Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Wish to Mark Spreitler

Yesterday was Mark's birthday (Brick's son and my stepson) and I had sent him a card on email but it came back undeliverable.  I'm sure it used to be correct but now he's on Face Book.  As usual, I won't post a person's age but my thoughts are there.  I'll call him later today with a Happy Belated Wish.

Monday Morning Back in the City

It was a lovely weekend at the lake with Sabrina and family.  Her sons and their young friends were very disappointed because the wave runner wasn't working up to par.  It is going in for repairs today. The guys did take the boat out several times.  All helped with dishes and cooking and various other chores.  Dave did the grocery shopping, and he got quite familiar with the aisles in the store - one particular store - Paul's - where he made frequent trips.

I rode back to Lake St. Louis with Dave and Sabrina where Chris met us and brought me the rest of the way.  Of course Pete and Janet called on Saturday morning.  I was hoping Joe would come visit Saturday, but he didn't make it.  I gave him raincheck.

I have an eye doctor appointment this afternoon.  Rose's guitar lesson is usually today but has been postponed.  I'm not sure why.  She practices diligently.

Mad Dog came over this weekend.  He knows Sabrina, Dave and the boys.  He's going to take his Dad to a doctor this morning and then meet the man who's going to repair the wave runner.  This company has worked on the wave runner before and just doesn't want to use my trailer.  Mad Dog will assist him.  The company that's going to repair it told me they would put it on their priority list.

Sabrina is making a whirlwind business trip to Mexico, leaving early this morning and returning Wednesday.  Margaret is having a second surgery on her ankle (this time out-patient) on Thursday.  Hopefully it will help relieve pain she has been suffering.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Brett and Friend. Sunset at the Lake

At the Lake

Everyone is up and the boys are eager to ride the wave runner.  Dave and I got up first though Sabrina assisted me with my first coffee and went back to bed for a while.  Brett cooked hamburgers on the grill for dinner last night after Dave got back from the grocery  store.  I've heard from Rose and Pete this morning and it's better weather here in Missouri than in Idaho to Pete.  It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here.

Brother Joe said he may come up but I haven't heard from him yet this morning.  I sent him another note and haven't checked lately.

More later.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Packing for Weekend

Just got downstairs and Rose is making coffee - we haven't had our first cup yet - but I'm sure we will have it before I finish this post as slowly as I type.  She's going to help me pack for the weekend with Sabrina and Dave and Brett and his friend today.  Alex can't make it.  I'm not sure why.  I do know he had been wanting to come for a long time and he's always welcome.  Sabrina has been in Atlanta this week on business this week but will return this evening.  She's taking the day off tomorrow.

Having my second cup now.  Heard from my friend Liz, the woman Brick and I used to work with at GMAC.  She and Dave also have a grandson named Brayden and they are crazy about him too.  Liz has to work for Ally in Chicago and commutes.  She and Dave have two wave runners they still haven't sold.  They were hoping would be a popular item in the summer season but they still have them.  Let me know and I'll get in touch if anyone would like to inquire about them.  I already have one and everyone loves it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quiet Tuesday

There's not really a lot of news to post this morning.  We were pleased when the Cardinals won last night and stayed awake until the game was over even though it was in Colorado and lasted until past my bedtime.  Same is happening tonight.

After being on the new medication for three weeks, I called the neurologist to report in as he had asked.  A young neurologist who I seen when I was in the hospital at least once seems to have taken an interest in my condition, and they had been talking among themselves about my case.  It was encouraging to me that he appeared enlightened about what both Rose and I  told him.  I am to call back next week, after increasing the new medication again.

I'm watching for humming birds this morning, and they're eating.

I believe Lisa and Lydia are in Philadelphia, and Sabrina is in Chicago.  Family is spread out.  Waiting for my helper and will do the exercycle and walk today.  Rose is practicing her guitar.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday in St. Louis -

Chris and I went to lunch at JJ's in St. Charles yesterday because we knew they would be showing the Cardinal game and we were both interested in watching it.  When we got there, they had several televisions but none was turned on the channel showing we were wanting to watch.  I asked our waitress if she would change one of them and she changed them all.  We liked that.  It was a good game, and the Cardinals won.

