Saturday, October 29, 2011

A funny incident happened when I was riding to Columbia on my way to Kansas City last weekend. I was going that far with Goldman and Mike Lynch where Beth was meeting us. When Goldman and Mike came to pick me up, Rose offered to let us use the 'company car,' which Uncle Pete has dubbed Rose's Lexus. The guys refused her offer, and we left in Goldman's Acura.

This red Acura is the Acura I bought when Den and I lived in Springfield. When I no longer needed it, Ding says he had it a while. Next, I sold it to Scott. It wasn't big enough for him and the two boys so eventually I got it back and sold it to Goldman. When Goldman takes me or drives me anyplace, we can almost always hear him coming. The car needs a muffler and I'm pretty sure it needs other things, but it gets us wherever we're going. We usually take the 'company car'. That evening we got to Columbia and Goldman got out to greet Beth and pump gas. I heard Goldman exclaim loudly ' OOh My God!' We had lost the sunroof somewhere along the way. It may have a noise but with other noise in that car none of us heard it. It was an eventful trip as the car also turned over 200,000 miles.

After the guys got back to St. Louis in the Acura (and Mike and Goldman didn't get wet), Goldman Emailed Aunt Rose "I guess we should have taken the 'company car'.

I believe I may have found a companion who fits all the qualifications that I described in a previous post. We found him through a friend of Rose's. He had taken care of the friend's mother until the mother had to go into a nursing home. His name is Cameron, and we'll go to the lake on the 1st. We both agreed we will give it a trial period.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Norman V. Abbott

Norman's birthday was October 30. He has been much on our minds and greatly missed.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lots to write about since my last post. On Thursday (the 20th), Goldman and Mike Lynch took me as far as Columbia where we met Beth, Scott's girlfriend. I went on to KCMO with Beth (where she lives), and Goldman and Lynch went on down to the lake house. It was guys' weekend at the lake house for work and play. They had a fish fry one night so must have caught some crappie or catfish. I nagged them to send pictures, but they didn't pay me any attention.

Beth and I got to her house rather late and hadn't eaten so she fixed us a bite and gave me my pills, and I went to bed. If anyone reads this blog, I'm sure you knew we were going to the JJ's in Plattsburgh Friday evening. I knew that JJ's restaurant is Julie's. Donald said Jennifer would be there. I assumed that meant, Jennifer would be there, TOO. We went in the one in Plattsburgh; and, since I didn't see either one, I asked for Jennifer. I think it was a customer who answered me when I said I was her aunt. He told me Julie was off and that Jennifer was at the other JJ's in Cameron. Beth is so patient and thoughtful. I wasn't sure that perhaps we should just eat elsewhere, but Beth said she didn't mind the drive now from Plattsburgh to Cameron and then back to KCMO, all that evening. I'm so glad we went to Jennifer's JJ's. I felt so welcome, and Jennifer is a delight. Jennifer had only found out at 5:00 from a text from Donald that I was coming. We both agreed he could have called me.

After a leisurely day on Saturday, Beth took me half way to meet John (of John and Jana) to spend the evening with them. We met some of the rest of the family at Chuckie Cheese where they were playing games. I believe the men won as many tickets as the little ones but didn't squabble over prizes which you redeem for an assortment of desired objects. We had a delicious dinner at John and Jana's home and waited in anticipation of the Cardinal game. When Beth and I were waiting for John at the halfway point, A scroungy fellow came out of Walgreen's. Beth asked if that was John. It wasn't. She said if it were, she wouldn't let me go with him. When he arrived looking clean-cut and wearing a K State shirt, she said it was okay if I left with him.

The kids were good and really seem to like their great Aunt Sue, though the boys just probably don't know me as well. As I was leaving, Ellie hugged me and said "I love you, Aunt Sue". Beth had had a Halloween party at her house for some of her students and friends while I was at the Moore's. She still managed to drop me off, make homemade pizza, have the party and pick me up at the halfway point later in the evening.

Sunday morning was the day the guys all had to break up their lake weekend, and I had to go back home. Beth got up early and baked Aunt Rose the I Phone cake (see photo from yesterday's entry), decorated it, and then drove me over to Kingdom City to meet Scott. Scott and I got to St. Louis about 2:00 pm. I was exhausted, and he still had a long, long drive to Louisvile.

We are still on the hunt for a caregiver for me at the lake into the Fall and early winter. Good weather is rapidly giving way to winter weather, so I am eager to find someone. This is what I need:

1. Someone who drives and owns a reliable car, and can take us back and forth as well as run errands, etc.
2. Someone who will prepare meals, do laundry, and keep house.
3. Someone who will manage my medications, which must be precisely and timely administered.
4. Someone who can set up my toothbrush, comb my hair, serve and cut my food, and put on my socks and shoes for me.
5. Someone who can take me grocery shopping.
6. Someone who can be with me except for short periods of time (two to three hours) every day and night.

