Tuesday, August 30, 2011

hello from Kansas!!! we have finally come out of the heat wave and it is starting to feel like a normal summer. too bad it is almost over but happy that fall is approaching and football season has almost arrived. ellie started her first day of school on the 17th and really enjoys kindergarten. she starts dance again and is really excited for that to begin. kaitlyn has turned into a big girl overnight and is so much fun. her favorite phrases are "ouch, that hurt!", "i got it!", "almo" (almost), "no, i don't like it", "watch", "no roadie!"-rosie is our puppy but kaitlyn calls her roadie. ellie's favorite classes are gym class, music, and library she informed me today. her favorite part of her day is usually lunch because she gets to pick her own food. we had bacon this past weekend and ellie told me that it was almost as good as goldman's. kaitlyn then chimed in with "Almo!" really loudly! john and i are headed to a wedding this weekend in nashville and the girls are going to john's parents ' house with rosie. they love spending time with their nana and papa. kstate football season is approaching-we are looking forward to tailgating our hearts out Again. our season tickets came in . can't wait!

Brayden waiting for bus on first day of third grade

Monday, August 29, 2011

I just spent a great weekend at the lake with great weather and great company. Doug spent lots of his time pulling the kids around on the 'red thing' AKA 'Orbit 3 Towable'. The kids would start bugging him about 'how long before we can go?' He finally told them 9 hours if they ask him one more time.

I rode down with Groves on Friday after finding out that I'm going to have the cataract in my right eye fixed sometime over the winter. Other people had already arrived at the lake house. I don't know Tim and Katie, good friends of my sons and their friends, very well, and all the kids were either outside or playing video games. I thought Tim and Katie's two boys said hello to me when I got there as did Josie and Lukas. When I got up next morning, I thought I was seeing double! I blamed it on the cataract. I wasn't seeing double! Tim and Katie have 3 boys - twins and a brother 3 years older. Doug and Suzanne and the kids won't be there for Labor Day, but I hope Doug gets to do more fishing when he comes next time. We need a good fish fry.

Scott and Beth and Chris and Shelly all went to the Cardinal game here in St. Louis on Friday. The Cardinals did win but have a day off today. I didn't hear from either of my boy this weekend so, luckily, I had my adoptees. Mad Dog had the air conditioner turned on so the house wasn't so hot when we arrived Friday.

I talked briefly with Margaret on Friday. She had some Abbott relatives {Charles and Joyce] visiting from North Carolina - not the flooding part. When Charles was visiting a few years ago, I told and showed him the FEDEX Arrow. He sent me a card after they went home with a picture of a FEDEX truck and wrote that he never sees one without looking for the arrow. Goldman is also a FEDEX truck arrow looker. Rose also.

I'm on the trail of someone to stay at the lake with me for the rest of the season. Julie and Jennifer know this woman in Plattsburgh who they believe might be ideal. Donald called me first to be certain it would be okay for the girls to broach the subject. He called the woman after one of them had talked to her and then called me back and gave me her number. We're going to meet ASAP. Thank you. Donald, Julie, and Jennifer.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Ellie and Kaitlyn. First day of school. 2011

Jalen (right) on drums

Correction. Atria should be Attia. This thing "corrected" my spelling

Brayden and Jalen on the links

Atria at four months

Atria, Sue's great granddaughter ( daughter of Katie and Austin)

Ellie and Kaitlyn, our great great nieces (Jana and John's daughters)

Vicki and Brayden

Karen and Mark biking in Colorado

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm back in St. Louis again after spending the week with Scott and the boys. Chris drove me half way and Scott was to meet us at the half way point. Chris and I stopped at a rest area and one of our cell phones rang. It was Rose. She had found my suitcase outside the house near where Chris had parked. I wasn't worried about my clothes thinking that if I bought a couple outfits - and there would be sales on summer stuff this time of the year- but all my medications were in it. Rose hopped in the car and headed our way, and Chris and I turned around back to meet her. Chris and I crossed the Kaskaskia River 3 times that evening and I guess Chris crossed it again after he dropped me off with Scott. I'm sure both my sons were very tired next day.

Saturday was Pete and Janet's weekly call. They were having a family barbecue at their place Saturday night. Janet was making something with zucchini in it for her contribution to the BBQ. She used to make this when my boys would go out there and spend time in the summers, but my boys didn't know there was zucchini in it. They may still be that way. Like Denny, who wouldn't anything that grew on the dark side of a tree - that is, mushrooms.

I didn't nag Scott to take pictures of the boys while I was there, but he may have done some anyway. Ding had a great one of Rose that he took the day I went to Louisville but I'm going to have to nag him to post that one especially. She had just got back from the hairdresser. I'm going down to the lake tomorrow with Groves. The Hollensbes, Cullinanes, Mad Dog, and also another couple will be there. I've missed two weekends so I'm really looking forward to being there.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Plans have changed again! After I updated yesterday I decided to send Brother Joe a direct Email instead of trying to catch him on an IM. I invited him and any and or all of his family up to the lake for the weekend or at least one day. It's not that far. He replied pretty quickly that were all busy this weekend but they know they have a raincheck. Shortly after I got that Email, Scott called from Louisville and needs me for a few days. Ding will take me half way and Scott and the boys will meet up with us. Thank goodness for cell phones or we might not meet at half way. Also, it felt nice to be needed.

