Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chris, Sue, Drew, Shelly

Dinner at TGI Friday's on Tuesday

Monday, January 30, 2012

Shirley and Brayden

In an iPad Consult

Brayden and Scott

Artwork for kitchen

Sue and Chris

Sunday, January 29, 2012

No Week At Lake Right Now

This morning and today I have been looking forward to getting to spend at least a little time at the lake house.   The weather forecast is predicting unseasonably warm temperatures and probably no rain until maybe Friday.  Rose has been helping me with packing and a list of what I was taking.  I haven't been there in awhile so I'm not sure what's there.  Then, I got this great disappointment!  Patsy, my companion, and her husband are in the process of moving to North Carolina, and she called and said she has too much preparation getting ready for the move to be away all week.  Needless to say,  I was upset and  put out with Patsy.  I didn't schedule any therapy appointments because I thought I would be away.  I will keep doing my exercises at home.

February 1 is Brother Pete's birthday.  Joe told me the year too, but I won't put that in.  Nancy is cooking Pete's birthday dinner.  I'm sure it will be delicious.

I had an email from Brother Donald just checking on how I'm doing.   I responded with a request for more news from him.

Brayden had a basketball game Saturday.  His team lost.  Brett (Sabrina's son) had a basketball game Friday and lost, too.  I think baseball signup was this weekend for Jalen and Brayden.   Jalen did make the soccer team but when he called to tell me he kept saying "I made the soccer team" and I couldn't understand him.  He finally ask if he could talk to Aunt Rose.  He said he and Dad were on the speaker phone, one reason I couldn't understand, and were laughing so hard they could hardly talk.

Rose and Shirley are over at the Galleria while Shirley has a lesson at the Apple store.  They just came in the back door.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lake Companion and Therapy

I finally have some eventful news to report.  I've found a companion to stay with me at the lake house for a few days anyway.  Her name is Patsy and she's friends with all three of us here at the Barnard College house.  She and her husband are in the process of moving back to North Carolina so her stay with me will be only a week which I truly wish could be much longer.  She and I will go down Monday morning and she has to be here in St. Louis Friday.  She asked me if I knew the way down there.  I told her I do since I've been there 30 years.

I started occupational and physical therapies again today.  I went back to The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis.  I have had therapy here before and Denny went there for therapy after his stroke.  The session today was mostly evaluation of my current goals and strength.  The occupational therapist was amazed when I explained to her how I type and that I'd kept the blog as long as I had.  She was going to suggest the 'red thing' and a pencil with an eraser to other therapists.  A goal of therapy is to accomplish things you can do again when you couldn't for some time.  Typing and the computer would be classified as accomplishments in many instances, mine for example.

Chris and I are going out to eat tonight.  Shelly may have jet lag but I hope she can join us.  Rose and Shirley have a meeting they have to go to.  Since Patsy has to come back to St. Louis next Friday,  I'm hoping Goldman or Chris can come down that day and I can just stay until Patsy has to go.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Chris can only grab a quick bite with me tomorrow night.  I misunderstood and thought he was going to the game after picking me up and then picking Aunt Margaret up and going to the game with us.   Dave can pick Margaret up.   It's an early game and most of the Abbotts will be rushed but will arrive at starting time, if not sooner.  I'll try to find a way to get out there.  It's the other side of the Missouri River and rush hour.

My cataract surgeries and appointments are posted with the wrong schedules.  I'll put them on here as they happen.  Margaret has already had hers removed.


Scott and Brayden left on Sunday.  Shelly and her mother get back from Hawaii late this afternoon after sitting in Seattle for five hours.  Christopher is sure Shelly will have jet lag tomorrow so, if so and jet lag fatigues her, he and I will go to Brett's basketball game.  We may pick up Margaret on our way there since it's an early game and stopping to get her would cause Sabrina and Margaret to both be late.

I talked to Fat Jack (who sang Amazing Grace at Den's funeral) this week.  Chris and I were going to go see him one evening this week but he called to say he wasn't feeling very good so I gave him a raincheck.  I also talked to Leslie, my old neighbor in Springfield who's married to that 'King boy'.  Her son, Jeff, is in Afghanistan and his family is in Olympia.  Guess you've had a lot of winter weather in Olympia.  Chase, her other son, is currently in Denver but will go back east pretty soon.

Chase is staying right now with a 93 year old man and helping him as he needs it.  Wish I could find someone like him to help me out.   I'm still looking.   I start physical and occupational therapy again this Friday.  I've been diligent with the treadmill and the exercycle.  Rose does lots of walking outside but Shirley and I do ours where it's warm (on the treadmill).

It's raining right and has been for the past several days but nicer weather is in the forecast.  Though it's been rather dreary, we've had a rather mild winter - so far.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend in St. Louis

Scott and Brayden left for Louisville yesterday and Beth left for the opposite direction of Kansas City.  We didn't see Beth Saturday day but she and Scott and I had a really nice dinner at the Casino Saturday night.  Chris and Brayden and Drew saw the St. Louis Blues hockey team win and probably had what they considered just as good a time.  While we ate steak, Brayden would have preferred a hamburger and fries.  I don't know what they had.

