Monday, March 31, 2014


Sue and Petrina in work out

On the Lift

Snow Boarding

Snow Boarding

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pete with Grandsons Ryan and John



Colorado Heaven

Brayden loves Colorado

Sue, Shirley, Brayden

Brayden and Sue

Brayden and Beth


Brayden and Chris


Off To Colorado

When Scott and Chris were boys they made annual trips to Uncle Pete and Aunt Janet's.  I'm sure the remembrance of those visits, high points each summer, are part of their childhood happiness.  They still talk about them.  Now they are "paying it forward."

The 'company car' broke down just outside of Denver yesterday.  Brayden and Chris just hiked across a field to pee while they waited for the tow truck driver where they saw a herd of buffalo.  The Lexus dealer in Denver gave them a loaner and will switch with them when theirs is fixed.  Ding said he's never had such a pleasant breakdown.  The tow truck driver served also as a tour guide.  We assume they arrived safely at their destination and went right to bed.  Brayden says he someday wants to live in Colorado because he's never before seen such beautiful country.  He will want this to be an annual trip, I'm sure.  This is awfully nice of Uncle Ding, Aunt Shelly, and Uncle Mark Lary.  (The are staying in Mark Lary's house in Colorado.)

I had a late phone call from Pete yesterday because he was in a meeting and was afraid he would wake us if they called earlier.  It was a community gardening meeting.  Pete is an accomplished gardener from all his farming years.  It's still cold in Idaho too.  Same in Missouri.

I'm waiting for more information on the wave runners from Dave and Liz and will post it when it arrives.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Brayden is on his Ski Trip with Chris and Shelly

Beth got here with with Brayden yesterday evening and left after a brief visit for Kansas City where she will help her grandmother move.  We got to see Brayden too for only a short time before before his Uncle Ding (Chris) picked him up.  I'm not sure if they were going to to go directly to Colorado or planned to sleep a while before their journey, but they were eager to get there.

Louisville was playing Kentucky last night and Brayden didn't want to leave until the game was over. We were glad because because it gave us more opportunity to see him.   His favorite team, University of Louisville Cardinals, lost at the last minute.  Amazingly enough, Shirley, Rose, Ding, and I watched all the game with Brayden and enjoyed it.  (We're not big sports fans in this house except, of course, for the St. Louis Cardinals.)

Goldman came over yesterday afternoon and finished cleaning the garage.  Pete hasn't called yet but it's earlier in Idaho.  Rose took photos last night and will post some later.  Ding also promised to send lots of pictures.

Friday, March 28, 2014

First One Up

I'll have more information on the wave runners later this weekend.  Dave and Liz do have trailers for them.  They are eager to sell since they've sold their current home and know they are going to find a smaller one.

I'm the first one up this morning.  Petrina from Martha's Hands is coming today to assist with my exercises, bathing, and lunch.  Scott and Brayden will come by this evening and hopefully Beth too. Chris and Shelly are taking Brayden skiing in Colorado on his spring break.  Chris says they will send photos.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Margaret's Birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday, Margaret!  Hope you're having a good one.  We have been thinking about you and knowing your kids and grandkids are having a great celebration.  We wish you the best and many more.  I won't put in your age because I'm sure you wouldn't want me to and also because I don't know for sure what it is.

Back to St. Louis

I'm at the lake right now.  Those wave runners for sale are in St. Louis.  Dave will have a better  description of them.  His family hasn't used them very much, and they've been under a tarp on trailers mostly since they bought them.  Dave and Liz are moving to a smaller home because their kids are grown and they don't need the home they have now.  Liz has been having to commute back and forth to Chicago and is finally going to get to retire.  Dave has always been self employed, and he's tired of that hassle.

Brother Joe called yesterday and was going to come see me today but Linda and I need to leave around one this afternoon.  He couldn't make it by then.  Marshfield is having some celebration of their anniversary.  I think I remember the centennial.   Linda has a sister in Seymour.  Maybe we can go that way.

Donald also called yesterday.  He and Vita had spent some time in Florida.  Some of the their kids and grandkids spent spring break skiing n Colorado.

