Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween at BJEC

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mary Pauline Felin

Mary Pauline's guardian called on Friday to report that she had come through the surgery and was recovering.  


The way to get on to post was completely different today, and it seems easier.  I was sure the Cards were going to win last night, and they did it the hard way.  Rose down the hall wondered what happened to me, and I'm sure my men friends missed me also.  I decided to watch the game here in my room rather than with one of them.  I am looking forward to tonight's game.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

World Series

I'm back to myself today after a day and night of mostly eat and sleep.   That really helped.  The whole dining room yelled my name when I went down for dinner last night,  I was invited by my former roommate to watch the game this evening and also by my two men friends to go downstairs to a different place to watch the outcome.  I decided to just stay in my room and watch us win by myself.  (I hope I'm right.  Right now we're leading,)

Sis brought me and my former roommate Starbucks coffee and spent a long afternoon with me. A therapist started an evaluation on me asking me a lot of questions and testing my strength.  I slept through Pete's call.  First time I've ever done that.  Ding was here for a while.  Brayden's soccer team lost their game but only lost by 5 and lost by 9 last time they played these guys.  I think he said they are getting better.  He did loose the Student Council President Election but was probably relieved since he won't have to deliver any more speeches.

Linda has been such a great friend and companion.  She and her husband, Joe, are also great Cardinal fans and Rose and I both agreed she should they should watch the game together I'm sure they are doing so.  Again, I'm pretty sure Rose and Shirley are probably watching the game and play Scrabble.  The Abbotts are probably gathered in a huddle and now we're ahead.  Margaret's dog is even named after the hindcatcher.  Brayden, should I call him catcher instead of hindcatcher  like home run with the bases loaded instead of grandslam?  Maybe I should ask Yadier?




Friday, October 25, 2013


I'm back at BJEC after another trip out here this time in an ambulance instead of the Company car - an EMT Abbott Ambulance.   I owe lots of people apologies and this is my apology post.  I know people love me and I love lots of people.  The doctors keep searching for a physical cause for many of my problems.  I made a separate entry but couldn't get it to post after I saved it so I may repeat myself here.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Adding Some Facts

I'm hoping the Cardinals perform much better tonight than they did last night.  Linda just left and is planning on getting home in time to watch the whole game with her husband while Joe finishes a game of tennis.  I'm sure Rose and Shirley are watching the game and playing scrabble.  I think Shelly had to work and Chris has already stopped by.

When I saw a group of doctors yesterday morning and they were discussing and working toward a diagnosis, they asked ME what I thought it could be when I believe that I'm a happy person.    Then why do I sometimes cry for no reason?  I know that people love me.  Then why do I feel unwanted when I know most everyone does?  I feel left out when I'm not left out.  During one of my 'homeless' feeling periods last week, Chris hugged me and said 'Mama,you,ll always a home with me',  Rose and Shirley and Scott and family, too.  Linda had the recipes decided upon for our trip to the lake .

This morning, after a very restless night of thinking these things over, I decided perhaps I  should just list and concentrate on physical problems.  I'll get lots of physical and occupational there so the therapists already  know I need to work on.

Back at Barnes

I'm home now or rather back at Barnes- Jewish.  I awoke yesterday morning to a 'room full of doctors' - not a flattering place to be.  I'm on a first name basis with a lot of the personnel here and I'm sure they're as tired of seeing me as I am being here.

Chris and I came back from Louisville Sunday evening after a delightful weekend with Scott and family.  Something happened to me on the way home and Chris took a stop by the Emergency Room.  They didn't keep me then but they did keep me on Monday.  Rose brought me  because Chris still had my insurance card and he met us there.  I'm here now and have been acting weird lately.  'I didn't want to go there, I didn't wanna do it, but I did.'

Linda and I were scheduled to go to the lake on  but she is here with me now and was here yesterday. too.  Sis and Chris have been in and out.  I've talked to both Pete and Donald and briefly to Margaret.  Mad Dog went over yesterday while they delivered the washer and dryer.  He had also done any laundry that needed doing.  Now that I have these new appliances, there's no dirty laundry awaiting.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Sue had a setback on Sunday and by Monday evening was back in Barnes Jewish Emergency Room.  From there around midnight she was admitted to the hospital.  She is undergoing lots of tests.  We don't know much yet but will post here when we do.

