Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I thought I had better let the blog readers know that the storms missed us last night and I've heard from Brother Joe that they missed Springfield, too. It's windy today but no rain but too much breeze to sit outside. When I posted this morning, I didn't even know it had stormed. Joe said that if it stormed there, he slept right through it. There's been a lot about it on the news today so I guess it was pretty bad in some places.

Back to the Lake

I'm up early after sleeping later at Louisville, now on Missouri time. I'm in good hands with Linda. She is a delightful personality. She picked me up yesterday and we came here to the lake house and unpacked before grocery shopping and planning our menus. We went out for dinner so she would time to find things around the kitchen. The stair lift got stuck at the bottom and we had to call Doug for directions on how to get it going again. She had no trouble after talking to Doug. We went to Ruthie D's for dinner. Brother Joe, you've been there with some of us before. Chris and Shelly and I went out to dinner last Thursday. We usually go out once a week. He's trying to arrange an evening when Sabrina and Margaret can join us. Brayden lost his basketball game Saturday but his Dad said he played good. Baseball season is coming up soon. The weather was Spring like here yesterday. We were even able to sit outside for a little while. I haven't looked at the forecast for today but hope it stays Springlike. We have to go back tomorrow because I have therapy Friday. I'm hoping Linda likes me as well as I am liking her. Brother Pete, Joe would like to know if that's a hat on your head or a tip jar.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rose's New Avocation

Rose has taken up a new hobby but has found she has to limit her practicing because her fingers get sore if she practices too often and in too long sessions. She has taken up guitar playing - I think that's called picking and strumming. She has been faithful in her efforts and is determined to accomplish further musical achievements, which she probably will. Goldman came over and took this picture after school today. She's had the instrument about a week but I wanted to wait until I had her picture to go with a post.

Mike Madden called me earlier today. He was in town but for just a short while. Aunt Virginia's 86th birthday was last Saturday. Mike's business will bring him through town more often in the future and we'll try to get together. Chris and I are going out for dinner after while.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hoping for Spring

I'm back in Missouri after a wonderful week in Louisville. Brayden had a cold and missed two days of school and neither of us were sorry that he missed school. He mostly watched TV and would come out of the playroom occasionally to see if I needed anything. He got pretty well by Saturday morning and baseball tryouts. Also on Saturday morning Jalen had a band practice. Chris drove to get me ob Friday evening so we had enough drivers for baseball and band practice and for me a ride home after all that. Brayden also had a basketball game after we left that we missed. His dad said they lost but Brayden played very well. Uncle Chris played catch with him before the baseball tryouts to 'warm him up'. Rose and Shirley got back from Georgia and Shirley's niece's wedding on Saturday shortly before I got here. Goldman picked them up at the airport. I have therapy tomorrow and then Linda and I will head off to the lake Tuesday. I hope the weather is springlike.

Brother Pete, volunteer Shuttle Driver

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Margaret finally got in touch with Mary Pauline but said she didn't seem to be much better. I don't think Pauline has a phone in her room and Margaret has to reach her through the nurse. Rose and Shirley are somewhere in Georgia and her niece's wedding is tomorrow. They're going to stay until Saturday for their spring vacation. It's been raining all day here in Louisville so I hope they are having better weather there. I really liked the contribution to the Family Gazette from Elaine and hope to get more from her and others. Pete promised to send pictures of him on his golf cart but I haven't got them yet. Scott hasn' taken any while I've been here either. I took Brayden to school in a cab yesterday. He made me a tuna salad sandwich for my lunch before we left. He tried to make it with one hand and hold his nose with the other but finally just stretched his arms out and hurry.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Shirley and Savannah playing Temple Run

Sue received this e-mail from our cousin Elaine, daughter of Kent and Paula.  [Kenneth Madden and our mother, Margaret Marie Madden, were brother and sister]:

"I don't make a lot of trips to MO, but I get there occasionally.  I hope to
come back this summer for the 4th of July.

Kenny & Kelly are still in MO.  Kenny & his wife live in Marshfield.  Both
of them are bailiffs in the Greene County courts in Springfield.  His wife
had 2 daughters when they married;
they now have 5 grandkids.

