Friday, August 31, 2012


It didn't make paragraphs though it looked like it was going to.

Labor Day Coming Up

I got up early to the sound of rain and it's coming down pretty good. Sis may not have to return her rain gauge after all though when she called she said it was just sprinkling there. She's still practicing the guitar diligently and taking her lessons and I can tell the difference. She is definitely improving. I'm trying paragraphs again but can't make the computer cooperate. I'm not very good at Facebook either. Send me emails instead WOW - This may be a paragraph. Now, as I learned in grade school, I have to make a subject for my paragraph. Linda and I talked last night. Because of the hurricane, she and her family had decided to go to Colorado instead of Florida for their family vacation. Instead, they chose to wait a week and go to Florida. I have the IVIG next week which is overnight in the hospital and I'm fairly certain someone will come down with me that next weekend. Mad Dog and I were watching the Cardinals while Linda and I were talking and so was she, Scott and Brayden will probably arrive late tonight. Groves and Goldman are riding together and will probably leave St. Louis as soon as school is out. I'm not sure what time Beth will get here. She's bringing Phillip, a little friend and playmate. Doug and Suzanne told Mad Dog not to cook for them and their kids but he always cooks enough for bed time snacks. I think I'm making paragraphs and I didn't do anything differently. I don't hear much from Brother Joe lately. He's probably grateful that Missouri got some rain.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I'm packed and waiting for school to be out so Goldman and I can leave to meet Mad Dog at Kingdom City and proceed to the lake for the weekend. The rest of them will arrive tomorrow. I had an appointment with one of the neurologists that I see this morning and though I may never get well, at some point I may and may already have stopped getting progressively worse. The neurologist measured my arms and legs strength and my legs showed some improvement. Right now he's going to give me the IVIG next week as scheduled but test my strength much sooner to try to determine if I should have a dose of the IVIG more or less frequently. This is not the epilepsy neurologist but they're both in the Center for Advanced Medicine.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Newest Feeder

Labor Day

I started today's post and somehow cancelled it (I think, anyway). I had a haircut this morning and the hairdresser is shared by Rose, Shirley, Linda, and me. Needless to say, we all like her and her work. Her name is Stephanie and she's at David's on Maryland in Clayton. I had dinner at Chris and Shelly's Sunday evening. Chris did the cooking and serving and , I believe, the dishes. We are going out for dinner tomorrow night since I'll be gone for a while and he can't come to the lake this weekend. I'm going back down to the lake Thursday. Goldman is going to take me half way and Mad Dog will meet me at Kingdom City. I have a neurologist appointment Thursday morning and Goldman has school so he and I will leave as soon as school is out. We will miss the traffic. I have to be back Monday because I will have my periodic IVIG at Barnes Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tristan and Brayden

Scott took Brayden and his friend Tristan to the Cardinals-Reds game in Cincinnati this afternoon.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Back in St. Louis again. Pete has called with his Saturday morning call. He is back over in Boise with Janet. He rode the bus over yesterday. Janet is still suffering very much. I'm sure a lot of you remember Kay Berry who used to live next door to me at the lake. She had a heart attack on August 4 and had to have a double bypass. She sent me this story which was appropo for two old ladies. Two old couples had dinner one night and when they had finished eating, the old women left the table and went into the kitchen. One of the men told the other of a new restaurant he and his wife had dinner at and really liked. The other man asked what was the name of it? The other man thought and thought and finally said What is that flower that has pretty red flowers and thorns?" The man said "Rose?" With that, the man turned toward the kitchen and yelled "Rose, what was the name of the new restaurant where we had dinner the other night?'

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brother John aka 'Pete'

Linda and I are back at he lake together. Mad Dog stayed with me until Linda got here. We've had breakfast already this morning. I'm hoping some of the Abbotts come down this weekend. With all the pictures posted around, Linda feels like she knows who most of my family is. When Rose put that picture of 'Brother John' on the blog that she stole off Nancy's face book and Linda looked at it she didn't know I had a brother John.

