Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Neuro Opthamalogist

I wanted  to correct my last entry.  The doctor that I saw today was a neuro-opthalmologist, not pediatric opthamalogist.  When Shelly and I got there, a baby was crying in the waiting room so I assumed I was in the right place.  I asked the nurse if he saw many adult patients.  I soon figured they were probably adult patients.

Home Again

I'm back in St. Louis after that great week in Louisville.  Brayden's soccer team lost their game Saturday, but he just likes to play.  He's a real sport's enthusiast.  They have a basketball hoop inside the house that he shoots baskets at when he's not playing baseball or soccer outside.  X-box takes up the rest of his spare time but only after his homework is done.

Rose and Sabrina ran in a 5K Race on Saturday, and Rose won a medal for coming in first in her age group.  Scott's first question was 'Did her age group change because of her birthday last week?'  She didn't say.

Chris and I went to Better Burgers for dinner last night.  I get to pick where we go next time.  Shelly will be here in a little while to take me to a pediatric opthamalogist.  I know I'm a little old for this type doctor but my cataract surgery and prism glasses haven't given me good vision.

I have a chimney sweep coming to the lake house on Saturday morning, so Groves will take me down Friday afternoon.  Linda is in the process of packing and moving.  I hope she will be back with me soon.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Good News From Idaho

I've just talked to brother Pete with good news this morning.  Janet will be coming home next Friday, Nov. 2.  She will still be having therapy at home twice a week but her recovery has been miraculous.  Pete has the house all ready for her to be there.

I'm still in Louisville but will go home tomorrow.  Beth arrived yesterday.  She's up with me and is cooking breakfast.  Besides schoolteaching, she has a catering company.  The website for the company is www.mangiacatering.vpweb.com   She cooked dinner last night and is cooking breakfast this morning.

Rose and Shirley got back from Chicago yesterday.  Brayden has a soccer game scheduled for today but woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well.  I'm not sure what will occur today.  He's still in bed right now.

I heard from two old friends this week.  Ron Reinhardt is a guy who worked with both me and Brick at GMAC for a long time.  Jack Delaney is a fellow I worked with at Midwest Recovery and Brick and I worked with his brother at GMAC.  It's nice to keep up with old friends.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Still in Louisville

The weather has been actually warm here in Louisville these past three days but is going to be cooler and maybe rain tomorrow and Saturday.  Brayden has soccer practice tomorrow and a game Saturday but he told me not to worry about missing it because they play in the rain.  Scott ordered his winter coat last night but I don't think it's going to get that cold for a while.  It's a North Face and should last him until he outgrows it,  It looks to be really warm and washable among other things.

Beth will be here in the morning.  She'll take a cab from the airport but Scott has an old pickup that he'll take to work and she and I will have the HHR Chevrolet.  She's going to take Brayden to the Louisville Haunted House Saturday.  She and I are going to cook a brisket we ordered from Omaha Steak.  Of course, she will do the work.

Beth and Linda have become connected and acquainted through Shaklee products.  These are various things for among cleaning and shampoo and are especially good for people with allergies.  Scott's cleaning lady came in with a basket full of old fashioned stuff and I told her about Shaklee, she's going to look it up on line.  Rose and Shirley and Beth all use it now and I've got some for the lake house.  It's economical and you can look it up on line.

Scott just came in from work.  We don't have either of the boys tonight.  I haven't got to see Jalen yet but I'll be here until Sunday.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I've been having trouble figuring out how to use Brayden's computer but I think I got it this morning.  I'm up early but did't even hear Scott leave for work.  He stayed up and watched the Cardinals loose that miserable game but came in my room and told me the sad results.  I went right back yo sleep,

Today is Rose's birthday,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS.  I won't post your age.  She and Shirley are still in Chicago until Friday.  Pete called with his Saturday morning call with the good news that Janet may get to home in the next few weeks.  Brayden is going to get a globe so he can show me where Lydia is studying and the countries she's seeing.

I haven't got to see Jalen yet but I'm staying Sunday so surely I will.  Brayden had a soccer game Saturday and will have another one this Saturday.  They also have practice twice a week.  It was cold Saturday but Scott brought me a blanket.  With all that hustling, the kids weren't cold.

Beth is coming over Friday morning and staying until Sunday.   She has a day off teaching because it's been Parent/Teacher week and she's had to work extra hours.  She's going to take Brayden to a Haunted House and Scott's already told me that he's not going to that.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

guys weekend photos


                                          Dan Cullinane, Kenny Hines, Ding, Mike Deerington, and Scott

                                          Groves, Scott, Mike Lynch, Dan, Kenny    

                                            Maddog and Doug

                                                            Dan and Scott searching for Dan's glasses

                                          Doug deflating the Orbit 3 towable

                                          Derrington and Scott Kaenter

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekend For The Guys

It's quiet around here today after an exciting rain-delayed Cardinal win last night and we're all looking forward to another win tonight with no rain delay.  We had to get the rules from Scott and Chris on what occurred with the delay so late in the game and they were right!  They finished the game even with the more than three hour delay.  It was past my bedtime before the game was over but Rose and Shirley and I lasted until the Cardinals won.

