Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ball game big billboard Sunday

Near the top - Scott and Brayden - Louisville, Ky

Brayden watching Cardinals beat Nationals Sunday afternoon

Finishing sign to take to the Cardinals game

Scott and Brayden

Ready for game today

Scott, Brayden, Sue

Preparing sign to take to Cardinal game Sunday afternoon

Monday, September 24, 2012


I'm back in St. Louis now after that great week at the lake.  Pete called Saturday with his weekly checkup and, again, had some good news about Janet.  He called back again yesterday evening with even better news.  She's been getting lots of therapy and was even able to walk some.  They may be able to move her back to Idaho Falls soon.  She will move to a rehabilitation center there with the goal to be back at home by Thanksgiving.

I saw one of my neurologists this morning, Dr. Hogan.  As you can see by his picture, he's quite a handsome man.  They needed a blood sample from me, and for a short time, there were four nurses trying to get it.  They finally got it.   My blood pressure was fine and my general condition may have improved since they've stopped the blood pressure medication.

Chris and Shelly spent the weekend with me at the lake.  Mad Dog made pork chops for dinner Friday night, and we had cannoloni {I can't spell it, but Linda had made it and it was delicious}.

Linda's birthday is today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINDA

Dr. Hogan at CAM

Nurses Kathy and Karen

Wonderful people in the Center for Advanced Medicine

Sue in for routine check

Thursday, September 20, 2012


It's a beautiful day here at the lake.  I've seen 2 boats and one wave runner.  The leaves are beginning to turn and some are falling.  Rose gave me a kindle for Christmas year before last and I had lost it.  I knew the lakehouse was the last place I had had it,  She and I had searched this place all over and finally gave up.  Rose and Shirley got me another one for Christmas.  Linda was helping me sort stuff in some cabinets one day this week and she found it!  Then we couldn't find the charger.  Rose called me and, just as she thought, the charger was there.  The kindle is already packed although I don't have to leave until Sunday.

I'm making paragraphs now.  When Rose and I were first reading Lydia's blog and also I had noticed that everyone else except me could make paragraphs on their blogs, Rose worked on my computer and figured it out.

Linda just left but waited until Mad Dog arrived.  He's finishing some staining on the deck.  Chris and Shelly will arrive tomorrow for the weekend.  I'm watching the Cardinals and Houston.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rose has been working to see if she can get my computer to make paragraphs and this, for one thing, is a partial test.  I've tried several different ways with poor results.  We'll see.

We would like for any family members who keep a blog to send us a link to it and permission to post it on this blog.

That was really good news about Janet.  People's prayers do get answered.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shirley, Artist Jeanne Rohen, and Sean at gallery on Friday evening, September 14, 2012

Margaret, Sue, Rose

Watching Brett play basketball

Margaret, Sue, Sabrina

Dave and Sabrina

Watching son Brett play basketball today

Margaret, Sue, Brett, Sabrina at game today

Brett Smith

Son of Sabrina and Dave. Between basketball games today. Superb player!

Jewell, the cat

I haven't posted for a while so will try to catch up some. Linda will pick me up Monday at 1:00 pm, and we'll go back down to the lake house. Chris and Shelly are coming next weekend, and Linda can go home to babysit her grandson for a while on Friday. Mad Dog will come over to be there anyway as he has some staining on the deck to finish, and people are uneasy about my staying alone.

I had dinner with Chris and Shelly one night this week and Chris took me out another night by himself because Shelly had to work. On Friday evening, Rose, Shirley, Chris, Shelly, and I (and lots of other people) went to an art exhibit that Jeanne Rohen was displaying down in old St. Charles. It was Jeanne's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Jeanen!! Rose and I have known Jean since high school. It was a pleasure to see her and her family.

Joe sent me a link to Lydia's blog. I was able to pull it up (and she can make paragraphs). I'm still trying. Lydia's sorority found a stray cat. When Lydia went to Jordan, Joe and Mary adopted the cat. The cat is now named Jewell. I asked him how Pepper gets along with Jewell. He says 'not like a cat and a dog'. I assume they are not combative.

 Rose will probably post some pictures later.  She and I went to a basketball game this afternoon to watch Brett, Margaret's grandson, play. Margaret and Dave and Sabrina (Brett's parents) were also there. It was a much more exciting game than we had anticipated. All of us thought that perhaps the referees miscalculated some calls, or to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe Rose and I didn't know the rules.

