Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just A Wednesday

As usual, I'm awake early.  Shirley will get home this evening.  I'm not sure what time and Rose isn't up yet so I can't ask her.  Scott's wife's young cousin died in Kansas City, and Beth went to the funeral.  The cousin was at the wedding and I guess they were very close.  She was quite ill then.  Beth flew to Kansas City for the funeral so can't stop to see us on her way home,

Rose just got up and is making our first coffee.  She and I went out for dinner last night. It's 43 degrees outside this morning and there are storms in the forecast but a nice weekend predicted.  I saw the first humming bird of the season yesterday but only one and he didn't stay long.

The yearly meeting of the homeowners at the lake is Sunday, and Doug is going to accompany me.  He and his family are coming down.  Groves may come too.  Linda can come most of the week and I'm hoping someone can be there the following weekend.

First coffee and it tastes so good.!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Glasses ready in a Week

We're back from leaving my eye glasses prescription filled and the young man saved me over $100.00 by advising me to use a pair of my old frames.  The new lens in the old frames will be ready in about a week.  We took a couple pair of old ones I had kept and he advised me these were better quality.

It's just about time for Petrina and my exercises.  Rose and I stopped at Starbucks on our way back from ordering the glasses.

I seem to have misplaced the pad that goes in my wheelchair.  We've checked in the garage and in Rose's car and haven't found it.  There are several places it could be.  If anyone who remembers my being in their car, would you mind looking before I buy another one?  I can still use this one meanwhile.  I try to walk as much as I can.

Rose's client just arrived and Petrina are getting ready to for our walk.  Send some news.

New Glasses

Rose is taking me to get my glasses prescription filled this morning and Petrina is coming while Rose sees clients.  While Rose and I were at the eye examination, we accidentally left her iphone.  They called to tell us on my phone and told me "The young woman with you left her iphone",  I wanted to tell them they had the wrong number.  By the time we turned around and got back to retrieve her phone, it was too late to make it to get to the fancy pedicure place so Goldman took me took our regular place, and Linda will take me on our way to the lake some time.  I needed one.

That Chicago condo is finally sold.  Such a relief.  I'm not sure when the closing dates or anything  but I do know that several people are saving boxes.  I'll let Rose fill in as she finds out more.  This just was finalized yesterday.

Again, I'm up early.  The Cardinals were tied when I fell asleep and I haven't checked to see who won.  My window is open and it seems to have turned cooler in the night.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Eye Doctor Appointment

I'm awake early and trying to  keep very quiet so as not to awaken Sis.  I think it stormed last night but Shirley got to New Orleans without much delay.  We had some storm here but it passed before bedtime.  I have an eye doctor appointment this afternoon and Rose and I may pick up bedding plants on our way back home.  Depending on the weather, she may plant them.  I don't believe she has any clients scheduled.  Patrina is coming early since we have to leave early.

I thought I needed s pair of solid black shoes and the brown ones I had been wearing were fine.  We took a good look at the brown ones and saw they were wore out.  In looking in my closet, Rose found I had good black ones and also a pair of walking shoes and I don't need to get shoes right now.   We threw the brown ones away.  Goldman is taking me to my birthday pedicure on Wednesday.

Rose and I both went to take Shirley to the airport yesterday.  They don't like leaving me alone.  I assure them that I won't get up and mosey around but they're still uncomfortable about my even going downstairs on the stair lift in the morning.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday in St. Louis

Chris and Shelly brought dinner last night and visited with me while Rose and Shirley went to a meeting and dinner for the Jung Society.  It was pot roast with potatoes and carrots.  They also brough belated birthday cupcakes from my favorite bakery for dessert.  Between Shirley and Shelley, they're determined to pork me up.  Petrina and Linda help.

Chris and Shelly also brought me a belated birthday present.  It's some horehound candy that they bought when they were in Colorado.  Shelly told him this wasn't a very appropriate gift to give his mother.  I have a picture at the lake house entitled 'woman with a checkered past'.  The candy seems to go with that painting.  When we were kids, we would get horehound candy.  So did Scott and Chris when they were young.  I believe he still likes it, even though the package was still sealed so he hadn't sampled it.

Shirley is flying to New Orleans today until Wednesday.  Rose has a meeting this afternoon.  I'm going to watch the Cardinals.