Another bad piece of news:  Art Jaske, the state-appointed guardian for Pauline Austin (nee' Felin) called to let me know Pauline fell last night and broke her hip.  She will have surgery tomorrow.  For those who don't know, Pauline is the only surviving offspring off Louis Felin, brother to my father.  She is in an extended care facility in Great Bend, Kansas, and has been for three years now.  If you want to read more about Pauline and where she fits in our extended family, type her name in the search window for this blog.  We have posted news about Pauline on several occasions.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Rose's Coming Birthday

I'm back n St. Louis and don't have much time this morning because I have the physical therapist, the occupational nurse, and home nurse coming today and will get lots of rest in between.  Wednesday is Rose's birthday.  I won't say which one for those of those who don't know.  Linda and I are going to the lake tomorrow morning and will stay until Friday so I can't celebrate her birthday until my return but I will do that.  I hope she doesn't proofread this for me which she sometimes does.

I'm sorry I didn't get to have brunch with Margaret while I was in Louisville.  I haven't seen her for quite some time.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Brayden playing Soccer

Jalen and Brayden

GO Cardinals

Sis got my email figured out what I was doing wrong.  I put a comma in where I should have put in a period when I was signing in.  Since I had my cataract surgery my eyes haven't been right and I still see double a lot  so mostly I just don't wear my glasses and shut one eye to watch television.  The eye specialist the cataract surgeon referred me to is booked up until November 18 so when I went the neurosurgeon yesterday he suggested that perhaps I should try someone else because it is frustrating and irritating.  I will maybe ask him for a referral.

The neurosurgeon yesterday was pleased with my progress.  I had a CAT scan which measured the drainage through from the shunt.  There's a lump on my head and he adjusted the drain through this magnet slightly.  They will send me an official report later  and I'm not supposed to have to go back for three months unless I have unexpected problems.  He said just get lots of rest and therapy.

Chris and I came over to Louisville last night.  We saw the last part of the Cardinal winner but listened to it which enhanced the ride.  Brayden has a soccer game today which Uncle Ding and I came all the way over here to watch.  It's cold and and rainy here and they're telling me I may have to stay in the car even though I brought my wheelchair it will still be too far and cold.  I think maybe it will warm up.  With both my sons and both grandsons, surely they can push me over rough ground for a front row seat.

Brayden is running for student council president.  He has been on the student council for three years.  I told him last night that I didn't know that and he insisted that I did but I just  forgot.  Aunt Rose agreed with him.  I am forgetful.

It's Saturday and Brother Pete called.  With the time change, I was awake but couldn't find my phone so Ding got it for me and I called him back.  Joe was either walking the dog or sleeping.  Things were good in Idaho.  I've also talked to Sis.  I'm trying to get lots of rest per the doctors' orders.

I'll try to get everyone to take pictures so we can post them.  So far, no luck.  Scott and Beth made bacon and waffles and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I did have coffee but I'm not sure if anyone else likes it.  Someone made it for me.

Friday, October 18, 2013

In Lieu of AOL

For some reason, I can't get on AOL to write to people or receive mail so I'll communicate by blogger as usual anyway.  Ding and I are are heading to Louisville after Rose takes me to my first checkup the neurosurgeon this afternoon.  I'm not sure how to to spell his name but I really like him and am eager to see if he agrees with me that that I  am progressing.  Rose has yet to meet him and is also eager for the appointment.

The occupational therapist came yesterday for her first visit and will come back on Monday morning.  Her name is Cynthia and she mostly assessed me and what I need and what I want to accomplish.  I think both the physical and occupational therapists will see me when I'm at the lake too.  Cynthia said they would be contacting me down there as will the physical therapist here.

Chris and I went to dinner last night and he took me to Target.  I've been wanting some Dr. Scholl shoes and Google said they have them but they only had the inserts.  I did buy  some more picture frames for the lake house but I'm about to run out of wall space.

Linda and I are going to the lake Tuesday morning.  I'm sure the leaves across the cove have turned.  Mad Dog has contacted the company to winterize the boat and Doug will winterize the wave runner guys' weekend.  Guys' weekend is November 1 and I'm not invited.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


No Cardinal game today and it was disappointing that they lost yesterday but we have tomorrow to look forward to.  Sis took the Company Car to get it ready for Chris and me to take to Louisville this weekend but I didn't leave the premises yesterday.  Shirley does the grocery shopping at Whole Foods on Wednesday mornings and Rose gets whatever else we need at Schnuck's when we run out.  I don't do much.

