Friday, February 28, 2014

The article about Merri

Merri Felin Johnson

Pete and Janet's daughter Merri was one of 50 women nominated for Idaho business woman of the year. Merri won! Here is an article about her and this prestigious award. Congratulations, Merri!

And here is the photo Sue and Kay took of Randy's church sign

More Lake Time

I'm back at the lake this morning though it's not exactly lake weather.  It's still my favorite place to be.  Mad Dog was here when we arrived and had the heat turned up and then started a fire in the fireplace which was quite welcome.  We had breakfast for supper and Kay will stock up at the grocery store today in case of a snow storm which is in the possible forecast.  Will warm weather ever come?

Kay used to live next door here at the lake and Chris and Shelly bought her house in St. Charles and that's where they still live now.  Margaret and Kay knew each other and their families.  We were on our way down here and needed gas in Wright City. We had the company car and it was the first time Kay had driven it and she didn't know which side to insert the gas.  I was telling her about Randy and  his church and as she got out  to check which side, there it was!  The Church!  We got the gas and were amazed at the coincidence.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kay and I

Petrina from Martha's Hands isn't coming today because Kay and I are leaving at 11.  I'll ride the exercycle for 20 minutes and do a lot of my other exercises.  Sis has a pretty busy day herself with clients.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Update Lake House

Tomorrow Kay and I are going back down, and I'm not sure how long we're staying.  The place needs some updating.  It is showing its age and I'll do what I can afford.  Doug can probably install toilets and the hard water has made them stained to the point of impossible to clean.  I had a water softener there once but it didn't last long.  Doug may come down one of the next couple weekends, but Bass Pro Shop was having a big sale and he says he needs to stock up on his fishing supplies.

Petrina from Martha's Hands is coming again today.  Rose very busy but I think she's having her guitar lesson this afternoon.  Petrina is having car troubles so we sent her to Goldman's mechanic hoping he could help her reasonably and simply.  She's really good for me.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Back to Lake With Kay

I don't have much news to post.  Have to wait to get appointments with the eye surgeon and neurologists and hairdresser.  The hairdresser will come here to the house.  Of course the eye surgeon and neurologist is a matter of being there on time (that they set) and then wait.  Rose is very patient and will make the calls between her clients today.  She is pretty busy these days, even seeing people on the weekends.

I have Petrina from Martha's Hands coming to help me with exercise, and Shirley has gone to Whole Foods to stock up on groceries.  We were out of a lot of stuff after everyone's week away.

Kay and I will go back down to the lake house tomorrow or Thursday.  It's going to be chilly, but Mad Dog will go over and turn the heat up for us.  I'm not sure how long we'll be staying.  That depends on when I can get my appointments and also on how long Kay can stay.

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Young Bill Gates

Brayden's group had the assignment of taking on the appearance and personality of a famous person. He was assigned Bill Gates. Tomorrow he has to give his presentation as the man. Looks good, Bray!

Eye Surgery

I'm back from my primary care doctor and will probably have to wait several days for the results of the tests before the eye surgeon performs the surgery on my eyes.  It is a minor deal to correct my double vision--something between cataract surgery and simple laser treatment.  Kay and I may go back down to the lake for a few days.  She is available right now while Linda is helping sell a condo in Florida and isn't.


I have to see my primary care physician before they fix my eyes and my appointment with her is this afternoon.   If I can get in with the ophthalmologist for my eyes, Kay and I will go back down to the lake later in the week.  Sometimes it's difficult to get an appointment and takes a while.  I'm sitting here typing this with one eye shut.

The forecast says it's going to be chilly this week so I guess we won't be setting outside.  I'm ready for spring.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kay and Sue

Sent from

Back to St. Louis

We're going back to St. Louis this afternoon but Kay and  I  may return on Thursday.  Mad Dog made pork chops and fried potatoes and broccoli for dinner last night.  I had to share the avocado with Kay.  The guys don't like it.  I've already showered and got ready for the day and also had my fried egg and piece of toast.  I've talked to Sis and she has her Sunday morning client today.