Pete called Saturday morning. He was back over in Idaho Falls for a few days. Nancy stayed with Janet. Janet is getting lots of therapy and is sitting up some but retaining quite a bit of fluid. The best news is that she is permanently off the ventilator, will have the trach closed next week, and may be home by Thanksgiving! She says this will be her third time learning how to walk, once as a toddler, once after polio, and now after this trial.  Our prayers are with you, Janet.

Monday, September 10, 2012

'Of Mice and Men'

Alex is Margaret's grandson who just left for the University of Missouri in Columbia. I'm sure Sabrina and Dave, his parents, are going to miss him, but Columbia's pretty close and they still have Brett at home. I had my weekly call from Pete on Saturday He said Janet is doing more therapy this past week and is off the respirator some of the time. Chris and I went to Rose's presentation Friday evening. He set my cell phone on vibrate. When Pete called on Saturday morning and got no answer on my cell phone or lake phone, then he called Joe to see where I was. Joe told him to 'check the blog'. Rose and I finally heard a funny noise--the phone. This sparked some emails back and forth between Brother Joe and me. He had watched 'Of Mice and Men' and it much reminded him of our upbringing and the struggles our mother braved through. In spite of what she did for all us offspring, she gave us full credit for our accomplishments. After emailing with Joe, I looked up John Steinbeck and 'Of Mice and Men' and I think I probably saw it first at the Ritz Theater in Marshfield. Joe believes he maybe saw it on television the first time. I ordered DVD's of this movie and 'Grapes of Wrath' and a copy of 'Of Mice and Men' for my kindle through What would I do without my computer and the internet! What would we all do?

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Friday, September 07, 2012


I had some news from Brother Joe but we haven't got it posted since Rose has been busy and I'm not comfortable with transferring news from email to the blog but I'll try this. Lydia arrived in Jordan safely and called her parents from the airport to let them know she was there. She and a classmate from William Jewell College traveled from KCMO and in Chicago met up with others headed for Jordan. Joe also said Brother Donald is in Florida but may be back in Alabama by now. Joe saw Sean at his place of employment a couple weeks ago. Sean said Aunt Virginia is about the same. Mike is tenderly watering and caring for his grape vines. Brian 'keeps on trucking' and enjoys it more each day.

Home Again

I got back from the lake on Monday - early because I had the IVIG on Tuesday and Wednesday - and missed seeing Jennifer and her family. I hope they come back soon. I would surely love to get acquainted with them. Today is Brother Donald's birthday. Happy Birthday, Donald! After having my IVIG, I rested here at home for a full day. Rose is giving a speech for her Jungian group tonight and, with her clients and guitar and rehearsing her speech, she has been busy. Chris had to take a run to Peoria, IL yesterday so I rode along with him. He's going with me to Rose's presentation tonight. I have some news from Springfield but it's lunch time. More later.

Monday, September 03, 2012


Scott - First time his kids have seen him clean-shaven



BRAYDEN - Height Check, grown over an inch since late May









Labor Day

I'm up first but of course I went to bed first. The three kids have been so good that we hardly knew they were here. With the rain Saturday they mostly played video games in the dungeon. The downstairs bedroom is what has been named 'the dungeon'. Doug took them fishing but the fish kept swallowing the hooks and dying. They did get to go on several boat rides and Scott took Brayden on a wave runner ride but they didn't complain about the rain which we were all grateful for. The rain was mostly on Saturday. Groves had to leave yesterday so we didn't get a picture of the whole group. Rose and I have already talked this morning. Pete called yesterday with his Saturday morning call. Janet may get off the respirator in the next couple weeks and they have her sitting up more but Pete seems to think she may never get out of that place. Beth just got up and got me more coffee but went right back to bed. We liked the picture of Lydia en route to Jordan but Joe doesn't email much so we need more details. I'm riding back to St. Louis with Scott and Brayden. Goldman will, too. Scott has a long trip back to Louisville so we'll probably leave first. I have to go in Barnes tomorrow overnight for my periodic IVIG. I don't exercise as much here as I do at home so will return to my strenuous attempts like I do at home. With the IVIG and my efforts, perhaps the neurologist can see my strength has improved.

Saturday, September 01, 2012