 I'm still looking for someone to fill in at the lake when Linda can't be there.  My cell number is 314-452-3685 and my email address is

The pot roast dinner that Shelly made last night was delicious.  When I was about half way through eating, she asked me how I liked it.  I told her I thought it was very good.  She had marinated it and then cooked it in her crock pot and then after a while added the vegetables.  Then she told me the meat was venison and asked if I could tell it from beef.  I couldn't.  She didn't remember that I'd lived with Janet and Pete that year and Janet cooked a lot of deer meat so deliciously, and I don't believe there were crock pots in 1960.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Morning in St. Louis

Rose and I are both up.  She brought coffee to my room.  As the kids used to say, we were frue sleepin'.  Sometimes they didn't have their nap out.  I usually wake up first and try to be quiet so I don't wake them.  Rose sets my computer up in my room at night and has bought me a commode so I don't wander around when I wake up first in the morning.  She and Shirley have to go to a meeting  tonight so they're having Shelly come stay with me.  I don't think that's necessary but they do.

Pete just called.  Still cold in Idaho.  He hadn't talked to Brother Joe yet today.  He had been doing some work on his garden but has to wait until after last frost to do lots more.  Mad Dog is still with his Dad.  I'm not sure if the boat is de-winterized yet but don't think so.   Doug and Suzanne are bringing the kids next weekend, and the kids will want to ride in it and Doug will want to fish.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Wave Runners

My friends haven't sold those wave runners yet and would like to sell them, with the aluminum trailer, before they move out of Chesterfield.  It's begun to be the season for boats and wave runners at the lake and I've seen several while I've been there.  Dave knows more about them than Liz and his email address is

The wave runners come with a double aluminum trailer.  Dave is more knowledgable about them than Liz and would perhaps be more willing to sell for a lesser price than the $3000.00.

Friday Morning

Sunshiny day today but rain is in the forecast.  Cardinals have a day game and I'm hoping they do better than they did yesterday.  Donald called me yesterday.  I heard from all my siblings among others with birthday greetings.  Vita and Donald had been in Florida and called yesterday and Brother Joe's belated card arrived on the 24th, so I know they were anyway thinking of me.  Linda gave me an appointment for a pedicure and Goldman is going to take me next week Wednesday for it.  It's out in Chesterfield, and we were going to go today but he would rather go then.  It was very thoughtful of Linda.  She came over for a visit and brought the gift.

There's no wind blowing and I've not seen any humming birds on our feeder.  There are lots of squirrels up and about.  Petrina is coming this morning to assist me in showering and exercising.  She comes Monday through Friday.  I ride the exercycycle at least 20 minutes, among other things.  She still stays 4 hours.  I've put this in before but am adding it again.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Has Arrived

I had a great birthday lots of emails and steak dinner.  Patrina came every day and is coming back tomorrow.  She helps me with my showering and exercise and workout and she and I get along very well.  Patrina is my other assistant who you read in this Gazette about.  Rose and Shirley work nearly full time so I need some help in assisting me.  They are all so good that I can't thank them enough.

Spring seems like it finally arrived.  Pete said they did have some snow there yesterday.  We didn't.  Just a beautiful couple of days.  I have an eye doctor appointment this Monday and will probably have to new glasses.  I haven't been wearing glasses since i had my cataracts removed but probably still need them.  I don't think my insurance pays for them.

The Cardinals lost today but play again tomorrow.  Linda is also a Cardinal fan and she and I watch the games and the Cardinals aren't doing very well.  We still have  hope, though.

I'm going to have Rose post this picture of Brayden as pitcher.  I think soccer is his favorite sport but baseball is mine.  Scott is one of his coaches this year and soccer was one game played while I was visiting there.  I'm going to be sure to  go back during the season.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sleeping Later

I'm the only one in the house up so far and Rose has set me up with the computer  so I keep quiet.  I go to bed earlier but tend to get up first.  She and Shirley worry if I wander around the house.  I'm sitting on the edge of my bed with my computer on this table got for me doing this entry.  I do this quite often.

I haven't heard if Dave and Liz have sold their wave runners.  When Liz and I worked at GMAC, she came over to pick me up to take me somewhere and there was a note on my front door, 'The Meanest Mother in Maryland Heights Lives HERE'.  Seems I angered some partying kids.

