Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family History

Brother Joe sent me copies of some articles from the Springfield "News Leader" newspaper about the Edward Felin Family.  Briefly, Joe has been doing research in to the Edward Felin Family to prove that Mary Pauline Austin Felin is the daughter of Edward and Lois and, as such, is entitled to eventual burial in the Edward Felin Family plot in the Marshfield Cemetery.

Edward was the brother of our father, James Louis.  He married Lois Willis and they had three offspring, James Edward and twin daughters Pashe Nadine and Mary Pauline.  Both James and Nadine died at early ages  in car crashes.  None of the three ever had children. Nadine was eight months pregnant when she was killed, and her unborn child died with her.  [Joe, please weigh in here if I have some of these facts wrong.]

The following are the articles Joe found.  Note the different ways "Felin" is spelled.

Joe sent this additional information today (7/01/13):

"Aunt Lois's maiden name was WILLIS
Also the 1900 and later U.S. census's and for sure, Uncle Bud's WWI Military Registration card all showed only one" L".  Same for his marriage license. The census's also lists various Turnbo & Marshfield residents with one L. such as Herny (Cash) that had the clothing store, Peo that had the grocery store and on and on."

[I had put Aunt Lois's maiden name as "Thomas."  I changed it after receiving Joe's e-mail.]

Springfield News Leader

Edward Felin Obituary


Rose is typing for me.  Chris and Mark Goldman visited this morning, Rose is here now, and Beth is stopping by later.

We had an amazing synchronicity last week.  Rose was in my room.  She answered her phone, and said "This is Rose."  A young CNA who works here asked her after she hung up, "Miss Rose?"  Turns out the CNA is Tamika who was in second grade at Holy Angels the last time Rose saw her.  Now she is a tall, stately, wonderful healer who rotates around various facilities in her work.  Tamika, of course, also remembered Mr. Chris who taught during those years at Holy Angels and drove the van that picked Tamika up for school.

We were close to several of Tamika's siblings, I especially to Creeola who called me "Miss Sue."  Here I am called Martha.  Tamika later said Creeola wanted to know where Miss Sue is.  I told her, "Miss Martha is Miss Sue."

I've had many visitors and lots of phone calls, Donald from Florida last week and, of course, Pete yesterday.

Brother Joe has researched information about the family that should help secure an eventual burial site for Mary Pauline, our cousin, in her family plot in Marshfield.  Rose has the information Joe provided and will post here when she can.

My recovery is slow, primarily because the medication situation is complicated with the sudden withdrawal of the trial drugs that were working well for me.  Now, because of the falls I've taken I cannot stand or walk unaided.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

Well, I've been noticing what kind of ads this blog has been attracting--Alzheimer's Care, Office Cleaning, Gazelle (which buys old electronics), and autos, so I thought I would plug my new Prius C.  I bought the thing about a month ago only after thinking about it for over a year.  My other car, which Brother Pete has dubbed "the company car" for its use by several of us, was going to the lake for with Sue and Mark Goldman for the summer, so it seemed the time was right.

Almost immediately, Shirley and I had to make a trip to western Kansas.  Turns out, there is a problem with the thing.  We kept forgetting to buy gas!  The dealer filled the tank, and it has a range of around 450-500 miles (with a 9.5 gallon tank).  We were somewhere in Kansas, having stopped several times already but not needing to buy gas, when we realized the "Miles Remaining" was near to zero.  Imagine the shame of having a brand new car and running out of gas on the first tank, especially since the thing has more electronics and early warning systems than the first lunar module lander.  We did make it to a gas station.

The car rides a little rough, compared especially to the company car.  However, it is enormously interesting to drive, sips gasoline about like I sip wine, and has stuff I never had before--like a hook-up to my iPhone or iPad for music, bluetooth through the radio system for my phone.  Alas, no heated seats which we will miss in the winter.

Something I didn't realize until I took it into the Toyota shop the other day to have some unsightly grease removed from the door protectors, the thing needs an oil change only ever 10,000 miles.  Every car I've ever owned has run forever because I faithfully had the oil changed every 3,000 miles.  I may feel compelled to keep doing so.