Kelly & his wife live in Springfield.  He works security for St. John's
hospital.  They have 2 sons who are still living at home.

Which boys are your sons and which are friends.  How many grandkids do you
have beside Scott's two boys?

Tell Rose she was always telling me that she remembered when I was born; now
she can say she remembers when I turned 60 as my birthday is this coming
Friday, the 24th.  I sure don't know how it got here so soon!

As coincidences go, when you had to go to New Hampshire when Denny took ill,
my husband and I were in NH at that time also.  We were taking a long
weekend to see the leaves and all.

Take care of yourself and keep in touch,


Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm in Louisville yesterday as of yesterday. Rose and Shirley are their way to somewhere in Georgia. Goldman drove me to the halfway mark where we meet Scott. The boys chose to sleep in but were up when we got here. Pete and Janet knew we would be en route by the time they called. Pete has taken up employment and has promised to send pictures. He's driving a '2 seat' golf cart for patients at the hospital. It's not 40 hours a week or 8 hours a day but I'm sure it's good therapy for the patients. Pete taught me to drive and always cautioned me to keep it between the ditches. Pete, are there ditches there? These two boys are both teaching things about this computer I didn't know. We're going to take some pictures and post them this afternoon. My phone also takes pictures but Rose always post them for me. They are busy now playing video games. It's a bit chilly here this morning but too cold to play outside. I asked Margaret to call me or email me after her Sunday call to Mary Pauline so may update again if there's any news.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Today I have some news! I have found a companion to spend at least part of the time with me at the lake house. Next week I'm going to be in Louisville. I have therapy on the 27th, and she (her name is Linda) and I will go to the lake on the 28th. This is just for a trial period. We'll return on March 1. We will determine our further schedule when we see how we get along. She has already asked what my favorite things to eat might be and should she bring any special recipes. I have therapy tomorrow. Chris may be ill today because I haven't heard from him yet today. He usually calls me on his way to work. He didn't feel well yesterday. Goldman and I will leave Saturday and go half way to Louisville where we will meet Scott and sons. Brayden's basketball game is at 3:00 pm, and Scott wants to be back in time for that. So I will get to see the game. Rose and Shirley are going to a wedding and then spending some winter vacation days in Georgia, returning on the 25th.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I'm leaving Saturday for Louisville and spending the week with Scott and the boys. Rose and Shirley are going to Shirley's niece's wedding in Georgia. Shirley's sister, mother of the bride, is going to meet Rose and Shirley in Birmingham and drive the rest of the way. Meanwhile, I'll be in Louisville and get to keep company with Scott and the boys. Is Monday a legal holiday? I hope it is so they won't have school that day. I keep forgetting to ask anyone who might know the answer - like Jalen or Goldman. I talked to my old neighbor, Leslie, from Springfield this morning. Sam, her husband, had a knee replaced yesterday and is doing okay so far. He's expecting much more pain when the anesthetic wears off. He'll be in the hospital until Thursday. Chase is there in town right now and Jeff is in Seattle for a short visit. Jeff's father-in-law recently died but he soon will have to go back to Afghanistan. [Chase and Jeff are Leslie's sons.] I believe therapy is really helping me. I can squeeze a ball and make dents in the softest one. This morning I was the only one up and spilled my coffee - on the carpet! I got it cleaned up and asked Sis if she noticed anything when she came downstairs. She didn't notice a thing and Shirley said she didn't either. I keep up my exercises and working at it. I have one more session of therapy before Louisville.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Update

We had snow when we first got up this morning. Chris called to caution us that it was snowing but he had heard it wasn't snowing yet on our side of the river. It soon began. It's pretty cold, but the snow didn't last very long. I talked to Scott and the snow was headed toward Louisville. Jalen and Brayden are probably hoping school is cancelled tomorrow. I have therapy (physical and occupational) again today. Ross's schedule works today so she can take me and come get me. Shelly has been very helpful in driving me when Rose can't. The therapy facility is close to the zoo where Shelly works, so is not too far for her to haul me around. Margaret and I had a long talk on Friday. She's enjoying her children and grandchildren these days. We're going to have lunch or dinner soon when we can get one of her children or grandchildren to join us and to drive. She was going to talk to Mary Pauline on Sunday, but I haven't heard from her yet today.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brayden NINE (9) yrs old tomorrow!

