Monday, September 30, 2013

Good News

OKAY - I have a wonderful update this morning.  I've had therapy already and Rose and I have had a meeting with all my therapists and learned of my discharge date which will be Friday, October 4, in time for the wedding on Saturday.  I was surprised and overjoyed.  The neurosurgeon had assured me before I had the shunt that I would be able to go even if I had to ride in an ambulance.  I feel good and able and will just ride down with Rose and Shirley.  I will continue home therapy as I've done before at home and at the lake.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday at BJEC

I' m up and waiting for my breakfast and shower.  Rose has already brought donuts and was on her way to pick up a client at the train station in Clayton while Chris came by en route to Dallas for  a couple days.  I called Margaret yesterday and things seemed well in Troy with the Abbotts.  Pete and Janet and I had our usual Saturday chat yesterday also.  No therapy on Saturday or Sunday which I really miss.

Goldman came by yesterday and so did Chris.  Rose and Shirley visited twice and they picked me out something to wear to the wedding and made sure It suited me.  It did.

Meanwhile I did get my shower and breakfast and talked to my friend Linda who is also a Cardinal fan as his her husband Joe.  The Cards are a shoo in now - whatever that means - but I'll watch the game this afternoon.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Another One Out of Time

Finally got a shampoo after waiting some quite some time.  It happened late yesterday and felt so much so much better.  I've had therapy and going down to the dining room for   lunch.  Rose has been here already today and I've already had therapy earlier.

I'm getting lots of exercise and I'm looking very forward to the wedding.  Scott and Beth and the boys are coming forward through on Wednesday or Thursday but I'm not sure when everyone going down.   Mad Dog is down there putting some finishing touches and 'shining up' the place.  I'm not sure if anyone else is available or ii he needs help.  He does a really good job.

Not Much News - Just Happenings

I had 100 minutes of physical therapy besides occupational therapy this morning.  One of the therapists was fascinated with the blog and Rose got here soon enough to show her how to start one.  She also comes from an extended family and believes this would be a mover.  I can add to ours but have been doing it so long don't remember how we began it.  I've also shown several people about 'unclaimed funds' and found some money for some of them.

Shelly stopped by at lunchtime and I think Goldman is coming tomorrow.  Chris and Shelly went to the Rams game last night but I guess the Rams got clobbered.  I'm much more excited about the Cardinals and Cubs tonight.  I'll watch that but didn't even watch the Rams.

Chris just called and he will be here shortly.  I'm having some trouble with my AOL and I thought I had it working or could make do.  The ballgame doesn't start until 7:15 so he can get home in time for that to start so he can probably fix it and beat the traffic.  I get in trouble with my old dinner buddies if I eat in my room or at the wrong table.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stil No Shampoo

Another sunshiny looking day and Cardinals are paying this afternoon.  I've already had therapy and talked to Chris and Rose.  Rose had a morning client but said she will be here later  and Chris plans on popping in sometime today.  I'm still waiting for approval  to get a shower and a shampoo.   It's something about an incision closing with glue or stitches.  The neurosurgeon didn't give me a choice.

Kay Berry resumed our long lost friendship the last few days.  She and I were both truly delighted.   Probably some of you remember  her since she lived next door to the lake house.  Scott and Beth are inviting her to the wedding and she won't need a map.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sunshiny Day

I'm still waiting for a shampoo and it's making me crazy.  The neurosurgeon hasn't given me a time for a follow up appointment and the doctor here is off today and tomorrow, so I guess I'll just have to keep toughing it out.

Beth stopped yesterday on her way back from Kansas City en route to Louisville.  We had a lovely visit and she's much more informative than Scott about preparations for the wedding.  She has everything organized and let's just hopes the weather is as good as it was here yesterday.  She and I sat in the garden, as did Rose and I while Rose was here.  Rose was also here during physical therapy and saw me walk and go farther than I had in quite some time (since last May).  Goldman came over after school.