I had my first cataract appointment today and lots of people I know have had the surgery and say it's a minor deal.  Pete told me that today.  The doctor will do the first eye in about two weeks and the second two weeks after the first.  I've been very faithful about my physical exercises (except for the time I spent in Louisville when it was too cold and dreary) and start therapy again this week.  I'll still do my home exercises.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ice Storm

Missouri had a terrific ice storm last night (causing us to miss part of the weekend paper).  Ice slowed Scott and Brayden on their journey from Louisville, and also slowed Beth From KCMO to St. Peters but the trip was uneventful and safe.  They arrived in St. Peters about the same time, after Scott left Brayden with us, much to our delight.  Seattle has had some bad weather there too.  We're hoping to get some updates from the FELLINs from out that way.  Shelly and her mother went through Salt Lake City on their way to Hawaii, but will come through Seattle on their way home.  Surely the snow will be gone by then.  We also need news from Kansas.

Chris and Brayden and Drew are going to a hockey game this evening.  Remember,  Brayden played hooky while I was visiting.  Today I asked him what the teacher said about it.  He doesn't think she will find out.  He won't tell her!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TV recessed in book case

TV on swing arm - Out for viewing

Back to Missouri

I'm back in Missouri.  Scott brought me half way on Saturday and Goldman met us at the other half.  He got to the meeting point five minutes before we did.   The boys chose to sleep rather than take that long car ride.  Brayden did get up and hug me goodbye, but I believe he was just being polite.

Shelly and her mother were scheduled to leave for Hawaii  early this morning, but it stormed a lot in the lot with hail off and on so I'm not sure their flight left on time.   The street out front was like a river at one point.

Rose decided yesterday afternoon that we needed a bigger TV.  Brother Joe, you are right!  She is the smart one!  The first Best Buy we went to kept us waiting forever and finally told me I'd just have to be patient!  This is after we had waited 35 minutes.  Rose got someone to help us and they didn't have what we wanted at that store!  I stayed in the car at a second Best Buy, and she came out shortly with her purchase.   They treated her much better at this store after Shirley had called and reported the incident at the first store.

Shirley's brother-in-law, Jack, died last night.  He and his family are from Shreveport, LA.  Shirley thought she may not go to the services since her head is still stuffed up even after finishing a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection.   There is no direct flight either to Shreveport.  When I went to bed, she did't know yet what the arrangements were.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

Springfield Accomplishment

Brother Joe had  told me they were going to Jefferson City (in an IM) but hadn't said why they were going.  Lisa was on the program for her recognition on the Foreign Languages Accomplishments.  Vita's sister--in-law was also on the program.  I think the Berns family returns from Hawaii  today.  Shelly and her mother are going over there next week.

I'm still in Louisville and it's not Hawaii weather here.  We had some snow last night and lots of school closings but not Brayden's.  Dad let him play hooky anyway. He had never heard the word 'hooky' and said I shouldn't put her name in just in case his teacher reads the blog.  Brayden says he reads it some times.

It's way past time for updates from the rest of this family.  Scott was supposed to take a lot of pictures  while I was here but the camera on his cell phone isn't working.  Mine may, but we don't know how to do it.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Springfield News

Brother Joe and I have been getting our emails either slowly or I may be doing something wrong.  We were talking on IM the other day and he had to quit to be at the Berns house and go to the airport.  I asked in a regular email who was going where.  Maybe he was engrossed in the Marshfield book but probably it was something I did on this end.   He was taking Lydia and her parents to catch a flight to Hawaii.  They're staying until the 13th and I hope they take lots of pictures and send some to the blog.  I'm sure they're having a good time with lots of sunshine.
I think these boys have been checking the blog all day long looking for pictures of themselves to no avail.  I think Scott took several.  Brayden's cat, Leo, ran away two weeks ago yesterday.  He is a house cat and managed to get outside.  They searched the neighborhood for hours and  days with  no luck.   Brayden was sure he would come back.  Scott was ready to pitch Leo's food bowl and litter box.  Scott and Brayden were out back BBQing last night and heard a 'Meow'.  It was Leo!  Jalen came running in the front door to tell me, and I thought I had misunderstood him when he said it first.  It was a happy night here at the Spreitler household.  Leo has the run of the place today.

My plans have changed somewhat.  Mad Dog can't come over to get me so Goldman and Scott will meet at the halfway point but aren't sure when - either Saturday  or Sunday.  I'd rather do that so I can stay longer.  I was going to run out of pills, but Rose packed them up and they'll arrive tomorrow by Greyhound Bus.