I talked to Leslie in Springfield yesterday.  Chase is there right now but is going to California soon.  Jeff is in Louisiana but Sheila and the girls are in Washington, thankfully no where near the landslides.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One More Photo of Wave Runners for Sale




More information about the wave runners Sue's friends are selling:

1999 Polaris, 10 foot, 100 h.p.
1996 Polaris, 10 foot, 100 h.p.

If anyone is interested, call Dave at 636-532-0422.  Here are some photos:

Sunshiny Day

Already we have to go back to St. Louis tomorrow, and it doesn't seem like spring has arrived.  I had a lot of lights burned out here.  Mad Dog came over and with the new bulbs and put them in in so we got 'a new light on the subject' so to speak.

Linda is a terrific cook.  We had a beef stew for dinner last night and she made French Onion Soup like Famous Barr used to make for tonight.  There's plenty of leftovers which Rose was glad about. Chris remembers the French Onion Soup and we'll send some for him and Shelly.

Linda is also a wonderful companion.  We're both Cardinal baseball fans.  They play today at noon so we're really hoping it's on television.  Neither she nor I care if it's preseason;  we like to see them play anyway though have not been doing so well.  When the season starts, we'll care even more.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday at the Lake

It's cold out this morning though I haven't been outside nor do I plan do go out much.  My friends, Liz and Dave Prange, have sold their home in St. Louis and have a couple of used wave runners for sale which haven't been used much the last couple years.   I already have one and don't need another one.  If any of my readers is interested in one or both of them, email me at, and I'll make sure the Pranges get the message.

I don't need a wave runner but do need toilet bowls. These just won't come clean after all these years of hard water.  I've used the Shakleee products that Linda sells but the stain just stays there.  I'm going to see if the guys can install new ones when they have one of their guys' weekends.

Monday, March 24, 2014

J. B, Hooks for Dinner

Joe (Linda's husband) picked me up and then we went to their house, left him, and got Linda.  She and I came on to the Lake after stopping at Culver's in Jefferson City for a hamburger.

There were no games in the NCAA tournament that we're interested in today so basketball wasn't a big deal.  The preseason Cardinals lost, so sports was of limited entertainment for us.

Linda and I had a wonderful dinner at a place called J.B. Hooks.  It was half-price happy hour.  We didn't drink but did take advantage of their half-price appetizers.  We tried several other places but they were all closed on Mondays.  We figured J.B. Hooks did their best business on Mondays because they were so good, were one of the few places open, and Mondays is the day they have their half price happy hour appetizers.

It's chilly and was drizzling a little while we were out.  The cold weather is hanging on, but it's surely going to warm up soon.  It's snowed the last three times I've been down here, but today's flakes are not supposed to be a big deal.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Onion Soup Time

Sunday morning and Liz is coming back for breakfast with us.  Rose brought my coffee to me in my room so some usual early morning walking won't get counted as steps on my fit bit (where I'm striving toward an increased amount every day of exercise).

Linda's husband, Joe, is to pick me up tomorrow morning at eleven and take me to to their house where we'll switch cars and drivers and Linda and I will go on down to the lake house.  We'll stop at Culver's in Jefferson City for a hamburger lunch to break up the drive.  If it's cold, Mad Dog will turn the heat up.  He's such a sweetheart.  Joe will surely miss Linda's cooking though she probably will have his meals frozen for when we're gone.  She loves baseball like I do - (even the preseason games, Scott).  She'll probably grocery shop after we arrive.

Doug thinks it may still be too soon to have the boat dewinterized so I'll take his advice.  Surely we'll soon have spring.  I don't need to be there when the marina does the boat, and Doug takes care of the wave runner.

Still doing some eye drops post eye surgery, but I am seeing better than I was.  I'm getting around better since the IVIG on Monday and Tuesday so I guess it's working.  It's time for Liz and breakfast so will quit for now.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Back to the Lake

Rose and I just returned from having lunch at the Cheesecake Factory at the Galleria where she also had an appointment at the Apple Store.  It has warmed up some outside but still didn't get so cold here as it did or does in Idaho.  I called Scott the other day and asked him why he never calls me to see how I am.  He said he doesn't have to because he reads the Family Gazette.  Is this why I seldom get any emails except advertisements?

Again, we can't find the Cardinals on TV but perhaps we know why.  No one cares.  We do and would watch it if the game were on.  Now Rose has left to have her haircut and Shirley and I can't find the game on TV and I'm reluctant about calling Scott.  There's some basketball tournament on today and Chris is probably either watching that or listening to it so I'm reluctant about calling him too.  Someone will call over here if one of the three of us wins on any of the those games.  Scott did win one $25.00 yesterday and got his investment back.

