Sunday, March 31, 2013


Rose did a great job on Margaret's birthday pictures and movie.  I'm sure, as we used to say back when, 'a good time was had by all'.  Goldman and I got back Friday after a great spring week.  Except for Thursday, the weather wasn't spring like.  The snow has finally melted.

Scott and Jalen and Brayden came over from Louisville yesterday after baseball practice and a soccer game for Brayden.  Scott spent the night at Goldman's but we got to keep the boys.  Scott and Jalen had to go back today but we get to have Brayden until Wednesday.  Chris is going to take him to work with him on Wednesday.

Friday, March 29, 2013

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Margaret's Birthday Celebration


Here's a link to "MARGARET'S BIRTHDAY.m4v" in Dropbox:

Thursday, March 28, 2013


A dozen of close family and friends surprised Margaret Ann this evening with a celebration at Macaroni Grill in St. Peters.  Our waiter happened to be a friend of Randy's so he gave us the best of care.  A chef, George, came out and serenaded Margaret in wonderful voice both with "Happy Birthday" and some Italian.  It was a wonderful occasion, laughter and good cheer.  

Josiah who treated us so well at Margaret's Birthday Dinner at Macaroni Grill in St. Peters



Sabrina at her Mother's Birthday Celebration



Amanda and her fiancé Tyler at Margaret's Birthday Dinner



Catrina at her mother's birthday celebration



Lynn and Randy celebrating with Margaret



Margaret at her Birthday Celebration March 28, 2013



Erica and her Mother Lynn



Margaret and her Granddaughter Amanda



Happy Birthday, Margaret

First thing I want to say this morning is 'Happy Birthday, Margaret'.  I'm sure Rose and Sabrina will fill the Family Gazette in on the details and some pictures.  I talked to Joe this week and he and I both were never which date was Bob's and which was Margaret's but now I have hers marked on my calendar.

Chris and I went back  to St. Louis very early Monday morning after the blizzard we had here at the lake Sunday.  Goldman is on spring break so we came back on Tuesday.  It's been cold out still nice to be here.  It looks like the snow is finally melting.  There haven' been many boats out.

I talked to Leslie, my old neighbor in Springfield, this morning.  One son, Jeff, is at Ft. Lewis and has two more years in the service.  Chase is home but going back to the east coast tomorrow.  Sam is quitting his job at Bass Pro Shop so Leslie believes they can come see me.  Sam loves to fish.

Goldman and I are going to interview a local woman today who may work out and can fill in when Goldman or Linda can't.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anticipating Summer

It' s colder than the previous entry but surely it will warm up soon.  Goldman took me to dinner last night and we made our summer arrangements.  With Linda's filling in and company helping me our, I should be able to stay most of the summer.  Goldman says he is already planning some new menus.  He and I are going down Tuesday for most of the week.  It's his spring break.

Chris and I are going down tomorrow evening.  I have to see the eye doctor Monday and Goldman can't leave Monday because it's Passover.  Chris and Shelly had me to their house for dinner Tuesday.  Three of Shelly's little cousins were there but I got to wear the crown for cleaning up my plate.  Shelly made a delicious meal.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Almost Spring

Spring will be here day after tomorrow but it's certainly doesn't seem like that outside.  Sunday wasn't bad so Rose walked outside and Chris and I walked 2.5 miles at Forest Park and I did over a mile yesterday without leaving the house.  I may not do as much today.  Chris is picking me up after work and he and Shelly are having me come for dinner, and besides it's cold outside.

Rose and I often find the Family Gazette useful for reflecting back and settling differences.  This year it will be Goldman's Spring Break next week and the two of us will spend most of it at the lake.  Chris is going with me on Friday but I have an eye doctor appointment Monday so will go back down with Goldman.  Mad Dog has stayed with his Dad since the surgery and his Dad is doing pretty well. per Mad Dog.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Regular Saturday

Saturday morning and I'm expecting Brother Pete's call, though it's much earlier in Idaho.  The pictures of Ryan and John were great.  Thank you, Kelly.  Send more.   Rose is reading on her computer but I haven't heard Shirley stir yet.