In exchange for this kind of care, I can offer room and board, gasoline, and a small salary.

IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE INTERESTED, PLEASE CALL ME (314) 452-3685. I've had several leads, but nothing has worked out.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday Cake

Beth baked this iPhone birthday cake for me today. Thank you, Beth!

Monday, October 17, 2011

This may take me a while because I have quite a bit of news to post. FIRST - The new possible companion just left. She seemed like she might be THE ONE. She fits all the qualifications we had established, and Rose and I both think she might work out. The one thing we've yet to talk about is salary. She didn't quote a price and we didn't give her a salary from our side. We're hoping to start a trial period Oct. 24 to Nov. 15, and I hope we can make a deal.

Last week on Thursday, Margaret, Rose, and I traversed down to the lake house. Rose and Margaret were both amazed at how neat things were. We had called Joe and convinced him to come up for dinner. He took us to Ruthie D's which is a very nice place (but not Brayden's favorite as he prefers a Big Mac or White Castle).

My three siblings left and Mad Dog came over from his Dad's. Chris got there in time for most of the Cardinal game Friday evening. Mad Dog grilled steaks for supper, which we ate while we watched the Cardinals. On Saturday morning, much to my delight, Jeff, my neighbor who lived down the street from us there when he was much younger, arrived. He is currently doing some training at Ft. Leonard Wood prior to a year in Afghanistan. His family is in Ft. Lewis WA. He has 2 little girls.

The guys are having a guys weekend this weekend, so that's why the companion may not start until the 24th. Next Thursday Goldman and Lynch (on their way to the lake house) will take me to Columbia where Beth will meet us. She and I will go on to Kansas City where Beth lives. On Friday evening we plan to have dinner at JJ's in Plattsburgh. Donald said Jennifer will be there. I hope Julie will be there too.

I'm going over to see John and Jana and the girls Saturday night. Jana called me down at the lake house this weekend and "Could she speak to Aunt Sue? " Everybody calls "Mom" so Chris wasn't sure who was calling.

Keep hoping this possible companion works out and her rates are affordable.

Monday, October 10, 2011

After Chase and Leslie found Rose and me at the hairdresser, I sat and visited with the woman there who washes hair and does other things. Chase and Leslie are some of our old neighbors from Springfield who were here for a Leslie's nephew's wedding that evening. Bobbie, the woman at the hairdresser's, and I talked about my needs for either the rest of the the fall and who and what I'm going to need. She knows a woman at her church who might be very suitable for the job. Bobbie said she's very clean and works hard. DON'T GIVE, UP, BROTHER JOE! It's not a done deal. Bobbie also cautioned me not to hire some one off the internet, and told Rose to not let met me do that either.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Chase, Sue, and Leslie


Leslie and her son, Chase, tracked us down at the hairdresser's today

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I wanted to get the previous post in first and then update about the weekend so here I am now. Scott and the boys got here last Friday evening, and Scott left us to join Beth at a friend's in St. Peters. Chris and the boys went to the zoo to 'pet the sharks' or so Uncle Chris said. I'm happy to say they did come back intact so maybe they didn't 'pet the sharks'. Aunt Shelly, who is an interpreter at the zoo set the thing up, was working in that vicinity so they probably got special treatment.

Scott, Beth and I met Chris and the boys in the central west end for lunch on Saturday. The boys wanted to go to Hollensbes late that afternoon. I felt like I had self invited them after I had called Doug to see if they were going to be home. Things worked out beautifully! Suzanne called me and said she would pick them up on her way home from work and feed them pizza for supper. The boys at a grand time at the Hollensbe's 'magic kingdom.'

Pete had called Saturday morning but most Missouri happenings have been posted on the blog. He had no big news either.

Before Scott and the boys left Sunday, they went to see the Rams game with Chris who had tickets. Last night Chris and Shelly saw the baseball Cardinals lose game three of the series. Chris and I are going out to dinner tonight and I'm hoping we find a place with the game on.
HELP WANTED!!! I'm afraid that Kathy from Plattsburgh isn't going to work out as a lake companion. I've already spent much of the fall season waiting for her response to my efforts to establish a connection and set up at least an interview so, if there's any further communication, it will have to come from her. She has my phone number and email address. Thank you, Jennifer and Julie and Donald, for your efforts in trying to find me a suitable companion, and I hope you keep trying.

Again, HELP WANTED!!!! If any readers know of anyone who might be interested in the position, my phone number is 314-452-3685 and my email address is I'm eager to spend some time at the lake before winter sets in.