When I was back at BJEC, I made some new friends and lots of the people there remembered me.  One of the therapists, Michelle, was especially attentive and I opened my computer yesterday morning to write to her and had a message from her. I responded immediately.  Same thing happened with Kay Berry. my old neighbor from the lake and I also heard from Kay's daughter, Jennifer.  Our hairdresser, Stephanie, who made the house call and I was in dire need of a haircut though Sis though manage to make me look  presentable for a short period, Stephanie is a professional and I appreciate both of them and feel more light headed now after the pro visit.

Chris and I are going to Home Depot this evening to look at washer and dryers and then out to dinner.  Shelly has to work.   We' going to Louisville tomorrow right after he gets off work to watch Brayden play soccer Saturday and whatever else sport the boys might be doing.  I'm wondering if Beth is nervous about her mother in law coming to visit and spend the night.  Don't be, Beth,  I'm harmless.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Suzanne and Doug at the wedding


Sue and Stephanie

Our beautiful hairdresser Stephanie from David's Salon made a house call this morning. Thank you, Stephanie!

Mizzou and Central Students

Brothers Alex and Brett Smith with their cousin Connor Abbott.  All three are students, Alex and Connor at Missouri U in Columbia, Brett at Central Missouri U at Warrensburg

Urban Eats

I'm the first one up this morning and don't have a lot of news to post but seems I have been keeping other people busy the last several days.  Rose and I met Sabrina and Bret for brunch on Sunday at a place called Urban Eats where Rose's guitar teacher was playing.  Rose and I are sure that Sabrina had to bribe Bret to get him to come along with us old ladies,  We enjoyed his company, though he didn't say much mostly on his phone.

Yesterday morning the representative from BJC Home Care Services came and will set up therapy sessions for me. I go back to the brain surgeon on Friday.   Meanwhile I'm doing 20 minutes a morning on the exercycle  and what ever else I can.  I am better since the shunt and can definitely feel the difference.

Yesterday afternoon, Shelly took me for a pedicure.  She didn't even get one herself but was in the neighborhood and I had an ingrown toenail.  After the pedicure, we met Chris for dinner at Red Lobster.

Shirley and Rose were quite upset when the Cardinals lost last night but 'it's not over yet'.   There's still tonight.  I think I hear someone stirring upstairs and looks like it's raining outside this morning.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I'm home now and glad to be here.  They took good care of me at BJEC but nothing comparable  to Rose and Shirley.  Pete and Janet called yesterday morning with their weekly call so I knew it was Saturday.  They inquired about my watching the 13 inning Cardinal game the night before.  Needless to say, I didn't make it.  My room mate whose name was Rose did watch the whole thing.  So did Rose and Shirley.  Yesterday's game wasn't nearly so exciting, even though we won.  All of St. Louis has baseball fever.

When Rose picked me up yesterday and brought Starbucks Coffee for me and my room mate, whose name was also Rose, my nurse was in the room, also named Rose, Sis said it was the first time she had been with two other Roses.  I guess I was a thorn among Roses.

Friday, October 11, 2013

I wasn't going to update today because I didn't have any really good news to tell, but Beth just now called me with the word that she begins her new job on Monday teaching kindergarten and first grade in Jefferson County.  She had her interview this afternoon and they called her less than an hour after she got home to tell her she was hired.  She was ecstatic.  I told her not to teach the kids any bad words, but I really don't think she knows any.

I heard from Ron and Georgia Reinhardt today.  Some of you will remember that Brick and I used to work with Ron, and Ron replaced Brick as Accounting Manager.  GM retirees no longer get a discount on appliances since GM sold Frigidare.  They are also looking for a washer/dryer and watching the ads.  We vowed to get together soon.

I had my last day of physical and occupational therapy here today.  I will continue to have both at home and at the lake.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


I'll start this post though there's really no news.  I'm just really anticipating getting out of here.  My room mate and I really enjoyed the ballgame last night.  Even though we won, she thought they didn't keep score correctly.  We both were still happy about the outcome.  We both managed to stay awake through all nine innings.  I called Scott to see if they were watching the game.  He said Beth preferred Soap Operas, and he had been over ruled.  I didn't believe him.

I've decided to look at a washer/dryer before buying.  Like Mother used to say 'Don't buy a pig in a poke',  A Kenmore pair is what I find on line most reasonable and what I need.  The one I'm replacing lasted a very long time, and this pair will probably outlast me.

Rose, Chris, several of my therapists, and myself met yesterday to discuss my progress and release.  I'm popular around here, but not sure that's a good place to be.  As I was getting off the elevator from dinner last night, I met some workers from the third floor that I hadn't seen since this stay.  I'm now on the second floor.  They weren't aware I was back, and I thought they were confused.  I had to show them the scar from the shunt to prove I had been on the second floor and was back.  They didn't know what had become of me and were very glad to see me.