It looks like it's going to be a bright sunshiny day but chilly.  It's okay because we won't be outside anyway.  Kay did lots of cleaning and organizing yesterday but there's still lots more to do.  Mad Dog was great help.  He took some of the blinds and scrubbed them in one of the bath tubs.  That was a major job for both Mad Dog and Kay.  I just tried to keep out of the way.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kay Berry Weekend

Kay Berry has been very busy.  These blinds were in dire need of cleaning and it's taking a lot of effort on her part to achieve just this part of the annual accomplishment.  She and  I had lots of catching up of old times to do and I have to get her to take an occasional break to visit with me.  Her son has a condo nearby and I think Chris and Mad Dog are going over there after while.  He also has a wife, Jill, and a 7 month old baby, Jack, so they better take pictures.  I feel very bad just setting here while she does all the work but she assures me she understands.

Rose and I have talked a couple times today.  She and Shirley are en route from Florida. It was 25 in Idaho when Pete called this morning.  Much better here but not warm enough to set outside.  He hadn't talked to Brother Joe yet when he called.  Kay and I may come back down later in the week.  Between her and Linda, they can get most of my caretake help companionship done.  Linda can't come with me much at all in March.

I need a haircut when I get back to St. Louis.  The hairdresser comes over to the house and cuts so I'm hoping I can get an appointment early this week.  I want Ding to take some pictures and post them.  Kay fixes my hair in the morning but hasn't messed with hers yet because she's been working all day.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Thursday at the Lake

Yesterday started off warm and calm but ended up incredibly chilly and windy.  Today there's blue sky but the forecast doesn't predict a warm up.  Kay Berry is on her way down and is going to do my spring house cleaning.  She  and and I have lots of old friendship to catch up on.  The first thing I need her to work on is my fingernails.  Guys are good at a lot of things but they won't even try at that.  By the way, that's not part of the spring house cleaning.  It's just woman's work and I can no longer do it.

We had potato soup for dinner last night.  I believe we'll have it for lunch again today.  Chris had never made it before and his recipe called for an abundance which he made.  There was only the two of us and he didn't lessen the recipe.  He says if you can read you can cook.  I'm not sure about that but I did eat a big bowl with a big spoon.  It was very good.

I'll have Chris take pictures while Kay's here and post them.  The deck looks better without the snow that covered it when Linda and I were here.  I'm enjoying Net Flex which the kids gave me for Christmas but will be glad when baseball season starts.  Both my husbands wouldn't believe I said that.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Further Retraction

Scott called me this morning to tell me that I needed to print a retraction.  What he didn't know was that I already had and he just hadn't read far enough yesterday.  The woman with an egg in her mouth was just an old woman who sat next to Leslie Nielson on the plane and was no one famous.  (My other son told me how to spell Nielson and that may be wrong.) I guess Scott did talk with his mouthful as a kid.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wrong Facts

In my post from earlier today, there may have been some incorrect information.  I did some research of my own and Mad Dog believes it's Barbara Billingsley who was a stewardess on the plane and I still still don't know who had the egg in her mouth.  Does anyone? Florence Henderson wasn't even on that plane.

Already Wednesday

It's already Wednesday.  Time goes really fast down here.  Chris and I watched the old movie 'Airplane' and we're trying to remember what the guy called the nervous old lady who had eggs in her mouth.  In reality, it was Florence Henderson from The Brady Brunch and it was one egg and not three eggs.  We got that from Scott and Google.  Whatever it was, Denny always called anyone who talked with their mouthful by that name.  Scott says he never talks with his mouthful and that's why he doesn't know that.

Kay Berry will be here tomorrow for a couple days.  Mad Dog will be back after while.  There's Missouri U game tonight and I think they can have the good TV.  It would put me right to sleep anyway even if it's on that early.  We're having pork steaks for dinner and will have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  It's hard to make a few even if I'm not the one cooking and I don't have a crowd.

