Wednesday, July 31, 2013

24th annual Float trip

This is Goldman reporting on our 24th annual float trip last weekend.  Rachel Lynch has been organizing these annual events since the days when we had to camp in the loud part of the camp ground instead of the area with quiet hours in which we now reside.  We again went to the Bass River Resort but this year we moved to a new and bigger campsite with electrical hook ups to accommodate a bigger crowd and three campers. 

      Keeping with float trip tradition, we had some rain on Friday which quit as soon we put up a canopy.  We all barbequed on Friday night and Scott made breakfast before the float.  The 6 mile float seemed to take forever and Scott, Maddog, and I repeatedly questioned the wisdom of spending all day in a canoe.  After the float we adjourned to the campsite for fun, games, and dinner.  We discovered that the store at the campsite makes and delivers pizza so we enjoyed the best float trip dinner ever. 

This year's participants were Mike and Rachel Lynch, Maddog Lynch, Mike and Kim Taylor, Mike Deerington, Kenny Hines, Doug Hollensbe, Danny Cullinane, Scott Kaenter, Jennifer Ashby, Scott Spreitler, Ding and Shelly Spreitler,  Groves and me.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New humming bird feeder and flowers at the Lake

Mike Lynch, Zach Lynch and Matt Lynch on the wave runner

Back to the Lake

I'll start this entry this morning but may have to pause meanwhile.  Goldman and I came back down to the lake yesterday after he got back from the float trip and I had a checkup on the stent I had put on my left leg a few years back.  The staff nurse did blood pressure and xrays on both feet and legs and I didn't even have to see a doctor.  She said they would call  me if I needed any further checkups.  Whatever they did back then did relieve the pain.

Shortly after Goldman and I arrived, Mad Dog and his brother, Mike with his two sons  arrived.  They brought pork steaks and made them with fried potatoes for dinner.  Missouri finally had some rain but it looks like it might clear up and the boys are really looking forward to riding the SEA DOO with their dad.  I think Marshfield had some flash floods.

While I was in St. Louis, Rose, Shirley and I got to have Brayden.  There were lots of humming birds flying and eating.  I brought one of the feeders down with me to see if they were as fascinating here as they are there. Goldman had it hung when I got up this morning.  Brayden also liked watching for them and wants to get one in Louisville for Beth.

Chris called me yesterday since I hadn't updated and was wondering if Uncle Pete hadn't called on Saturday.  Of course he had.  After a long hot spell in Idaho, it was supposed to finally cool off.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Shirley and I took Brayden with us to Callaway Gardens in Georgia the first week in June.  We drove, and it was a very long trip.  After about five hours, Brayden asked, "Why is it we didn't fly, Aunt Shirley?"  Shirley's response was, "For sure, next time we will!"

Later, according to Scott, Brayden told him he much preferred traveling by car with him for three reasons:  "Aunt Shirley and Aunt Rose don't travel much, so they get lost a lot.  They eat at crappy places, and they stop way too many times."  I asked Brayden about the "crappy places."  He said, "Remember the diner that had about six things on the menu, and none of them was any good?"

It was a long trip for all three of us.  Next time we will fly.

Float trip photos

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Night in St. Louis

Goldman and I came back to St. Louis yesterday afternoon.  Mad Dog came with us since all the younger group are on their float trip.

We were happy to get back to  St. Louis, but the only reason I was looking forward to the weekend is that Rose, Shirley and I get Brayden.  We had spaghetti for dinner.  This afternoon he preferred staying home rather than going with Aunt Rose and me to the hairdresser.  The hairdresser had floated the same river the young people are floating this weekend.  I could pronounce but had to spell it for her to know where I meant.

Linda's sister-in-law, Joan, came over this afternoon and can fill in some when Goldman has to go back to school and Linda can't make it either.  She says she is also looking forward to it, and we'll begin on August 6 when she picks me up.

It seems like Saturday but Pete hasn't called so I know it's not.  Rose hasn't practiced her guitar AND just as I inserted that she picked it up.  Shirley and Rose are playing scrabble amidst other things and I'm getting for bed.  Brayden is watching the Cardinals lose.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Springfield's Mild Damage

I checked with Brother Joe and with my friend Leslie in Springfield and they both reported that the tornado just did very mild tree damage there.  I thought some of you had maybe heard about it.

The physical therapist came this morning.  I bragged on the nurse who took my blood last week and  he did say they had a couple of vampires up there.  They did take a mug shot of me but I'm not sure why.

Right now it's just me and Goldman.  Mad Dog went over to his Dad's but is coming back tomorrow.  The two of them are going to put an additional rail for me in my shower.  They worry about my getting in there even with the rails there that are there.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Helper

Mike Lynch came down for a couple days and brought me some onions and cherry tomatoes from his garden. He likes to ride the Sea Doo which still is in very good condition though it is about ten years old.