Rose just got up.  More later.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brother Bob's Favorite Story

We need some feedback to let us know the Gazette is more entertaining.  I sometimes think I've erased what I have tediously so typed in but Rose helps me find I haven't and I'm greatly relieved.  Everyone is taken with Face Book but I still prefer AOL.  Keep me on  (I may have put that in wrong but if you get it in right, you don't have to do it again.)

When we were kids, Mom took us to Kansas to see Uncle Bud and Aunt Lois.  Before they moved to Kansas they had lived 'on the hill' us and we often visited them.  In the car on the trip, we didn't have video games to play, we counted cows out the windows.  Brother Bob, who is now dead, loved this story also lived in Kansas.  When we got to Bud and Lois's place, I was sent by myself to the door to see if they'd recognize me.  Uncle Bud answered the door, looked me over. I waited a minute, and told him who I was.  He responded "Why, you used to be such a pretty little thing."  Then he hesitated and looked some more and said.  "Well, your hair's still pretty."

Monday, April 21, 2014

Back in St. St. Louis

I'm back now in St. Louis and have been working on my exercise.  Taking a break and cooling off.  Griped all winter about the cold weather and now upset about about the heated weather.  Petrina is here today and we did my exercises.  Rose is at a guitar lesson and Shirley is seeing clients.

Again I want to tell some stories from raising my sons.  Goldman always liked to eat dinner at our house.  I oft times made breakfast for supper and he  liked that.  He was going to eat with us one night and I always made the boys pray.  Before we ate, Scott came in and said to me, "Don't pray, Mom, He's Jewish, you know."  I don't know what he thought that meant.  Also, I don't remember if we prayed that night.  Goldman is getting married on July 28, and I feel like the other mother of the groom.

I asked Brayden if they prayed before they ate and he said only when you're here.

Tales From Raising The Kids

Again. I've been wanting to make this Gazette more interesting and am remembering from raising my children.  After Brick died and before I married Denny when they didn't have a babysitter, they used to call me at work all the time to tattle on each other.  Chris would especially tattle on Scott with Scott being the older of the two.  Chris would call me and say "Scott's starting to fight".  I would tell him it takes two people to fight.  He would tell me that one could just be standing there and the other could start fighting.  They have quit doing that.

We're heading back to St, Louis shortly.  It's raining.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

You Can Learn From Your Off Spring

I've been reading older entries and there were some really interesting and funny stories from the past in here.  Chris has been watching a movie that I couldn't get interested in so I searched the past.  A lot of it is captured in this Gazette.  I'm hoping more will be.

I was at Scott's last weekend and a man came and hauled some brush out of his backyard.        It was a beautiful day and I was sitting on Scott's front porch.  There were some rotten looking boards long side his driveway and as the man left I yelled "You missed some".  I talked to Scott today and asked if the guy came back.  The guy told me he'd be back on Thursday. Scott said  he hadn't been back yet.  I asked Scott if he'd paid him because he looked like he needed money. Scott replied "How does someone look that needs money? He's been cutting my grass for three years and bills me once a month.  I think he'll be back. I think I can trust him.

When my boys were home and did the mowing we had a front yard and a back yard.  There was always an argument about which was front and which was back.

I'm getting ready to go to bed pretty soon.  Mad Dog's Dad's friend, Willie's wife died so Mad Dog didn't come back today.  Willie is a great friend to the Dad.  I think she had an aneurysm.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Problems with AOL

Saturday morning and right now it's just Chris and myself.  Mad Dog will be back sometime today.  Linda left yesterday with us well supplied food cooked for the weekend.  I'm waiting for Brother Pete's weekly call and haven't talked to Rose yet.

I'm having trouble with AOL getting my emails and have messed it up so badly I may change from AOL.  Is anything else free?  I'm not sure what they think I'm trying to accomplish but I'm just trying to get my emails and now have to wait 24 hours.  I don't want to change so I'll see what happens at 4 this afternoon.

