Saturday, November 30, 2013

Joe Felin



Watching Mizzou Football

Shirley, Brayden, Tristan

Looking at photos on The Family Gazette

Brayden and Jalen



Rose and Tristan




Brother Joe



Our Thanksgiving

For some reason the post I put on here after Scott and I arrived yesterday evening didn't post.  We had a lovely turkey dinner with seven people and several more for dessert.  I finally got to meet my great granddaughter, and Brick would have been so proud of her.  She's already walking and talking and finding toys with Aunt Shirley to play with.  She didn't seem a bit shy with the strangers there.  We had Chris and Shelly and Shelly's Mother and Uncle Butch and Shirley and Rose and me for dinner but enough turkey for many more.  Later Drew and Kate and Kate's husband and the baby came for dessert and a visit.  It was an early evening because Kate and her family still had to drive back to Kansas that evening.

Finally To The Lake

It's Saturday and Pete and Janet have called this morning.  Scott and I are here at the lake.  He made pancakes and bacon for breakfast and is trying out the new washer and dryer.  I've also talked to Sis and all three boys were up at their house.  We haven't seen a single boat or fisherman in the cove.  Brother Joe did send pictures per my requests but I'm still waiting for the rest of the family to send them and Rose will post them on the Gazette.  I've got room on the walls here for them after we get them and get them posted.

I heard from Kay Berry this week that she will have some time to spend down here at the  lake house with me this winter since I will be able to come in and out some of BJEC some.  I believe they have therapy available here and I will take advantage of it.  I don't know if you remember who she is but she used to live right next door and we had lost contact for several years.  With her help and Linda Orso, perhaps my stay at BJEC will be limited.

Scott is going off to the store for soda and snacks.  I should scold him.  We have to be back tomorrow because he and the  boys have to be back in Louisville by  Monday.  He's making hamburgers for lunch and carryout for dinner.  I don't think Beth has trained him as much as being a father has.  Aunt Rose says all three boys have been as good as gold. They like the lake mostly in hot weather.  St. Louis is more fun in winter.

Waiting for pictures and news about Thanksgiving Dinners and Pictures.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah

I'm still waiting for my therapy though I've done what I could on my own.  For occupational therapy, I did most of the showering and drying and dressing myself.  Sox and tie shoes are difficult..  Mostly I wear my house slippers or sandals.

Goldman has been busy with the eight days of Hanukkah and semester time at school and his love life, but I've asked him if he could take me Christmas shopping one night next week.  I'm sure he will and Ding too.

Still waiting for therapy.  I like therapy and I'm going to start timing my sessions.  scott/s birthday is Friday, the 29th,  I'll try to take him
the boys out to dinner.

Thanksgiving Day

I've been up for a while waiting for therapy and a shower.  I've had breakfast and Rose has called me.  She's going with Shirley to pick up the turkey and then has some clients scheduled later  in the day.  I still don't know where Joe and family and Donald and family are having Thanksgiving but I do hope we get some pictures for this Family Gazette.

The therapist just confirmed our arrangements for today.  I will have occupational and physical therapy with her here today but will go to Rose and Shirley's for tomorrow and then to the lake with Scott and the boys for the weekend.  I have an exercycle down there that I can use and can also do other exercises while I'm there.  Anytime anyone wants to go down and take me with them, I'm sure we can work out some arrangement.  Linda and I have already planned a couple days in December.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turkey and Therapy

After meeting and delay about my release which Rose told them specifically that I needed much more therapy and that was why she didn't want me released, I didn't get any therapy today.  Chris came tonight and took me to dinner and took me for a long walk in Forest Park even though it was quite cold out.  We didn't measure the distance but plan to do so next time.  He just came back after dropping me off.  I'd left my cell phone in his car.  Shelly didn't join us this evening.  She's working with the finishing off of their basement.

Rose and Shirley are hosting Thanksgiving but I'm not sure who all is coming.  Scott will arrive with possibly boys sometime Thanksgiving Day.  Beth is going on to Kansas City at some point to see her family but it will be nice to see her.  Rose and Shirley are hosting it but I believe Whole Foods is cooking the turkey and attendees are each bringing dishes.  It's always good eating.