O.K., now let's see if Toyota puts an ad here.  It is kind of fun to watch.   After I posted about my good experience with Gazelle, I've noticed that company advertises here frequently.


Rose is typing for me this morning.  I am back in the rehab facility after a short time in the ER yesterday for some tests and adjustment of medications.  After a thorough check by Dr. Hogan, my neurologist, I returned here.  It was a hectic few hours.  Chris came for the afternoon and Rose into the evening.  I am much better today, having had a good night's rest.

This is Girls' Weekend at the lake, and I hate missing it.  Have a good time, Ladies!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


It's Rose here, updating for Sue.  She is having a very rough few days, complicated by a urinary tract infection, so won't be released right away.  The house physician is talking today with Dr. Hogan, Sue's neurologist, so they can adjust her meds as needed.  It is always a delicate balance, as we have seen (once again) after the abrupt withdrawal of the trial meds on May 28.

In hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, rehab facilities I've noticed time and again that some of the best healers are the ones lowest on the totem pole.  Here, the people who clean the room, bring the food, and generally assist with the more menial tasks are universally kind, tender, and patient.  Same was true at the hospital last week.  Sue has been on the 11th floor at Barnes-Jewish so many times that many of the staff know her.  She lost some clothes and shoes last week.  Someone tracked them down and is sending them to our house.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Girls Weekend

I'm behind on my updates and still in the Rehab Institution, hoping to be released Thursday, well enough to go to the lake for our annual Girls Weekend.   The personnel here (Rehab Institute of St. Louis) will evaluate my condition at a weekly conference Thursday and decide whether or not I'm in shape or not.  I'm waiting impatiently for their decision.  The original plan was for Linda and me to go down tomorrow and the rest to follow as quickly as they could make it.  I still have hopes.  Things are up in the air.

Scott called first thing this morning to find out, as he puts it, 'what's up'.  He thought I'd be out of here by now and so did I.  Rose is here everyday at least once.  She is also diligently practicing the guitar. Sunday she and Shirley went went to a friends' wedding and reception and stopped to see me on their way home to show me their outfits.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Morning

It's me and I am typing again.  I was truly disheartened yesterday, but have hope that I won't be here (Rehab Institute of St. Louis) long.   I left the hospital last evening and checked in here.  The therapists will evaluate my condition on Monday after checking me over, and my progress will determine when I can go back to the lake.  I can see much progress myself.   Rose can, too.  Aan the physical therapist who began the evaluation from notes sent from the hospital can also see progress.

I knew it was Saturday when Pete called this morning.  It was cold in Idaho but hot in Missouri.  He said it warms up for a day but just cools off again.  It was 40 this morning.

Brayden had a game yesterday.  The other team didn't show up so they just had practice and won by forfeit.

I am a bit worried about some of the folk at Barnes.  There was a sign about falling that had the word "without" spelled as two words.  Rose, Shirley and I caught it right away.  However my neurologist didn't catch the error.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I am having Rose type for me this morning.

This has been an eventful and awful period. I am still in Barnes-Jewish Hospital (Big Barnes). It looks like I will be here at least one more day.  Now Dr. Lopate, my neurologist for neuropathy, has taken over my care and treatment.   He has indicated my problems with unsteadiness, tremors, and falling have to do with changes in my medications.  My neurologist who treats my epilepsy, Dr. Hogan, had me come into the hospital.  With all the monitoring of my brain activity over four days, his staff concluded I was NOT having seizures, that the problem was something else.  Unfortunately, Dr. Hogan has been out of town. This afternoon Dr. Lopate has ordered an MRI.   The next step, post-hospital, will be a short (I hope) stay in a rehab facility so that I can get my strength and balance back.