Chris got up and made coffee and went back to bed.  I'll let him sleep a while longer.  Now I've talked to Rose.  She's in Chicago and has an appointment to list the condo at one this afternoon.  She got there yesterday and spent 2 hours of heavy cleaning after the long drive up from St. Louis.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Chris is Coming

It looks like it will finally be spring today.  Chris is coming tonight and Mad Dog is coming today,  We have new neighbors who had a hot tub installed yesterday and they arrived yesterday.  Linda said they were up late but I didn't hear a thing.  There's been a run down shack across the cove which they finally tore down and are building something and only work on on bad weather days.  We don't know what it's going to be but hope it's not much more traffic in the cove.

Rose is on her way to Chicago today.  I don't think it's going to be as warm there as it is here.  Linda is also a Cardinal fan and we watch the games no matter who they are playing.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Week

It's taken me all day to get on the computer and retrieve my password and email address ban I finally got it.  Linda is cooking a pork tenderloin for dinner.  She made a beef tenderloin last night with some lemon bars and other stuff.  She is so good to me.

Brother Joe came up yesterday after day noon for a visit.  He didn't stay for long because son David was needing to borrow his van for something.  He couldn't stay for supper.  Mad Dog came over while he was here for a short visit and will be back in the morning to stay with me until Ding arrives.  They'll all uncomfortable about my staying alone.

Rose is driving up to Chicago tomorrow to list the Condo.  Shirley was going to accompany her but changed her mind.  When Rose and Shirley originally moved down from there, Rose and I rented 2 U UHauls and hauled loads of stuff down to St. Louis.  I was much better then than I am now.  I have a picture of the two of us and the trucks setting on my mantel.

I talked to Leslie this week (Or emailed her)  and invited her up but it's Holy Week and she's going to church quite often.  Joe, Linda's husband, has to sing almost every day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Rose called me yesterday evening as she was on her way to the Apple store to retrieve her repaired computer.  It had been 'underneath repair' since Saturday and she missed it very much.  She was using her ipad for lots of communication.  What did we do 'back in 'the old days?'  Verbal communication which was more costly and still harder to accomplish.

We found a cleaning lady who will work cheap and when we need her.  She lives nearby and is coming at nine this morning.  Linda has gone up to get in the shower so she'll be ready for her.  Rose says that I should let Linda tell her what to do because I'm too easy on people.  Linda does a lot  for me.  This woman. whose name is Caroline, said this place is a lot cleaner than a lot of places she cleans.  I'll see how she does.

Linda and I went to Ruthie D''s for dinner last night.  I had a delicious steak and ate the whole thing.  Linda has a pork tenderloin marinating right and will convert it to BBQ pork.

Rose just called.  I forgot to ask her if she just got up but I'm sure she's having her coffee.  She's going to Chicago Friday to put that condo on the market and returning Sunday or Monday.  She's not sure yet.

We watched the Cards win last night and it's a day game today.  I emailed Brayden and asked him why they all had number 42 but he had either gone to bed or was ignoring me.  I'll see today.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Morning

I've talked to Rose this morning and her computer is still in the shop and she is extremely irritated with the Apple store.  Her IPAD is her main method of communication and she says it's more difficult than her other computer.  I don't know because I don't have an IPAD nor do I want one.  I would be lost without my computer and cellphone.

Linda and I watched the Cardinal game last night and plan to do so tonight.  She made a great dinner of meatloaf, mashed, green beans, with chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  We had some snowflakes yesterday and the computer said it got down to 30 last night but it will be better today.

Brother Joe sent an email that I'm sure everyone will enjoy but I don't know to forward it to the Gazette so I sent it to Rose to do it.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Jalen and Granny


I'm at the lake already after Scott brought me half way and Chris met me the other half to get back home from Louisville yesterday and spending the night in St. Louis.  When  I got up yesterday morning at Scott's, I saw a man looking up in one of his trees.  The pine tree, not the mimosa.  I asked Beth what was he doing.  Their neighbors have a pet parrot and it had escaped and they were trying to retrieve it.  Other neighbors assisted but Scott says the few mornings he has off - once was a horse and now it's a parrot.  He was sure they would get it without his help - and they did.

It's a dismal dreary day.  Joe (Linda's husband) picked me up after he dropped their daughter off at work.  He's never met Shirley and was a bit early today hoping catch her but 'maybe next time.'  She had to go to the doctor, something about her finger.  They were in Branson for Tom and Lydia's first anniversary this weekend.  They stopped at Marshfield and had an ice cream at Culver's on the way back.  I guess Miss Muzzy's has closed.  The Marshfield Mail is still there.  Remember, Margaret used to work here.

