game. The coaches are hard on the kids at practice sometimes I think, but maybe that's just the Grandmother in me talking. It's machine pitch. He's not old enough for people pitch. He plays shortstop at practice and I guess he will at the game. He's good at it.

I want to add all the company I had at the lake for the holiday. Doug and Suzanne with Josie and Luke. Two of Luke's buddies, Will and Nick. Goldman and his Suzanne and her three, Maddie, Tim and Ethan. Scott and Brayden. Beth and a friend, Melissa. Groves and Mad Dog. If I forgot anyone, email and remind me. We at extremely well, as usual. With all those kids, there was no squabbling and fighting. Doug drove us in the boat a lot.

There was a meeting Sunday morning of the property owners' association. Doug went with me. It was poolside. The big boat dock is nearly 30 years old and sadly in need of replacement or major fixing up. The meeting was mainly squabbling. I would whisper to Doug some suggestion I was going to make or idea and he would whisper back "Keep your mouth shut". He just didn't want them arguing with me".

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

We are behind on our posts as well. It's been one busy summer for us - we are so thankful we were able to spend a weekend at the Lake. I happened to be in STL for work so was able to see Aunt Rose and Shirley on Wednesday night for dinner before going down with Aunt Sue. I must say I was pretty nervous driving her car but we made it without any scratches - just a windshield full of bugs as we thought it was raining!!!

Ellie had a great time and hasn't stopped talking about the lake. Since this last Spring, she would ask me weekly when we were going to see Aunt Sue. Now she is asking when we are going back! Her favorite part was the boat and Kaitlyn was just happy to be playing in a baby pool of fun toys. She did not like the water but did enjoy the boat and watching all the scenery. Ellie said she was going to sleep in the bunk bed with the boys but quickly backed-out when it was time for bed! I think she may have talked Aunt Sue's ear off that weekend. She loves to talk! Kaitlyn babbles too and like to say "What's That?" all the time. She is very inquisitive!  We went to Jolly Rogers for a drink while on the water and Ellie had fun dancing on stage and seeing the Pirate.

Here are a few pictures from the trip - it's time to go - Ellie is ready for me to read her favorite book "Love You Forever" - Aunt Sue gave her that book when she was a baby.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Brother Donald. I won't post your age but only say you're the baby of the family. I'm in Louisville right now having ridden back from the lake yesterday with Scott and Brayden. Rose and Shirley are in Chicago and will return to St. Louis Thursday. I'll fly back on Friday. Scott's working today but he and I will go to baseball practice with Brayden this evening.
It was a wonderful holiday weekend at the lake. Weather was perfect. Lots of company and everyone loved the new boat. Lots of food too. The only bad news was the waverunner wasn't fixed and Doug is going to take it to St. Louis and fix it himself. He thought their hourly rate was robbery.
We've got some pictures that Beth and Melissa and Suzanne took but they haven't sent them to me yet. I'll have Rose post them when I get them.
On the way home Goldman rode with us as far as St. Louis so Brayden and I rode in the back seat. I was quizzing him about old cartoon characters. I asked "Who likes spinach?" He looked at me dumbfounded and replied "Nobody". I guess Popeye is no longer around.
I'll update more about the weekend later.