Mad Dog just arrived so I'm going to quit for now.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I don't really have any news to post except it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day.  I got up very early which I almost always do but went to bed early.  I've showered and had breakfast and talked to Rose.  The days go fast down here.  I think Mad Dog and Chris have to go grocery shopping again today.  There's a little store nearby but main supplies come from town.

Kay Berry is going to come down some time this week while we're here but I don't know when yet.  Her son has a place down here but I'm assuming she will stay with me.  I knew him when he was a little kid and now he has a seven month baby and maybe more.

Rose and Shirley are relaxing in Florida.  She didn't say why it took so long for her to get her luggage.  She took her guitar and had planned on doing some strumming AKA practice so she is probably doing that.

I labelled this vacation but I'm on a continuous vacation except for doctors and therapy so it's really vacation for others.  I'm on a constant vacation.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Good Morning

It's raining but still better than the snow storm we had last week down here.  I talked to Rose and the airline still hasn't found her luggage.  She was completely disgusted and figured it was riding around in someone's trunk.  I hope they compensate her for the discomfort she's suffering.

Chris has gone back to bed and Mad Dog didn't stay with us last night.  We ate our leftovers for dinner.  I'm not sure what we're having for breakfast or supper today.  I had a lovely email from Nancy Hafla (Pete and Janet's daughter who is also my god daughter) which I'd post but I don't know how to transfer.  The email was very touching and told me how to order the crucifix for the rosary she gave me several years ago.  I'd post it but I don't know how to transfer it.  I nearly cried and didn't know I made such an impression.  Keep me in your prayers.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Interview with Janet Felin about sleep apnea

Sunday Morning

Rose and Shirley arrived at their condo even later than they had anticipated because the airline lost Rose's luggage for a while and haven't called me yet this morning so hope with the time difference they were able to sleep in.  I figured they would call as soon as I got in the shower but Chris was up to answer it in case they did call but they haven't done so yet.  Now I'm doing this and he's watching TV and Mad Dog is still in bed.  Mad Dog made pork chops and stir vegetables for dinner last night and I taught them how to make milk gravy.  Chris says he believes he can make it again without my supervision.  We'll see.  We have all the ingredients. I'm ready for breakfast and not sure what we're having.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A car Mark would love

Crab Cakes

Saturday morning and I waited and waited for Pete and Janet to call and decided I'd just go ahead and do it and call them back and sure enough I heard the phone ring as soon as I got the water running.  I called them back and we had our weekly chat.  I had talked to Rose earlier and their cab to the airport was late so they were a bit upset. Goldman had volunteered to take them but they didn't want to make him get up that early.  I assume they got there since I haven't heard ay differently.

We've started a grocery list.  Shelly sent crab cakes from Dierberg's which we ate part of last night for our bedtime snack and will the have the rest for lunch.  I love crab cakes and Rose and I usually have them from Schnuck's on Mondays while Shirley prefers their tilapia.  We'll try the Dierberg's near us and compare.  I think they're both delicious.

There's some old houses that have been torn down across the cove from me some time ago and a bulldozer setting for several weeks.  I don't know what's going to replace what was there and can only wait and see.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Arrival at the Lake

We just arrived, having stopped at Steak and Shake in Wentzville to eat on the way.  We thought we were going to hit some bad weather but it wasn't too bad and the traffic wasn't too heavy once we got out of the city.  Mad Dog had come over earlier today and turned the heat up so it was warm inside when we arrived.  Rose had filled the water jugs which Chris just got unloaded.  The kids accuse me of being 'cheap' for reusing these water jugs but I'm just frugal and Rose agrees.