Linda is also a Cardinal fan and we're looking forward to some games this week.  I've invited Brother Joe to come up whenever he isn't busy but haven't heard back from him.   Springfield has a minor league team and Brayden told me they're good too.  I think Joe likes them also.

Mad Dog had contacted the company who winterizes and dewintertizes the boat before I even knew about knew it and while I was just worrying about it.  Doug takes care of the wave runner.  The boat's ready to go.  Just looking forward to good weather.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Back To Missouri Tomorrow

I've been reading back over old entries and talked with Scott over them and the Gazette has already settled one argument.  I thought I broke my ankle in 2008.  He said it wasn't. As usual he was right. It was 2010.  I did notice in my poring over the past that we were much more newsy.  I'll try to be so in the future.

Ding is meeting Scott and Jalen and me at he half way to Missouri tomorrow.  I'm sure Jalen isn't going with us because he wants to spend time with his Granny.   He is 16 and has a driver's license but has to have a licensed driver with him for a period of time to drive by himself.  I remember that I lived with Pete and Janet in Idaho because you could drive at 15 the year I turned 15 so and I don't know if I even had a Granny.  I just wanted to drive.

Beth and Scott made brisket, broccoli, and potatoes for dinner.  Tristan had dinner with  us and I believe is spending the night again.  The boys are wanting to shoot fireworks but it's illegal in Kentucky to shoot fireworks.  Brayden told him he's seen them.  Scott replied those were in Indiana.  I suggested we go there but Scott didn't think that was a good idea.


I've already talked to Pete and Rose this morning.  It's a beautiful day here in Louisville with lots of robins flying around in the frond yard.  I'm disappointed that there are no baseball or soccer games today but Brayden has a friend staying overnight and they're still sleeping after staying awake until long after I did.  They may rather rest right now.

I don't think we have any plans for today.  Beth has already been grocery shopping and back.  I thought they would both sleep much later but I guess they were rested.  Beth is going to give me a hand in the shower in a few minutes so I might cut this short.

Again this this morning, my computer wasn't responding exactly as I wanted or expected and I guess I just wasn't 'patient' because here I am.  I did get it to respond and Brayden still isn't up.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday in Louisville

Friday in Louisville.  I missed Scott, Beth, and Brayden, but my helper was here when I got up.  I slept right through their departure and her arrival.  Her name is Connie and she's from Ghana.  Her Mother is still over there and she said she's 91 and 'old like me'.   Connie is great help.  Next time I'm coming to Louisville and need an assistant, I'm going to ask for her again,

I was having trouble with my computer yesterday.  Brayden helped me with it and explained I wasn't patient enough with it.  He had baseball practice last night and Scott took took him.  Jalen drove me.   I don't think we have any games scheduled but I'm hoping we hoping we have both boys today.

Rose and I have already talked this morning.  Scott has a beautiful magnolia tree in his front yard.  I don't believe it was losing leaving when I first arrived but is now.  I asked him if the mower chopped them up but he said more just fell.  Do magnolias bloom?  I meant to ask Rose if she knew but I forgot.

I had an email from Janet and, as I suspected, she's the one who does the emailing.  Pete's busy with his volunteer work and getting the yard ready.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

'Company Car'

I think I've adjusted to the time change.  I was awake before Beth and Brayden left and of course when my helper arrived.  I had been on St. Louis time earlier in my arrival and sleeping through everything.

There's some good news to post.  The 'company car' was at a Lexus dealership in Denver and Rose was unsure about what to do with it. Along came a mechanic at the dealer who needed a car for his daughter who was going off to college in the fall who offered to buy it.  This was much to Rose's relief and his delight.  This solved her quandary and probably his also.  I'll miss it a lot even though I can't drive.

The Cardinals won last night.  They were tied when Brayden and I went to bed but when I got up he already knew they had won it 7 to 5.  I'm not sure what time the game is today.  I'll look it up later or wait for Brayden to tell me.  Linda and I are going to the lake next Monday.  I'm not sure how I'm getting back to St. Louis but I'll get there.  Linda is a  Cardinal fan too.  I'm really hoping the weather finally turns to spring.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Tuesday in Louisville

I've had trouble with the computer all day and had to wait until Brayden got home from school and helped me to get on line.  He was very patient.  He is working on his homework right now.  There won't be soccer practice tonight and there was supposed to be baseball practice tonight too, but it may storm even more.  We're not sure if that's going to be.  We will all be disappointed.  Brayden plays second base and Scott is one of the coaches.