Linda and I are going down to the lake house on Monday til Thursday.  I'm hoping she has onion soup on the menu.  Whatever she makes is always better than anything I could ever make.

Friday Night and Saturday Morning

We just finished having dinner here at the house with a friend of several decades, and it was a delightful evening.  The friend is Liz Keay who now lives in Colorado.  She's coming again for breakfast on Sunday.  We don't get to see her very often.  Shirley and Rose made pork chops and sweet potatoes and salad for our supper.  Shirley made chocolate brownies for dessert.  I told her I thought 'chocolate brownies' was redundant but she says it's not.  She's the schoolteacher.   We're so glad.

Rose and Shirley were both gone this afternoon, and the CNA and I couldn't find the Cardinals on TV.  I finally managed to get in touch with Scott on his cell phone and ask where to find the game  He didn't know and told me reason nobody knows is because it's preseason and nobody gives a s---.  Pretty soon he called me back and told me they were on Fox.   I took a nap and still don't know if the Cardinals won.  Maybe I should be like everyone else.

No one has called me that I won any more March Madness basketball money.  I'm sure my sons or Goldman would tell me.

I was tired and went to sleep before I finished this update.  I'll go downstairs shortly when Rose gets up and we'll have that wonderful first cup of coffee.  I walked over 1100 steps yesterday, and plan on going to the Galleria with Rose.  The CNA from Martha's Hands doesn't come on weekends.  Maybe Chris will be over this way and walk outside with me.  The weather should cooperate.

Rose wants to go to the Apple Store at the Galleria, so I'll go along to get some steps in.  She's having some issues with the camera in her phone.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Basketball Tournament

Chris took me out to dinner last evening to a little place in St. Charles that we frequent.  I was on cloud nine after winning $40 in a March Madness pool Rose and Shirley and many others play.  I know Goldman won $20, and the tournament is far from over.  We'll have to wait for someone to tell us who the other winners are.  My initial investment was $20 so I did well.

I've exercised and walked and ridden the exercycle with the CNA the last couple days.  I've done over 1000 steps (according to my Fitbit) plus stephops and deep knee bends, along with other activities.  I couldn't rest night before last, but made up for it last night.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


I've decided to go with Dr. Lopate's recommendation and continue lots of exercise and liquids. and I'll go see both Dr. Hogan and Dr. Lopate in about two weeks to see if I've progressed with lots of all these.  Dr. Lopate isn't sure if more IVIG will help.  Again, he admits neurology just doesn't know what caused my problems.  I think I've gotten better since the IVIG.  I have a Martha's Hands agency person assisting five days a week.  They come four hours a day, and soon we'll be walking outside for even more exercise.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Of Two Opinions

I spent most of the day at Barnes yesterday, and Shelly picked me up yesterday about 7:00 pm.  Dr.  Lopate didn't decide until the last minute whether they were going to release or keep me another night.  It is good to be home.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back at Barnes

I managed to reset my google password for google with help from one of the nurses.  I think everyone here in the hospital remembers me from last fall.

We had cold and freezing rain at the lake Sunday.   It may have been warmer in Idaho than it was here.

Chris and Shelly are taking Brayden skiing with them to Colorado on the 29th of March.  They'll stay in Mark's cabin and be gone a week.  I plan on spending some time in Louisville soon.  Jalen chose not to go skiing for spring break.  He's going to Florida instead.

I'm going to close now and see if this will publish.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Trip Home

It's hard to believe but there's snow in the forecast and already some rain and ice.  As nice as it was yesterday it can't possibly amount to anything.  It's supposed to warm up again on Tuesday and maybe we'll get some spring like weather.  I'll have to stay in Barnes tomorrow night so it's important that we get back today and, of course, Chris has to work, but we're going to leave early and should have no problem with roads.

Chris has breakfast ready and then I'm going to shower.  He's good to clean up the kitchen though Shelly may not be aware of this.  I wasn't for years.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Back at the Lake

Chris and I arrived here at the lake yesterday evening after stopping at Culver's in Jefferson City for a hamburger en route.  We're going to do some grocery shopping today and I'm going to check the bulletin board in the grocery store for a possible companion and advertise for what I need and see what response I get from either side.  I can offer a fairly good pay and the work is not very difficult.  Right now Chris is on his computer and I'm on mine.  I need someone to cook and drive and shop and dole out my meds.  I simply can't be left alone.  Again, if anyone is interested in the position, my email address is and my cell number is 314-452-3685.