I had dinner with Jack.  Nels wasn't up to it.  Again, Jack was upset because I wanted to come back to my room and watch the Cardinals instead of joining him in the television room.  He much prefers football and played for Notre Dame in the 60's.  Jack Simon is his name and I did find his record on google.  We've become gossip here at BJEC, and they have our table ready for us when we eat together in the dining room.  Jack is going to be upset again this evening when he learns that I'm going to come back to my room and again watch the St. Louis Cardinals.

I've had occupational therapy this morning and waiting for physical therapy.  Rose hasn't been here yet with Starbucks but is probably on the way.  We live either 5 or 7 minutes away.  That's what she says - if she speeds.

She just arrived.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brayden and Tristan

Scott, Brayden, and Tristan went to Bloomington, IN, Saturday evening to see Mizzou beat IU's football team.


Had dinner with Jack and Nels last night.  Only Jack showed up the night before but Nels  felt better yesterday.  Chris came by and took me down to the dining room.  One of the workers there remembered us from when Denny was here and I used to visit and from when I broke my ankle.  The physician stopped in and asked if I was keeping up the blog.  I told him I had and had promoted him to a neurosurgeon but would correct that entry.  I'm doing so.

It was Saturday so  I knew it was Saturday when Pete called.  Rose and Shirley came over and we figured out what I will wear to the wedding.  Scott and Brayden and Tristan went to the Missouri/Indiana game.  All I know is Missouri won.  I watched the Cardinals game and they also won.  My old friend Jack played football for Notre Dame and I was going to try to google him but couldn't get on google after I got back to my room..  Jack doesn't like it that I watch baseball.  He would rather I stay downstairs in the TV room and watch anything else.  TCM is having Hitchcock movies on Sundays and I've been catching as many as I can.

Rose hasn't been here yet today but I've talked to her and she'll be along later. I talked to Donald.  They''re back from Europe but will go on a short trip to Florida soon.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Back to BJEC

I'm amazed at how many people remember me from my previous two visits here.  The neurosurgeon remembered that there's two steps into our house.  I'm going to go down to the dining room for dinner tonight and plan on doing that quite frequently while I'm here.    I had physical and occupational therapy already today.  They came to get me just as I called Rose to tell her where she could find me.  She has a client early so decided to wait
 to wait until later in the day.  She's faithful about coming every day and Chris stops quite frequently after work.  Shelly came yesterday after work.  Goldman and Joy are coming to visit this evening.  Doug and Mad Dog are going to finish getting the lake house ready for the wedding.  I really appreciate their help and thought it couldn't be done without me.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Update on Sue

Sue is doing well.  She transferred from Barnes-Jewish Hospital late this afternoon by ambulance to Barnes Jewish Extend Care Facility.  At this facility (BJEC) she will receive intensive physical therapy and appropriate nursing care as she recovers.  It is too soon to tell how helpful the shunt will be for Sue's condition, but we are hopeful.  BJEC, you may remember is the place Denny returned to after his stroke in 2004 and the place Sue has been twice before, once to recover from her broken foot and more lately this past June when she had such a reaction to withdrawal of the trial meds she had been on.

Anyway, so far, so good.  There is no wi-fi at BJEC.  Chris is checking into a hot-spot for Sue so she can use her computer and access the internet.  She has her cell phone:  314 452-3685.  Cardinals baseball has been a marvelous entertainment during this ordeal.  We are hoping the season extends into the world series for our home team.

Post Out of Order in Time

This is Rose posting something that I thought I had put here back in May but just discovered it in "drafts."

Sue and Joe (Felin) exchanged newsy e-mails recently.  Here they are:

"Hello Joe,

Rose is over in Kansas and has an appointment with Pauline's guardian this afternoon.  She is also going to see Pauline.  I'll update the blog after her appointment.  The snag Margaret ran into in trying to arrange her burial in the Marshfield plot was that she needed an attorney.  Shirley has a niece who's a licensed attorney in Kansas and said she will help us.  More later.

Wish you would come up.  What color is your GMC? 

Love. Pepe ["Pepe" has been Joe's nickname for Sue for 60+ years.  Long story behind it.]"

Joe's response:

"Sue, thanks for the News.