Rose will be here shortly with Starbucks for me and my roommate.  I haven't had either therapy yet this morning, but have made friends with several therapists.  We've vowed to be and stay friends this time after my stay.  It's nice to have Kay Berry back and to have made the Orsos friends, plus all my other friends and family.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Good Therapy

I have already told my siblings that I will be released from here on Saturday and still hope to get some intense therapy after that.  I need a haircut badly and will get an appointment as soon as I can arrange one,

Had to take a break from updating for a 75 minute therapy session.  The therapy here is really great.  Scott and Beth and the boys stopped by on their way back to Louisville for a quick visit.  They brought me a lovely present that Beth had made but were dreading the long ride back.  The boys were more interested in a hamburger stop than a visit with Granny, though they tried not to show it.  I assume they got home safely, though I haven't heard.

Rose hasn't been here yet but she's probably on her way.  As usual. she'll bring Starbucks for me and my room mate.  They call me 'Martha' here at BJEC and Rose called me Sue when there was people in my room the other day.  Someone inquired 'Why do you call her Sue when her name is Martha?'  Rose explained my early childhood shyness in telling people what the family called me when I went to school.

The washer at the lake house quit this weekend.  I believe I've had it since I bought the place and bought it used back then.  I may replace the  drier, too.  It still works but not too well.  After Rose arrived with the Starbucks, we spent some time on Kenmore website pricing a washer or a pair and decided it might be a wise decision to replace both.  I'm still deciding and shopping and watching for sales.

Rose has come and gone.  I have instructions to wear a Cardinal shirt tomorrow from my session this morning.  Really, what I'd like and think I've earned is a therapy shirt.  

Scott & Beth's wedding - Photo from Suzanne Hollensbe

Scott & Beth's wedding


Monday, October 07, 2013

Sitting in my Room

I said I wasn't going to update today because I probably wouldn't have anything to say but the ballgame will be on pretty soon and that's what I'm going to do this afternoon so I'll just make up some stuff.  Scott and Beth and family are stopping by on their way back to Louisville.  Rose has already been over with a cup of Starbucks but had to go home to practice for her guitar lesson she's having later this afternoon.  She's pretty diligent about practicing and very diligent about my daily Starbucks.

People all around this facility knew about the wedding.  Even one of the doctors inquired about it.  My name isn't on the door but that's because everyone here knows me.  It's room 217.  My only complaint about this place is that they change sheets more often than a person is allowed to shower.  I have complained, but so far it hasn't helped.

I just found out I won't have physical therapy today.  Lots of people don't like PT but I do, and I'm disappointed.  The occupational therapist told me yesterday I was through with that but came in today for me to do.  I'm not sure what.

Beth and Scott and the boys haven't stopped by yet.  I believe they have another day off tomorrow so can rest up from the beautiful occasion.

I'm going to call Pete and Donald and Margaret this afternoon.  I'm sure they already know how much we missed them.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Third Update on One Occasion

There was something else that I knew but that had slipped my mind.  Kay Berry had a heart attack and a double bypass in August 2011.  I insisted that I wasn't aware of it but was able to refresh my mind by referring to the posts from 2011 with her name.  It popped right up.

The pictures of Rose and Joe and myself are already on the blog and copies will go on the family shelf down there.  Too bad that Pete and Donald and Margaret couldn't attend.    Joe said he truly enjoyed his Turnbough Tour with Jennifer and Donald.  Next time I hope I get to do it with them or at least someone who knows the way.  I don't.

I'm not sure I've ever posted three updates in one day before nor had as much news so that may be the reason.  Looks like the one who's been checking it the most has been me today.  Perhaps other readers have been in church.  Rose came over.  I talked to Scott.  Goldman made sure Rose and Shirley and I got home safely.  That was today after we returned yesterday.

I may not post tomorrow just because I may not have anymore to say.  I've taken time between my postings and watching the ballgame for my meals and haven't even had a good nap today.  Sis thinks I must get bored and I do on occasion but keep busy with my computer and major leagues right now.  I'd like to have one of those fancy phones but can't afford it right now.  Besides that, I'm not even sure I can do everything this one does.

More of the Wedding Occasion

I spent a long time updating but lost y work.  Rose is on her way here to BJEC and maybe can help me find my post.  If she can't, and, if I have accidentally deleted my hard work, I'll just do it again.  I'll be more careful this time and perhaps repeat myself.  If I should do that. I'm sure no one will mind.

