Thursday, September 29, 2011

Again, I'm a bit slow on my postings but will try to do at least some updating before dinner. Sis is out walking and Shirley is taking a nap. Sis took me to the dentist this afternoon. I had a cap fall off one of my front teeth Monday evening while Goldman and I were eating a hamburger on the way home from visiting Fat Jack. Luckily I didn't swallow the cap and have been eating very carefully until I got the first opening with the dentist. It didn't take long to fix, and Rose and I both got our flu shots on our way home.

I caught Brother Joe on IM this morning. He had seen Sean last week and Sean was going to meet up with Mike at the winery. They were going to work on Mike's tractor. I think Joe knows he can catch up with Sean when Sean's Mustang is parked where he works.

I rode down to the lake last Friday, again with Groves. I had told Doug I would go with whomever went first, but Doug was ready earlier and went ahead. Remember, the stair lift wasn't working when Groves and I left the Sunday before. Doug had it fixed when I got there and believes that whatever happened will never happen again. Also, he cleaned 30 pieces of fish. Mad Dog came for supper and cards Saturday night.

Brother Pete called with his Saturday morning call. Janet had been cooking zucchini bread and zucchini cookies. My boys loved anything she baked when they were little and got to stay with Uncle Pete and Aunt Janet. Pete had talked to Brother Donald last week and he and Vita were in Plattsburgh for a grandson's 12th birthday. I talked with Donald one day this week about this Kathy woman. I can't get in touch with her so I'm looking for someone else. I've waited 5 weeks.

Erica has posted lots of photos of her Spanish adventure on her Facebook page since she arrived there last week. Unfortunately, someone stole her camera! We learned Amanda is working on the possibility of studying in London for a few months. We whole-heartedly approve of the adventuresome spirit of these young folk. Erica worked very hard all summer to make her dream come true. We are rooting for Amanda.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Friday, September 23, 2011

It's been several days since my last post so will try to get this updated before Groves and I leave for the lake. He's going to pick me up at four like he did last week and he wasn't a minute late so I'll be ready and waiting at four. The stair lift wasn't working when we got to the house and Groves wasn't comfortable about working on it even though we had the manual out. He slept in the floor in the hallway the first night because he was afraid I'd get up first and go down alone. I promised him I'd get him up to escort me downstairs next morning if he would sleep in a bed. He did - both.

We went to dinner Saturday night at Ruthie D's which is not one of Brayden's favorite places. It overlooks the lake in the main dining room but we sat in the bar so we could watch the Cardinals. I didn't feel out of place even though it's been a while since I've been in a bar. The Cardinals won in the 9th inning.

Just talked to Margaret. She was going down to the valley for the weekend. Catrina had seen the cardiologist earlier this week and though he didn't think it was a heart attack she'd had, it was not something to be ignored. With our family history a heart healthy diet with a dietitian at Barnes-St. Peters was prescribed. I don't think she's had any further symptoms but Margaret wasn't sure.

I talked to Kay Berry Sunday. I hadn't seen her since Den's funeral. She and John are divorced. She lives in OFallon. Tommy is divorced, has 2 kids, and lives with her. Jen has 2 and is expecting her third pretty soon. Todd is married and doesn't have any little ones yet. I forgot the gender of the grandchildren but we're going to get together very soon. Kay recognized my voice as soon as I said 'Hello'.

The lady from Plattsburgh (Kathy) is going to call me this week to let me know when would be a good time for both of us to me. She is having (or did have) some spots removed by laser. I think she said she had this before and the spots have recurred.

Mad Dog is at the lake with his Dad for his Dad's birthday. He'll probably stay with us some over the weekend. I'm riding down with Groves. Doug will leave home when Suzanne gets home to watch the kids. I hope they get some fishing done and catch some big ones.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm home from Louisville. Scott insists his doctor says 'no restrictions' and, though he says he's a bit sore, he didn't seem to be in a lot of pain. We got to keep Brayden overnight last night, and Scott and I took him to school this morning. Scott took a picture that I'll have to nag at him to send so we can post it. Chris and I came home today since Scott's going back to work tomorrow.

A woman (Robin) is an area representative for Mark Lary's company (where Chris works also). She and her husband live in Plattsburgh. This is where JJ's restaurant is, the business owned and run by Donald and Vita's daughters, Julie and Jennifer. Robin's husband, Joe, is a coach and teacher for Jennifer's boys and their daughter works at JJ's. Jennifer and I concluded that this is a small world.