Plans for the Day

It's going to be a busy day around here.  Chris and I are leaving this afternoon or evening for a long stay at the lake house so I've got a packing list that Rose will assist me with.  I've made the list and she claims that's the hardest part.   It's about the only part I can handle.  I started it several days ago and have sent it to her already via email.  My suitcase is a laundry basket, and I'll have Petrina from Martha's Hands fill some gallon jugs with water.  I take these water jugs back and forth to save money.  The well water down there isn't drinkable so this is a conservation method.

Kay Berry is going to come down for a couple days and do my Spring house cleaning.  The weather has finally warmed up some but there's a possibility of more snow in the forecast.  Chris and I are hoping to get down there in time for him to get our groceries and not get snowed in.

Rose and Shirley leave tomorrow in the morning for Palm Spring.  They have a very early flight and Goldman has offered to take them to the airport.  Rose has a cold but is getting better and hoping the Florida weather will help her recuperate.

Scott just called me to see if we were going to have good enough weather to get to the lake.  It is okay here, and we can even see land where snow has melted.  Louisville has cancelled school again today for the 9th time this year.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


When Donald and Vita went to Rome last year, they get me a rosary that they had blessed by the Pope.  I was at the lake house at the time and they had it sent there.  I don't get mail at the lake so it finally was returned to them at their Birmingham address.  Donald called me earlier this week and wanted to know where I'd be this week.  The rosary along with a beautiful note came here to St. Louis today.

If you look back into one of the first entries in the Family Gazette, it's from February 2004, and about rosary bracelets that Nancy Hafla got us.  Mine is right here in the kitchen and Shirley keeps hers in her traveling suitcase.

I cherish them both and will keep one at each location.




Brett and Sabrina


Brett, Shirley, Sabrina, Stephanie

Shirley and Sabrina

Shirley and Sabrina

Delightful Dinner with the Abbotts

Rose, Shirley, and I met Margaret, Stephanie, Sabrina, and Bret for dinner at Macaroni Bar and Grill yesterday evening.  Rose will post pictures later.  As we used to say down home 'a good time was had by all'.  We all agreed that we don't do get together often enough and will try to do so more often.

I have physical therapy, and Patrina from Martha's Hand's is coming today, too.  Linda Orso is bringing by some Shaklee that I've ordered for the lake house.  I've started my packing list for the long stay at the lake, but haven't completed it.

Mark Goldman and Joy are going to get married on July 26.  That's all the info we have now, but we will post more detail later.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brayden's 11th Birthday

Today is Brayden's 11th birthday, and it may bring some warmer weather.

That was a wonderful update from our Kansas relatives, and now we need one from our Fellins.

 I had physical therapy yesterday and the therapist will come back tomorrow for a final session.  He has been excellent.  Now I do my exercises as he has shown me me, along with the exercycle which I do 20 minutes a day.

Chris and I had dinner at the Highlander again last night.   Rose and I are meeting some of the Abbott Clan for dinner this evening.  The aide from Martha's Hands is coming to assist me with showering and exercises.  She came yesterday and had some of Linda's French Onion Soup for lunch.  She was sure it was the best soup she has ever eaten.

Happy Birthday, Brayden!  Have your dad  would send a new picture.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kansas City Update

It's been a while since we updated so I will just jump right in.

In October, we loaded up the family and went to Disney World for our family vacation.  We stayed on the property at the Caribbean Beach Resort.  It was a very nice resort, but kind of like Vegas, we really only needed it to sleep in at night as we spent a bare minimum of 12 hours at the parks for the 7 days we stayed there.  A few highlights from the trip.  We were able to have dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table where we met Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora(Sleeping Beauty), Ariel, and Jasmine.  We also got to eat at Beast's Castle and of course took pictures with him in the Library.  The girls dressed up in their finest princess dresses and I must say they were absolutely beautiful.  We spent the bulk of our time between the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  We lucked out that Kaitlyn was right at 40" tall and Ellie is about 49" tall so they could ride the majority of the rides.  For the ones that Kaitlyn couldn't ride, Ellie got to double up and ride with both Jana and I so she LOVED that.  On the 2nd day we were there, we got to Animal Kingdom at 7:30 in the morning and walked out of the Magic Kingdom at 2:30 AM.  Right before we left, Ellie and I rode Big Thunder Mountain 3 times in 16 minutes.  It was one of our favorites.  Ellie proved to be fearless and rode every ride we had the chance to ride.


