Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wedding in Colorado

I had that all wrong.  Pete and Janet got married in Colorado.  Rose and Pete both corrected me.  Janet is going to email and give me the details.  Also, I'm not any fatter.  I weighed and weighed the same.  My pants were smaller.

Pete and Janet's 57th Anniversary

I'm at the lake this morning this morning and haven't talked to Pete or Rose but wanted to   put in the 57th anniversary of Pete and Janet's marriage.  They got married at Holy Trinity Parish in Marshfield and I can remember the occasion.  They emailed me yesterday and said they are going out for dinner to celebrate.

Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm Feeling Fat

Waiting for my first cup of coffee.  Not usually a long wait.  Looks like its going to be a beautiful day today and the forecast for the weekend looks good.  I stayed awake long enough last night to see the Cardinals lose again.  I guess Chris and I can listen to them with some hope on our way down to the  lake tonight.

Linda stopped by yesterday morning to drop of some Shaklee products and a visit.  She is always a pure delight.  My helper from Martha's Hands' was here, and I've been trying to increase the amount of exercise I do daily.  I could count the number of deep knee bends and there's a timer on the bike but I was certain I was walking more.  Sometimes my Fitbit would register and sometimes it wouldn't.  Rose and I noticed this the night before.  Marnet (that's my helper's name) figured out that by attaching it to my pant's leg in a plastic bad, it registers.  The problem was - my pants were too tight!  Shirley suggested that I should buy bigger pants.  I actually am walking more.  I weigh the same but am going to watch the goodies a little closer.  It's hard to resist the stuff Shirley brings from Whole Foods on Wednesdays but it never goes to waste.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Plans for the Day

Trying to be quiet and not wake Rose and Shirley this morning.  They appreciate my being quiet in the mornings.  Linda is coming by later this morning to bring some Shaklee products.  It will be nice to see her.  I'm sure we will talk about the Cardinals.  Margaret is going to a Cardinal game sometime soon.  Her kids are taking her.  I'll hopefully have more details later.  She and Linda and I are all big fans.

I've been trying to up my exercise amount every day.  It seemed I was getting more walking in, but my FitBit wasn't registering the increase.  Rose and I checked last night and it wasn't.  We'll check again today.  It's too hot to walk outside.  The HHA from Martha's Hands Agency is here for 4 hours a day when I'm home.  They are expensive but helpful and give Rose and Shirley client time.

I've been watching for humming birds this morning but haven't seen one yet.  Mad Dog keeps them fed and the plants watered at the lake while I'm gone.  I tried to call him yesterday and he didn't answer.  He doesn't have an answering machine but usually calls me right back as he does have caller ID.  His Dad has been sick.  I'll try again today to check in with them.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back to the Lake on Friday

I'm learning about Facebook (Brayden gave me some help while I was in Kentucky), and find I have lots of friends on there.  I think I know now how to correspond with them.  I'm going to work on that today.

My helper comes today at 11 AM.  My goal is to walk more steps today than I did yesterday.  I do ride the exer-cycle 20 minutes daily and may increase that soon.   I step\hop and deep\knee bend until I completely tire and then rest a bit and do it again.

She also fixes my lunch and does anything I ask her to do.

Chris and I are going back to the lake Friday.  It will be interesting to see which way he goes - 64 or 70.  Scott won't listen to me - He thinks the GPS route (70) is faster and I KNOW the 64 route is faster.  He believes the GPS and not his mother.  I remember when Janet told me what she like about the GPS was that she could turn it off.  I didn't know how to turn this one off.

Jalen and Friends

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Home After Holiday

It was a great weekend with lots of company and boating and wave running. It was just over too soon. We were the last to get there Friday, and I'm not sure what time everyone else went to bed.  I visited for a few minutes and retired.  Mad Dog had watered the plants and fed the humming birds in my absence, and I found out that humming birds even eat at night.  Scott says there are no humming birds in Kentucky and Groves, who used to live there, vouched for that.  He wouldn't let me get him a humming bird feeder.  There are lots of them in Missouri, especially around the lake.

Scott and Beth got a trip to Mexico for a wedding gift and he just called for his father's DOB and place of birth for applying for his passport.  We're looking forward to keeping the boys while they're gone.