It was a lovely ceremony even though it was overcast and we had occasional slight rain, The weather man cooperated long enough for us to have the ceremony on the sun deck.  I think the sun did come out for a while after the ceremony though I'm not sure because I stayed inside.  Such a lovely occasion celebrated by all even those who weren't able to attend.  I believe the bride and groom and maybe others were staying even longer than today.  I'm not sure this constitutes their honeymoon or if they plan on another one.

We had lots of young kids there, and they were all well behaved throughout the day.  Many of them were in the wedding ceremony - more pictures which Rose and others will be posting.  (The 'others' being those that know how.)  There were even five-year old triplets, two girls and a boy, who were in the wedding!

Mad Dog, or "Care Taker" as the group has begun calling him, had the house looking spiffy.  I'm sure it will also be back in the same shape when the newly weds have to depart.  The food was out of this world, and there was three different kinds of wedding cake.  I know Beth had a lot of help but took much on herself.  Needless to say, none of the help was from me.  I'm sorry I couldn't!

I have old pictures posted all over the lake house.  Todd, Kay Berry's son, spent quite a bit of time scanning the walls trying to find one of himself.  I don't believe he ever did find one on the walls, but there is a box of pictures in my closet down there that I' sure has several of him in it.  Mad Dog has recently rearranged the wall frames.  I'll get someone to help me frame more photos, including one of Todd, and hand even more.

I've already had breakfast, lunch, and physical therapy today.  The occupational therapist came in my room and said I probably don't need that any more.  I did best at physical therapy that I've done since the shunt.  The therapist asked me if I had kids.  I replied 'No, I have middle-aged men.'

Kay Berry has such a wonderful sense of humor.  She and the wonderful occasion of the wedding cheered me up and made me hopeful again yesterday.  This has been a particularly rough patch.


I'll start this post but it may take me a while.  Thanks, Rose, for the pictures you've already posted and I'm sure there will be lots more.  It was a beautiful ceremony day and gathering even though the weather didn't cooperate.  I don't believe my little house had had so many people in it at one time.  Even amidst the rain, the weather cooperated  and they were able to have the ceremony outside.

Beth has a lovely family and I'm sure we'll post more pictures of the day as the others get them to us.  I myself saw people I hadn't seen in years, and we made vows to keep in touch.  Kay Berry and her sons, Todd and Tommy, showed up which made it an extra special day.  Again, we pledged to return being best friends.  She used to live next door at the lake house.  Brother Joe was also there.  Like Rose, Shirley, and me, he had to leave fairly early for the drive home.


Saturday, October 05, 2013

Beth and her Father



Beth and her Father



Brayden and Jalen during the wedding ceremony on the lake house deck



Brayden and Jalen during the wedding ceremony on the lake house deck



Jalen, Sue, and Brayden at the Wedding



Jalen, Sue, and Brayden at the wedding









Jalen and Sue



Scott, Maddog, and Groves



Friday, October 04, 2013

Reselling Electronic Gear buys older electronic gear and makes it super easy.  I have sold them all my older model iPhones for more money than the new version costs.  And Gazelle sends a shipping label and box if you need one.  Hint:  If you keep all the original wrappings, the value of your device is higher.  Right now, I am considering selling my iPhone 5 and getting the newer iPhone 5S.



Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Brayden and Beth




En Route to the Wedding

Had a bit of set back at BJEC but things are okay now.  I had to come back to big Barnes  for a couple days for an adjustment on the shunt but should get back to regular place tomorrow in time for my haircut Friday morning.  My hairdresser will come to BJEC and Rose and Shirley will pick me up there and we'll leave for the lake then.  My symptoms were fluctuating blood pressure and some pain at one of the 'holes in my head'.  The doctor believes some medication will relieve both.  I'm here at big Barnes but return to the other place tomorrow.

Joe met up with Donald and Vita and Jennifer in Marshfield yesterday.  They did a tour of the place and Joe had heard there had been some vandalism of the cemeteries.  He sent me an email to see if I had any old pictures of the place for our ancestry collection or information about this crime.  I'll let Rose post this and would like any data any other might have.  I'm sure he sent  this email around.  I just don't know how to add it and I'm sure she does.

Scott and Beth and the boys are right now en route from Louisville.  They are going to drop Jalen by our house because he has a paper to write.  He will go down with us or whoever leaves first.  Brayden is going to down with them.   They'll go near here but past visiting hours.  Chris spent a lot of the afternoon and Rose was here this evening.