It looks like the weather is going to be gorgeous today but now there's another snow storm in the forecast.  Surely the snow won't stick.  I've talked to Pete and Rose this morning.  It was 50 this morning in Idaho Falls and Pete was pleased about the weather but upset about the politicians.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Brief Update

Chris and I are going to spend the weekend at the lake, leaving this afternoon.  I forgot to add that yesterday.  I'm really looking forward to it.  The weather is supposed to be nice on Saturday and not so good on Sunday, but it's always nice to be down there.

We will return on Sunday evening and then Monday morning I will check in to Barnes Jewish Hospital for a routine IVIG treatment overnight stay.  These are these periodic treatments for neuropathy.

We'll probably update before we're back on on regular schedule - whatever that is.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Misc. and Follow Up Visit on Eyes

My new fitbit arrived yesterday and I'm trying to exercise more and measure those exercises that I do.  Chris stopped by on his way home from work Tuesday and we walked all the way to the end of the alley and back.  He and I are going to the lake this weekend and, though there's no good place to walk down there, I can still work out.  He is pretty well recovered from his shingles and took me for the followup visit for my eyes.  I'm seeing better, no double-vision.  I will still need glasses but won't get a new subscription until I go for my next checkup in five weeks.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Summer Companion

We have to be back down to the Eye Center at 9 AM tomorrow which won't be so bad as yesterday but still early.  Rose is putting eyedrops and icepacks on my eyes just as we were instructed and we'll probably learn more in the morning when they check me out post-op.  I can see better with both eyes open and watched the news and a movie on TV last night WITHOUT DOUBLE VISION.  I caught myself shutting one eye from habit, I think.  I'm being very careful this morning and keeping both eyes open.

I'm still haven't found a part time summer companion.  Goldman, my usual author-in-residence, is proud that he 'fell in love' and, though I really miss him, so am I.  Just sorry he won't be available but do hope he and Joy live happily ever after.  What I need is a live-in person to cook, do some cleaning, shopping, take me sometimes back and forth to St. Louis, assist in exercise and some personal needs, and miscellaneous other things.  I have Netflix, Amazon, an exerycyle, a washer and dryer, a private room with a TV--very comfortable and beautiful accomadations.  The house is right on the lake and there is also a pool in the subdivision.  The salary is negotiable.  If you're interested or can recommend someone, email me at or call me at 314- 452-3685.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Eye Surgery

Rose and I were down at the Anheiser Busch Eye Center at 6:15 this morning, 5:15 "real time," as we are fond of saying.  I was the first patient to arrive.  Some of the employees were so cheerful I believe they must have stayed all night.  The procedure wasn't painful, and they put me out while they were doing it.    I have to go back Wednesday morning to be checked   Meanwhile lots of eye drops of various kinds and an icepack too frequently.  Rose is picking up the prescriptions on the way home from her guitar lesson where she is now.

Sunday, March 09, 2014


I've really no news.  I'm the only one up and with the time  change, I don't know for sure what time it is.  I think tomorrow is going to be the nicest weather day we've had so far this year.  I won't be able to even be outside except in and out.  Pete called yesterday after my post.  It's still cold in Idaho.  Rose and Shirley and I went over to the Galleria, but I didn't buy anything.  Shirley found my favorite jeans (which I was looking for and couldn't find) and bought them for me as an early birthday present.

I think Chris is still suffering from his shingles.  Joe and I have both been reading up on them on google.  Everyone says I had suffered so badly with them that I went to the emergency room back when Den and I lived in Springfield.  Neither Joe nor I remember it.  We should have had a blog back then.

Rose is up now.  She is teaching her class today.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Maybe Louisville

I'm having my eye surgery Monday morning, and the only time they could take me was 6:00 in the morning.  [As we say here after daylight savings time kicks in, "It will really be 5:00.]  The procedure will take about two hours and I'll have to stay about 4 hours, so I should be home by lunch time.  I'm hoping my vision will improve and my double vision disappear after all this to do.   Mostly I'll be glad to quit having to have people take me to the eye center, find out, and do nothing.

I'm thinking of going to Louisville before or after the week Brayden goes to Colorado with Chris and Shelly.  Scott is going to drive him over and then pick him up when they return.  I could ride with Scott or fly one way and spend some time with the kids,  They had a service like Martha's Hands here assist me when I went last time so I was not alone all day.  This is just a tentative idea,  dates and logistics to be worked out.

