Saturday, April 30, 2011


Brett and Sabrina


Family Dinner

Family Dinner

Family Dinner




Norman and Margaret

Shirley and Norman



Connor, Erica, Amanda, Aunt Rose

Rose and Connor

Connor, Erica, Amanda

Dave, Chris, Pete, Mark

Mark and Donald



Randy, Shelly, Sabrina, Dave, Chris



Shelly and Randy

Sue and Pete


Friday, April 29, 2011

Pete and Donald arrived here in St. Louis yesterday. They had left Brother Joe after the Marshfield/Turnbo tour. Brother Joe will be here today for the family dinner this evening. His family can't come with him because they all have to work and wouldn't get here in time for that event. It was Rose, Shirley, Ding, Pete, Donald and me and lots of reminiscing. Brother Joe, we needed you to clarify some of our memories. We weren't sure about some points that go back quite some years.

Tonight is our dinner at B.C.'s Kitchen. I'll update more about that later on. I think that Pete and Donald are going to visit the Abbotts this morning. We will arrive at the restaurant at 6:30 this evening. Wish more of our family could make it tonight!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I know I just posted yesterday but had some more things to report. Tonight is dinner and Bingo with my buddies at BJEC. Remember, last week I did not win and got stormed out.

Chris made either a pickup or a delivery (I'm not sure which)last night to Poplar Bluff, and it was a pretty treacherous trip for him .After the tornadoes we had on the Saturday night before, we weren't expecting any more storms. Chris made it home safely. Just late.

Pete got into KC safely on Monday, I guess and hope. Beth (Joe's daughter) was sick so Joe did not make the trip to K.C. and missed having dinner with Donald and Vita. Pete and Donald are traveling to Springfield on Wednesday. They're taking the 'Marshfield/Turnbo' tour on their way to St. Louis on Thursday. We're not completely sure who will be at the dinner Friday night, so need a complete number by Thursday. Joe will join us for dinner Friday evening.

Rose and Shirley are preparing for this family get together. I just talked to Margaret and she is too. Scott lives too far away but Chris and Shelly will be there. We are expecting Mark and Karen and hopefully others. I'm fairly certain Sabrina and Dave will be there. They live in Lake St. Louis which is where the restaurant is.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Time to do some more updates from the previous couple postings. Last weekend was a weekend at the lake and the weather didn't cooperative until about Sunday. Doug, Mad Dog and I went down Thursday but Groves didn't get there until Friday. He had to work on Friday. T he weather wasn't too nice until Sunday in which the guys got a lot accomplished.

Pete is scheduled to arrive and connect up with Donald and family on Monday at 8:43 p.m (today). Joe and some of his family are all going to Liberty with Lydia today. Brother Joe will continue 'business as usual' as he has to get home for his Wheeler Heart and Vascular volunteering until noon on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Pete and Donald will travel to Springfield. Joe says they are hoping for a get together for dinner in Springfield, but nothing concrete yet. Before their journey to St. Louis, the whole group plan on taking the Turnbo/Marshfield tour. I've taken the tour probably more recently but my memory doesn't go back as far as those older guys, and I'd need a guide.

Bernie and Maudie's daughter, Tammy, is getting married on Sunday, May 15 in Yakima, Washington. CONGRATULATIONS TAMMY AND DICK!! .Pete and Janet's granddaughter, Caitlin, is graduating soon from Gonzaga University in Spokane.

I went back over to BJEC on Tuesday of last week and had dinner and played Bingo. This time I did NOT win and a big storm blew up. It wasn't so bad as the one we had this weekend but they shuffled all the patients to the hall. Since I was a visitor and not a patient, I wasn't sure what to do. I went in to the hall.

Saturday was my birthday and I got lots of cards, Facebook greetings, calls, and gifts. On Saturday Chris, Shelly and I went to Kreis's for dinner. It's a place Fat Jack and I went oftimes, and Chris and Shelly and I had been before and knew we loved their crab cakes and prime rib.
I have physical therapy this morning so this will be a short post until after while. I'll try to update further when I get back from therapy. Pete is flying in to Kansas City this evening. He called Saturday with his weekly update. The family was having Easter dinner with him and Janet yesterday. After arriving in Kansas City today, he will fly out of St. Louis on May 1. I'll add more of the brothers' schedules when I get back from therapy. Last week was a busy week and I have lots to add.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We want to get in information about the family dinner in plenty of time for everyone who wants to come. Margaret, Norm, Rose, Joe, Pete, Donald and I are assured attendees, and we're hoping there will be many others.

The dinner will be in a private dining room at B.C.'S KITCHEN, 11 MEADOWS CIRCLE DRIVE, LAKE ST. LOUIS, at 6:30 pm ON FRIDAY, APRIL 29. Please let Margaret, Rose, or me know if you plan to attend. We have to give the restaurant two days notice of our count.

Even though it was cold and rainy at the lake, it was a good weekend. The guys got most of their project finished - The project being rebuilding the ramp to the swim dock. Doug did catch a bunch of crappie - in fact a whole bag full. He didn't take a lot of time to fish so the fish were really biting. I went to the dentist yesterday who is also a fisherman. I think he was fishing on the Gasconade this weekend but agreed that they were really biting but not just on the lake.

