Monday, January 28, 2013

Wood Stove Fire

I don't have much news this morning and had trouble getting on the site where I update but, with Rose's help, I did it.  I'm going back to St. Louis tonight and will really miss the little guy.  He had a basketball game Saturday and scored 14 points, most of anyone else on the team.  He said he didn't hear me cheering but I did.

We had a fire in Scott's wood stove Saturday night.  It puts out some heat.  Brother Joe and I agreed that the ones in houses these days don't serve the same purpose and a person needn't stay nearly so close to stay warm as the one we had in Marshfield.

Pete called Saturday morning with his weekly call.  Janet is doing very well,  As usual it was cold in Idaho.  He had already talked to Joe.  Pete and Janet, email me more about the family.  I get few emails because everyone can get the news on the blog.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Brayden playing basketball

Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm having a great time in Louisville.  I had two surprises in my days.  Donald called me yesterday just to chat.  Two of his grandsons also play soccer and Brayden plans to give up baseball this season for soccer.  He's always played baseball but played soccer and baseball for a while last season.  Right now it's basketball and there's a game tomorrow.  I don't know much about soccer.  I don't think it was popular in Marshfield.  Brayden assures me I can learn and will like it.

The other surprise was Chris showing up at the front door.  He had made some deliveries and pickups in the area but we did have time to chat a bit.  He still had a long drive home when he left here.

Scott is doing laundry right now.  Brayden is playing on his Ipad.  Scott will maybe take us out to dinner but he seems to prefer eating at home.  I let the two of them decide.  Some of Shirley's relatives are arriving in St. Louis tonight.  I'll get to see Loretta, Shirley's sister, since she;s staying until I'm back home.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

News about Jalen

Jalen, Sue's grandson, is quite a fine drummer.  He plays drums in the band Fenderella in Louisville.  Today Fenderella performed at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchant) Show in Anaheim, CA.  Fenderella was one of only a few bands selected in a national competition to play at the show.  We are very proud of this young man!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back in Louisville

I liked the update on the Abbott family and the pictures.  Margaret, you must be very proud of all of them.  I'm in Louisville and so sorry I missed the get to gether.  I was at the lake and came home Sunday with Chris and then arrived here in Louisville Monday evening.

Monday afternoon Shelly took me to an eye doctor specialist.  She was really helpful.  Since the cataract removal I still not been seeing well.  I was referred to her by another opthomologist who couldn't fix my problem.  I had to wait two months to get an appointment with her.  She seems to have fixed my problem and personally made my next appointment and spent almost 2 hours with me.  [I can't spell their occupations so I should just say 'eye doctor']

I went to basketball practice with Scott and Brayden last night.  Brayden has a game Saturday that I'll get to see.  He's a real athlete and also a scholar.  He tested so high on his aptitude tests that he qualifies for advanced learning 3 years before some of the other students.  Jalen left for California early this morning with his band but stopped by to see me yesterday.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sue waiting for Louisville Flight


There was an NRA message on this blog earlier.  A warning:  I clicked on it to see what it was about and could not get out of the darn thing.  No exit icon.  I finally had to shut down my computer to shut it off.  Sorry about that.  (I'm guessing that it didn't like my vote since I am deathly afraid of guns, even more so after Aurora and Sandy Hook.)

Short Trip Home

 I was at the lake until Sunday.  Linda stayed until Friday and then Mad Dog got there and later Chris arrived.  We had a fire un the fireplace almost every night with Mad Dog's bargain wood and he plans to go back over there and stack some more this week.  He stays with his dad down there a lot and helps him out too.   Linda said they used to have a wood stove in a log cabin over in Collinsville and they used newspaper and kindling wood to get it started.  She and I didn't have any of either so we relied on Mad Dog.

Shelly is taking me to an eye doctor appointment this afternoon.  She didn't have to work today but Rose has a guitar lesson and Shirley has to work and so does Chris.  Shelly volunteered.  I gladly accepted.  I'm going to spend a week in Louisville leaving this evening.  I'll get to see one of Brayden's basketball practices and a game.  I hope he's star of the game like he's been previously.  Jalen will be in California most of the time I'm there for a band performance.  He plays band with his band and the group has been honored with this trip.  He's quite an accomplished player.


Erica, Randy and Lynn's daughter, Margaret's granddaughter, graduated from Westminister with a double major (finance and political science) SUMMA CUM LAUDE.  I apologize, Erica, for my error.  What a wonderful achievement.  Congratulations!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lake Times

I started a post and lost it so I'll start again.  I talked to Mike Madden on Saturday.  He had just been to see Aunt Virginia, the widow of mother's brother Curtis.  She will be 87 next month and is the last one  of that generation living.    Mike also told me his age but probably doesn't want me to post it.  He told me his wine business hadn't done so well this year because the deer have been so prolific they've eaten lots of the grapes.  Pete also said Idaho potatoes have been plentiful, and he and Janet eat them three times a week.   So do we.

Goldman had to leave Sunday before Jeff and Randy got here and was sorry he missed them.  Mad Dog and the guys made a wonderful supper of pork chops and fried potatoes.  Between the two of them, Jeff and Randy caught 42 crappie.  The temperature outside didn't hinder them and it was bitter cold.  They dressed when they went out and looked like they were headed for combat.  Rightly so, Jeff has been to Afghanistan but now lives in Seattle and is a married man with two little girls.