Rose always come through!  I doubt if Pauline has many visitors.

We made the "Cemetery Run" yesterday. (Sunday)  & noticed flowers were on the monuments at Pauline's family plot.

Unusual is the fact none were at our family plot until we added the ones we brought and took pictures  before and after, then sent them to Don & Vita. They always have the Marshfield Greenhouse set up a wreath at Mom & Dad's tombstone. Maybe I can e-mail some pictures later. Usually we make the trip on Memorial day itself but we went one day earlier this year.

The Turnbo Creek  Run portion of our trip was truncated as we first went to Fordland Cemetery, then Marshfield Cemetery, then Welch Cemetery with the idea of going through Northview and on to Shockley Ford (low water bridge) then Shockley School, our old farm. the former location of Anderson Rural School
and via Hix Hill RR Crossing to Interstate I 44, thence return to Springfield.  (No restaurant stop as we did not leave Springfield until about 1:30 P.M.)

The big change in our plans occurred when we arrived at Shockley Ford.  The Road was closed and the crossing bulldozed out.  We will be checking to  see what is taking place. Even though Webster County experienced some heave rains recently, Shockley Ford was never damaged severely so we feel it is undergoing some planned upgrades? After turning around at Copper Head Corner (Shockley Ford) we came back through Northview and on home to Springfield.

A two full page article in Sunday's News-Leader featured Martha Jean Andreatta-Myers four-level house.
They built it about 40 years ago and it is just south of Marshfield beyond where Bill Felin & family lived but on the west side of the hwy and aboutg 1/2 mile farther south at the top of the hill. View to the north overlooks Marshfield.  The White Oak Road (as we remember it)  has been changed and a new road builtrunning east-west from where the Myers house is located and it comes out on the old White Road adjacent to where the Ira Dillon-Lucien McDonald lanes were located. You might be able to pull up the article on the WWW?

Sue, thanks  for the invite to the lake, but Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day are good days for me to avoid the lake. My new car's color is gray but looks more white when it is wet or after dark.

Bro Joe"

Joe's e-mail reminded us of Memorial Days when we were kids.  Mother always insisted we accompany her on visits to obscure cemeteries to visit the even more obscure graves of long-dead ancestry.  Now, we wish we had paid more attention.


I've had therapy this morning and the therapist was pleased was my progress since the previous time she had seen me so hopefully the shunt is working.  Rose arrived with Starbucks just as the therapist and breakfast got here and since I've got an IV still in she was able to accompany me on this walk.    I believe this will be the last IV and I''ll have another session this afternoon.  I hope I will walk further and get more therapy.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Sue is in recovery, doing fine. The surgery went as planned.  She will go back to her room later tonight. No phone coverage here but Internet available.

Today's the Day

Chris is here with me anticipating the surgery.  Rose had to leave for a while but is coming back.  Shelly is stopping by on her way to work,  Dr. Chicione has been in and said he will ask them to shampoo my hair before the surgery.  That was my main question.  We had some other medical hopes and agreed that I'm going to have and get lots of physical therapy after and during recovery.

Donald and Vita are in Italy and are going to see the pope today,  They're praying for me as are lots of other people.  Goldman came in to see me last evening but left before the  Cardinals played.  They lost but he's a hockey fan anyway.  Brayden has his first basketball practice tonight this evening.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Shunt Tomorrow

I have good news this morning that they are going to do the shunt tomorrow.  I'm praying it shows me some improvement so I can attend Scott and Beth's wedding.  I know it won't make me well but hopefully I can resume my former status.  Through all this, I have made some wonderful friends and had some genuine caring attention.

Rose  is bringing Starbucks this morning.  I had to let her know they moved me yesterday evening so she can find me when she arrives.   They want to keep me in the same floor because they're going to do the shunt.  They didn't tell me until this morning and told me then to stoke up today  because I would have nothing to eat tonight after midnight.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Advertisement on this blog

Out of curiosity I clicked on the "Who is right about Syria" ad that appeared here.  Sure enough, it took me through a brief survey then to something from "Newsmax."  I watched some of it.  It is a pot-load of lies about Obamacare.  From where I sit, with what I know about people with pre-existing conditions, folk without medical insurance, kids who can now stay on their parents' insurance to age 26, people stuck in dead-end jobs because they dare not give up health insurance--Obamacare looks like something many of us need badly.

