Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Morning

Now it's just Tuesday morning But will update before Chris picks me up for a few days at the lake. I had an email from Sandi who reported that her mother is home now. Sandi said she's having some trouble talking but Kay is staying with her which makes a pleasant companionship. We used to call Kay 'Kay-Kay'. She's still Kay-Kay to me. Rose and Shirley are still ailing and I'm not sure if they're going to see clients today. Chris and I will be at the lake until Thursday and I'm hoping they call and tell me what's wrong with the boat and that it's something minor.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Morning

Monday morning and I'm the only one up so far. Shirley and Rose have both felt 'wretched' with some bug the past few days so I'm trying to be really quiet. Rose did get the humming bird feeders hung last week, but so far we haven't seen any humming birds.

 Goldman took me for a pedicure Saturday afternoon and talked to Scott while I was having it done. Scott told Goldman he was  glad it was Goldman instead of him.

 Chris and I went to see Margaret Saturday evening and got to see Sabrina, Dave, and Alex too. We then went to JJ's for dinner. Some of old St. Charles is still there but much has changed. Pio's is still there but was crowded.

 I have an appointment today with my primary care physician and Chris is going to take me since Rose feels so wretched. The appointment is just routine. I feel good.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Idaho News

There's some good news to post today. Pete called with his usual Saturday call and had something exciting for me to report.   Janet gets to come home from the hospital next Tuesday.  The whole family is overjoyed and, of course no one more than Janet.  Pete says she gets great therapy and care and has made lots of friends in her stay there; nevertheless, there's no place like home. Donald and Vita were visiting and had to leave yesterday.

Goldman is going to pick me up and take me to have a pedicure. I got two new pairs of sandals for my birthday and, now that summer is almost here, I can put these shoes on BY MYSELF.

My caregiver, Linda, is extra special. We're really working well together, and we'll post some pictures later.

Sue (AKA Martha)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Margaret and Yadi

A very happy reunion!

Sue and Joe

Lunch at Baxter's at Lake of the Ozarks

Lunch with Brother Joe

Brother Joe came up from Springfield to go out to lunch. He and Linda had never met and we had a lovely lunch at a place called Baxter's. He couldn't stay long but I'm hoping he comes back soon and often.

 Rose went to see Margaret today and she continues to improve. She's having therapy on a regular basis. I talked to Pete, and Janet is also improving.  She's a true amazement.  Donald and Vita are in Idaho Falls but have to leave tomorrow. Pete said it's cold out there but I almost didn't need my sweatshirt here today.

 There have been lots of fishing boats on the lake, and the boat repair company picked up the boat yesterday but haven't told me what's wrong with it. Linda and I have to go back to St. Louis tomorrow but it's been a really good week.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Back to the Lake

I'm back at the lake this morning after a lovely birthday. I heard from all my siblings except Donald but that's probably because he and Vita were en route to Idaho Falls. Linda brought me down and then took me out to dinner at Ruthie D's. She is a true delight. She's a great companion, very helpful, and has become a real friend. We both have our computers set up here at the table, and I'm on mine early this morning.

 It's cloudy and overcast here this morning and I'm hoping it clears up. There's something wrong with the boat. When the guy dewinterized it, he noticed a funny noise. I don't have a trailer so he has to take it out on his trailer to check it out. I consulted Doug and he agreed we should do it. The same guy has winterized it for several years so Doug and I both trust him. It's been raining a lot down here so the boat is still here.  I'm hoping it clears up today and the mechanic finds a minor problem.

 We have to go back to St. Louis on Friday.  Rose just called with her morning daily call. I'll finish this later, hopefully when they come get the boat and fix it.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shelly and Chris


Beth and Scott's Engagement

It's early Sunday morning, but Scott and Brayden are already on their way to Louisville. They can keep a secret--really. I asked Brayden if he knew and didn't tell me, but he insisted he didn't know earlier or 'maybe' would have told me. Beth has already turned in her resignation I knew she was going to spend the summer in Louisville, but this October 5 wedding date came as a somewhat surprise, but a very happy one.  She and Scott are going to have the wedding at the lake house. Beth is a true sweetheart. She's thoughtful, kind, talented, loving, and has many other wonderful attributes I'm not mentioning.