The nurses and other staff on this floor (the 11th) are universally kind and helpful.  Rose tells me valet parking personnel know her, and treat her with equal kindness and courtesy.  I could not imagine better care here.  Of course, Chris, Shelly, Mark Goldman, and Rose have hovered, bringing me "unhospital" food. Scott and Beth are checking in. I suspect Beth had a hand in sending the flowers and candy. They are a Beth kind of thing.

My lovely friend, caregiver, (and Shaklee Representative), Linda, came to see me Tuesday.  On her way to my room, she got stuck in an elevator and had to be rescued by the maintenance staff.   Unruffled and undaunted, as is Linda's style, she arrived laughing about the ordeal.  Most of us would have been hysterical.  [The glue for the wires on my head is the devil to wash out.  I asked Rose to bring my Shaklee shampoo to get the stuff out.]

 Sadly enough, today is the day John and Jana and their daughters are arriving at the Lake. I don't know if I will get there before they have to leave on Sunday. It is doubtful. This makes me really sad. Jana even offered to drive to call for me if there is any chance I can make it. They are a lovely family!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The "Wrapper" ruined a perfectly good hair day

Chris with His Mama at Barnes

Getting settled at Barnes Hospital


Many of you faithful readers of the Family Gazette know that Sue has been part of a long-term drug trial for a medication that promises better control for seizures.  Sue has suffered from seizures of various kinds since she had encephalitis in late 2004.  The drug she has been taking, perampanel, gained FDA approval earlier this year.  For what ever reason, at the last routine visit (May 28) with the neurologist, Dr. R. E. Hogan, who has been running the program at the Center for Advanced Medicine, the drug company withdrew the the drug abruptly.  Sue has gone downhill ever since.

Sue went to the lake with Linda, her friend and caregiver, on May 31, even though she was already a bit unsteady on her feet.  Her conditioned worsened over the next few days.  She fell several times, was depressed, and grew weaker.  Mark Goldman took over for Linda on June 3.  Sue, Linda, Mark, and I were in communication with Hogan's office about the situation.  Dr. Hogan adjusted her meds a couple of times, but nothing helped.  His instructions were to take Sue to the emergency room at Barnes if her condition continued to deteriorate.

Finally, yesterday, (Saturday, June 15) Mark and Sue came home.  Chris came over, and he and I took Sue to ER at Barnes where she was admitted.  She now is on a floor for careful monitoring, both by video cam and measurement of brain activity.  We are hopeful that this will be a very short stay, the med situation will get ironed out, and Sue will be returning to the lake this week.  Of course, she is upset, depressed, and saddened by this turn of event.  I am baffled and angry by the sudden withdrawal of the trial drug, especially when all the literature about it says withdrawal should be managed slowly and carefully to avoid just this kind of thing.

Sue was so weak and down-hearted, she could not talk with Brother Pete for their routine Saturday morning phone conversation--a measure of just how bad she felt.  He called me to see what was going on.  A piece of really good news from him is how well Janet is doing.  They were off on a road trip to Merri's (their daughter) some 120 miles away today, the first jaunt like that Janet has been able to make for some time.


Sunday, June 09, 2013

Moores in Chicago

Hello again.  I thought it was a good time for another update on what we have going on.