Those were great pictures of the first day of school. Thank you, Scott. Mad Dog is going to come over and finish doing some staining on the deck sometime in the next few days. It's a beautiful day here. I haven't seen a single boat yet. Brother sent me some update ''Turnbo Times' but I don't know how to transfer it to the blog so I forwarded it to Rose.


I (Rose) am adding this e-mail from Joe that Sue referred to in the paragraph above.  Joe has a world of information about our family history, and it is always interesting to read when he shares.  Thanks, Brother Joe!

"Subject: Us Krauts or Krouts?

Are we Krauts?

I thought we were part Austrian or Italian, on granddad Felin's side.

I was talking to a patient last Tuesday and he said he went to Anderson School and asked me if I had ever heard of  Anderson School.  I replied something like, yes, I attended grades 1-8 at Anderson Rural School.

His name is David Burney and his ancestry includes the Burney that built the new house just west of the rock house on the corner.  (Where the Hartzel family owned.) Our   brother Bob's best friend was Wally Hartzel. David Burney and Rose must be about the same age?

As I recall, after Hartzel's sold out and moved to Erie, KS, the Stinecipher family acquired the property.  About 1947-48 they auctioned it off and it was purchased by Lawrence and Betty Herman. Our mom also listed the Case tractor at the auction. The Burney guy later purchased a portion of the land from Lawrence and Betty and built the new house.

Fast forward to Jack Herman, who is about our brother Bob's age.  David Burney said he understood Jack Herman's wife had a challenging job cooking breakfast for her husband Jack.  He wanted saurer kraut for breakfast, I think he said fried? I mentioned (to David Burney) this sounds logical as apparently Joe Herman was a "Kraut" meaning of German descent.

It got me to thinking about talking to one of Lawrence Herman's granddaughters, when Lawrence was buried.  She was at her Grandparents Joe Herman's burial site which is very near our family plot. We discussed the connection between our grandparents and she said something like they were all from the same part of Europe.

Now back to Turnbo Creek.  Do you remember what we called the "Cabbage Patch" also "Cabbage Hole"?  Granddad Felin died in 1934, the year I was born, but I remember the old piece of wood he reportedly used to pound the saurer kraut and apparently he kept a barrel of kraut in the "old cellar" alongside his barrels of homemade wine. I guess the "cabbage patch" was where he grew the cabbage?

So much for us Krauts!
Brother Joe"

Jalen first day ninth grade

Brayden first day fourth grade and third grade

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Brother John and his daughter Nancy


Cooler This Morning

I'm the only one up and but have already talked to Rose today. It's sprinkling rain in St. Louis but not here at the lake. Pete called with his Saturday morning call yesterday. He was in Idaho Falls tending to some things and Nancy was with Janet. For a while they thought they were going to have to move Janet from where she is to a facility in either Nampa or Salt Lake City, but found they can leave her where is currently. They were relieved. She is on a respirator but gets therapy and very good care where she is currently. Pete is going back over there Tuesday to spend time with her. It's Chris and Mad Dog and me here this morning. Chris has to leave today and Mad Dog will stay with me until Linda gets here tomorrow. I talked to Margaret and Catrina yesterday. They were down in the valley. I'm hoping all the Abbotts will come here next weekend.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer is Ending

I'm all set to head back down to the lake tomorrow. This time Rose and I are making a more careful packing list. Chris has to come back to St. Louis Sunday but Mad Dog can stay Sunday night and Linda will arrive on Monday. I wanted Margaret and Catrina and family to come but they are going to the valley so can't make it this weekend. I also asked Joe and his family but I'm not sure. I love company. Lydia is going to spend a semester studying in Iman, Jordan, and will leave soon. Chris and Shelly and I had dinner at TGI Friday's Tuesday evening. I used to hang out there about 45 years ago and, except for the prices, it hasn't changed much. The dry weather continues though the temperature is a bit cooler. I've missed being at the lake for extended periods and this will be a bit longer.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend at Lake

It seemed like a short weekend - which it was - but lots of laughs and fun. Rose and I forgot to pack some of the experimental medicine that I'm taking to control my seizures and Margaret and Catrina came all the way to the lake to bring them to me. They couldn't even stay long enough to eat with us. I was so grateful. Thinking about their generosity now brings tears to my eyes. I hope they can come back and stay longer next time. Margaret says Sam and Lizzie would love the place. I love the place. Groves, Doug, Suzanne, and five kids were my guests this weekend. Doug didn't get to fish. He spent his weekend pulling the kids on the 'red round' thing behind the boat.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to the Lake