We're celebrating Shelly's birthday tonight. I'm not sure who all is going to be there.   It's a dinner at a place called Fleming's.  Scott and Brayden already left today to get home for a soccer game so can't attend.  Shelly always does so much to help others celebrate that it's a pleasure to celebrate her.

 We did hear from the Fellin family.  Maudie is doing much better and may be able to leave the extended care facility soon. Karen Kay will then come stay with her until the end of May, and, after that, Mike and family will stay with her at the farm, if necessary.  

We always like pictures to post on the Family Gazette.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wedding Announcement

Home Again

Saturday morning and I'm waiting for Pete's call. Scott and Brayden drove me back from Louisville last night and dropped us off with Rose and Shirley. They didn't get to see much of Scott, who left right away to meet Beth, as long as they had Brayden. They can only stay until tomorrow. Brayden has a soccer game. With soccer and baseball and work, Scott keeps busy. Margaret is back at Delmar Gardens. She is getting lots of therapy but can't put much weight on that one leg. Correct me if I'm wrong on that, Margaret. I don't hear much from you and would also love an update from the FeLLins.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Louisville Visit

I've been in Louisville since Sunday morning after going to that beautiful wedding on Saturday Linda has become a true friend and Rose and Shirley and I were all honored to be invited. Linda has become a true friend. Chris and Goldman took me to the airport Sunday morning. They had to get up early to do it, though they didn't seem to mind. Scott and Brayden were waiting for me when I arrived. Brayden had a soccer game Sunday afternoon and baseball practice. He had baseball practice again Monday afternoon and a game last night. Last night he was Star of the Game. He hit a triple with the bases loaded and then scored himself. Needless to say, his team won the game. Jalen and a friend came to the soccer game Sunday and then came over and visited for a while. It's really true what Rose says about these Apple computers. I'm using Brayden's while I'm here. Though it's, I thought, exactly like mine, I was having trouble communicating yesterday. He came in from school and showed me what I was doing wrong. I'm using his Apple right now. Scott and Brayden are going to drive me back to St. Louis Friday evening. I hope Jalen can go with us. Beth is driving over from Kansas City to meet them. I'm sorry it will be such a short visit.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I noticed Gazelle.com has advertised on this blog.  Ever since I owned my first Apple iPhone, I have been sold on Apple products, but they are very expensive.  Nephew Chris put me onto a website, Gazelle.com, which buys used electronic products.  I have sold Gazelle a number of my used Apple products, enough so it has become a game for me.  Gazelle provides you a bid on your obsolete item, good for 30 days.  If you decide to sell it to them, they send you shipping papers, even a box if you need it.  (I always keep all the original packing materials.)  You send in your item and wait for their evaluation.  If the phone or whatever has scratches or other deficits, Gazelle will mark down their original bid by $10 or so.  It has become a contest.  I keep everything pristine, and when I buy a newer, more up-to-date replacement, I sell my old one to Gazelle.  Lately, they haven't found any flaw that would warrant a mark-down.  :)

Because of outlets that Gazelle has for older electronics, the price they offer is usually sufficient for me to purchase the latest edition.  In this way, I have had every new iPhone version, and it hasn't cost me much at all.  It helps that two other folk, Shirley and Sue, on our ATT account don't care about upgrades so there is always one available for me.

Gazell.com     A good place to cash in on your older electronic items.  My MacBook Pro is four years old this month.  It may go the way of Gazelle soon.