Sue and Donald, around ages five and four



Waiting for Therapy

I thought I would be leaving here for good this week but Rose doesn't think I'm well enough for her to take care of me even though the Extended Care Facility thinks I've recovered enough to be out of here.  Rose believes I need 24 hour supervision which she currently doesn't feel she can give me with her work load and Shirley's broken arm.    I will get to go to Rose and Shirley's for Thanksgiving and then Scott and the boys and I will go on to the lake for the following weekend.  Beth is going on to Kansas City to spend a few days with her family.

I'm going to concentrate even harder on therapy to improve my balance and strength.  I am going out to dinner with Chris this evening and may stop by the house to get my fit bit which measures distance we walk.  Last Thanksgiving I walked over a mile and that's my current goal.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Eye Doctor

I'm up early this morning and all dressed and ready to go to the eye doctor.  I've been waiting a long time for this appointment and hope they can improve my eye sight which hasn't been right ever since my cataract surgery in March.   I see double and shut one eye to watch TV and finally just quit wearing my glasses and squint.   I'll see what they say.  The aide turned the TV on in my room for the first time since my stay this morning.

I wasn't sure when I'd had the cataract surgery so I looked it up in the Family Gazette.  Same as what did we all do last year.  Remember-send pictures and updates.  It's nice to be able to 'check the blog' and confirm our doings.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday on the Computer

It's Saturday but Pete went out to get the paper in his pajamas and it was pretty cold in Idaho - about like it was in Missouri though I didn't go out  and don't plan on doing so.  I did get therapies today since I'll be done next week except for home health and exercising myself.  I.m hoping the weather gets nice enough that Chris and I can resume walking.  He likes that and so do I.

Pete overslept this morning.  He said they are hosting Thanksgiving at their house,  Their will be 18 of them.  Theirs is is the only home big enough to hold them all.  I'm sure it will be a gala event.

Shirley's arm is still paining her and it has been over three weeks since her fall.  She just can't seem to get any relief.  I think she's off to the hair dresser today.

I had an unexpected visitor one day this week.  I knew she was coming but at first didn't know who it was.  It was Kim BOAZ Rogers - Denny's daughter.  She had sent me the ages and schools of the girls but I couldn't retrieve them to post them so I've ask Kim to send them again.  They live in Chesterfield but have a lake house very near mine.   Rose came while she was there and we kicked ourselves for not taking her picture. She looks really good.

Release is in Sight

This is another one of those posts I've spent a lot of time typing and then lost so it may come through again or this may be it.  Of course  with it being Saturday Janet and Pete called.  The temperature in Idaho was about the same as in Missouri - cold 18 degrees.  Pete discovered this when he went out to get the paper in his pajamas.  Why didn't he just turn on the TV?

I had a pleasant unexpected visitor this week.  Actually, she had said she was going to be   in  the area and might stop in and see me,  It was Kim BOAZ Rogers.  At first I didn't know who she was but soon she was the same KIM.  She had sent me an email all about her family but I can't find it so I've asked her to send another.  They live in Chesterfield and have a place very near mine at the lake.  She said Aaron is faring very well with her kidney and still has Denny's boat.

I think I'll get out of here about Wednesday.  I like it mostly for the therapy and they are letting me do therapy on Sunday tomorrow to add some time.  I have an eye doctor appointment on Monday and hope they can fix my vision.  Ever since I've had the cataract operation and new glasses, I've been watching TV with one eye closed and still not having a clear picture.  It took a long time then to complain.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Mary Pauline

I started the new post about Mary Pauline but lost it before I finished writing or asking questions about it.  Breana, who is Brother Bob's great granddaughter is working as an aide at the rehabilitation facility center where Mary Pauline is recovering from her fall.  Joe and Debby no longer work there.  Mary Pauline and Breana started off on uneasy terms but have since established an on again off again friendship.
Mary's address is Great Bend Health and Rehabilitation Center, Room 114
1500 State Road 96, Great Bend, KS 67576


Friday morning and I'm waiting for the aide to help me shower.  I have already had therapy and walked farther today than any day so far.  The therapist says I will probably be discharged next week, hopefully  the day before Thanksgiving.  I did get to talk to the house doctor this morning but I had other things to ask him and forgot about release date.    Jack wants to take me to dinner this Sunday and it's okay with Dr. Hogan and it was okay with the house doctor.  The house doctor was pleased with my progress as far as therapy goes.  They gave me a stool softener when I was here several weeks ago and it's still working.  He's going to look in to that.  Whatever they are giving me isn't strong enough.