Jalen and Dillon and Jake were all old enough and legal to ride (had their licenses} or drive the wave runner and did a good job.  Doug and Jalen showed his two friends the basics after they had taken the manual test, so they knew the rules.  All of them liked tubing and the boat.  Most everyone went to Jolly Roger's Sunday afternoon.  It's a family restaurant.  I chose not to go.  Brayden was concerned about going to a "bar", but Josie was going and they all went in the boat, so he went.

Brayden caught five fish, the biggest one and the smallest one caught.  Doug and I were sitting on the deck when Josie and Brayden were down at the boat dock fishing.  I asked Doug what would they do if they caught one and he said "Probably call me."  About that time they started yelling.  "Doug,  Dad!"  We thought they had one.  Doug hustled down there only to find they'd broken a pole.  Jalen says he's going to learn to clean them next time.

I'll write more today.  Talked to Pete on Saturday.  Everything is good in Idaho.



Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Great Birthday Greeting from two great guys!

May 25 Birthdays

More people are getting up but I wanted to add a couple birthdays Today is Shirley and also Sabrina's birthdays. I won't add their ages because I never do that and besides, I don't know.

Memorial Day at the Lake

I got back to the lake last night after a long drive for Scott and Beth. We had to bring two cars since we had seven people but Jalen is old enough to help with some of the driving. He's 16 and I don't think he seemed to mind. I can still remember when Pete let me drive. He brought two friends with him. Doug, Suzanne, Josie, Lucas, Groves, and Mad Dog were already here when we arrived. The teenagers went to the pool when we got here and I went to bed. I don't know what the rest of them went to bed. I didn't hear a thing. Mad Dog watered the plants and fed the humming birds while I was gone. Doug says he would have brought a shotgun if he'd known about the humming birds swarming. Scott says there are no humming birds in Kentucky and wouldn't get a feeder. The plants are beautiful and it's raining this morning which is good for them but bad for the kids. I've already talked to Rose and to Pete this morning. Nothing new with them. Pete hadn't talked with Joe yet.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Home Early From Sedona

Rose and Shirley changed their plans and returned early to Missouri. Rose and I check in on our cell phones every morning and I left my phone in Scott's car last night. She overslept and I emailed her twice before she responded. Rose and Shirley were in no danger but the smoke and smell was so bad they weren't having a good time. Now with E Coli in Idaho and Humus in Missouri, there are other things to worry about. Brayden was the pitcher last night's game and though his game lost he did very well, he was very well. He walked twice and grounded out to the first baseman once. We got to keep him overnight and Beth took him to school early, he didn't seem to mind. We're going to have a long ride today so I think Scott is going to try to come home early to take a nap. I believe we will be the last to arrive.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back to Missouri Tommorow

I thought Scott and Brayden were going to have an evening off from baseball but as it turned out they had team pictures last night. I don't know any of the kids by name but can pick them them out by number. Brayden is always number 5 which was Albert Puhols number when he was a Cardinal and is still Brayden's favorite player even though he's not a Cardinal. We have another game tonight. Life revolves around baseball here. I'm not sure what he's decided about playing on the All Star Team and I'm trying not to influence him. We want to see lots of him. I believe he has to decide by tomorrow. Beth had dinner ready as soon as we got home from pictures yesterday. We're leaving for the lake as soon as they get home tomorrow. Mad Dog will have the air conditioner on if we need it. Suzanne will shop for Saturday morning breakfast and then some one will shop later for more groceries. Everyone will probably arrive before we do. Tristan can't come but Jalen is bringing two friends. I talk to Rose every morning and she says the fires aren't near her but the smoke is visible and they can smell it. I've been watching for the information of it on the news channels. We get to keep Brayden tonight but he just goes to school early and Beth takes him on her way to a different school. He doesn't seem to mind getting there early. He and Jalen are both straight A students. Their Dad is so proud of them. They come right in from school and do their homework without being told.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A tough climb on a steep trail only to find a pink Jeep at the top!

