Monday, March 28, 2011

Amanda, granddaughter of Margaret and Norman, daughter of their son Randy and wife Lynn, is going on mission trip with Messiah Lutheran Church to Uganda this summer. She will be working in a small village with widows and children It is an expensive venture ($3,500), and Amanda is working to raise the money. She is a student at St. Charles Community College and works part time at Kohl's. She is a most sincere, dedicated young woman who already supports a little girl through World Vision.

If we have an readers interested in supporting this very worthy venture, please consider sending a tax-deductible donation (checks made out to Messiah Lutheran Church) to Amanda Abbott, 30 Randle Ridge Drive, Wright City, MO 63390.

We are, of course, delighted to learn of Amanda's project and want to help her with this worthy cause. Some of you helped her cousin, Sam (daughter of Catrina and Robby) go on his big trip to Australia. That, too, was a worth cause, and Sam really benefitted from it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

I flew back from Louisville Tuesday evening with no trouble. Rose was of course waiting for me at the airport. I hated leaving my little boys, big boy, too. Goldman and I came down here to the lake yesterday and Mad Dog was already here and had preparations for dinner. When I got up this morning the kitchen was cleaned up and coffee ready for me to just push a button. I couldn't have done a better job myself.

It's raining and chilly this morning after being nice all week. I have seen one fisherman out but didn't see him catch anything..There's a fishing tournament this weekend. I invited Joe to come up but he has a busy weekend ahead of him. Sabrina and Dave came by Thursday morning on their way to Chicago. I didn't get to see the boys. They were already sound asleep in the back seat.

Beth, who lives in Kansas City, says 'pop' instead of soda. As kids we always got pop at Miss Muzzy's. I guess we switched to 'soda' after we moved to St. Charles. She is a very good cook but Brayden is careful not to hurt his Dad's feelings when he says so.

I've got more news about Leslie and Sam and about Liz and Dave but will have to wait until I get home to post it. Liz and Dave didn't get to go to Hawaii yet. She had a kidney stone episode. Sam and Leslie took his mother, Judy, on a 2 1/2 day over the mountains, stayed 2 days, and then 2 1/2 days back. More about both later.

Rose is really happy that she finally got her iPod2. She stood in line several times and made numerous phone calls so Apple has lots of loyal users. I used Brayden's laptop while I was there. He was good about sharing.

They're up now and breakfast is almost ready so I'm signing off.

We have a loyal reader in Pascagoula, Ms. Just curious to know who it is. My email address is

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm up early though I didn't hear Scott leave for work. We didn't have the kids last night so both of us retired early. I talked to Rose, Margaret and Donald yesterday. Phone calls have become almost obsolete with computers. Donald and Vita were headed to Florida today. He had talked to Cuz recently and said things were going well with her. Margaret didn't know I was still in Louisville and called to see if I wanted to ride over to Scott AFB. They get their prescriptions filled there much cheaper. Rose and Shirley drove back from Chicago and still no iPad 2. Pete called Saturday with his weekly call. Kelly and the boys and Merri were there and, of course, Nancy.

Pete always asks me have I been to the Casino. Beth and I had a little time Friday afternoon. Scott was at work and the boys were at school. Her GPS said it was 5 miles. The Casino would have been 5 miles if we'd swum the river. We finally got there and parked in valet parking. We didn't stay very long - or it didn't seem like very long - and when we went to call for Beth's car, they couldn't find it. I had 3 missed calls on my cell phone and Beth had forgotten hers. We still hadn't grocery shopped. Scott was upset but just didn't let the two of us go any where by ourselves after that incident.

Brayden had baseball practice on Sunday. They practice 3 times a week. He was pitcher and second base. It's not prejudice on my part, he really is the best player on the team. Sometimes he's afraid he'll hurt the kid he's throwing to if he throws really hard. He and Scott play catch a lot.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hi this is Brayden writing. We are home with me and Jalen and Granny because Dad and Beth went to a movie. Today we went to a place called Laser Blaze it was FUN! Granny stayed home and took a nap. We had a nice dinner and prayed before we ate. We had hamburgers that Beth made with cut up potatoes with tater tots and macaroni and cheese. The potatoes were Idaho potatoes.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!! I'm in Louisville and was greeted by Scott and Brayden at the airport. The flight wasn't very long but it seemed to take a long time to get here. Scott went to work early this morning so Brayden made our breakfast of frozen waffles and then I took him to school in a cab. He was too shy to give the cabdriver his tip but talked to him about how good Grannies are. Scott calls me about every half hour to make sure I'm okay. Jalen has a concert tonight at 7 and Brayden's baseball practice is at 6:30. Scott let Brayden decide which we go to and we're going to the concert. I hope Jalen comes for the weekend too. Brayden has another practice on Sunday that I'll get to see. Beth will be here today or tomorrow. Scott thinks it will probably be tomorrow. She's on spring break and drove to Washington D.C. to see her mother and brother. Brayden is worrying who will ride in the front seat if all four of us go somewhere together. I suggested Beth could drive and the women could be in front and the guys in back. Brayden didn't like that idea.