I'm still at Barnes Jewish Extended Care and can't print so I'm waiting for Rose to bring over the update that Debby sent on Mary Pauline.  I'll do that later in the day.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random Thoughtts

I'm sitting here in the hospital with nothing to do except update the blog.  Even the the house doctor knows I've been keeping this for years.  I've had lots of help needless to say if you would ask any of my regular  or irregular readers.  It has settled many disagreements between Rose and me. We, either of us will oft times just ask  'the blog' and there we have it in writing.  I personally wish we had started wen I could type much faster and accurately.  Spell check helps me some.

I would like to get more contributors.  We add the news and updates we get.  Pictures are easy to post and we're hoping to get lots of celebration pictures and updates for this Gazette and also for new pictures for the lake house starting Thanksgiving.  I believe the Abbott group is having their dinner at Dave and Sabrina's while Rose and Shirley host another group.  We've gotten too big a group to meet in one place.

I haven' heard from Chris and Shelly since they left this morning so I assume they didn't hit any bad weather, just cold looked like on the weather map.  When Rose came over
today, she was  obviously bundled up for winter.  As I said in an earlier post, a good day for a nap and I hope she got one.

Cold weather is here.

Rose will be here probably before I get this posted.  I still haven't talked to the house doctor about a specific release date.  The physical therapist just told me
I will  probably get to have therapy this Saturday and Sunday since Thanksgiving falls next week and will slow down my sessions.  Some of the therapists are secretive about what might be occurring but others are quite open.  I feel I'm mostly here for the therapy if I'm not having any therapy during the Thanksgiving season, I should be released.   I haven't broached this idea to them yet though.

It's raining and windy outside today.  A good day for a nap.  Chris and Shelly picked the worst weather we've had so far to go to Branson but anyplace is good for a nap.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Seems Like Friday

I put this post in once but somehow lost it before I posted it.  I had a good therapy session day and look really  forward to more of the same.  Jack and I went in the TV room after dinner and I made several trips around this large table without assistance though I could have grabbed on to a chair or the table if I'd needed to.

A young aide just helped me get ready for bed.  I'm sure I'm old enough to be her grandmother.  Chris came by on his way home from work tonight.  He and Shelly are off to Branson tomorrow to celebrate her Uncle's birthday and it looks like the weather isn't going to be too nice.  Low around 18 degrees, I believe, and windy.

Today would have been my 46th anniversary with Brick.  We got married 11/20/65.  It truly does seem like yesterday.  Rose and Jack Mayfield were attendants.  Rose is still sticking with me.  She was here today and will be here tomorrow, too.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Found My Draft

I type pretty fast with one hand and a pencil eraser with a red thing attached to it.  I've also learned to eat and brush my teeth with other methods.  'Necessity is the mother of invention', and I really know what that means now.  I don't get much input from other parts of the family but I'm still open to stories and pictures.  It's cool outside this morning, 34 degrees, but dry and looking to stay that way.  I usually talk to Rose first thing in the morning but she's probably not up yet.

Mary Pauline's Pictures

I thought I was posting on my journal sort but it disappeared so I will just start over again on this entry.  Rose has already been here today and therapy is just doing evaluation on speech, occupation. and physical.  We will hopefully begin some strenuous exercises first thing in the morning and continue on a daily basis,  

Monday, November 18, 2013


After a very long seven days in Barnes-Jewish Hospital with her head wired six ways to Sunday then wrapped like a mummy, Sue is finished with this ordeal.  This afternoon she transferred from the hospital to the extended care facility (also Barnes-Jewish) just in time for dinner with her friend Jack.  She was much relieved to get a shower and shampoo in the afternoon.  And, as she put it, to be able to scratch her head!

Dr. Hogan, her neurologist for her seizure disorder, adjusted her meds slightly with the aim of better controlling intractable seizures.  The hospital staff as well as the staff at the extended care facility all know Sue because of her many stays at both places.  They are unfailingly kind and friendly.  Sue does her part by cooperating, working very hard in therapy, and being her usual kind, pleasant self.

As we arrived at BJEC around 4:30 this afternoon, we ran into Sue's favorite physical therapist, Michelle, who was happy to have her back.  Sue will undergo a therapy evaluation tomorrow and begin rigorous workouts and exercise then.  Needless to say, lying in bed unable to walk or exercise for seven full days has taken its toll!  