There is even a provision in Obamacare that would allow families able to care for a loved one at home to receive help with Medicaid.  Right now, to get Medicaid a loved one must go into a skilled nursing facility where the costs are astronomical.  Think of the savings if a family is able to keep the loved one in the home, receiving care from family members and some financial and medical help through Obamacare.

We have had quite a lot of experience with emergency rooms over the past ten years.  Believe me, there are a whole lot of people whose only alternative for medical care now is a trip to an emergency room.  An ailment or injury that might be treated in a short physician visit IF the person could afford it or IF the person has medical insurance means hours in the ER.  Who bears the incredible costs?  You and I.  Who is in the queue at the ER?  You and I.  I venture a guess that an $80 appointment with a physician translates to $1800 in the ER.  And that is probably a conservative estimate.

Obamacare is going to be like Social Security and Medicare in a few short years--something built into the fabric of our lives that gives everyone a better quality of life.

Brayden playing soccer

Brayden playing soccer

Sunday at Barnes

Rose is on her way with a cup of Starbucks so I may quit in the middle.  I did but meanwhile I can just keep typing.  They brought lunch and I'm hoping the physical therapist comes while Sis is here.  It is difficult for me to do two things at once.

My neurosurgeon hasn't been here yet today but I believe he is going to leave it up to me about the shunt and I think I'm going to have it done.  I googled a book about NPH that is out in kindle.  I found it on Friday and Rose ordered it while she was here yesterday.  I spent most of the day reading it.  The book was written by Adam Mednick. and the title is NPH From Diagnosis to Treatment.

Rose and I had a lovely visit and discussed the shunt.  She also put the new book on her computer and has been reading up on NPH and the shunt.  She just had to leave but it's almost time for the Cardinal game and I'm all set up to watch it.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Still No News

I walked with the physical therapist today.  I'm finally unwired from some of the iv's though I'm still electronically wired for oxygen level, blood pressure, and heart rate.  The therapist said she would be back tomorrow, but I'm still not allowed to do anything - or able - on my own.  She assured me we would walk farther in the morning.

Pete has called with his Saturday call morning call.  Janet was going to make relish.  Chris called and said he would be here sometime today with my daily steak burger from Steak and Shake.  It is sure a treat, especially here.  Rose just arrived with more Whole Food cookies.  Goldman  keeps in touch and thought he'd be here today or tomorrow.  Brother Joe wanted to know by email if I stayed awake for the end of that Cardinal game which of course I didn't  but he did.  Chris and Shelly were at the game and they stayed until the end.  The game tonight is at at 6;15.

I have the most  wonderful neurosurgeon and one came in this morning and said perhaps they would put the shunt in Tuesday, I'll wait to see what my neurosurgeon says.   I told him yesterday about Scott and Beth's upcoming wedding and that I was concerned about about being able to attend.  He said I would go if I had to go in an ambulance.  I haven't seen him yet today but I'm hoping he does work Saturdays.

Brayden in soccer game

Friday, September 13, 2013

Still No News

I'm still in the hospital and not sure what the neurosurgeon has planned for me.  He's not sure a shunt will be quite so helpful as I'm wishing but that it could be.  I hope he does it and it proves him wrong.

My computer really keeps me company while I'm here.  Rose and Chris come everyday too.  Chris and Shelly are going to the Cardinal/Seattle game tonight and expect  
to touch base with some Fellins tonight.

Waiting for the Doctor

Just as I started posting this update, my lunch arrived.  I',m having hamburger, onions, corn, and vanilla pudding.  I believe Chris is bringing me a Steak and Shake burger for supper as he did last night.  These burgers are better than the hospital food,

II haven't seen the neurosurgeon yet.  I.m hoping to have physical therapy today.  I don't get much exercise laying in this bed.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This will be a quick post.  I'm still in  the hospital and had a lumbar puncture yesterday.  This is to drain the cerebral spinal fluid off my brain.  If it is succesful, they may do the  shunt as early  as tomorrow.