Where is Spring?

I will update later on today. I need some news from other members of the family and/or friends. Chris and I went to Red Lobster for dinner last night. Pete and Janet called with their Saturday morning visit. We have more snow here in Missouri today than they do in Idaho. It's colder, too.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


This may be a short entry because Goldman is picking me up in just a few minutes to go see Fat Jack. I want to post the latest about my interview for a possible companion. She is a possibility if she wants the position. She lives only about five minutes away from here and is willing to make the trips back and forth to the lake and also do the the small chores I need her to do. She and I will probably do a couple days trial run in later February after my visit in Louisville. March will be a busy month because I have cataract surgeries schedules, so any lake trips will have to work in around them and my recovery.


I am interviewing the potential companion for me at the lake house at two this afternoon. I'm hoping this one pans out and I can afford some nice weather down there soon. We have cold and a touch of snow today. I think Goldman was hoping for a day off school because of the forecast but he had to go anyway. The forecast didn't amount to much snow. I've been going to therapy twice a week now besides doing my exercycle and treadmill and deep knee bends here at home everyday. I go to occupational therapy and to physical therapy, back to back, so no one has to make two trips there or back. I try to increase the use of my hands using balls. The occupational therapist keeps me aware that my posture tends to bee tilted forward. I'm concentrating on improving my 'sitting up straight' as mother used to say.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sue and Chris


Sue and Chris

I've got a lot of current information for this post. Sometimes I feel the blog is rather boring, but this post may be more interesting. I spent a weekend at the lake with Mad Dag, Chris and Goldman. Actually. Mad Dag was already there when we got there, had supper ready, and we just sat down to eat. The menu that night consisted of Pork Tenderloin, fried potatoes and Texas Toast There were no leftovers. The guys most always specify potatoes as ranking number ONE vegetables. It rained really hard on us driving down Friday and wasn't pleasant Saturday. Mad Dog fished for a little while but didn't catch anything. John and Jana were in town sometime over the weekend for Jana's company party and stopped to visit with Aunt Rose and Shirley. I was sorry I missed them. A nice visit Saturday was with Uncle Joe. I talk to Pete every Saturday and do talk to Brother Joe on the computer. I had to show my therapist how I can type. I had already told the therapist but, when I showed her again, she suggested I have my eyes checked. I do have cataracts and have appointments for surgery next month. I have never been active with Face Book, but I had the help of Goldman at the lake. I found Janet in Idaho and Mike Madden in Los Angeles (just passing through). I found Elaine Madden (now Elaine Raymond). Elaine is a first cousin. Her Dad and my mother were brother and sister. Elaine and her family live in Marietta, GA. Goldman tells me I have 99 friends on Facebook. Amazing to me. Chris and I plan on going on to dinner out for dinner this evening. Shelly may have to work but, if not, hope she'll join us too.

Friday, February 03, 2012


I want to get this blog updated before Chris and Goldman and I head off for the lake this weekend. We can only be there a couple days, but it's been a long absence. The weather is supposed to be almost spring like. Brother Joe, wish you would come visit. Pete called me last Saturday with his weekly call (he never knows whether to call cell phone or lake house). Tomorrow I'll be at the lake. Last week he said it was very cold in Idaho. I had additional therapy sessions, again physical and occupational yesterday. One of the therapists (the physical)remembered from my having been there before. She and I worked most on regaining my balance without use of bars, but using them if I need them. We started this session with a timed walk and, will time the walk again after I have several sessions. I will continue to work out on the tredmill and exercyle at home. Occupational therapy is more difficult for me. I have very little grip in my right hand and not very much in my left hand. I just mostly use my left hand for everything and keep trying to do more. When I went to therapy yesterday, Rose dropped me off. Shelly picked me up, and she and I had lunch at a place called "Winslow's Home". Great lunch!