Sabrina was at the airport which is some some distance from their house to pick up one of her sons who was returning from a business trip when his flight was delayed.  It was near dinner time so invited her to come eat with us, but we didn't have anything for her to eat.  She stopped somewhere, picked up a salad and joined us.  Rose and Shirley cleared the dining room table, and we had a wonderful visit.  She didn't seem to mind having to provide her own food.

Stormy Day So Far - Posted Monday Morning

Rain, thunder and lightening this morning so they may not have a Cardinal game this afternoon.  It may clear up by game time, and they probably covered the field.  Chris is coming to take me to lunch and, if it's not raining, maybe we'll do some walking too.  Either way, I won't be disappointed.

Martha's Hands Assistant will be here tomorrow to aid me with my daily routine.  We're going to walk up and down in the alley behind the house here among other things.  The exercycle ride for 20 minutes is good for my legs.  I do this every day.  1900 steps on my  fit bit is what I'm trying to improve to.  Everything at the lake seems to be uphill, so I don't even bother to take the fit bit.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cardinal Game This Afternoon

Pete said he called and left a message but none of us heard the phone nor saw that he had left the message.  I finally just called him.  Joe hadn't answered when he'd called him either.  Joe may have been walking the dog.

Rose and I are going to the grocery store before the ball game this afternoon.  The Cardinals haven't been doing so well the last couple days so maybe they'll improve their performance this afternoon.  The three of us stayed awake through the whole game last evening with hopes the Cards would rally, but our hopes were shattered.

I don't think I'll get to go back to the lake until Friday, but I'm so glad I get to go then.  Sabrina and some of her family are meeting me (Rose is taking me part way to their house) Friday morning, and then we'll stay until Monday.  If anyone else wants to come while I'm there, I'd like that.  I'm not sure how many will be there for the Fourth of July, but I always have a bunch and I love it.

It's my feeling that this new medicine is really working.  My balance is better and I get around better, though still not without help.  Joe and Linda hadn't seen me for a while and could see the change.   I would like to cut back on my Martha's Hands assistance because it is expensive, but Rose say we have a helper as much for her as for me.  She even offered to pay.  It's not necessarily that.  I just don't like being so dependent.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Rain Delay

After a delightful stay at the lake, I'm back in St. Louis.  Mad Dog came over this morning to do a few chores and finish closing up.  Linda and I stopped at Culver's in Jefferson City again for lunch.  We were near where Lydia, their daughter works, about the time Lydia was to get off work, so we stopped and picked her up.  Normally she rides the bus at least part of the distance and it was pouring rain so she didn't need to walk to the bus stop.  We were a blessing.

I must have missed a wonderful get together last night and I understand they are cooking up another one that Shirley and I can also attend.  Sabrina and some of her family are coming to the lake the following weekend.  I'll go down with them on Friday unless anyone else would also like to go sooner.  It's been hot and dry all week but got wet and they're finally playing the Cardinal game right now.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Margaret and Stef





Back to St. Louis Tomorrow

It's been a short eek or so it seems to me.  Marnett called me yesterday curious about when I'm coming home.  She has small children and can't be away for a period of time.  Linda can't come back for a while and I'm not sure when I'll get to come back again but if anyone can come and assist me between now and the Fourth of July, I am available.  I need transportation and shopping and assistance.  We no longer have the 'company car' as Pete called it.  Linda spoils me and Rose and Shirley do to.

It's extremely hot today and windy.  I had left overs for lunch that were as good s the main course last night.  Linda made tilapia with potatoes and salad another night and we're having left over pasta tonight.  We both love watching the Cardinals.

I believe Rose is meeting some of the Abbotts for dinner tonight.  Sabrina is going to be out of town next Thursday and they got it mixed up and Shirley can't make it tonight so they going to do it anyway tonight and again in a couple weeks.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blue Heron

Linda and I decided to go to The Blue Heron this evening and be here to watch the Cardinals play tomorrow night.  It was expensive but worth the wait.  The meal was delicious.  When we called, the recording said you had to make reservations.  On the computer they wouldn't take a reservation but they weren't crowded.  Linda and I both thought there were more employees than customers.  They did bot charge for the table water.