I just talked to Rose and she had been to the Apple store again to see if they had any IPad 2s. I don't even know if I'm spelling it right. The store was supposed to get a new shipment available for sale when they opened. I assume they were lined up to get them. She's very eager to get hers. I'm using Brayden's computer right now and he had to give me lessons before he went to school. As Brother Joe says, Rosey Posey is the smart one.

Goldman is on spring break next week and he and I plan on spending the latter part of the week at the lake. If any one wants to join us, you know you're welcome, for weekdays or the weekend. I hope the weather is good. It's a beautiful day here. Robins are flying and trees are budding out.

I was getting ready to sign off and Margaret called. She had her other cataract removed on Tuesday. She says she can't believe how much better she can see. She still needs readers and will have to put drops in it (or both of them, I'm not sure) for how long.

Scott's here with lunch.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm behind on my postings so this may be longer than usual. I've been diligent about my exercise and although the therapists who come here to the house are helping me regain strength and go over the exercises with me, I have also been trying hard to regain more use of my hands. When Pete called this morning with his weekly Saturday call I asked him why he never Emails. He said he types too slowly. He and I could have a SLOW race. The nurse who comes here told me I was what they deem homebound and that's why the therapists come to the house. We didn't tell her I had gone to the lake last weekend. We did confess that I'm going to Louisville next week but not that I'm flying. Rose is giving a presentation in Chicago. She and Shirley are going up there and they don't want me to stay alone.

Margaret had one cataract removed and will have the other one done this Thursday. Rose has already had them removed and recently Ding (aka Chris) had cataract surgery in one eye, unusual for a person so young.. He says he has the eyes of a 75 year old man. Ding, will you update here? He's been exercising a lot, so needs to get those eyes caught up with the rest of him.

I just got back from going to see Fat Jack. Goldman took me, and he and I decided we will go more often. Jack is in an extended care facility in Belleville. His spirits were sorta low today which is unlike him. He said tell everyone hello. Lots of you may remember him from his singing 'Amazing Grace' at Denny's funeral. He also sang "Through the Years" at our wedding.

Thursday is Pet Therapy Day at the extended care facility I was in. Ding, Shelly, and Eli (the dog they found in Washington State Park) brought hamburgers, onion rings and French fries. My buddies, Jack and Nels, had reserved the library for our dinner. Jack knew about horses, and he and Shelly discussed horses. When Jack learned Shelly's horse was 30 years old, he told me confidentially that that's near their life span. He wanted to know if Shelly knew it. They all knew about dogs. At one point Eli jumped up and grabbed an onion ring out of my hand. I exclaimed "Damn dog!" Everyone in the library chastised me for cussing the dog. I decided next time we just won't have onion rings. After dinner Chris and Shelly and Eli had to leave but I stayed to play Bingo. Nels walked me to the door. Shirley came to get me. I was afraid the front door would be locked and I wasn't sure where the back door was. Shirley knew both front and back. One of the employees waited a few minutes to let me out the front. We're going to do this again Tuesday and hope Sabrina joins us.

It's been a while since I wrote the first part of this update. I had to stop and take my afternoon rest. Rose and Shirley are over at the Apple computer store for the second time in two days. Rose is really wanting the updated IPad. She's been just waiting for it to be on the market. Then, last night, by the time she got someone to help her, they were sold out. She and Shirley have been gone for quite a while so maybe the store got more of them in. I got my MacBookAir a few weeks before I broke my ankle so have had only a few lessons so far. Rose and I usually go at the same time for our private computer tutoring. Rose and Shirley just got home. No IPad. Just disappointment.

Norm and Margaret's granddaughter, Erica (Randy and Lynn's daughter), has earned a full scholarship to complete a semester of her senior college year in Spain. Quite an accomplishment!! Her first three years have been spent at Westminster in Fulton. I'll add more about this special happening as she learns more. YOU GO, ERICA!!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Waiting while the guys cook dinner. We're having steak, salad and fried potatoes. Beth and I are just waiting for the food to be on the table. I had a wonderful surprise today. Brother Joe came up and he and I went out for lunch. Potato soup was on the menu but though it wasn't like mom used to make, we liked it. We had a nice visit but I had to be back for the Homeowner's Meeting.

At the meeting the motion to replace the old dock passed. There had been a lot of damage to it after a snowstorm for which we got insurance money and it was an old dock so we all figured it would be worth the extra cost to install a new one.

This is my second update today and supper is just about ready so I'm signing off.
I'm up early but went to bed early. I rode down here to the lake with Scott bas he passed through St. Louis yesterday afternoon . Beth had dinner almost ready when we got here and the other guys were already here but only a short while ahead of us. I wear this wide belt that someone holds on for stability and Doug said it's like holding a dog on a leash. He nor Groves nor Mad Dog had seen me without the cast. Groves is sleeping on the sofa in case I need anything. Mad Dog had the coffee ready so we just had to push a button.