Rose is still taking her guitar lessons and keeps up with the practice.  Now that the weather is a bit better on some days, Chris comes by and walks with me in Forest Park.  We went to Applebee's after our walk again this week.  He's also taking me shopping for some things for the lake sometime today.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Southwest Missouri

That was great having news and pictures from Idaho and now we have some updates from Southwest Missouri.  Brother Joe and Brian had lunch last Friday.  He is doing well in school and seems very happy.  Aunt Virginia is about the same, sleeps a lot and has some good days along with some bad days, quoting Brian.   Lisa is in Columbus, OH this week and was  in Baltimore last weekend.   Lydia will be on spring break next week and will be coming home tomorrow.

Beth has been in Louisville for spring break this week and has to go back to Kansas City today.  Mad Dog's dad has to have surgery today and we're all praying for him.  I may not get to go to the lake this weekend but Chris told me he can go next weekend.

Ryan and John

"Hello Aunt Sue,
This is John taking on the identity of Steve Jobs for a living wax museum 
project at school. He had to research, make a life time line, write a report and 
speech. Each student had a little booth and when you push the little red button 
on their poster they gave the whole life story. Steve Jobs is one of his heros. 
I'll send a couple more of him and Ryan but for some reason I can't get more 
than one photo at a time to post. Hope all is good with everyone and spring is 
on the way.
Love, Kel

It's me again. This is Ryan at one of his ski races. He took 3rd place valley 
wide for the season out of all the junior highs in town."

We are always happy to post news about our far-flung family!  These two boys, Ryan and John, are grandsons of Brother Pete and Janet, sons of Kelly.  Kelly and his family live in Boise, Idaho.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Have some news from the Idaho side of the family but I'm still waiting for pictures to post.  Pete had told me on Saturday that John, one of Kelly's sons, had dressed up like Steve Jobs and given a speech before a computer class.  Rose, Shirley and I are Apple fans though they are much more competent than I am.  Kelly's other boy, Ryan. played his saxophone in a solo fest and took third place in a ski race out of a 180 junior high boys.  Both boys play soccer and football and ski and fish.  They are both straight A students.  We need some pictures.

Goldman took me over to see Jack yesterday evening.  Remember, he's the one I worked with at Midwest Recovery.  He sang Amazing Grace at Denny's funeral.  He is in an extended care facility over in Illinois.  He called to thank me for coming after I left.  I'll try to go more often.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Happy 17th Anniversary

I'm going to have a short update simply because I don't have much to tell.  Beth started  her Spring Break yesterday and is spending most of the week in Louisville.  I believe Scott got his new computer set up though I was no help.  Rose and Chris know much more about this sort of thing than I do and helped him some.

Pete called this morning so I knew it was Saturday.  It was cold in Idaho [20 degrees] but supposed to warm up some.  Will Spring ever come?  It's not that cold here but certainly not hot yet.

Shelly is going to pick me up when she gets off work and we're going out to eat.  Chris is on call and may join us if hr doesn't get summoned in to work.  Today is Rose and Shirley's 17th anniversary and they are going out for a elegant dinner at Brio's.  It's a really elegant restaurant they only go to on special occasions.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Home Again

Now I'm back in St. Louis and so are Rose and Shirley.  It was a chilly weekend at the lake but I stayed inside.  Chris took me to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner after I got back on Sunday.  I guess it's a chain because I've heard other things about them since then.  The food was great and atmosphere was pleasant.

Rose had her guitar lesson yesterday and usual clients.  Scott had ordered a new computer which came yesterday and he and Chris and Rose spent all evening on the phone getting whatever had to be done to convert the info from the old to the new.  Brayden knows more about computers than I do but I know enough to email and blog and do my banking.

Shelly got back from Colorado yesterday evening.  I think she and her friends skied yesterday and I'm not sure if she had to work today.  Please send some pictures.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Back to Missouri

I'm back at the lake this morning after my week in Louisville.  My flight was a few minutes early but Goldman was there waiting for me.  We left immediately for the lake and Mad Dog had shoveled the driveway and had a fire burning in the fireplace.  He had picked up groceries for breakfast,too.  There was quite a bit of snow but not nearly as much as Kansas City got.  Donald called me and said he and Vita were going there for one of the grandson's birthday and Julie had told him they had 2 feet in some places.

Pete hasn't called yet.  Rose and Shirley got back from Florida last night shortly after my flight got to St. Louis.  She's already busy today and tomorrow.  She's 'hit the ground running' as we've heard.  Goldman and I have to go back tomorrow though I already don't want to.

Chris fixed me up with Netflix and Amazon.  Scott doesn't have Amazon but Braydon taught me a lot about Netflix.

Pete must be sleeping in.   I just talked to him.  He did sleep in.  More later.