Anderson School


Another photo from Pete and Janet, this one of the one-room schoolhouse that several of us attended for elementary school.  I well remember doing first grade at Anderson (1947-48) before we moved into town (Marshfield)x.  All of my older siblings went to school at Anderson, probably through grade eight.  Sue and Donald, the two youngest, started school after we moved into town.  Joe, Pete, or Margaret, any memories you want to share about Anderson School?  (It occurs to me now that Margaret probably went into the 6th grade the year we moved into town.)  


Photo of James Louis Felin and Edward Felin, Brothers

 Pete and Janet have a collection of photos and memorabilia that were Mary Pauline's and has come to them.  They sent this photograph of our father, Jim (james Louis) and Mary Pauline's father, Uncle Bud (Edward).  The photo probably dates to around 1906.  I've never seen this photo before.  Interesting to see our father as a boy.  Thank you, Pete and janet (and Nancy, I understand) for making these available for us.  More!

Back to BJEC Today

Today is the day I get these wires off my head which allows me to have a shower and a shampoo.  It will be such a relief to scratch my head.  Remember that Dr. Hogan was born in the same hospital as I was (different times)  but same place.  It was Burge when we were both born but isCox now.  Does anyone know why Donald and I were born in a hospital?  and the rest of you were born at home?  Was it insurance or lack of it or will we never know?

Brother Joe answers many questions for me.  I remember or think I remember a wood stove falling over on my leg and the burn being covered by bread wrappers as it healed.  I still have scars.  Brother Joe remembers lifting it off my leg with his bare hands.  Do you have scars, Joe?

After I see Dr. Hogan and he releases me and I get my hair washed and Rose gets here to  get me, I'll get moved back to BJEC.  I'm not sure how long I'll stay there but the therapy and company is good.

I'll post more if there's more family news to be had.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Dr. Hogan just left with only one follower.  Again I didn't sleep well in the night, and he knew I had a seizure.  I had emailed Rose at 1:30 and 2:30, so she knew I had a rough night.  She had a Sunday morning workin session, so won't be  here until late this after this afternoon.

Rose arrived and brought the clipboard and fat pen so I could practice my writing.  We're talking about better shoes for me.  I love my Clark shoes but they hurt my feet.  Windy and gusty here today and will get much colder overnight.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Restless Night

Dr. Hogan just left  on his rounds and said I did not have any seizures during the night but he was aware that I was awake several times.  He thought, and I agreed, that we should proceed with our plan for me to stay here until Monday.  Then the therapy is most what I'm looking forward to at BJEC.  I've got a bit of exercise here, but nothing compared to what they give at BJEC.  There's an exercycle in the room with me but I've ridden it once because there's no one to stay in the room with me while I do exercise.  At BJEC, they truly encourage you and let you do it.

I asked the doctor if I could take a couple days off between the move and he said as far as he is concerned he doesn't care, but there are people lined up for BJEC so maybe I best not ask.  I might lose my place in line for therapy.


I had a restless night and didn't sleep well so feel tired this morning.  Does anyone in the family know how old Mary Pauline is?  She always seemed old to me until I got so old,  I'm waiting for Pete and Janet's Saturday morning call.  Maybe he'll know. 

I talked to Scott yesterday evening.  It was 'fast food 'Friday' at their house. On Fridays at their house, he consents to going to what ever fast food restaurant  any of the four of them want for carryout - and I guess it's sometimes four places - for carryout so no one cooks.  Therefore, they call it 'fast food Friday'.  As of December 23, Jalen will be 16 and probably delighted to go to the fast food joints.  At least for a while.  Be careful, Scott. he'll keep the change if there is any left, like when you were a kid.  Rose just called and will be over after while.  I'm still all wired up.  Scott wanted to know why yesterday they hadn't done this wiring years ago.  If he had read old entries on the blog. he would have known they did, several times.

Pete and Janet just called.  They had about an inch of snow in Idaho Falls last night.  He had already talked to Brother Joe who had attended that funeral of a second cousin of ours who died earlier in the  week.  

Here's what we know about that death.  The man's name was Dean Felin, brother to Caroline and Cynthia, son of Vera and William Felin, grandson of our Uncle Louis.  Louis was our father's brother.  This Felin Family lived on an adjacent farm in Webster County when we were growing up.  If I have any of this wrong, please, someone send us the correct information, and we will edit.