I haven't been home very long but I'm going back to the lake house this afternoon with the Hollensbes. Both Josie and Lukas are bringing a friend. Groves is coming, too. Suzanne is worried about our eating because she claims she's not a very good chef, but no one has ever gone hungry down there. There's going to be a property owner's association meeting Saturday morning, and Doug will go with me. We had a little rain this week but barely registered on Rose's gauge. I had dinner with Chris and Shelly Wednesday. As Chris and I were pulling out of the restaurant parking lot, we spotted Groves in his distinctive red Saab convertible. I'll get a picture of it this weekend. I have a doctor's appointment Monday morning, this one with the surgeon who repaired by broken ankle in late 2010. Linda can't start traveling with me to the lake again until the 20th, but Chris and maybe Goldman will the weekend of the 18th.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Overton Cover for Sea Doo

I've been in St. Louis since Monday and accomplished one thing so far. The cover for the wave runner was old and rotten. Chris told me about this when he tried to cover it for the week. When I got back to St. Louis, I found the right cover that corresponds with the make and model on line in the Overton Catalogue. Overton is shipping it Fed-Ex free of charge and I have already had an email telling me it's on the way. I shopped around on line before I found the Overton one and believe it's a good deal.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

LAKE AUGUST 4-5, 2012

Home Again

I'm back in St, Louis after a wonderful weekend at the lake. David and Mar'Ellen did come but just didn't stay long enough. Margaret made fried chicken Saturday night and she made biscuits with sausage gravy Sunday morning. There weren't many leftovers. We got pictures to post but I don't know how and Rose has been busy but will post them later. We didn't get any with David and Mar'Ellen so they'll have to come back soon. David will have to use that fishing license. The younger ones rode the wave wave runner and boat and some of them water skied. Rose has been practicing her guitar while I've been ay the lake house and will have her sixth lesson tomorrow. I still can't make paragraphs on my postings and no one can figure out why.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Brayden in Florida

Jalen in Florida

Weekend at the Lake

I had a surprise visit from Brother Donald and three of his grandsons yesterday. They made two trips over on a wave runner. One of the four didn't get to see his Aunt Sue so Donald brought him over. The fourth one was either to little or didn't want to see his Aunt Sue. Later Donald and Vita came by car for a lovely visit. Jennifer and family have bought a place here on the lake so I hope to see lots more of them. Pete has called this morning with his Saturday call. The rehabilitation facility had Janet sitting up in a chair yesterday. She was also able to eat some regular food though it was ground up so she was able to swallow it. Nancy has to go home today but Merri will arrive. I have lots of company this morning. Goldman had to leave yesterday and we miss him already. My company is: Margaret, Sabrina, Mad Dog, Sabrina's sons Brett and Alex, Alex's girlfriend Brittany, Brett's friend Mark, and my son Chris. Chris is cooking bacon and Margaret is slicing tomatoes. We're looking for David and Mary Ellen from Springfield today. Joe said David has his fishing license. Joe may be busy today but I hope he can find a way to get up here. We had some rain last night but Rose said she still hasn't needed her rain gauge. It will clear up so the younger ones can ride the boat and wave runner.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Lizzie, Margaret's granddaughter

Lizzie and Catrina, Mother and Daughter

Jalen and Brandon

Tristan and Brayden

Shirley, Amanda, Catrina, Margaret, Lizzie, Erica


Improvement for Janet

Pete called this morning and at first I thought it was Saturday. Instead, he was calling with some very good news. Janet is better! She is able to talk some and has a smaller trach and is more alert and may even try to walk today with some assistance. The extended care facility she is in now is much better than the hospital in Idaho Falls one. This facility concentrates on her getting better. Pete was so excited when he called he was practically shouting. Janet is still in pain from the arthritis she suffers in her back but movement helps. I'll post more as I hear more but just wanted readers to hear the good news.