I had rescheduled my meeting with the woman I was hoping could spend the rest of the season with me but now she has to have a biopsy done (as an outpatient) today. Probably the results can't be determined in one day. Jennifer, who gave me the woman's name, will let met know if she hears first. I hope everything's okay.

I just talked to Margaret and still no real information about Catrina. The doctor is going to some more testing and just want to be sure what may or may not be causing her symptoms. When I called Margaret's number, I just assumed it was Margaret who answered. When I was ready to quit chatting and say good by, she said "Don't you want to talk to Mom?" I had been talking to Stef!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shoes (?) - what Chris wanted for his birthday

I spoke with Margaret this morning. Catrina has still had no word about the tests she had this week following the issue that landed her in the hospital for three days. Neither the cardiologist nor the primary care doctor had called her. Margaret had spent the night at Sabrina and Dave's and was probably going to a football game today. Both Brett and Alex have games.

I had typed a long post which I lost AFTER I was finished typing so I'm doing it again! I'm back to using the exercycle and tredmill now. I'm trying to do more outside walking now that the weather has cooled off. Derrington's going away party was last night so I'm not sure any of the guys at the Oakland are up for a walk. Rose can't decide whether to take a nap or take a walk. She will probably choose before I'm finished with this post.

Ding is going to Louisville to be with Scott after his hernia surgery. He and I went to dinner on Thursday and he asked me how I was getting back from Louisville - with him or flying? When we got home, I called Scott and he asked me how long can I stay. They both assumed I was coming so I guess that means they want me. Scott did warn me we may not get to see the boys much.
Pete told me that Kelly had this same sort of surgery a couple years and it's outpatient and laser, I think he said.

I had arranged to meet Kathy (the woman who may finish out the season with me) at the lake house. Rose was going to drive me down but Kathy called Thursday and needed to see her doctor Friday afternoon so, depending on when I get back from Louisville, we'll reschedule when Rose can drive me down and Kathy can make it.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Kathy, who Rose and I were going to meet with on Friday, just called me and she has some medical issues she needs to take care of before she and I proceed farther. It may be nothing but her doctor wants to see her right away and this Friday worked for both of them. She was very apologetic and sorry we can't meet then. We are going to reschedule after she sees her doctor.

Mike Derrington, one of the guys who has been visiting the lake house for years, is leaving for Kuwait in a few days and the younger crowd is having a going-away party for him on Friday. He's the one who swam all the way across our cove and back. He will be in Kuwait for a year. I'm afraid that no one will feel like a lake weekend unless it's someone who's not going to the party.
Today is Brother Donald's birthday! Happy Birthday, Donald! My other siblings don't like their ages posted so I won't post yours either, especially since it's so close to mine.

I've been exchanging Emails with Donald's daughter, Jennifer. She and Julie, his other daughter, are the ones who found me this possible companion to finish the season at the lake. Rose and I are going to meet with her at the lake house Friday, and this will let her get the 'lay of the land,' and we can visit and get acquainted. Her name is Kathy. Julie and Jennifer really like her and say she's always reminded them of me. I consider that a compliment.

Catrina had to go back for outpatient testing this morning but won't get any results from these tests until tomorrow. She and Margaret went somewhere out in the country to get grapes yesterday. I believe the grapes were going to be for making jelly. I'm not sure about the jelly part. Maybe they wouldn't last that long. We sure like grapes in this house.

It was a great Labor Day weekend at the lake. I rode down with Goldman. Mad Dog was there and had supper going. Groves arrived soon after and then Beth and a 5 year old friend - Phillip. Scott and 3 boys were the last to arrive. The weather wasn't hot but not cold either. There wasn't much swimming done, but Beth did take them to the pool. It is supposedly heated but not very warm. They didn't stay long.

I don't think I've posted this earlier but Scott has a hernia and is having surgery next Monday. He keeps trying to assure me that it's no big deal now and is a simple outpatient surgery. Ding is going over and stay with him for a couple days. The boys will enjoy that. I'm sure he'll have to play outside with them.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I may not finish all I wanted to post but I do have one happening that I thought was important for people to know about. On Thursday night Catrina, Margaret's youngest, was suffering what she believed to be the symptoms of a heart attack. Robbie, her husband, took her to Lincoln County Hospital. After three days of observation, doctors concluded that if it were a mild heart attack, she didn't suffer any heart damage. Nevertheless, they kept her three days and will continue testing as an outpatient this week. She was happy to be back home again Sunday. We'll keep everyone informed about results of the outpatient tests.