A few weeks ago, Jana and I took the ladies to Chicago for Memorial Weekend.  Aunt Rose was extremely generous and let us use her sweet condo right on the lake as our headquarters.  Let me give you a briefing of what we accomplished while we were there.  We arrived at Union Station on Thursday afternoon.  As soon as we got settled at the condo, we headed down to the Children's Museum at Navy Pier.  Friday, we went to Shedd Aquarium and were only there for 5 solid hours.  Luckily for us, there are a billion things to do and see there so we were never bored.  Kaitlyn especially loved the shark tank and Ellie loved an exhibit there where you can actually touch stingrays as they swim by.  I must say I enjoyed that as well.  Saturday, we went to American Girl Place for brunch in the morning followed by 3 hours of shopping in the store.  The girls had been saving up their money for a really long time so they were both able to buy some wonderful (if not overpriced) accessories for their dolls.  We then took a carriage ride out by the lake and down Michigan Avenue.  When we were done with the ride, we walked ourselves down the avenue as well and saw several interesting street performers.  My favorite was a guy in all white that was Poppin' and Lockin' (doing the robot) when people tipped him.  Sunday we went back to Navy Pier.  We took a skyline boat tour and rode all of the rides before catching a bus to Millennium Park to see the Bean and Crown Fountain before we walked to Buckingham Fountain (of Married, with Children fame).  Dinner at Rosebud followed and a long bus and train ride home followed that.  Monday we got the condo back in order and met my cousin Maggie for lunch at Ed Dibevic's.  It was an interesting experience as the servers and wait staff are rude to you.  The girls had a great time.  Then it got interesting.  We decided to take a cab back to Union Station rather than lug all of our crap across town.  Time was tight and we ended up walking into the Station at 2:45 for our 3 pm train ride home.  It was a great trip and we were all exhausted by the time we got home.  Jana and I joked that we needed to get to work so we could get a break.  And we can't thank Aunt Rose enough for her hospitality.  It takes a lot of pressure off of you when you have a nice place to come home to at the end of every busy day.

Ellie has had a busy few weeks herself.  She played her last soccer game last Sunday and even drilled a goal in the 2nd half.  She also had her dance recital that has been 9 months in the making.  Her dance was from the Lion King and she nailed it.  Finally, she is still playing softball and has made several Hall of Fame level defensive plays already.  Batting on the other hand...

Kaitlyn just started her soccer league.  It took her about 35 of the 50 minutes of the class to warm up but she finally did and decided that she was having fun and would do it again next week.  We'll see how that goes.  I've heard this song and dance before.

Here are some pics and we hope everyone is doing well.  Have a great week.


Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday Update

Friday morning and it looks like it's going to be another beautiful day here at the lake. Just talked to Rose and it's overcast where they are in Georgia, perhaps on the edge of Andrea. Linda's husband Joe, left on Tuesday but Linda stayed until Goldman arrived on Wednesday. She and I put him to a few small chores chores while he was here and he was very compensating. They are a wonderful couple and I feel lucky to have made such good friends. Scott is driving to Kansas City this evening and back through St. Louis on Sunday to pick up Brayden and back to Louisville. With the upcoming wedding and Beth's move, they're keeping the road hot. More later.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Aqua Island

Brayden's favorite place


It't Tuesday and a bit chilly for Missouri but still very pleasant weather. Linda's husband, Joe, joined us on Sunday and I feel very lucky to have such wonderful friends. They're both baseball fans so we've been watching the Cardinals among other things. Linda has a GPS on her car so I called Donald Saturday to see if the girls were down. I got no answer so left a message and when he called back, he and Vita were in France and he didn't have the address but assured me he would get it to me. He didn't believe they were down anyway because the boys are still so involved in sports. Rose, Shirley, and Brayden are having a great time in Georgia. Shirley has some nieces who Brayden plays with constantly. I'm sure Rose will post some pictures. Joe has to go back tonight and Linda will leave tomorrow. Goldman will come down then and he's looking forward to her leftovers. She is a superb cook.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Dinner in Nashville

In St Louis

Long night flying around!

Regular Saturday Morning

Saturday morning and Linda and I are here at the lake. Scott was going to fly as far as St. Louis with Brayden and leave him with Rose and Shirley last night but the weather interfered with their plans. The airport in St. Louis was closed so he had to proceed on to Kansas City and will fly back to St. Louis this afternoon. Then he an Shirley and Aunt Rose will drive to Georgia for a family reunion. He Went to Arkansas to one last year and was really looking forward to it. Pete called with his Saturday call. It's going to be 80 degrees out there today, not hot by Missouri standards. Chris and I had dinner twice this week. I think he really missed me during his vacation. Margaret is still staying at Stef's but gets homesick. That was a nice update from Brother Joe. I wish we'd get more like that. There were lots of storms but only rain, thunder and lightning here last night. Linda can stay with me until Wednesday and Goldman will get here.