Sue, Shirley, and I were invited to attend the wedding of Linda and Joe Orso's daughter Lydia yesterday at St. Joseph's Church in Clayton. [ Linda is Sue's part-time caregiver at the lake.]  It was truly an inspirational event.  The wedding mass was followed by a lovely reception and dinner at the Forest Park Golf Club.  All three of us enjoyed every moment of the day.  Here is a Channel Two video link that gives a more complete story and explains why the engagement and wedding is such a blessed event for these two wonderful young folk and all of us fortunate enough to be invited:  http://fox2now.com/2013/04/14/clayton-wedding-day-is-a-dream-come-true/

Linda makes this statement in the video:  “Coming into it you think, well that isn’t going to happen.  To see it happen I think makes everyone feel like, ‘Hey, maybe some things I thought couldn`t happen, can happen’.  I think it`s the reality that the possibilities are still there."  So very true!

Sue met Linda through her (and our) hairdresser, Stephanie.  The bridal party all assembled at David's Salon in Clayton yesterday morning where Stephanie did everyone's hair.  Stephanie is also a very special beautiful person.  You see her at the beginning of the video clip.

Sue and Chris

Off to airport for flight to Louisville

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Just talked to Pete so I knew it was Saturday from his call. Merri and Nancy were both there and Pete had his speaker phone on so the four of us talked. IIt's a little chilly here in Missouri this morning but I guess just plain cold in Idaho. I've been riding the exercycle 20 minutes, doing 30 deep knee bends each day. I've been walking as much and as often as I can every day. Goldman came over and walked with me one evening but it started raining and we didn't walk very far. I'm going to Louisville tomorrow and may not take a handicap hanger. Scott doesn't like to use it and always encourages me to get the exercise. Shelly had a birthday on the 11th. As is my custom, I won't post her age. I think they were going to go to the Cardinal game but Chris had to go to Poplar Bluff and that ruined that evening. I just tried to call Margaret with no answer. I'll keep calling. Rose and Shirley and I are going to Linda and Joe's daughter, Lydia, wedding this afternoon and then to the reception this evening. Tom and Lydia are a wonderful couple and may they have a beautiful life. Linda is my part time companion at the lake and has become a close friend. The two of us will go back for a few days on the 23rd. I did finally talk to Margaret. She was eager to be out of that place and be home. She is getting physical therapy and was setting up in a wheelchair when we talked. I'm flying over to spend several days with Scott and Brayden and Jalen, too, I hope. Scott will drive me back late Friday. Beth will meet him here from Kansas City. This Sunday my flight leaves at 8:30 so I have to be at the airport at 7:30. Goldman and Chris have arranged to take me. It's not far for Goldman but Chris has to arise much earlier and has also volunteered to bring breakfast. I hope he sets his alarm.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Short Stay in Hospital

After I finished the IVIG and was packed - or at least I thought I was all packed - Chris picked me up from Barnes Hospital and we went to JJ's in St. Charles for supper before going to see Sister Margaret. Catrina was also visiting and the four of us told stories of the past and reminisced. I was ready to leave the hospital and, as I said earlier, had thought I was all packed. After I got home and was going to charge my cell phone, I found I had left my charger. Rose and I found one that works here so weren't too concerned. This morning my laptop quit and needed to be plugged in. I may have some of the terminology wrong in describing the situation. I had also forgotten the charger for it. These things cost $80.00. We thought we were going to have to go get it. We called Barnes-Jewish to make sure they had them and they did and offered to mail them to me. That was okay with me but a little while later they called and said they were bringing them by courier. The courier was here within two hours. Rose has now forgiven the hospital after the Monday incident. So have I. The weather has been springlike but may get cool again in the next couple days.