I was already dreading not being able to spend parts of August after Goldman starts teaching again because I knew Linda had some plans then when she emailed me that her sister-in-law, Joan, would be willing to do it.  She is a retired nurse and I'm going to meet her when I go home for a couple days next week.  I'm going back for a doctor's appointment and a haircut.  Also, since Rose, Shirley and I will have Brayden since most of the group are going on their 24th annual Courtouis River float trip.

I had to have some blood sample taken yesterday here for my neurologist and the nurse got my blood on the first stick.  I insisted that we stop for lunch at Culver's on the way home.  They do have great hamburgers but Steak and Shake have led for years.  I guess Steak and Shake has been around longer.

Pete called and again all is well in Idaho.  I disconnected him accidentally the first time so he chatted with Rose.  Mad Dog is coming back over today.  I don't think anyone else is coming but I'm always glad when they do.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The therapist came today and lives right up the road.  Goldman I both really liked him and he will come twice a week at times when is convenient for both of us.  He gave me some good exercises to do and says he treats several patients with neuropathy so is familiar with people in my condition.  He will come back Thursday.  We pass his house coming and going from ours in and out.

Mad Dog came over for dinner and spent the night yesterday.  His brother came down from St. Louis today and the two of them are playing golf this afternoon.  They may come visit this evening but weren't sure.  Either way, Goldman and I are having leftover stir fry which Goldman made a delicious batch of last night.  He's a great chef.

more pictures from the weekend

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jalen driving the wave runner

Quiet Sunday Now

The only one missing in the picture is Mad Dog and he had gone over to his Dad's.  Everyone has left now except Goldman and me and it's quiet around here.  We have new neighbors next door and she took  the  picture.  Scott spent a large part of yesterday driving  the boat.  The kids loved being towed in the tube.  Jalen is legal  to drive the wave runner by himself now and was careful to observe the rules.  He was fun to watch.  I think Scott did get tired  of being boat driver.

Pete called yesterday with hiss weekly call..  I had talked to him and Janet earlier in the week so almost confused me about what  day it was.  All was well  in  Idaho.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday at the lake

I'm watching the Cardinals as I post this.  Goldman has the brisket in dinner for dinner.  We had pork tenderloin last night and I don't think there was any leftovers.  We managed to sit everyone around the table to eat but expect more to arrive this evening so won't get to dine together.

My guests include Mad Dog,  Goldman. Beth, Brayden and his friend Tristian, Beth's friend Katie, her son Joe and his friend Grant, her daughter Taylor, and her nephew Zach  and tonight we are expecting Scott and Jalen and Katie's husband Joe

Goldman and Mad Dog made the trip to Camdenton  to get the tags for the boat only to find out that we had already taken care of the tags by mail and they were sitting in my computer bag the whole time

we just got new neighbors next door and we are hopping that they take a group picture of us tomorrow

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back To the Lake

I'm back at the lake with lots of company and good weather.     I got out of BJEC Tuesday and Goldman and I came down that afternoon.  Two of the fellows  I shared the dinner table with when I was there before were still there and we had dinners again this time.  They hated to see me leave. I was amazed to see how many people remembered me.  One of the nurses thought Rose and I were identical twins.  I had lots of visitors including Margaret and Stephanie.

The Home Health Care nurse came yesterday and I will get weekly physical therapy here at the house.  The chair lift has been really helpful.  I'm usually the first one up but sleep upstairs and whoever's here would worry and wake up.  Goldman usually hears me anyway..

I've talked to Rose this morning.  She and Shirley are heading off to for Chicago this weekend to see some clients and take care of some stuff at the condo,  Needles to say, they are going to  drive the new car with very little gas cost.

I'm going to try to get Brother Joe to come up soon or get him to meet me and Goldman somewhere for lunch this stay.  I'm expecting Scott and Jalen tomorrow evening and Mad Dog today.  I love having lots of company.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Brief Status Report

It's Tuesday and it's me typing for myself again so this may take a while.  That was some very informative info that Rose and Joe provided.  Facts that might have been forgotten.

I'.m being moved to BJEC tomorrow.  This is where I was two years ago when I broke my ankle.  Where I am now,  The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis,  doesn't seem to provide what I need.  I need physical therapy, and they do have a little of that but more what they deem recreational, speech, and occupational therapies.  What I need is just physical exercise and balance improvement.

Rose and Chris and Goldman and Shirley have been faithful visitors,   Goldman brought Joy, his new girlfriend, up to meet me last night.  This will be the first 4th of July at the lake that I've missed since I bought the place.  Last weekend WAS the first girls' weekend I've missed.  I hope to get back down there soon.