She and I both felt bad about the Cardinals' loss today.  We've got hope for tomorrow's game.  Brick nor Denny would believe how much I'm enjoying the Cards.  It's pill time and I'm going to bed.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Art From Chicago

When I was posting this morning, I forgot to put in that Leslie (my old Latoka  neighbor who's now married to Sam King) and I had a long phone visit on the phone last night.  She was married to Randy when Denny and I lived near them in Springfield.  It is always good to catch up with old friends.

Rose and Shirley brought this beautiful piece of abstract art back from Chicago.  They had it shipped UPS because it wouldn't fit comfortably in her car.  They had Goldman come and help them hang it Monday.  It was too heavy and wieldy for them to handle.  It hung over the fireplace at the Kings Highway House and now is at at the top of the stairs on the landing.  She googled me a picture and it looks terrific.  I'll try to get her to post the picture.  I'm sure many of you will remember it.

It's Hot and Windy

Linda and I have decided to go to the Blue Heron Restaurant on Thursday this week.  It's a restaurant we've tried to go to and either decided we couldn't afford it, or got there and it was closed. Now we know they are open and have decided to splurge.  Linda found they don't take reservations, called up the menu, and we're going Thursday night.  She treats me every time she cooks so it will be extra special for me to treat her.  They even charge for the water there.  We may take our own from here at the house.

The Cardinals are on a real tear.  We watched the game last night and are going to do so tonight.  I called Scott to ask if Brayden had a game but it's practice tonight.  He (Scott) was watching the soccer tournament but was going to tune in the Cardinals when that was over.  Joe (Linda's husband) is also fascinated with soccer, and Linda said he was watching that tournament.

We haven't seen Mad Dog yet.  I have a few chores for him and expect him this afternoon.  Granny (me) awoke super early.  My kitchen table is 30 years old and needs replacing though the chairs are still really good.  I hate to part with it but may have to.  It doesn't hold a leaf but has served many a meal and many people over the years.  Doug has looked it over but  may have fixed it for the final time.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Lake on Monday

Linda and I arrived after stopping in Jefferson City for lunch.  The house was spotless.  The flowers were blooming and the humming birds were fed.  Culver's is where we always stop these days, guys too, though I believe McDonald's is where Chris and I stopped on our return trip last week.  They now have fancier breakfasts.

Linda just had to go back to the grocery store because she forgot the list on her first run. They're closing the little one nearest to me but there's still another one for items like bread and milk and ice, etc.  I'm not sure what she's gone back for.

I hadn't seen her or Joe since Dr. Lopate had put me on the new medicine but they both thought they had seen an improvement.  I feel I've been walking better and getting around better.  He is having me increase the dosage gradually and I upped it by a half pill this afternoon.

Next Post Will Be From The Lake

Waiting for Linda's husband Joe.  I'm all packed with Rose's help.  He will be here around 8:30 after he drops their daughter Lydia off at work.  Rose has her guitar lesson today.  She is still practicing diligently.  The flowers look better now than they did before.  She and the young man worked side by side until the job was done.  She is sore from the task, and I'm sure the young man learned a valuable lesson - pay attention!

The Cardinals seem to be on a winning streak.  I believe Chris and Shelly took one of their dogs to Saturday night's game.  We did win again yesterday.  We're still several games behind Milwaukee.

It's time to get in the shower so will quit for now.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Replanting Flowers

It's a bright sunshiny day though they are predicting storms for later in the day.  The Cardinals are finally on a winning streak, and we three old ladies are hoping they keep it up.  Rose and her young gardener got the new flowers planted yesterday afternoon, and I believe the young man learned a valuable lesson about distinguishing between a weed and a plant.

Linda and I are are going down to the lake in the morning for a few days.  Joe, her husband, is picking me up after he drops their daughter, Lydia, off at work.  Rose and I will pack me up today, and I'll be ready and waiting when Joe gets here at 8:30.

Pete called with his Saturday morning call.  He was late to ring and I thought he had overslept.  He said the wind had been blowing in Idaho.  All is well with the Idaho bunch.  

I'm just learning Face Book and get it confused with my AOL, but I'll figure it all out.  Brayden tells me one has to be patient when using computers.  He's 11 years old!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

News from the Madden Family

Sue got this e-mail from our cousin, Mike Madden.  Mike gives us an update on his mother (our Aunt Virginia) who, at age 88, is the last living one of Mother's family of origin.   Aunt Virginia was married to Mother's younger brother, Curt.  They had three sons, Mike, Brian, and Sean.