Monday, September 09, 2013

I started posting this update and somehow lost my work.  I'm trying it again.  Doug and Mad Dog got lots accomplished this weekend.  Those men really worked up sweats.  They ate really well with Linda's cooking.  Rose, Shirley and I had some of her leftover cannelloni for dinner after Linda and I got home yesterday.

I didn't feel well all weekend and could hardly walk last night with double and blurry vision among other symptoms.  Rose called my neurologist's off-hours number.  The physician on duty told her to take me to Barnes-Jewish emergency room.  The staff there admitted me around midnight.  Two of  the neurologists have already been in to see me today.  One has started the IVIG, which I have periodic injections of anyway and was scheduled for one on September 19.   Dr. Chicoine may do the shunt to treat the NPH (diagnosed last month) as early as tomorrow.  Lots happening and very fast!

Scott told us about a quarterback, Jim McMahon, who played for the Chicago Bears.  He had many neurological problems which were finally relieved by something like the procedure Dr. Chicoine is considering for me.  I will post more when we know more.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Back to the Lake

The Home Health  nurse just left and Doug and Mad Dog are working on the sun deck.  They're replacing some boards  and Doug is going to trim my trees.  These trees were barely twigs when Denny planted them but they provide too much shade now.  Linda is making cannelloni and corn on the cob for dinner.  I'm sitting on the sofa watching the news..

Rose and Shirley are in Belleville at a conference at a place near Our Lady of the Snows.  Linda has been there to one of her Teachers' Conference and knows where they are.

After Linda and I got here yesterday, I saw that Greek yogurt Idaho warning on TV.  I emailed Pete and told him we were having Idaho Russets for supper but we WEREN't having yogurt.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Plans for the Week

On Monday coming home from the Lake, I rode back to St. Louis with Beth, and all three boys rode with Scott.  I boys wanted to stick together,  I liked riding with my soon-to-be daughter-in-law.   I'm just glad to be at the Lake any way I can.  Linda and I are going back tomorrow and staying until Sunday.  Doug is coming down sometime this weekend to trim the trees and work on some of the boards on the deck in preparation for the wedding.  I'm sure Mad Dog will be his right hand man.  He's been doing a lot of stuff around there by himself during the week.

After I got back to St. Louis Labor Day, Chris took me out to dinner.  We went to JJ's over in St. Charles which is one of our favorite places.  Margaret, Dave and Sabrina, and Rose met for breakfast Sunday morning.   The Abbotts were headed for the Jefferson Barracks Cemetery to visit Norman's grave.

Rose is with a client and Shirley has gone to Whole Foods, so I may take a nap.  I'm still hoping  to meet with the neurosurgeon sooner than October if he has a cancellation. so I'll find out just what he can do.

The wedding is October 5, and I'm getting excited!

Monday, September 02, 2013

Labor Day

There's shoes laying all around the room and I believe Scott is going to make breakfast.  Beth is in the kitchen now helping him but I'm trying to get her to just come over here and visit with me..  She's spoiling him.  My computer keeps saying there's an error and I don't know what it is.  She could probably assist me.

We all have to leave today.  Linda and I are coming back Thursday through Sunday.  Rose and Shirley have to go to a conference over in Illinois for the weekend.  The Cardinals finally beat Pittsburg yesterday.  I was beginning to think Pete was right that the Cards weren't worth watching.

The kids rode the tube behind the boat and the big kids took a long ride on the wave runner a lot the last couple days.  They got their license now.  Doug and Brayden took a long boat ride - just the two of them.

Brayden asked his Dad on the way over here 'What's your favorite place in the  whole wide world?'  Scott said 'The lake house'.  Brayden said 'Mine, too. and when I get old I'm going to have one too.'  Scott said 'It will probably be this one.'  Brayden said 'Where will you be?.