Chris just arrived with Lion's Choice fast food.  It's "Fast Food" Saturday, I guess.  

Friday, November 15, 2013

News about Mary Pauline Austin (neé Felin)

Our cousin Mary Pauline's state-appointed guardian, Art Jarvis, called this evening to say Mary fell on the hip she recently had surgery on and was injured.  She needs two units of blood, is now confined to her bed, and is taking meds for the pain.  Mr. Jarvis said if she doesn't try to get up on her own, she should recover.

For past entries about Mary Pauline, put her name in the "search" on the right side of this blog.

On a really different note, I see that Whole Foods Market is advertising on the blog.  We shop at Whole Foods all the time because we try to eat organic and natural foods as much as possible.  Last year when we took Brayden with us to Arkansas, we stopped in the Whole Foods in Little Rock to buy groceries.  He only wanted Sprite and Lay's potato chips, neither of which Whole Foods carries.  After walking around with us, he pronounced it the worst store he had ever been in.  He didn't recognize much.

Brayden is a very eclectic eater, so he did like everything we cooked during our stay at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas.  [That park is a kid's paradise--swimming, horseback riding, playground equipment, and hiking.  Nice for old ladies, too.]


Sue sent this update from her hospital room just now:

"Rose and Chris and I met with Dr. Hogan (and some of his staff) today to discuss the next step in my treatment.  We all agreed I should stay at Barnes-Jewish until Monday under surveillance to see if perhaps I've been having seizures in my sleep and no one is aware of them--that is no one including me.  Dr. Hogan is eliminating one drug that I no longer need.  The shunt didn't work as well as we had hoped.  After he took me off  the trial meds in the Spring, I certainly didn't get better and had a really rough few months.  After I leave Barnes-Jewish on Monday, I'll go back to BJEC for more intensive physical therapy."  

Still at Barnes-Jewish

I've had breakfast and physical therapy this morning.  I believe there was two pictures of me as a little kid - one from 1949 and one from 1951 - and I thought I had forwarded them both to Rose to post but one didn't go through so send it again.  I believe it was Janet who sent it to us.  I sure was homely, wasn't I?

I'm still here at Barnes-Jewish and may be here for several more days.  I had one seizure the evening I got here and am still hooked up to wires and monitors and cameras, waiting for another.  They're trying to find out what goes on in my brain when one of these seizures occurs.  I may go back to BJEC when I get out of here just for the therapy, if nothing else.  Their therapy is excellent.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sue circa 1951, probably 2nd grade

Pete and Janet found this adorable school photo of Sue and forwarded it to us.




What a pleasant surprise yesterday afternoon when Rose came in my room with Stef and Margaret!  I was expecting Rose  but was completely surprised by the other two.  For all of you who remember Mother, doesn't Margaret resemble her in some of the pictures I have of her in my MOM section of pictures at the lake house?  I'm going to post one of the one Rose took yesterday in that section and see if anyone notices it's not Mother.  They brought me a beautiful plant which looks like it needs water.  Rose is probably on her way over here this morning and I'll get her to do that.  I've already had occupational therapy, breakfast, and got cleaned up for the day.  I'm waiting now for Starbucks coffee and physical therapy.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013



Sue, Rose, Margaret

Visiting Sue in Barnes

Pink Sky in the Morning

i'm in Room 11492 at Barnes Jewish Hospital.  I think I've been in this very same room before.  Ir has a beautiful view overlooking Interstate 64 and a pink sky in the wee hours of the morning.  The people remember me from my previous stays and each time I get a new bracelet.  I told the admitting clerk I was tired of all this same old jewelry.  For the prices they charge, I could have diamonds instead.  Also. for the room service and the view and the prices they charge, I could stay at the Chase Park Plaza.  I'm having my second cup of coffee now as I wait for breakfast in bed.

I'm all hooked up to wires and monitors so the neurology staff can perhaps determine what and why part of my brain the seizures stem from.  I believe I'm also on a camera besides the wires and monitors.  They are keeping a closer watch on  me now than they did first time.  I had a seizure yesterday and wasn't aware of it but was disoriented for a bit per the staff.  I do remember thinking it was morning because I had a nightgown on and I  wanted coffee. I don't know if I had ant seizures in my sleep.  The staff hasn't said anything about it yet.  I don't know if that would be good or bad - hope for or hope against?