Her favorites were Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Aerosmith's Rockin' Rollercoaster (her absolute favorite).

Disney had a HUGE Halloween party that we took the girls to.  We walked away with approximately 15 lbs of candy...the bulk of which, Ellie and I gathered in a mad dash around the park right before they closed down.  Because we are so clever, we even emptied our bags before we started the final push so they would think we didn't have anything.  I must was genius.  All in all, it was a great trip.  The girls got to meet all of the Disney characters and all of the princesses.  It was a truly memorable vacation for all of us.  We walked miles and miles throughout the parks...except for Kaitlyn.  She walked about 50 steps during the entire time we were there.  The rest of the time we had to carry her or push her in the stroller.  But don't worry, we are fine and her little legs didn't get too tired.

We had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas with both sides of our families.  It is always nice to be able to stagger our family holidays between sides so we are able to see everyone each year.  In December, Jana an I started looking for a second dog.  She has always wanted a Boxer and we were lucky enough to come across a litter of puppies about 8 minutes away from Karen's house in Salina.  We went to look...and came home with a beautiful Brindle Boxer that we named Izzie.  She used to be tiny, but now she is getting huge.  She will be between 65 and 70 lbs by the time she is full we have that to look forward to.  She is a handful.  She chews on EVERYTHING and is a little lax in her house training so far but she will get better.  She does like to cuddle though and she sleeps every night crammed in between Jana's shoulder and pillow.  Her and Rosie get along swimmingly.  We were worried at first that they wouldn't be friends but they play together all the time.

Ellie is dancing again and playing basketball for a team that Jana is coaching.  She has drastically improved from last year.  Two games ago, she realized that she is pretty tall, can run pretty fast, can dribble the ball, and can shoot.  In her last two games she has scored 22 and 12 points respectively.  It is really fun to watch her run coast to coast and drill a shot from the lane in one smooth play.  Once she decided to be aggressive, she is also a legitimate lock-down, on ball defender.  Once she gets in front of you, it is really hard to get by.  Even for Jana and I.  As for dance, she has almost mastered the art of the cartwheel.  I know this because she does them all the time, always.  In the living room, in her bedroom, in the entryway, in the hallway, in the kitchen.  Anywhere, anytime.  Cartwheels and round-offs.  I will give it to her though, she has it figured out.  We look forward to her recital in June.  She will also play softball in the summer and both her and Kaitlyn will play soccer.  SO, we have a busy couple of months coming up.



I hope all is well with everyone else.  I will try to update more often as things happen on our end.  Have a great week.

John, Jana, Ellie, and Kaitlyn

Still Cold

Another Very Cold Morning in St. Louis.  It seems like winter may never end.  Chris and I are heading for the lake on Friday and pray we don't get another snowstorm like Linda and I got last week.  There's sunshine this morning but still lots of snow on the ground.  As Rose says "How can it look so pretty and still be so cold?"

Brother Donald called me yesterday.  He and Vita had just returned from Wichita having attended one of the grandson's birthdays.  Both Julie and Jennifer still live in Plattsburg though I'm not sure if they have the restaurants or if I spelled Plattsburg right.  I hope to get better acquainted with them this summer since they too have a summer place at the lake.

I have therapy and Martha's Hand's today, so have had a leisurely morning since they don't come until 10 AM.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Delay of Eye Surgery

The eye surgeon did not have every thing for the surgery so I'll be watching TV with one eye closed a while longer.  I see my primary care physician on the 24th after Chris and I return from our stay at the lake and Rose and Shirley get back from Florida.