Pete called Saturday with his check up call. We're all excited about his visit. He had already talked to Joe and Donald before he called me. Norm is from North Carolina and I've called him a couple times but no answer - just to make sure his family is safe. He may be working the yard. It's a beautiful day here.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Doug, Mad Dog, and I are going to the lake this afternoon. They are going to do some work on the swim dock and on other things. Doug has the wave runner repaired and we're going to take it back. It may get pretty chilly as the weekend progresses but it's nice right now. Rose is with a client and as soon as she's finished, we have a couple errands to run and then just wait for Doug and Mad Dog.

I had an Apple lesson yesterday and what I learned is that I have a lot to learn. Not only that, my typing leaves a lot to be desired. Again my teacher was a very young man and also very patient. I do my typing with what we call the 'poker' and I forgot to bring it along. He gave me the choice of either coming back later or proceeding. We went ahead without the 'poker' and I learned a lot.

Tuesday evening was my evening at BJEC. I got there and had dinner with my friends in the dining room. Roger's girlfriend joined us. Then we went into the library and visited until time to play Bingo. Again, only Nels and I played Bingo. Also again, I won TWO games. I'll probably go again next week.

I'm still waiting for response from attendees and the date for our family dinner (April 29) is nearing. Perhaps you've RSVP'd to Pete or Donald. If you have, they haven't let us know! I'm excited about a visit from our brothers!

Monday, April 11, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Shelly!! Hope you're having a great day!! She and Ding got back from Colorado very late Saturday night and probably spent yesterday recuperating from their week of vacation.

I don't think Mark and Karen are back yet but I saw the price of gas in Italy today and understand why they took their bicycles.

We enjoyed Brayden and he was a very good boy. Scott got here Saturday and told Brayden he and Groves were going to the hockey game. Brayden just wanted to go to Hollensbes and spend the night. We three ladies were lonely without him but wanted him to have a good time. Any time we went out to eat with him, the only place he liked to go was McDonald's and he always had the same thing. He brought a book and did some reading to us. He's a good reader.

I forgot to put in my last post about my evening at BJEC. I went over there and had dinner in the dining room at the same table where I sat as a patient - and with the same dinner companions as then, too. After dinner and a visit, Nels and I went off to play Bingo. I won TWO games. Jack called me Saturday night to ask when I'm coming back. I'll probably go tomorrow night. The fellows appreciate my company and I theirs.

We're looking forward to this family get together dinner on Friday Evening, April 29. Any suggestions as to where to meet, RSVP's, verbal info, itineraries, etc. would be welcomed.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Lunch at CPK

It's Friday morning and Brayden and I are updating the blog. He is here in St. Louis, having flown in all by himself on Wednesday evening. Thursday night Brayden went to Lukas and Josie's to visit. Granny and Goldman took me. I'm helping Granny post the blog today. Granny lost a tooth yesterday but didn't get any money under her pillow this morning. Goldman and Granny and I ate at McDonald's for dinner last night. Granny didn't eat any thing until we got home.

Today we are going to the Apple Store. Granny has a lesson today on her computer. Wednesday we watched Happy Gilmore. This is one of Dad's favorite movies and also one of Goldman's favorite movies. Aunt Rose and Aunt Shirley and Granny liked it, too.

Brayden has done the typing so far. The update I wanted to get out to everyone is that Pete is flying in to Kansas City on the 25th and meeting up with Donald there. At some point they're going on down to Springfield and, from there, coming to St. Louis. We've tentatively planned a family get together on Friday evening, perhaps at a restaurant or a hall of some kind since there's so many of us, or at least I hope there will be a large group. Any suggestions and/responses are welcome.

Mark and Karen are bicycling through Italy. Chris and Shelly are skiing in Colorado. Rose, Margaret, and I are just homebodies here in Missouri.

We haven't heard any news from the FeLLins and also our Kansas relatives for quite some time and would love to hear what going on 'out west'.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

I've got some catching up to do. Goldman and I came back from the lake last Sunday. The weather has been cool all week but nice today, though windy. Pete called and said it's just plain cold in Idaho.

I rode the exercycle today as I do almost every day but since my ankle is swollen some I'll wait now until I talk to the doctor to ride it more and walk the treadmill.

Pete called Saturday with his weekly call. Things are about the same in Idaho. Brayden always insists his Dad but Idaho potatoes when he shops with him. I taught him that. I talked to Margaret Saturday and we went over the accomplishments of her grandchildren. Margaret, I wish you would post them. The accomplishments are numerable and things to brag about.

Chris and Shelly and I went back again to BJEC on Tuesday. Shelly took a wonderful roast beef dinner with all the trimmings. Nels and Jack had reserved the library again. Sabrina is training for a race and couldn't join us. She refers to Nels and Jack as my 'boyfriends' and they did ask about Sabrina and Rose.

On Saturday morning Chris and Shelly left for a ski trip in Colorado. They're going to stay at Mark and Karen's place. They called from somewhere in Kansas and had had a flat tire. Mark and Karen are coming over here after while and Karen is going to design plans for the summer yard. I believe they're heading off to Italy sometime soon.

Friday evening Groves drove me over to Alton to see Fat Jack. He's still in the same rehabilitation place and keeps himself occupied with his iPad. My GMAC buddy, Liz, is back working in Chicago though her husband, Dave, is here in St. Louis but is due for a visit there in a few days.