The RN just brought me my third cup of coffee and said said I had no more seizures during the night.  She did say that was what I'm here for so I could probably leave after I've had some more.  What she didn't know was where I could go.  Back to BJEC?? or home?

The sun is up now but the sky still looks pink.  This is a private room and I won't get a room mate.  This tiny TV is difficult for me to watch.  I believe my computer screen is just as big as the screen on that TV.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013



Sue has had five stays now in Barnes Jewish Extended Care Facility about five minutes from our house.  The staff there are extremely capable and always kind.  Many of them go out of their way to ease the lives of the people who reside there.  Sue and I had an example of someone giving that extra effort this morning.

Sue was scheduled to be at Barnes Jewish Hospital in the Central West End at 10:00 am.  I called for her, and we went to the car, me pushing her in a wheelchair.  It was cold and blustery so we were hurrying.  A worker passing by asked if we wanted him to return the wheelchair for us.  I explained that I had to go back in to get a token for exiting the parking lot, so I would take it back.  Sue and I finished loading everything.  The worker returned with a token in hand and took the chair for us.

It was many small acts of kindness like his that made Sue's stays so much more pleasant and tolerable.  


I played Bingo last night.  Lost - but had fun.  Had scheduled to go out to dinner with Jack  but my ankle is swollen so the doctor suggested I stay off it less than I usual so Jack and I had dinner in the dining room and then I played Bingo.  He thinks Bingo is boring.

I'm waiting for Rose to take me back over to Big Barnes as we call it.   Maybe they'll find out this time what is wrong with me and also why my ankle has swollen up.  Are the two connected?  The doctor here did another Doppler on my ankle yesterday but  no  word on that.  The physicians will interpret that at Barnes, I guess.  I don't know how long I will have to stay there but I sure they are tired of testing me.  The technician who did the second doppler left card for me tho call him and tell him what they determine is the diagnoses.

Brother Donald called me yesterday evening.  He also thought the Family Picture collection was a good idea.  Looking back over over previous blogs I should haave been doing this for years.  I  will start now. More later.  Rose is here.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


This will be two posts in one day with just email and phone news.  I type very slowly so I keep busy just correcting my errors.  I wanted to add news about Maudie in Spokane.  My news was in response to an email to Sandi.  We had sorta lost touch.  Cyndi and Dave have moved back to the farm to enable Maudie to stay in the home she so loves.  Her health continues to improve and she is keeping up her therapy.  Sandi thought  the picture collection was a really good idea.  She didn't think there was going to be a great one on either Thanksgiving or Christmas but several small ones and she would be sure to have pictures taken and emailed for the Family Collection.

I also heard from Leslie King today.  She's my old neighbor in Springfield.  We visited a long time.  Chase will be with her for Thanksgiving but Sam is working and Jeff is in Ft. Polk, LA  She has seven grandchildren of which I'm envious.

E-Mail from Brother Joe

Sue asked me to post this e-mail from Brother Joe:

"FROM YOUR BLOG ENTRY: 'Pete said they (Pete and Janet) had already talked to Brother Joe.  Pete also said he got him out of bed.  He wasn't sure but thought perhaps Joe had forgotten to set his clocks back or had set them the wrong way.  Which was it, Joe?'

Some of our clocks have been set back an hour, some are supposed to be automatic.  I just look and see if it is dark outside in the morning, then decide which clock to go by!

Sometimes I hear and understand Pete better than other times.  My hearing aids are not a lot of help on the phone unless I use the hands free car phone.

Sue, good luck on your return trip for more tests at BJ. We definitely will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Love, Bro Joe





Going Back to Barnes

I think it looks like a cold day again today.  I played Bingo yesterday afternoon after Rose's visit.  I didn't win a round but seemed like I almost did. Isn't that always happens when you gamble?  Here a person isn't betting for cash.  I had fun and nothing to lose.  I will play again Monday evening.

Took a break for breakfast in my room.  Then Rose called.  I keep busy for someone who doesn't leave the premises.  I don't know what I did if I were here without my cell phone and computer.  I'm even trying to proofread more accurately during this current
stay at BJEC.