Interesting History from Brother Joe

Joe sent this interesting information to Sue after receiving the book she sent all the siblings:

"Sue, what a pleasant surprise getting the Images of America  MARSHFIELD book in the mail yesterday.

I read and looked at everything in it before going to bed last night.

 One question I always wanted to ask but did not know where to ask is:  When was the first burial in the Marshfield Cemetery?   According to page 21, it was in 1879.

 Another question I hope Margaret partially answered and was going to clarify with Mary Pauline is where our gggrandmother was buried.  That would be Edgar LaFoe's mother-in-law.   Bernie said it occurred when Marshfield was the "end of track" when building the Frisco RR toward Springfield.  He also said that was one reason the LaFoe's settled in Webster County.  (To be near her burial grounds)

 Harriett LaFoe said she had always heard the fact that the land  speculators were saying Northview would be the RR Terminal and Edgar wanted  in on the action, so he acquired land there.. The RR kept building  through Northview and these facilities were built in North Springfield.  Harriett made no mention of the burial, (as I recall).

 The Marshfield book mentions, on page 8, second para. "Marshfield  became a railroad stop in l886, connecting the small community with the rest  of the world."  page 54 shows two pictures of the depot.  It     mentions "Built in l886."  Most references I have read show the Frisco's arrival in Springfield on May 5, 1870.

1870 would come nearer fitting the arrival of the LaFoe's into Webster County."

Thanks, Joe!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Marshfield (Images of America)

I was watching the noon news one day not long ago when I was at the lake house and saw an interview with this author.  She has written a book called "Marshfield (Images of America)".   Her name is Kaitlyn McConnell and she went to Marshfield High School and did, and maybe still does work at the Marshfield Mail, and is a student at Drury.   I first ordered a copy for Rose and me and we reminisced over it for hours.  I brought it to Louisville with me.  I ordered copies for my siblings.  Margaret and Donald have theirs but Pete didn't have his as of yesterday.  He figures the mailman must be mulling over it.  Joe and I usually talk on line but we haven't caught each other yet today.  Joe hasn't mentioned it when we do talk on line.  I mailed it last Thursday.  I told only Pete that it was coming.  His weekly call was a  good opportunity.  Actually, I called him.  Just couldn't keep it to myself.

I'm still in Louisville.   Mad Dog is coming over Monday and we'll probably go back next Wednesday.  Scott will be home from work soon.  I guess we'll pray at supper since Brayden told me they only pray when Granny's here.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Back to Louisville

I'm back in Kentucky having ridden halfway with Chris and the rest of the way with Scott.  We got to have Brayden for both halves.  Both my sons have 'nerves of stool'.  I was asleep and  Chris needed to stop so was hurrying when his attack made itself known.  Scott and I went through some blinding snow when his nerves became very obvious.  Brayden was only hoping school would be called off today.  The three of us met  Scott and Beth at the 117 mile marker and all separated there.  Beth had the longest drive back to Kansas City.  It was about an equal drive for Chris and us except for the snow.

Scott got a new refrigerator not long ago.  His house was robbed a while back.  The refrigerator has an ice maker.  When I'm sitting in the living room reading my kindle and watching the Iowa caucuses (which is the only thing on),  I have to get up and make sure it's the ice maker I hear it drop ice.

Still waiting for pictures and family news.  This is a FAMILY GAZETTE.

Sunday, January 01, 2012


We're starting the New Year but still need updates and pictures from friends and other members of the family.  Rose and Brayden are over at the school across the street.  She's doing laps and he's riding his skateboard.  He went to the Rams game this afternoon with Chris and Shelly and one of her cousins.  Brayden predicted the Rams would lose, and he was right!

Shirley's friend and her eleven-year-old daughter  have been visiting with us since Thursday.  They are Dena and Layla and I've met them before - once even in summer at the lake.  They're from Bloomington, Indiana.  Layla and Brayden played a lot of Scrabble, but it's the old fashioned kind and not electronic.  I believe they do some X-Box too, whatever that is.    Brayden went to work with Uncle Ding on Friday and got to play wiffleball with Drew and another kid.  They had lunch at the Bread Company and Ding did treat though he had said Brayden could.

It's windy and cold outside.  Rose and Brayden just came back in.  I talked to Pete and Janet a couple times last week.  I think Margaret was going to be at Sabrina's for New Years Eve.  I had dinner at Chris and Shelly's but was home and in bed and was not awake to usher in the New Year.  Rose, Shirley, Dena, Layla, and Brayden spent the evening with dinner here, and I'm sure I went to bed before any of those five even thought about it.

Brayden has school Tuesday so he has to leave tomorrow.  Beth has been in Louisville visiting Scott for the last several days but she has to go back to school on Tuesday, same as both boys.  Chris is driving halfway to meet Scott where he will deliver Brayden and me.  I plan on staying until Saturday or Sunday, again when I can make arrangements to return to St. Louis.

Hollensbe's Home at Christmas

Layla, Dena, Brayden

Brayden and Shirley