Right now Rose is outside sweeping the off snow off our sidewalks from last night's light dusting.  A workman next door parked in front of our house, blocking access to the sidewalk.   Shirley is teaching a class here this afternoon, so Rose rode over on her broom (actually with broom in hand) and asked him to park elsewhere.  Very nice young man.  He did.  

Eye Surgery

It's another cold morning with a bit of snow again last night. I'm not sure if I'm going to have eye surgery this morning or not.  Last we heard they were waiting for approval from my primary care doctor, and we're hoping they have it.  We are afraid we'll get down there and not have what they need to do it.   I'm sincerely hoping they do it today and correct my double vision.  Rose is going to take me, and Chris will pick me up if I'm not finished in time for her to go to her guitar lesson.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Cold Saturday Morning

We got a long day of doctoring done yesterday with lots of moving around then waiting.  Rose and Shirley had a meeting to go to last night.  While they were out, Chris and Shelly and Joann, Shelly's mother, came over to watch a movie with me.  I'm afraid I wasn't a very good hostess.  I fell asleep during the movie.   I woke up in time to go to bed and again had a good night's sleep.

It's still bitterly cold and we had more snow last night but not very much.  The forecast doesn't show a warming trend for a while.  Rose and Shirley are going  to Palm Island very soon, and Chris is taking vacation and spending the week at the lake house with me.  He knows that's my favorite place in the world.

I talked with Ron Reinhardt this week.  He's the guy who replaced Brick as accounting manager at GMAC and has long since retired.  He and his wife usually spend their winters in Florida, but his wife's sister is very ill so they didn't go this year.  We're going to get together soon.

Pete hasn't called yet and it's Saturday.  I'm going to quit typing, finish my coffee and wait for the phone to ring.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Back to St. St. Louis

I had a really good night's sleep last night.   I'm going to have a busy day today of tests and doctor appointment--a mammogram and scan for this shunt in my head and then to see the neurosurgeon who placed it there.

Linda and I brought leftovers from our stay at the lake which Shirley and Rose and I had for dinner.  They were delicious--pork tenderloin with Linda's sauce, green beans, and cherry delight for dessert.  Thank you, Linda!

The temperature this morning is six below zero.  That must be a record low.  Going out this morning won't be pleasant.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Plans Ahead

We're leaving about one and should be ahead of the traffic and between storms.  It's bitterly cold but Linda has started her car to make sure it will start.  As you can see by the pictures, the road and my driveway are both clear.  Mad Dog was going to come over  if he could make.   I just talked to him, and he still had part of his Dad's driveway to shovel and won't make it before we leave.

I've talked to Rose this morning as I do several times every day.  She's taking me to the doctors on Friday and for the eye surgery on Monday.  She and Shirley and now Linda are my strong support.  Rose and Shirley are going to Florida on the 17th and Chris is taking vacation and coming with me to the lake.  I'm not sure when Scott and the boys will be coming back but Brayden is going to Colorado on Spring Break with Chris and Shelly to Uncle Mark's place while Jalen goes to Florida.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Snow Plowed at the Lake

Wonder Woman

I just talked to Judy Meisel and they do plow the subdivision and will do my driveway.  I have a appointment with one of my doctors Friday and will be out of pills.  Linda made French onion soup for dinner last night and has a pork tenderloin marinating for tonight. The cable was out a while ago and she fixed it.  She's a wonder woman.


Linda and Sue are at the lake where they have had about five inches of snow.  We are praying they can get up the hill tomorrow as Sue has an appointment with her neurosurgeon on Friday to check her shunt.

Linda sent this note and photo early this morning:

"The deck you see in the photo is the neighbor's deck. If you look at the very right hand side of the pictures, you can see where the frozen lake meets the unfrozen part. The lake is frozen here at the cove but once it gets out of the cove it isn't frozen. If you can enlarge the photo you can see what I mean. Mother Nature is very interesting, isn't she?  It is VERY windy this morning!"