Linda arrived yesterday and Mad Dog showed her about starting a fire and maneuvering NetFlix.   Scott and Chris got the NetFlix and remote for me for Christmas.  When I can't be outside, it's sure good to have.

I wanted to go down to Marshfield tomorror and go to the old library which is now a museum.  I called and it's only open Friday afternoon until March.  I'll probably go home with Linda on Friday.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


I had a flat tire this afternoon in the parking lot at Whole Foods.  AAA took just 32 minutes from my call to my driving away on the spare.  And the AAA guy who fixed it was extremely pleasant even though he had to move his truck three times to let cars squeeze past.  Modern life does have its advantages!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Morning

I'm here at the lake this morning and have already talked to Rose and Pete.  Mad Dog and Goldman are here with me.  They're still sleeping but get up occasionally to see if I need anything.  Mad Dog had supper ready when Goldman and I got here, and he wanted me to be sure to tell Pete that the fried potatoes he made were Idaho potatoes.  I did.  They were delicious.

It's chilly here but 4 below in Idaho.  I haven't seen any fishermen out yet.  Jeff and his Dad are going to come see me sometime in the next couple days but I'm not sure when.  Goldman has to go back to St. Louis tomorrow and Mad Dog will be my companion until Linda arrives on Tuesday.  Mad Dog already has our menus planned.

Goldman is up now and is making pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  I'll probably gain weight during this stay.  They cook too well.  Goldman is so glad to be here and this is the first time he's been here this year.  Everyone is so good to me.  I believe I'm spoiled.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Update on Kenny

Kenny went home already and did very well through the surgery.  He lives in Marshfield and his mailing address for those who want to send cards is Ken Madden, Rte. 1, Box 200,
Marshfield, MO  65706.  He will only be off work for a month before he can resume regular activities.

When Den and I lived in Springfield, we had these great neighbors,  The boys, Chase and Jeff were teenagers.  Now the teenagers are grown men and Jeff has 2 little girls, is in the service and stationed in Seattle.  Chase is on the east cost and a professional photographer.  Jeff is flying in to Kansas City to go deer hunting with his dad, and both are planning to come see me at the lake.  I'm hoping Leslie can get up there from Springfield some time soon, too.

I'm going back to the lake on Friday late afternoon with Goldman.  I hope the weather gets a bit warmer.  Missouri hasn't been sunbathing weather.  I rode over to Matoon. Il, yesterday with Chris and just stayed in the car for the long ride.  It was fun being with Chris almost all day.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Kenneth Madden News

Brother Joe sent the following update on our cousin:

"I was by the Mercy Hospital to see Kenny yesterday at 4:00 P.M. He is doing well.
Earlier today (Saturday) I saw a face book entry by Kelly Madden saying his brother was transferred FROM ICU to a regular room about 6:30 P.M. yesterday. Kelly also left Kenny's  room #  on F. B. but  now I can't pull it up face book.  It continues to baffle me.
Thinking was Kenny WHAT would be released Sunday and be able to go home.  Like his wife Jeanie said, "Heart operations are almost a drive through operation nowadays"
Funny thing happened in the waiting room.  What looked like Kelly but 20-30 years younger and a lady were sitting there waiting also.  After watching the guy for awhile, I asked him if his name was Kelly, she responded "Yes, Kelly Madden"  Actually it was Kelly, Jr.
There was a Security Officer in  Kenny's room but guess it was simply because Kelly, Sr is employed there as a security guard.  It was Kelly, Sr. I will have to ask later if Kenny What was considered a security risk!
Bro Joe"


I had some news to post that I wanted to get in this morning.  Mom's nephew and our first cousin, Kenny Madden, suffered a heart attack this week with blockage in an artery.  They went in and put in two stints and think they have the blockage completely open.  He is in the ICU in Mercy Hospital  in Springfield.  I  had an email from his sister, Elaine, who will keep us updated on his progress.  Elaine lives in Eljay, GA.  I'll email her back and get his address so we can send get well cards.

Pete has called this morning.  I thought it was cold here but it's zero in Idaho and been cold all week.  He said Janet is getting around really well but mostly staying inside with it being so cold. We will probably have a fire in the fireplace today or tonight.  

I'm here at the lake with Groves and Mad Dog.  We watched an old movie 'Sabrina' last night.  I'm not sure they would have chosen that one but let me pick.  I probably saw it at the Ritz in Marshfield.  Margaret, did you pick Sabrina's name from that movie?

Friday, January 04, 2013

To the Lake

Friday morning and it's back to the lake this afternoon.  Groves and I are going down in his Saab convertible but this time I'm sure we won't be riding with the top down.  Mad Dog is already down there at his Dad's and was going to go turn the heat up for us.  Missouri is cold right now but it seems the days may be getting a bit longer.

Goldman is going to help Rose and Shirley take down the Christmas tree tomorrow.  This is an annual procedure for him to assist.  I'm glad I'll miss the occasion.  Rose is still diligent about practicing the guitar and will resume her lessons next week after her teacher's Christmas vacation.  I still ride the exercyle and do the treadmill daily.  I have never achieved the 3.9 miles I did that one day.  It's been too cold!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Wednesday, January 02, 2013




Margaret and Rose






Rose and Drew



Alex, Son of Sabrina and Dave















Drew, His Mother Nancy, Sue



Margaret with her grandson Alex, leaving the Brick House Tavern and Bar