Monday, April 08, 2013


I'm at Barnes Jewish Hospital this morning for my periodic IVIC overnight stay. Rose brought me down here and when I signed in, Rose and I agreed the woman at the desk had a rather sullen attitude. After waiting 45 minutes to be taken to my room, Rose went to the front desk and inquired. She was told the staff would be there to get me momentarily. We waited a while longer and Rose went back to see what the holdup was. She found out the woman with the attitude hadn't even bothered to register me. Needless to say, Rose was especially upset. She needed to be home because the furnace people were coming and Shirley had a client. She wanted to stay with me until she got my computer set up. Rose registered a formal complaint about the employee. The hospital just sent me flowers and someone from personnel came and apologized for her behavior. Rose seldom gets so angry. The treatment I usually get here is excellent.
Rose and I went to Delmar Gardens to see Margaret yesterday. That Rehabilitation Center is certainly a beautiful place. Margaret gets wonderful attention and care and has lots of company. Chris and I are going back to see her tomorrow night, and I hope Shelly can come too.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Margaret and Yadi


Brayden in his soccer uniform


Brother Joe (AKA Joe Felin) sent this update to Sue:

"Read your today's  blog and appreciate your keeping us informed.
Not to be outdone by other family members, we are spending time on the so-called "Medical Mile" in Springfield.
Lisa's husband Jack fell  Wednesday in their house and ended up in the emergency room followed by surgery Thursday at Mercy Hospital ( formerly St. Johns) .   He ruptured the tendon above his knee  and will be hobbling for several months. I guess he will be on crutches as I heard the Dr. say he will have to not have any weight on it for a couple of weeks and will be healing for as long as 6-8 weeks. He is back home now.
Jack's Dad, a WWII veteran, had a stroke and is still in the same hospital Jack was in.  He is recuperating nicely, per Lisa.
Our neighbors since 1969 recently moved to a retirement home and she was/is in the hospital with pneumonia. Seven years ago now (April 2006) , I was recuperating from the quadruple bypass and she was in the hospital across the hallway.  This was Cox South Hospital.  I am still volunteering on Tuesday at the hospital (Wheeler Heart & Vascular Center) and attending arthrites foundation exercises at the Meyer Center once or twice a week at other times.
Not to be outdone, our dog (really granddaughter Lydia's dog that stays at our house) is limping again. She had a $1,000 plus  operation last year on one of her hind legs.
Better news. Had lunch yesterday with Brian Madden. He seems to be doing well with his schooling and is
getting more involved in local politics. I think as local precinct chairman or person?
Worse News: Income tax time. Hope sister Rose is not suffering too badly during this taxing time!  I have ours ready to take to the bean counter this afternoon.
Bro Joe"


Pete has called this morning so we knew it was Saturday. Janet hasn't been feeling very well. The doctors moved Margaret to Delmar Gardens at 7069 South Outer Road, O'Fallon, MO 63368 yesterday. This is a rehabilitation center where she's been before, quite some time ago. We're sure she would appreciate and enjoy cards.  Rose and I are going out to visit with her after while. We're waiting on further news about Maudie Ree. I'm having an IVIG on Monday and have to stay in the hospital overnight, but this is just a periodic routine treatment.  Chris took me out to dinner last night - to Applebees.  Brother Donald called me yesterday. He and Vita are going to France for a couple of weeks. Rather a coincidence, Mark and Karen are going there on Monday. Rose has been diligently practicing her guitar and taking her weekly lesson. We don't hear much out of Brother Joe. We need an update.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Margaret had trouble walking on Sunday because of a problem with her knee.  She ended up in the emergency room, and from there was admitted to the hospital.  She is at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Peters, (10 Memorial Drive, St. Peters, MO 63376) in Room 2281.  She is undergoing a multitude of tests, and her children and grandchildren are hovering over her.

Monday, April 01, 2013


Maudie Ree, who is brother Bernie's widow, is in the hospital and has been since Wednesday.  Her health issue has been traced to irregular heart beat, and she is improving every day.  She can't have flowers but loves cards and prayers.  She is at Sacred Heart Hospital, 101 W. 8th St., Spokane, WA.  99204, Room 241.   We will keep the Gazette updated as we hear.