I was still sleeping when my companion came this morning.  I did stay up and see the Cardinals win last night, but had to go to bed and missed Josie winning again on the NBAA.  I was also glad it was a female again, too.  I sleep well here and don't hear either Scott or Beth leave in the morning.  I haven't got to see Jalen yet and am looking forward to that.

Beth just walked in from work and Scott and Brayden went to see if there is going to be practice.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Monday in Louisville

Scott just got home from work.  He and Beth are going grocery shopping as soon as she gets home from work.  The Cardinals are playing their opener in St. Louis today in St. Louis today and it's raining here, but I guess it's not raining in St. Louis because it looks like they're set to play.

The companion is the same one I've had before.  I was still sleeping for a while after Scott and Beth both left and she arrived.  . I think she's the same assistant I've had before and she thinks so too, but Scott and Beth believe it's someone else.  Anyway, she was really good.  Her name is Connie.

We won't have Brayden or Jalen this evening but will tomorrow.  The yard man was supposed to come today but it's much too wet so he may come tomorrow.  The front yard is okay but the back is much bigger and needs the work.  They have a beautiful magnolia tree in the front yard.

Scott just told me the Cardinal game is delayed because of the weather.  Beth just came in the back door.  I type slowly.  Now the game has started.  I've talked to Rose and to Mark Spreitler both today.  Brayden hasn't said much about his ski trip except he does want to do it again.  He slept on the way home on Saturday and had Austin spend the night Saturday night.

Wave Runners and the Trailer

I talked to Dave yesterday and they will sell both the wave runners and the aluminum trailer for $3000, but would like to sell them before they move.  They would like to see some one using them.  They are in Chesterfield.  Anyone interested, please call Dave and talk to him about them.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Price of Wave Runners Polaris

Scott and Brayden have gone off to the batting cages this this morning.  Doug's Mother won one of the NCAA tournament cash amounts.  All us women were glad a woman won because men always seem to know so much more about sports than women.  I just think it happens to be luck.

For those of those readers who are interested in the wave runners, I talked to Dave yesterday and he would like to get $3000.00 for them but would sell them for less.  He and Liz are moving and they have no place to keep them at their new place. She is retiring and he was self employed.  He (both of them) would love to see someone get as much enjoyment and use as they have of them.  The units are in Chesterfield and you can see by the pictures they are in good shape.  Dave did say they may need batteries.  Call him if you want to go take a look.  Make him an offer.  They would like to sell them before they move.  Again, their phone number is 636-532-0522.

Saturday, April 05, 2014


I'm in Louisville with Scott and Brayden having arrived this morning in time for Brayden to play in his soccer game.  We left St. Louis before the sun came up and just shortly after Chris and Shelly got him back from Colorado.  Scott drove over from Louisville after work yesterday and barely laid his head down when it was time to get up.  Brayden's team did loose but he scored their only goal and I got to see it.

I had poor reception on my cell phone when Pete called and he was at a garden shop when I called back but I got to talk to Janet and things were good in Idaho.   Beth is in Kansas City helping her 94 year old grandmother move into a home she has bought.  She has been living in an assisted living facility but is going to be on her own.  She can still drive.  Jalen is in Florida with friends and will be home tomorrow.  Spring break will be over on Monday and they will have to be back in school.

Chris and Shelly rented a car and they're having the Lexus towed back to St. Louis.  That's as far as I know.  I'm staying here in Louisville until next weekend.  We have a company similar to Martha's Hands who will spend some time with me during the day.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Dinner for Margaret's Birthday

We met the Abbotts for dinner last evening to celebrate Margaret's birthday.  Our server at Macaroni Bar and Grill remembered us from prior celebrations, and we had lovely service.  We sat for over two hours and some (myself included) have takeovers for lunch today.  The Abbotts couldn't all make it and we missed those we weren't there.  We vowed to do this more often.  They are such a caring and loving bunch.