I got my new glasses today.  I am flying to Louisville tomorrow evening.  Brayden has soccer games on Saturdays and practices a couple times a week.  I will be there two Saturdays.  I hope Jalen is in a concert that I get to go to.  Beth is coming over on the 26th and I'm coming home on the 28th, same as Beth.  I believe someone has more pictures of the eleven guys who were there for guys weekend but I'm not sure who.  Chris came down with a cold after all the activity but was better today.  Danny Cullinane fell in the lake and also came down with a cold.

We were having trouble with the DVD player which I know nothing about  except to watch when someone starts it for me.  Scott and Chris bought me a new one and Mike Lynch was to get it hooked up this weekend.  I'll be in Louisville for the next two weekends so won't be back until Nov. 2.  I have a chimney sweep coming on the 3rd so I will really need to be there.  Goldman thinks he can come.  Margaret would like to come, too.  Linda is really getting into her new house and out of her old house.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012




Granny and Brayden

At the Galleria


Retrieving whiffle ball

Brayden's Visit


After a few days at the lake with Linda, I'm back home and there are eleven guys down at the lake house.  Many of them got there Thursday but they all have to come back to St. Louis today.  We've had Brayden here with us and both he and Scott have to return to Louisville this evening.  I'm going to fly to Louisville Friday for a week.  Rose and Shirley are going to Chicago.

Linda and her daughter and her daughter's fiance' came over to meet Rose and Shirley yesterday.  Linda and her husband have sold their house and found a condo near Linda's mom's place so she's going to be busy for a while until they get settled in.  Rose and Shirley agreed that she is a delightful woman.

Shelly came by on her way to work yesterday and walked around the block with me.  Brother Pete called with his Saturday morning call.  It was cold in Idaho.  I've been trying to do my exercises on a daily basis.  Rose is great encouragement and help.

Brayden just got up but wouldn't play with me or sit on my lap!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Redbirds Soar

It's Saturday morning and still looks stormy outside.  Brother Pete hasn't called yet but may be talking to Brother Joe.  Rose, Shirley, and I watched the Cardinals and Atlanta last night.  We thought there was a fly ball that wasn't caught by their team but somehow was called a safe ball and our runner scored.  Both teams got into a heated argument and we were extremely puzzled so we called Scott.  He answered the phone with "Infield fly rule".   He knew we'd be calling.   I'm still not sure when it applies and he got on the phone and repeated his explanation to Rose.  

Friday, October 05, 2012


It's raining and dark and cloudy looking.  We're all glad the Cardinals are playing in Atlanta because there's much better weather there today.   A home game might have been delayed.  I would have called Brayden and asked him what would happen.  When he was with us this weekend, he explained the principles of fantasy football to me and Aunt Rose.  Maybe she got it but I didn't.  He's playing soccer this season and I'm going to spend a week in Louisville sometime this month and will get to see a game.  When he plays soccer, his dad says he just likes to play.  He doesn't care whether his team wins or loses.  He rolls his eyes every time I ask him what position he plays and tells me again "There are no positions in soccer".

Linda and I are going down to the lake on Monday after she has her Bible Study class and my early eye doctor's appointment.  We'll come back to St. Louis on Thursday to leave the lake house empty for guy's weekend.  Some not so good news that I'm putting in this entry.  Linda, who has become a dear friend and wonderful companion and caretaker. is going to have to do other things,  They've sold their house and thought they had one but something happened.  I surely hope she will spend any time she possibly can with me when she and her family find a place, get moved and settled but don't know when that might be.  

Monday evening Chris and I went to TGI Friday's for dinner.  Wednesday evening Goldman and I had already decided to go out when Chris called and to see if I wanted to go to this new place called Better Burger which was over by the Glenlea house. Goldman grew up over that way, too.  The three of us went and it was pretty good.  Shelly was not feeling good so Chris was going to get her some chicken soup at St. Louis Bread Co.

If anyone knows someone who would like the position of being my companion/caretaker, call me or email me.  My email address is marthaboaz@aol.com   and my phone number is 314-452-3685

I've been exercising faithfully everyday.  I do the treadmill, exercycle, step/hops over a stick, walking, weights on my arms and any physical activity I can accomplish.  Goldman walks with me often.  It's raining right nowand he's already thinks we can walk tomorrow.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Text or Type?

It's Monday morning and, after having Brayden Saturday and Sunday,  it's sorta quiet around here.  He and Scott went to the Cardinals game on their way home yesterday.  The three of us watched for them  as well as watching the game.  Lisa and Jack went to Saturday's game.  They're in the process of moving but broke away to come up see the Cardinals.  We'll watch tonight.

Brother Pete called with his weekly Saturday call.  Janet is back in Idaho Falls and continues to improve, to our delight.  She went to a rehabilitation facility but went in an ambulance.  Remember, she had to be flown over there.  Pete was in Idaho Falls taking care of some things when they got the good news and he didn't even have to go back to Boise.  Nancy followed the ambulance - about 100 yards behind so Pete said.

Pete never sends emails because he says he can't type.  He can text.  I can type but I can't text.  We had a heated argument about which was easier.  I'll keep typing and I'm sure he'll keep texting.