Today was the boys' first day of school. It was supposed to start Monday but because of a big storm it was cancelled both days. I'm eager to ask them about their first day.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I think Goldman felt the same way about school starting that Brayden felt. Not too good. He and I had a wonderful summer at the lake. The weather has cooled off a bit here in St. Louis. Ding and I are going to the lake on Friday. I'm not sure who else is coming. We'll come back on Sunday. I'm not sure if I'll play Bingo this week or not.

I'm looking for someone to stay with me the rest of the summer and into the fall. The work is not very hard at all - just some cooking, laundry, and some housecleaning. If it were someone who wanted weekends off, I usually have someone there on weekends. If any readers know anyone who might be interested, ask them to call (314 452 3685) or Email me (marthaboaz@aol.com).

I forgot to add in my earlier post that I'd talked to both Pete (with his weekly call) and Donald this week. Brother Joe, where are you? I don't catch you on line much any more, and you didn't come to the lake a single time this summer. Consider coming this weekend. Should be just great. Mike Madden called today. He will be in St. Louis some time soon and come see us.
I've been intending to update for quite a while and must do so before I forget all that's been happening here. Shirley still hasn't completely recovered from the ailment she picked up about the time she and Rose were coming back from Sedona. She and Rose plan to drive to Chicago this weekend, but she's still she's not going to feel up to it. She is 'some better' today.

I went to Margaret's one day last week and spent the day and evening. Stef and Dan came for supper and they cooked some great steaks. One of their neighbors joined us. Rose dropped me off and stayed as long as she could, and then Ding picked me up that night.

I got my hair cut one evening last week. If I put this in the blog I can look back and see when I had my last cut. Groves picked me up and then we went to Pasta House for dinner. I had fettucuine (I don't think I spelled it right!) and took a doggie bag home. Rose ate some that evening, and we took the rest to Margaret's for our lunch.

We had Brayden and Jalen this weekend because most of the big kids went on a float/wiffle ball tournament down on the Black River. Those participating were: Goldman, Mad Dog, Mike and Rachel Lynch, Scott, Beth, Mike Taylor, Scott Kanter, and Ding and Shelly. Groves was sick and hated missing the event. Doug and Suzanne don't enjoy the wiffle ball, and Doug says that's mostly what it is. I missed being at the lake but having Brayden and Jalen here helped.

The boys started school today but were scheduled to begin yesterday. Jalen was looking forward to it while Brayden was dreading the start and school in general. Just as they were getting in the car for the long drive back to Louisville, their mother called to tell the boys there had been a bad storm in Louisville and school was cancelled for Monday.. Brayden went running down the street with his arms yelling in relief. NO SCHOOL MONDAY!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I'll pick up where I left off last week. I had dinner Thursday at BJEC with my buddies over there, and we played Bingo after that. Nels is leaving and going to some facility in Richmond Heights. They play Bingo there too, so Nels is looking forward to my coming there and not just going for dinner and Bingo at BJEC. Jack did win one round but gave me his prize. I've started a collection of prizes at the lake house so I'm striving for more.

Friday morning I went to see Dr. Hogan - one of the neurologists I see at the Center for Advanced Medicine - and I believe he was pleased about the way things are going. He left the medication he gives me the same. My blood pressure was somewhat low and he suggested I call my primary care physician, but Rose and I have been checking it and it's been fine since. I don't go back to Hogan again until Oct. 31.

That evening Groves and I drove down to the lake. Some people arrived before we did. I'll just list my company and what a great weekend it was. Doug and Suzanne, their two, Lukas and Josie, and two of Luke's friends, Will and Nick, Danny Cullinane and his daughter, Catherine. Mad Dog got there Saturday afternoon. Doug did a lot of boat driving for the kids on the 'tube' or 'red thing' as we call it. I think Doug did clean one mess of fish for a future fish fry. On Sunday, we ALL got in the boat, ME, TOO, and went to a restaurant for lunch.

Pete called Saturday morning for his weekly update. He thought it was hot in Idaho at 90. He 'ain't seen nuthin yet'. When I was riding in the boat Sunday and we'd hit a wake and it would splash up on me, it felt so good. In a 'No Wake' area, it was very hot. The heat index was much above whatever it was in Idaho, Pete. I'd just try to get a cooling splash but usually to no avail.

Groves brought me home on Sunday. Goldman had to have his classroom set up before the students, so he had to work on Monday to o other prep work. Brayden and Jalen start next Monday. This weekend is the annual float trip/wiffle ball tournament, so we may get to keep the boys.

Personally, I hate for school to start. This means I can't stay at the lake house as much as I'd like. If any of my readers would like Goldman's position this summer now that he has to go back to his teaching occupation, just let me know. This is probably a less strenuous job. At least I hope so! He teaches Junior High students.