Chapel from Little Horse hiking trail

Smoke from Arizona fires

Selfie at Chicken Point. Vortex site

Today's Hike. Little Horse Trail. (1010' elevation climb)

Wednesday in Louisville

It's a nice and a warm day in Louisville. Scott and Brayden have a day off from baseball - the first one since I've been here. Ding and Drew went to the Cardinal game last game and saw them win. I'm not surprised. My caretaker is here and I've talked to Rose. She was going to hike today. I'm sure she was also practicing her guitar. I think Shirley is over her bout of home sick. They are liking Sedona. I don't really have any news but wanted to update. Jalen took some pictures at Brayden's game last night that he will have to email to Rose that she will post later. Brayden walked twice but scored two runs and played a great shortstop.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Today's hike on Marg's Trail

A Letter from Kyle Langston

Hello, Dear Readers,

Kyle, son of Cindy and Dave, grandson of Bernie and Maudie, sent me the email below.  I checked with him to make sure it is really from him and got permission to post his request here.  Kyle is another of the talented young people in our family. If you have the resources and want to give this young man a boost, please do so.  I love seeing what this next generation is able to do!

"Hello all,
As you may know, I have been quite busy lately attempting to get things together so that I can student teach in the winter of 2015.  My current plan is to stay in Ellensburg for the summer to get a few extra classes finished and make my way to student teaching on schedule.  This being my last few quarters, I've been exceptionally busy and haven't had much time for anything aside from school, homework, and practicing.

I'm writing to give you a short update and let you know how things are going, but also because I need some assistance.  I'm having a hard time getting enough money together each month with the expenses that come with being a music major, such as accompanists, valve oils, and music.  Another opportunity I have is to take some private lessons with Toby Oft, who is the principal trombonist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, but these things all cost money.
If you are interested in helping me in any way possible, I am accepting donations via paypal, mail, and care packages!  My paypal address is: 
Here's hoping you're doing well and I appreciate your time!

Kyle Langston

Time Change Adjustment

I didn't come come out with paragraphs so I'll just trying again for now. Beth is making my lunch right now and again there are will be no be no paragraphs in this update. Maybe no one has has even noticed that. I've hear from Rose and Goldman today. The sun is shining and I think Brayden is going to have perfect weather for baseball. I don't think he knows until he gets to the ballpark what position he going to play though second base is his preferred place. He really just likes to play. The Cardinals play in St. Louis tonight and I hope I can stay awake long awake enough to see that game too. I believe I've adjusted to the hours change. I didn't even hear Scott leave this morning. I've decided not to even try to make paragraphs. Does even body notice?

Election Day

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day in Louisville. Somehow I've quit making paragraphs and I think Rose has told me how again so I want to see if I did it right. Beth is off school today because it's Election Day in Kentucky but we don't have the kids. They don't have school either. Brayden does have another baseball game this evening. He played shortstop in the game last night. He was first batter up and singled to first base and then scored the first run. After that he grounded out twice. He made some really good plays as shortstop and second base is his preferred position. There's another game tonight. I asked him what he has decided about playing on the All Star Team and I'm trying not to influence him either way, and he told me last night that he might do it. He has to decide by Friday. Will it 'ruin his summer'? They want Scott to be a coach but he won't if Brayden decides not to play on the team. I guess it would 'ruin his summer' too. Now I'm going to post to see if I'm making paragraphs.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Selfie with Madonna and Child rock formation, top right

Chapel in Sedona

Quite an amazing place. I took this photo from the Chapel hiking trail.

Shirley and Rose in Sedona

Two consecutive posts

I don't know how I did this but I thought I had deleted the one update but did have some more news in the second that I posted. Scott has supper almost ready and the boys are hungry. This will be short because I still don't know what I did what wrong about the two posts. No explanation.

Sunday in Louisville

I'm in Louisville and Rose and Shirley are in Sedona. Chris and I met Scott at the half way point in Mount Vernon, IL. Years, even before I ever knew Brick, he worked for GMAC in Mount Vernon. I'm pretty sure it as just a wide spot in the rode back then. Now it seems to be a wide spot in the Interstate. Pete made his weekly call while Chris and I ere en route and before we met up with Scott. Brother Joe celebrated his birthday at Lydia's graduation from William Jewell College in Liberty, MO. so we were lots of us traveling yesterday. Beth is in Kansas City for a wedding of a friend. Scott says she'll be home late tonight. Brayden played first base on his baseball team yesterday. He has his final soccer game of the season today. There will be another baseball game on Tuesday. Jalen pushed me to a front row seat in my wheelchair. Brayden has been selected to compete in the All Star Base Team but he's afraid if his team wins it will 'ruin his summer'. Scott has been also selected for one of the coaches but he doesn't want to do it if Brayden chooses not to. They have to decide by Friday. Brayden and Tristan are in the playroom playing video games. I don't know what time they went to bed. It was long after I went to sleep. Scott made bacon and eggs and has gone back to bed. I haven't heard from Rose yet today but I hope they're sleeping in. I don't know how long the drive from Phoenix to Sedona is. It's earlier out there. They've probably adjusted to the new time. Rose just DID call and said they had a day from hell yesterday but it was goimg to be better today.