The neurologists at Barnes-Jewish Hospital want me to come back for further testings.  They are at their wits' end with me.   I feel I've been tested more than a guinea pig.  I will go back over there on Tuesday morning and be checked in for even more extensive tests and hopefully this time they can find out what is wrong with me and have a cure.  I don't know how long I'll be there or where I'll go afterward.  Keep your fingers and say another prayer for me.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning and this may take a couple hours or even days to post my thoughts.  They tease me here about being on the this computer but it is a wonderful past time.  I haven't had breakfast yet but have had several cups of coffee.  Pete and Janet will call soon but it's earlier in Idaho and I'm up early today.  I eat breakfast in my room but lunch and dinner in the dining room.

The therapists are very helpful.  One apologized for being off today.  Some one else will challenge me.  I try to do more each day than I did the day before.  The therapists keep a record and I keep trying.

Pete and Janet just called and it's about 30 degrees this morning in Idaho.  We talked about our rehabilitations.  Janet plays Bingo at the Rehab Center for 30 minutes once a week always hopeful.  I'm going to play this afternoon between my physical and occupational therapies.  I haven't played since I've been back this time so don't know what I could win.

Pete said they had already talked to Brother Joe.  Pete also said he got him out of bed.  He wasn't sure but thought perhaps Joe had forgotten to set is clocks back or had set them the wrong way.  Which was it, Joe?

Rose has already checked in this morning.  She was meeting Jim and Marilyn Smith for breakfast this morning.  Jim and Marilyn are old friends who now live  outside  of Dallas.

Friday, November 08, 2013


Sunshiny but it looks cold out today.  Needless to say, I didn't go out to check.  I had my physical and occupational therapies earlier in the day,  Rose came this afternoon with fresh clothes for the next days.  No matter what I say, she comes anyhow.  I think she worries about my getting bored and lonely.  Something or someone most always distracts me.  Last night Chris came for a visit after her visit.  This evening I was having dinner with Jack when Sabrina surprised me with her appearance and as soon as I finished eating, we had a long visit.  Sabrina and I visited and she is going to have the Abbott family clan for Thanksgiving so says she will get those pictures I want which is just the beginning.  I think everyone who works here knows me by name and remembers me.
Other things I do while I'm here is play on this computer.  The Family Gazette is practically full time work for me because of the way I type but spell check helps.

Thursday, November 07, 2013


I woke up early this morning and lay in bed thinking about this Family Gazette and the pictures and albums I have at the Lake House.  Many of you know of my pictures and albums around the place.  Many date back to lost generations.  With the coming holidays, there will be many family gatherings and picture taking.  I have extra frames and albums and with the current technology, it would be easy to add the current update to the collection.  I could probably get someone to develop the pictures.  Identifying by email would be simple.  Framing would be a cold weather chore I could get help with.  I would probably need more frames and might run out of walls but could always use albums.

Brother Joe and his genealogy studies fill in with this photo history.  Joe, like most visitors really likes looking at the photos.

Tree on our street

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Trying it again

I'm just not very smart with computers, but I'm not going to let  this get the best of me.

I have invited Margaret and Sabrina - and anyone else who would want to come - to join in a Bingo Game on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 PM here at BJEC.  I haven't played in one since this round at BJEC but am going to try again and am inviting anyone who would like to come.

Shirley's arm is broken.  She does not need a cast, but it is just very painful.  The doctors at the Center for Advanced Medicine are having her keep it in a sling as much as possible and have put her on more pain medication.

It's Wednesday

I'm checking to see if I can post by myself. I thought I could yesterday, but perhaps it was Rose that did that one also. After Goldman and Ding brought me back here from the dentist, I watched TV in the library with Jack for a while before turning in. Right now I'm waiting for physical therapy. I've already had breakfast and occupational therapy. They weighed me this morning. I have gained a couple pounds since I've been in here. It must have been my shoes. The dietician came by and asked me how I liked the food and was I eating well. I replied, "Perhaps too well."

Dentist November 5, 2013

Okay, I've caught on to the new posting method. The dentist found no cavities, just a chip off one tooth that he smoothed off and then he cleaned my teeth. We chatted mostly about our summers this year at the lake and how much we enjoyed them. He gave me a prescription I should fill should I develop any swelling.   He and his family have a place not far from ours on the Lake of the Ozarks.