I'm going out to Margaret's and spend the day with her tomorrow. Rose is going to take me out there and spend part of the day with us. Ding may come get me. Maybe the three of us (or four if Shelly could join us) could have dinner together.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hi, it's Sabrina here, Bebe to most of you "dear readers". Aunt Sue asked me to write about my dad's funeral for those who were unable to be there. Dad was buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery with a full military funeral on July 18. His grandsons were going to be the pall bearers but since he was retired and a decorated veteran he was given the priviledge of active duty Air Force men and women to be his pall bearers. I had never been to a military burial before and was deeply touched by how honorable it was and how much my dad deserved it. After they folded the flag and gave it to Mom we said a prayer and they played "Taps", fired 3 rifles and gave Mom the 3 spent shells, representing Duty, Honor and Country.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us through this very trying time. We had visitors from as far away as Washington State, Idaho, Kansas, Oregon, North Carolina, and Sprinfield, MO. We had a wonderful dinner at Ding and Shelly's a few days after the wake, delicious food donated by so many of our great family members and friends for our "Celebration of Norman's Life" at Tubby Hall on the day after his wake, many flowers, cards and donations to charities in Dad's name. The number of people who came to the wake was incredible. I heard from a few people that there weren't even any parking places left in the lot at the funeral home. At the service on Friday, Aunt Rose said one of the most touching eulogies I have ever heard. Thank you Auntie from all of us Abbotts. Your message was perfect. Also, a special thanks to those who stayed with Mom - she so needed the company. Thank you Aunt Maudie, Sandi, Cyndi and Tammy from way out west and thank you Debbie, Joe and Sandy from Kansas. Also thanks Sally and Larry who came and stayed with her from Kansas. And thanks to all who prayed for Dad when he was in the hospital. As hard as all this is, we know he's in a much more beautiful place. Peace and God bless.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

We had a great weekend this past weekend. Groves and Ding came down Friday evening. Shelly had planned on coming but had to go to a funeral with her mother. Goldman cooked a big brisket on Friday and we're still eating some of the leftovers. If he ever quits teaching, I'm sure he could find work as a chef. I dread getting on the scales when I get home.

Goldman's goal for the summer was the completion of his book and HE'S DONE IT. After several years of composition, research and interviews, the main portion is finished. There's still a lot of work to be done and now he's going over notes that Rachel Lynch (Mad Dog's sister-in-law) provided and stuff he's reading that he wrote when he first began the book. Uncle Pete said I should tell him to get on an early morning show to advertise it. Sadly enough, he doesn't get up in time.

Sandi called me Saturday to let us know she and Maudie had got home safely. Rose and Shirley got back from Sedona late Saturday. I guess it's a long drive from Sedona to Phoenix. Pete called with his weekly call. He had already talked to Joe and Margaret. Joe and David were in the process of installing a hot water heater. Joe, you should have just called a plumber and put the charges on Pete's credit card.

On Saturday last weekend, Eric and Julie Nichols and their two kids, Ryan and John, and Chris and Jane Crawford with their two, Kate and Nathan, came for dinner. The Nichols have a lake house fairly close and the Crawfords were staying with them so they all came by boat. They had been here before and the kids immediately wanted to go to the pool. Ding and Shelly had made enchiladas at home and Shelly sent them with Ding. That was our entree for dinner. Some of the kids ate brisket sandwiches and chips. The chips, especially for the kids, were an appetizer.

Ding and Groves had to leave Sunday. Ding had yard work to do but Groves stuck around because both Goldman and I thought Chase was coming Sunday evening and Groves has never met him. I called Chase but he didn't answer his cell phone. Then I called Leslie and didn't know where he was but texted him for me and he called and we had just misunderstood. He got here Monday morning but had to leave yesterday.

Chase is a professional photographer and though he said he would take some pictures while he was here and post them for me - HE DIDN'T DO IT.. There weren't enough guys here for a hot poker game so he's says he will be back fairly soon to take and post some pictures but ...I'm suspicious but I also love to see him come visit any time. Chase has a portion of his photographic work on the net at chaseheilman.com It's very interesting to look at.

Doug and Suzanne and the kids {Lukas and Josie} and one of Luke's friends are coming down this weekend. Suzanne had some sad news this week. Her stepdad died of pancreatic cancer. He had been ill for sometime. He and Suzanne's mother resided in Sequim, WA. The memorial service will be held on August 21 so they're going ahead with their weekend here. I'm glad they're coming and hope they will just relax and have a good time.

Goldman and I are going back to St. Louis tomorrow. I'm having dinner and playing Bingo with my old buddies at BJEC tomorrow evening. I have an appointment with my neurologist on Friday. I'll come back down Friday with Groves. Mad Dog just got back down and had dinner with us and thinks he can stay for the weekend.

This has been a long post, especially as slowly as I type. It's ben a great summer being here as much as I have. I just talked to Margaret and Sabrina and plan on spending a day with Margaret when I get back off my summer schedule.