Louisville for the Games

I've been trying to update all day and, even with Rose and Jalen assistance, finally gave up with the one I started this morning and decided to start all over again. Chris brought me half way to Louisville which was to Mt. Vernon, IL which was where Brick worked for GMAC even long before I met him. I'm sure it was just a wide spot in the road then and isn't much more now but maybe a wide spot in the Interstate. Pete and Janet called with their weekly called during our ride en route. Beth was in Kansas City city for the wedding of a friend so I haven't seen her yet. Rose and Shirley are in Sedona and had to wait an hour to get the car they rented in Phoenix and first thought their luggage had been lost in St. Louis. By the time they got settled in their room, Shirley was homesick. Brother Joe spent his birthday in Liberty, MO. celebrating his granddaughter, Lydia's's, graduation from William Jewell College. After Scott and I got here yesterday, Brayden had a baseball game. He played first base. This is not his favorite position but I was certainly proud. Scott was the of the scorekeepers. The coaches want Brayden to be one of the all star players this summer but he's afraid that if he he does it will 'ruin his summer'. They also want Scott to be one of the coaches but he doesn't want to coach if Brayden chooses not to be on the All Star Team. Today Brayden had a soccer game. Neither Scott nor Chris played soccer as kids but this was really exciting. We thought the score was 5 to 1 of which Brayden 3 but one of them hit a post and didn't count so the referee didn't give his team 5. Nevertheless, it was a great game and I could get in to it. He has another baseball game tomorrow. He and his friend are outside playing basketball right now. Scott is cooking hamburgers on the grill for dinner. Beth will be home late tonight. The grill is out by the grill and he's probably dodging balls. The soccer game coincided with the Cardinals game but we got home in time to see the Cards lose. Did you see that, Linda? Sad, wasn't it?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Leaving Tomorrow

The current plan is for Chris to take me half way to Louisville where Scott will meet us in the morning and be back to Louisville in time for Brayden's three o'clock game which is very important to both those guys. Me too. I think the games is right down the street from their house and Jalen drives me so I don't have to sit through warmup. He may have gotten past that. Perhaps he did like to take me when I was there last time because in Kentucky, even if you can't drive you have to have a valid license which I do, he is 16. He is a really good young man. I've taken a personal dislike for the Cubs. Linda likes baseball and was glad we beat them yesterday afternoon too. Petrina is coming today and I'm trying to make up for the exercycle time I missed during the haircut. I've been doing at least 20 minutes a day for quite some time. Still no humming birds. I've been meaning to ask Mad Dog if the feeder down there needs filling. He goes over occasionally from his Dad's place and makes sure every thing is in tact. Linda concocted some additional food and told Mad Dog how to attract the birds before we left.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer Calendar

We're adding plans for the summer and are eager to know when guests will be coming to the lake. People are always welcome and there's always room for more.

Rose and I are having our first morning coffee which always tastes so good. Chris is going to be here early Saturday morning to take me half way to Louisville were Scott will meet us. Brayden has a three o'clock game which we want to be back to Louisville for.

Petrina will be here this morning. I didn't do my 20 minutes on the exercycle yesterday because it coincided with my haircut.  My hairdresser already knew that Goldman was engaged. I guess Linda told her. I don't think any of us did.