It's Saturday and we're going to the Galleria.  Pete hasn't called yet but but it's very early morning in Idaho.  Yesterday felt like spring but I'm afraid we're back to chilly again today.

Bray with his metals for basketball and scholastic achievement

Friday, March 07, 2014

Using an Apple

That post was Rose's, and I can't do all the stuff she can.  I would have probably have had to buy a new Apple and thrown away this one.  The first Apple I ever knew about was one I bought for them was when my boys were kids.  They still love Apples and they're both now middle aged men.  Brayden, my 11 year old grandson, is also an Apple fan as is his 16 year old brother, Jalen.

Chris and I went to the Hilander for dinner last night.  He is still suffering from his shingles.  When he gets over his pain and the weather is nicer, he and I are going to resume our walking outside.

Why I Love Apple

My MacBook Pro notebook computer is almost five years old.  Recently, the hard drive failed.  (Fortunately, I had a backup disk fully current.)  I took the computer to the Apple Store Genius Bar at the Galleria (thankfully, near by!), thinking I would probably have to replace it.  Five years for a computer is a lot like dog years--very old.  Also, the 250 gbyte hard drive was almost full.  The genius who diagnosed my problem recommended a new hard drive.  I had her install one with the idea in mind that I would sell or give away the computer and buy one more adequate to my needs.

When I picked up the repaired computer, I saw immediately the new hard drive is 500 gbyte, plenty of capacity, and Apple replaced it for the 250 gbyte price.  I told the store manager Apple just cost itself the sale of a new computer.  She smiled, no doubt knowing Apple had gained a lot in customer relations.

I'll save my rant about AT&T U-Verse for another time.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Summer Employee

Another update today.  I guess Chris feels better because he emailed me 'we're on for tonight'.  He's a man of few words.

I'm having trouble finding a companion for my stay at the lake.  Linda can be there part time but has other things here in St. Louis to tend to.  Kay and I just weren't compatible. If anyone knows of someone looking for employment (and it will be part time because Linda will soon be available again), just give me a call at 314-452-3685 or email me at

Thawing Today

Chris and I may go to dinner tonight.  Poor guy, he is still suffering from shingles!  I haven't heard from him today, and I don't know how long shingles last.  I can still see some snow across the street, but it should thaw today and get into the 50's.  I'm having my minor eye surgery on Monday.  The nurse will call about the appointment time sometime today.  Rose will have to take me and be there to drive me home.  I hope this cures my double vision. and maybe I won't even have to wear glasses.  I don't think I even asked them that question.  I just want to get done with the procedure.

Rose is writing a book and got up early with me to send off her proposal to the potential editor/publisher.  It's a creative work for her.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Wednesday Back in St. Louis

Petrina from Martha's Hands is coming to assist me with showering and exercising today while Shirley grocery shops and Rose practices her guitar, sees clients, and works on a book proposal.  The ice and snow should melt off today and roads are clear.

I don't think I've posted the fact that Chris has shingles and is suffering terribly from them.  He says it's the most pain he's ever suffered.  He has gone to the doctor and got prescriptions but is just suffering through the pain.  The medicine doesn't seem to help.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Back in Town

I've been at the lake house for several days and couldn't get my computer to work so couldn't update this an entry for several days nor could I send any emails, so just had to wait until I got home.  Anyway, I went to the lake with Kay Berry. Mad Dog had the heat turned up and the house ready when we arrived there.  We enjoyed several days and were actually stranded because there was another ice storm.  Mad Dog spent a lot of time with the shovel and managed to get us out.  Supper is ready.  More later..

Saturday, March 01, 2014


Pete thought Friday was Saturday so he called me a day early this week.  We've had Idaho weather this week here and will continue to do so.  I've talked to Rose this morning and was having trouble with my computer.   She was busy with a client and Kay and I managed to solve the trouble on our own.

Mad Dog has been great help and he's back and forth between here and his Dad's.  Between him and Kay, I'm really enjoying Netflex and Amazon.   Also, spring season first game started yesterday and the  Cardinals  play at noon again today.  Lots of the players are new but I'm sure I'll get familiar with them.

Kay did  all the grocery shopping yesterday and stocked up in case we get snowed in.  She's going to cook a roast in the crock pot today which will make some great leftovers too.  None of the neighbors are here because it's too cold for the lake.