Doug is going to the subdivision meeting about the big dock with me. He knows more about this sort of thing than me or my other boys. Remember, someone wondered how many kids does that old lady has. He's one of them. He also wants to get some fishing in though it turned cold overnight. They're all still sleeping.

The extended care facility wasn't so bad - now that I'm out. I made lots of friends and the therapy was really helpful. I will start home therapy on Monday - occupational and physical. I had been doing a lot of walking before I broke my ankle so the break happened at an opportune time - if there was such a thing. I rode the exercycle both days I was home and have one here at the lake house and will ride it today and tomorrow.

Rose and Shirley were faithful in their visits, kept my laundry done, brought me goodies, and kept my spirits up. They are such good companions. I think Rose deletes any posts that compliments them so now I can post this myself.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm home finally. The party was really great. Everyone at BJEC heard about it and wanted to know how it went. After the party was over, Sabrina and Nels and I played Bingo but, needless to say, we didn't win. Nels wins more often than I do but this wasn't his lucky evening either. I plan on going back - just for Bingo games - but not for such a long stay.

I'm going to the surgeon this afternoon and hope to get the cast off. I think it's been on for TEN weeks. The weather is supposed to be nice and then be cooler for the weekend at the lake. After I get the cast off I'd like to go to a shoe store and get two matching shoes.

I was off the computer all day. Rose took me to the surgeon and he removed the cast! There was a lot of yucky stuff under it when he sawed it off - Rose called him Sawbones. She said she had heard that term all her life and now knows why they're called that. Sawbones was appropriate for him. Two of my toes were covered by the cast and I was worried the nails were ingrown. He said not to worry. He cut those two off so I wouldn't have to worry. I liked his sense of humor. I got in the bathtub when we got home and soaked. I still have some soaking to do.

I am now a great grandmother. Katie (Mark's daughter) and her husband Austin have a new baby girl. She weighed 6 lbs. 15oz. and her name is Attia Anne Elser. They live in Kansas City, and I think Mark and Karen went over for the event. Since she was born on March 1, she is already a lucky child. If February 2011 had 29 days, she would have a lot fewer birthdays. It's Mark's first grandchild. Congratulations!!

I talked to Brother Joe on line this morning. He had gotten up about 3:30 A.M. to take Lisa to the airport. She had to go to Indianapolis. Joe knows I'm going to be at the lake this weekend and I'm trying to get him to come see me and bring any or all his family. We haven't had a visit in a long time.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I’m writing this update to post really good news – I’m finally going home tomorrow! Rose is going to pick me up at 12:15 and I will be waiting out front. I’ve hardly seen the outdoors since December 17 except for a trip to the doctor. I had X-rays yesterday. The surgeon hasn’t called yet, but my therapist says that’s the plan. He believes enough time has passed for my ankle to have healed and that I can use it sufficiently to walk. I’m not sure when I will get this cast off, but I’ll be glad to wear my jeans again. My jeans won’t slide over my cast.

I’ve having a ‘going away’ party tonight. Ding is bringing ribs, potato salad (made with Idaho Russets), cole slaw and dinner rolls for supper. We’re having it in the room where we had Brayden’s birthday party. Goldman, Mad Dog, Groves, Sabrina, Rose, Shelly, Chris, myself, and three men I’ve met here, got acquainted with, and eat lunch and dinner with. We also play Bingo – but not for money. They have the nickname of ‘Bad Boys’. They have wonderful senses of humor and tease each other AND ME all the time. They’re really looking forward to the party. They have also asked me to come back and visit and eat with them after I get out of here. I’ll ask what’s on the menu before I come back to have dinners with them. The prime rib here was not named properly. It’s not PRIME! I won’t come back on that night.

We had a storm night before last and tornado warnings. Margaret called me to let me know they had survived the storm and to make sure we had also done so. She said Norm even wanted to go downstairs which is unlike Norm. It’s sunny today but chilly.

I talked to Scott this morning and told him I’m going home tomorrow. He said I’ve been saying this for weeks. This time I told him I really mean it. He’s coming over this weekend because I had asked him to go to the homeowners’ meeting at the lake with me on Saturday. The big community dock was damaged beyond repair in the last big snow/ice storm and our homeowners’ association has to make decisions about insurance and repair.

The therapist just came in and asked if I’d heard yet from the surgeon. I haven’t. He is going to see one more patient and then call the doctor.

It’s now several hours later. I can 100% weight bear on my bad foot now. The therapist and I walked this afternoon, and Rose and I had already walked earlier today. I may walk some more after the party or getting to the party. I’m not sure any of my relatives like pushing an empty wheelchair.

I’ve been talking to Fat Jack who is still in that extended care facility in Illinois. ‘Extended care facility’ is a better name of his facility than ‘old folks home’ and I think both he and I believe this is true. Groves is going to take me over to see him as soon as I’m able.

Sabrina and Groves

Jack, Sue, Nels at Sue's Farewell Dinner

Chris and Sabrina