 Rose just refilled the humming bird feeders.  The solution that was in them must have evaporated because I've been watching diligently and it hasn't been humming birds that ate the potion. She has a seed feeder that was full when I got back here on Saturda,y and it was empty this morning. I don't think those seeds evaporated. I've seen lots of birds eating there.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


It was early when I posted this morning and I left out a couple items I wanted to insert. I was remembering when Pete and Janet used to winter in Quartzite, AZ and wondering if they had ever been to Sedona so I asked them and I'm sure it was Janet who replied. It's one of the most beautiful spots in the world. They had spent a couple days there one year on one of their winters in Arizona. I originally thought Rose and Shirley were taking this trip for a Jungian conference, but they are going back on vacation. Janet also wishes all of her music students were as diligent as Rose is.  Rose practices a certain time every day.  She bought a beginner's guitar, and Shirley bought her a hard case so she could take it on trips. Since they're flying, it's pretty bulky and difficult to check. She doesn't want to give up her daily practice so she can't decide what to do--take hers or buy a cheap one in AZ and sell it back when they leave.

Haircut Today

Stephanie, our hairdresser, is coming to cut my hair this morning. She's the lady who introduced me to Linda.   Getting up and down some difficult steps at the shop can be a problem, so she comes here. 
Petrina is also coming and we've coordinated it so my hair will still be wet for the cut.  (I probably could have phrased that better but it's early in the morning.)

Chris took me out to dinner last night - to one of our favorite places down by Midwest Recovery. He and I both worked at Midwest Recovery. The place has crab cakes, and that's what I always order. This was also a Mother's Day treat.

 It's gloomy looking here in Missouri today. It looked like the Cubs were going to beat the Cards again last night, but the Cards rallied and finally beat them. Sabrina and some of her family were at the game, but I don't know if they stayed for the extra innings.

By the way, Linda did email me that they have humming bird feeders at her house. What she didn't say was whether or not they had any humming birds. Also if they do, how do they attract them in the city?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Louisville Next Week

Rain is in the forecast, and the way the Cubs beat the Cardinals yesterday it seems the foliage needs the rain more so than the Cards. An early streetwalker just passed by the front of the house with her umbrella up. We still haven't seen any more humming birds and I keep forgetting to ask Linda if she has a feeder at her house. She made some sugar solution for them at the lake for Mad Dog to refill when he checks on the place. (She was careful to label it so it wouldn't get confused with the drinking water.)

 Brother Donald called me yesterday. Things were good with him. The storms had missed them and missed their family in the Kansas City area. He wasn't sure when the family would be coming to the lake. They are busy with all their athletic activities.  I understand that.

I'm going to Louisville and not even sure which game I'm going to be seeing or which grandchild. Just looking forward to it. Scott says we have something about every night.

Rose got her new prescription for her glasses yesterday and also picked out new frames. They should be ready Friday, in time for their vacation to Sedona. I believe the current plan is for Chris to drive me to Louisville Saturday, arriving in time to watch Brayden play ball.  I'll spend the week with the Louisville Spreitler family.

We have two graduates this Spring. Lydia Berns from William Jewell College and Sam King from Troy High School. We are very proud relatives.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Morning

I don't really have any news this morning.  Yesterday was a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. Jalen called me and I don't believe he was prompted. Scott called. Chris and Shelly came over with a basket of flowers which I will take to the lake house.  (I haven't had my first cup of coffee yet. It's still brewing.)

Rose is getting a new prescription for glasses this morning.  She took me last Friday to pick up my new glasses, which are a big help.

I'm looking forward to the Cubs versus Cardinals games this evenings.  Tomorrow night too. Chris and I are going out for dinner tomorrow evening. Petrina will be back this morning

I just spotted a humming bird out front, the first for a while.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lost Humming Bird

Rose saw a humming bird in her feeder, and we believe he was just lost. The feeder I use at the lake was one that Rose had used here at the Barnard College house with no luck.  Last summer Goldman and I used this very one and they swarmed.  Stephanie, our hairdresser, gave it to us.  I'm so thankful for the feeder and that she also introduced me to Linda.  I will soon need a haircut, and I'll thank her again.

 I talked to both Pete and Janet yesterday. Their kids had something planned for Mother's Day.  I think Pete's weekly call suffices for emails.  He lets Janet do the typing.