Chris and Shelly and Brayden are renting a car and driving back from Colorado today.  I'm not sure what's going to happen with the 'company car' which is at a Lexus dealer in Denver.  Chris's Acura is sitting outside our house and it runs like a top still.  Scott is driving over from Louisville to pick up Brayden in time for his game on Saturday.  As I learn more I'll update.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Safe in University City

There was a tornado in University City night last but we were safe.  The sirens did awaken us, but we did go back to sleep--after a 30 minute early morning prayer meeting downstairs.   Our U-Verse television and internet went out last evening, so we were fat, dumb, and happy about the weather warnings.  We finally got computer service by piggybacking on our wonderful neighbor's service, but we don't have television yet.  (We lost television during the Cardinal game but it got rained out there anyway.)

The visit with Dr. Hogan went as usual.  He said to come back in six months, sooner in case anything changes.  We left the medicines as they are.  None of that trial med stuff that gave me such trouble when Hogan and the drug company abruptly ended it.  How that stuff ever won FDA approval is beyond us.

We're meeting the Abbotts for dinner tonight to celebrate Margaret's birthday.  I hope they can all make it.  Chris and Shelly and Brayden are still in Colorado and can't be there.  Scott is in Louisville and Beth is spending spring break with her grandmother in Kansas City, but we will represent the rest of this family.

Petrina is coming again today.  She exercises much harder than I do and inspires me to do more.  She also jumps in and does other  things around the house.  She is a true delight.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Old Lexus, New Problem

Another update.  Chris is consulting with Doug Hollensbee about options for Rose's Lexus.   Doug is going to get more information on possibilities for repair.

Correction on Wave Runners - Polaris

Dave wanted to make sure all the information on the Jet Skis for sale is correct. They were stored inside on the trailer until about two years ago when they were covered with a very heavy tarp outside. Dave thinks they may need batteries since they haven't been used since his sons left home.  Dave and Liz have sold their home in Chesterfield and their grandchildren aren't old enough to use them. They are both retiring.  I worked with Liz at GMAC (so did Brick), and Dave is self employed.

One of the units is 1999 Polaris  with a 130 horsepower motor  and the other unit is a 1996 Polaris with a 100 horsepower motor.

There is only one trailer and it is a tandem wave-runner trailer made from aluminum (someone spent a lot of money on).  Dave would sell them with or without the trailer.

Dave needed to correct me.  I hope he did so.  They will be moving and would like see someone get some fun and use out of them as they did.

His phone number is 636-532-0422.

Nothing broken

An Update

Rose is taking me to Dr. Hogan, the neurologist, this afternoon, for a checkup and to get my prescriptions refilled.  Again yesterday I did over five miles on the exercycle and not  quite as far as around the block but all the way down the alley and back.  In total it was nearly 1000 steps on my fit bit for the day.  I'm sure the doctor is going to be pleased.

There's good news and bad news also.  Chris and Shelly were going to buy Rose's Lexus and took it with Brayden to Mark's place in Colorado for his spring break.  The Lexus quit somewhere outside Denver and they had AAA tow it to the nearest Lexus dealer. The dealer gave them a loaner and they proceeded.  This was on Saturday.   The car is a 2001, and Rose had kept it in really good shape.  It may not be and probably isn't worth fixing.  They are in a quandary right now and will probably have to rent a car to get home.  At this point, we are also in a quandary.

I think I posted wrong about Donald's family skiing in Colorado.  They went skiing in Taos, N.M.  I didn't know you ski in N.M.

Petrina is coming today.  I had others but she's become my favorite and gives me much encouragement.  She knew about the Family Gazette but didn't know how to get on it.  I showed her yesterday.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Snow Boarding makes Bray hungry

April Fool 's Day

It was the opening day of baseball season and the Cardinals beat Cincinnati.  Already today our team has a day off.  The home opener is some time next week.  I'm the only one up so far this morning, but Sis will probably have coffee ready before I finish.

I completed a walk all the way around the block plus 25 minutes on the exercycle and 1200 steps on my fit bit yesterday.  This was with Petrina's encourgement and assistance.  This is the first time I had done this in a while.  Petrina is coming again today and I'll see what I can so.

I hace an appointment with Dr. Hogan, the neurologist, tomorrow at 2.  On Thursday we are meeting some of the Abbotts for a dinner to celebrate Margaret's birthday.   We'll post photos.