Goldman and Christopher took me to the dentist. After I had finished with my appointment, we had dinner at JJ's in St. Charles

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

I'm just posting while Sis is here to be sure I can do so myself.

An Update

Sue still cannot get directly onto the "Family Gazette," so she e-mailed me her update to post:

"I'm up early and not much news since last post, but wanted to add a thank you to Brother Joe for his news.  Perhaps with the Museum being closed until May and my getting out of here, we can get together.  Meanwhile, Joe, you could send some pictures (and so could the rest of you).  Those were good ones of the guys weekend and the Idaho crew.  Some day people are going to look at them and wonder who are they.  Some we already do.

It's too early to see out the window to what the weather is going to be.  I can see the Metro Link go by every few minutes.  It's a commuting express between the city and county.  Scott and the boys ride it when they go to a Cardinal game on their way back to Louisville.  This avoids cost and delay in parking and traffic.  

I had dinner with my old friend who has been here in BJEC for six years.  He spent the first two years unable to get out of bed and is now walking on his own.  The therapy here is very encouraging.    He is an inspiration to all of the people here at BJEC.  He is is 70 years old, graduated from SLUH and Notre Dame, played football for Notre Dame, and is sure he has some life left in him.  We eat in the main dining room where he knows every one and they know him.  And now they all know me by name.  He would like to take me out to a restaurant.  I would probably have to get permission from my doctors.  I'm not sure.  Perhaps he would also."

News from Brother Joe

Sue received this e-mail from Brother Joe and asked me to post it:

"Sue,  just read Rose's  latest post to the Blog and sounds like you are batting almost a thousand!  Maybe not a 1,000 but better than the St. L. Cardinals.
It has been a different type  weekend around here.  No museum on Saturday as we will not reopen until May 2014.
Lisa and Jack went to Wichita over the week-end for a meeting Lisa was attending so missed seeing them.
Evil Kinevial aka Dave Felin and I dined Sunday at George's Restaurant.   He is in Washington, MO this week on a business trip and returns later in the week.
Worst news we have heard, Lydia broke her arm in four places but did not require surgery.  She was practicing hand springs before the game Saturday in Liberty, MO  when it happened.  Her mom and dad were both there to attend the game.  Her mom stayed there and is returning tonight.  Her dad had to return Sunday for work Monday.
Saw Brian Madden last Friday or Saturday?  He is still cracking those books and staying extra busy.
Pete called Saturday with a cheery report from Idaho Falls.
Hang in there!
Bro Joe"

We are sorry to hear about Lydia's broken arm!  Does this injury end her cheer-leading days?

Monday, November 04, 2013


This is Charley, Shirley's great nephew, the one Sue writes about in her blog post.  Charley was a great hit with everyone at BJEC on Saturday.




Sue is still in Barnes Jewish Extended Care working hard in therapy to regain her strength and balance.  She has her computer but has difficulty signing onto the Family Gazette.  This afternoon she emailed me this update for posting:

"The Idaho Felins celebrated Nancy's 54th birthday Saturday evening.   We posted her picture and am now wishing her a belated Happy Birthday and many more. I am Nancy's Godmother and lived in Idaho Falls with Pete and Janet the year Nancy was born.  I knew a person could get a driver's license at the age of 15 in Idaho.  I had turned 15 that year and was eager to drive.  Pete taught me to drive.  His main teaching was 'keep it between the ditches'.  I still managed to follow his rule over my driving days.

Thank you, Goldman, for the pictures and update about the guys' weekend.  Back here in St. Louis, Shirley's nephew and niece and great nephew, Michael. Leslie and Charley, visited from Memphis.  Rose and Shirley brought Charley over here to see me, and he sure made a hit.   He's 17 months old, a sturdy little guy, and cute as could be.  

Shelly came over to see me Saturday afternoon.  She had to work, but it's not far from BJEC.  Scott stopped on his route back to Louisville Sunday afternoon, and Chris was here on one of his routes today.  Rose is here at least once daily.  We are starting to plan out Thanksgiving Dinner.  I have a dental appointment tomorrow which I dread.  But the physical and occupational therapies today I much enjoyed."

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Guy's Weekend

we had a great time at this year's guy's weekend.  We did our usual overeating along with playing lots of cards and fishing some.   This year's participants were Scott, Ding, Doug, Maddog, Deerington, Kenny. Dave Smith., Groves and me.