Rose gave a presentation on Jungian Psychology Friday for counselors at the Community College. She and Shirley are going to Sedona, Arizona, next Saturday for a week of vacation. I'm going over to Louisville and stay with Scott and Beth while they are gone.  I hope Brayden and Jalen have games while I'm there.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day Eve

I'm back in St. Louis and Rose and I rushed right over and got my new glasses. I still catch myself squinting and trying to see with one eye shut but the new glasses sure make a difference. There haven't been any humming birds in the feeders so maybe they just don't like the city life. Sis is thoroughly disgusted with them. She followed Linda's recipe and has watched diligently but hasn't seen a single one. That's what I'm doing when I'm not typing - not birdwatching but watching for birds. Does that make sense? It does to me. It's Saturday and I'm waiting for Pete and Janet to call. They usually get up early. Chris and Goldman are going to do something with me this morning to celebrate Mother's Day. I'm not sure what or where. More Later.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Back to St. Louis

I have to go back to St. Louis today and I'm dreading it but also looking forward to getting my new glasses this evening. Linda and I went out for dinner last night to Ruthie D's, s place that I've been going to since they opened up. We only go on rare occasions but our waitress remembered what we liked and gave us our regular table. We must make quite an impression. I haven't heard from Rose yet this morning. As soon as I arrive this afternoon, we are going to pick up my new glasses. I hope I can see with both eyes open when I get them. It's overcast and the humming birds haven't been out as much as on sunny days. There was a murder in Marshfield yesterday and Brother Joe wasn't sure but thought one of the Andreatta guys was the attending policeman. I'll watch for more on the news.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Planning the Summer

I've talked to John in Kansas today and he's going to get together with Jana to see when they can stay longest and when I have the best time available. Linda and I worked on the calendar today. I left a message for Sabrina but haven't heard back yet. Chris won't be here for Memorial Day but will be the following weekend. I'm still looking for someone to fill in when no one else is here. Linda is super but has a St. Louis family and her Shaklee sales. She and I have to go back to St. Louis day after tomorrow and I'm already dreading it. It's hot outside but with the air conditioner fixed, it's okay out of the sun. Linda doesn't like my trying to sun bathe. So I don't. It's not like the old days.

Lake Morning

Linda planted the flowers and took the pictures and forwarded the pictures to Rose who posted them. Aren't they beautiful? I sat in my chair and watched the humming birds. They eat often and quickly. She and I watched the Cardinals lose last night. She did some laundry and asked me where my iron was. My response was "I'm not sure I have one.' Later in the evening when I was talking to Rose I ask her if she knew where I kept my iron and her answer was almost the same. "i'm not sure you have one and what do you want it for?" She's still green with envy about the humming birds and I believe Linda sent her the google recipe for food. Remember last year when Sis bought a rain gauge and it didn't rain. Hope it rains this year when we're not here to water these beautiful plants. The new neighbor brought me over a peanut bagel this morning. They are from Illinois and seem very nice. They are leaving today but I believe she said will be back Memorial Day which is at an odd time of the week this year. Brayden had a game last night but I haven't heard what position he played or if his team won or lost. The exterminator is working next door and I overheard him saying ants and termites. We've seen ants but no sign of any termites, thank goodness. I think there must be some pollen in the air because there's a residue on the outside tables and Rose says they have it outside at their house, too.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

LAKE PHOTOS - May 06, 2014

Flowers Are Planted

Linda got the flowers planted. Mad Dog brought over some additional potting soil and assisted her in the planting. She's making hamburgers for supper and made chocolate chip cookies for us to snack on. I had an omelet for breakfast and tunafish salad sandwich for lunch. I go along with the humming birds and really like her cooking too. She is really good to me. It's hot here but it was nice to be outside for a while this morning. I was sure glad they got the air conditioner repaired when the sun hit the back side of the house and I came in. I didn't bring ant shorts but Rose said she brought them up from the basement this weekend while I've been gone. Linda and I are going back to St. Louis Friday. My new eyeglasses are ready and it's Mother's Day this Sunday. I'm going to Louisville on the 16th and Rose and Shirley are going to Arizona. I'm not sure how long Rose and Shirley will be in Arizona. More on all that later. Linda can't come for the rest of May. Does anyone want to come this weekend or the following week or weekend? I have to pick up my eyeglasses and may have a doctor appointment. Will update about that later.