Mother Nature is very interesting for sure, but lately she has meddled far too much.

Winter Storm

We're up.  Linda's an early riser too.  We've been watching the weather closely and decided the roads would probably be better by tomorrow.  We just hope they plow the hill here in the subdivision.  Mad Dog is still down here.  I talked to him last night and he will let me know what he's going to do.  I think most of the snow went north and south of us but we did get some.  Linda is going to take some more pictures today.  She made some of her French onion Soup for dinner last night and has a pork tenderloin marinating for tonight.  She went to the store to get salt yesterday before the snow started.  She thought I meant for to melt on the sidewalk.  I meant table salt.  We may need the sidewalk salt and can't find the table salt but we're making do.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Lake Scene on a Winter's Eve

photo 4


The Frozen Lake

Inside at the Lake

Outside at the Lake

Week Day at the Lake

In case everyone is worried about us down here at the lake, so far we're fine.  The storm has been south of us and we may get some but we expect it to be gone by Thursday evening.  We've already had two calls worrying about us.  That was Rose and Chris.  Linda has a fire burning in the fireplace now.  I'm not sure what she's going to make for dinner but I'm sure it will be delicious.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Back to the Lake

The Water Park trip were part of Brayden's Christmas present.  Scott and Beth took him and Tristan there in Cincinnati this weekend.  Jalen didn't want to go even though he could have done a lot of driving.  I called Scott because I heard Louisville had a snow storm, but they were in in Cincinnati and then got home safely in time for them to watch the Super Bowl.  Rose and Shirley and I watched Downton Abbey and passed on the Super Bowl.

Joe (Linda's husband) picked me up after he he dropped Lydia at work this morning which is sorta on the way, and we went by their house and switched him for Linda.  She and I came on down to the lake house to stay until Thursday evening.  Linda has gone to do the week's shopping right now.

Withings Ad and Other Musings

I see that Withings is advertising their newest product on this blog.  It is a device that measures heart rate along with activity levels throughout the day and night.  Several of us have long used the Fitbit, a small device that measures activity, including sleep, and dumps the data onto a website where it is stored indefinitely and can be shared with family and friends if desired.

Here at home we have the Withings scale that measures weight, % body fat, etc., and sends the data to a private website.  We also have the Withings blood pressure monitor which is a great way of tracking health info (which is also stored on the same website).

We also have AT&T U-Verse, for television, phone and internet.  It is, no doubt, the worst design and implementation of any new technology ever.  The cable boxes are about 1000 times the size they need to be if AT&T knew anything about miniaturization. They look like WWII ammo boxes.  And the reliability of the system?  Let's just say the old rabbit ear antennas had fewer interruptionss.  Every time we have an AT&T technician in the house (which is frequently), I show them our Apple TV (a small, beautifully designed little device about the size of a package of cigarettes) and suggest they tell their management about it.

In our household we are just waiting for Apple to put its television system on the market.  The now-available Apple TV ($99) allows us to stream all kinds of movies and television programs with a few simple clicks.

I am the one who most loves the possibilities that these new technologies offer.  What used to require hours in a library is now available with Google in a matter of seconds.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

On Madden Farm circa 1945

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Felin Siblings 2004

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Celebrating Pete's Birthday

Janet is making prime rib for about 10 people tonight and then six more are coming for ice cream and cake.  A total of 4 generations will be there to celebrate the the occasion.  Pete is 8 years older than me and I'll just say we're both old.  I won't say how old.

Brother Pete's Birthday

Brother Pete's birthday is today.  It's early in Idaho and he hasn't called yet as he and Janet do so I know it's Saturday.  I don't know how they are celebrating the occasion.  I'll have to put that in later.

I'm the only one up so far this morning.  There were storm forecasts across Missouri for the weekend but I'm not sure if it did anything last night.  I haven't had the TV on or looked my computer for a current forecast.