Pleasant Morning

Linda and I are sitting on the deck enjoying this beautiful morning. I got the air conditioner fixed yesterday which was an expense I wasn't anticipating and they are going to finish with the de-winterizing of the boat in the next day or two. Another expense I thought I had already taken care of. Linda got the plants for the flower pots and Mad Dog is going to assist her in planting them today. She made me an omelet for breakfast and we sat on the deck an ate. I think she hears me get up. I try to be quiet and come downstairs in the morning but it never works. Like Rose, she won't let me wander around by myself. I've seen numerous humming birds this morning and a wood pecker took a drink at one point. Linda is going to email her recipe for food which she got off google. I'm still looking for some one to fill in when Linda can't be here or I don't have other company. My email address is and my cell number is 314-452-3685. The chores are simple and I'm easy to tend to.

Monday, May 05, 2014


Sue and Linda put the hummingbird feeder out on the lake deck this morning and already have birds flocking to it.  We have had our out here at home for three weeks and have had about five birds so far.  Bah Hummingbird!
Hummingbird Feeder


Everyone has left except Linda and me. The cleaning lady has arrived and Mad Dog is coming back at noon. Yesterday was the hottest day on record this year and when we turned the air conditoner unit on, it wasn't working. I called the regular company and he's coming out this afternoon for a service call. Hope it's not too expensive. Did someone accidentally take my phone charger this weekend? We can't find it. Rose says they're not very expensive at the dollar store. Linda hung the humming bird feeder this morning and we've lost track of how many birds we've counted. Now she's trying to catch a picture of one eating. We've made out our grocery list and menu. Did any of you watch the Cardinal/Cubs game last night? I thought it was over and started up upstairs and Linda said "you're going to bed now?" And we won at the last minute.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Saturday at the Lake

It's cool this morning but supposed to warm up later in the day. I rode down yesterday with Doug and Groves and Josie and one of her girlfriends, Mad Dog was here when we arrived. Suz and Lukas and one of his friends are coming today. We stopped and ate on the way down in Jefferson City and then ran into an awful traffic backup. Doug took a shortcut which turned out to be a long cut. It was an accident we could't avoid. I think I learned some new words. Everyone is still sleeping but Mad Dog gets up and gets my coffee and checks on me occasionally. As usual, I'm up first. I figured the fishermen would be out early but they're not so far. I've got the phone by me for Pete's Saturday call. The boat is ready to go and Doug is going to get the wave runner de-winterized. I'm not sure if the pool is open yet. It's been cool. The home owners meeting is Sunday and Doug is going to go with me. I think I'm the only original homeowner in the association. I don't even know a lot of the current owners now so it will it be interesting. I'll see if anyone wants to buy Dave and Liz's wave runners.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Back to the Lake

As usual, I'm awake early, waiting for that first cup of coffee.  Joe called yesterday and told me our dad was ten years older than Mother and was born on August 4, 1986.   Brick was much older than me, and I was a bit older than Denny.

I talked with my old neighbor from Springfield yesterday. Sam is still working lots of hours at the Bass Pro Shop.  They will be coming to the Lake toward the end of June.   Chase, Leslie's son, has been professionally photographing 5K races around the USA.   Leslie will go with him to one in the state of Washington next month to see Jeff, her other son, and his girls.

 Petrina is coming this morning.   Rose will help me pack for the lake.  Shirley has to go to the dentist.  I am looking forward to time at the lake.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Mother's 108th Birthday

Shirley got back last night.  Rose picked her up at the airport while I fell asleep on the sofa.  I was sound asleep when they came back from from the airport.  Today would have been Mother's 108th Birthday.  We used to give May Baskets when we were kids.  Do kids do that anymore?  Does anyone know when Dad's Birthday was?  Neither Rose nor I do.

It's cold here in Missouri today but the forecast is for warmer weather come the week.  Linda is coming down to the lake to be with me Sunday after the Hollensbes are there for the weekend.  The boat is supposed to finally get de-winterized before we arrive tomorrow.  I'm riding down with some of the group that's coming this weekend.

Petrina is coming today.  Again I'll do my regular shower exercises and shower.  Sis was up today and had the coffee ready when I got out of bed.

I'll let Rose finish this.  She talked to Sabrina this morning.

Rose with an update about Margaret.  She had to have some of the troublesome hardware removed from her ankle Tuesday.  It was an outpatient procedure, and she is doing well.