"Hi, Sue.  Mom has rallied a bit after they took her off almost all the medication they had her on.  I set her up with an IPOD hooked to a clock radio and bought her all the old music she used to love.  That made a huge difference in her memory.  She is 88 now.

I am engaged to beautiful girl named Sandra Smith.  Her family is from the Hermann area out around the town of Frankenstein.  She is an interior designer so my house now looks spectacular.  Wedding plans are still in the planning stage.  We better hurry, though, because the honeymoon is the second week of September.  We are going to Rome, Florence and Positano, Italy.

Sean is now manager of a large supermarket in Ozark, MO.  I'm proud of him.  He has really done well.  I'm living in Overland Park still, but I run a health care company in Santa Ana, CA (Orange County).  I'm there most weeks, but I travel to customers and conferences about half the year.  I still have a vineyard down by Stockton lake, but there was a really late freeze that killed about half the plants back in May.

I would love to have copies of the old pictures.  Can Shirley scan them and send via email?  I can enhance them and print here.  I have several old ones blown up to poster size and mounted in my office here.

I will get back on to the gazette posts shortly.  This new company I'm running is sucking the life out of me, but I'll sell it soon and retire again.

Tell me about you.  How are you feeling?  Ever travel to Kansas City?  If you come and don't stay with me, I'll be disappointed.  I have a huge house and only the two of us in it.  I keep up with Stephanie and Sabrina on Facebook.

Look at my page on Facebook when you get a chance.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th

Friday morning and Rose and I are having our coffee and both on our computers.  I haven't seen a single humming bird out front yet this morning.  Maybe the sun is in the wrong place.

Us three old women missed having a Cardinal game last night.  (They had a day off.)  I believe Chris and Shelly are taking one of the dogs to a game tomorrow.  I'm wondering if they have to buy a ticket for the dog.  I'm sure Chris will tell me.

We had an nice email from Mike Madden that Rose will post when she has time.  She's been busy with clients, the move, and catching up on her guitar practice.  While they were away, their yard guy was supposed to weed.  He did, but he didn't know the difference between a plant and a weed.  As a result, the garden on the south side of the house is gone!   Rose and Shirley still find time to take extra good care of me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Short Note

We are very saddened by the tragedy of our nephew and can't imagine what his family must be going through.  If any of you read this and there is anything we can do to help ease the pain, please let us know.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Rose and Shirley arrived yesterday evening with a carload of stuff from the condo that was too precious to part with.  They still had to give away a lot of items as there simply is no room here for.  They were so exhausted after their five days of tossing and packing, they have to unload the car today.  Both of them also are also seeing clients.  Rose didn't take her guitar to Chicago so hasn't practiced.  I'm sure she'll fit that in.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Some Tragic News

Sue had this email from our niece, Sandi Fellin, daughter of Bernie and Maudie:

"Hi Aunt Sue and all, 

Thank you for the nice email to Mother about wanting to post something on the Family Gazette regarding the terrible loss of little Ryan. He was such a lovely little rascal. He had a big personality and was always making us laugh. He was struck by a speeding police car while crossing a busy intersection on his bike on May 23rd here in Spokane. He was fighting for his life and came out of a coma five days later giving hope to all that he would survive this terrible accident only to suffer a stroke the next Saturday night, May 31st. He was unable to recover and his family decided to remove him from life support on Wednesday, June 4th, 2014. His mother Carrie, is Shirley's daughter and she has been strong throughout this heart-wrenching ordeal. 

The obituary is in today's Spokesman Review. The family set up a Facebook page for those following the story.

We will be celebrating his life next Saturday, June 14th, 2014 here in Spokane. 
It is a terrible loss from which we won't soon recover so thank you for your condolences. 

Love to all, 
Sandi and the Fellin Clan."

Ryan Jesse Holyk was the son of Carrie.  Carrie is the daughter of our late niece Shirley, sister of Sandi.

From Facebook we learned that Ryan's parents donated his organs, a beautiful and courageous decision.  We are heart-sick over the loss of this young lad but consoled by the extraordinary generosity of his parents.  No greater gift, no harder decision.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Saturday Morning

It's raining and storming this morning and Chris and I were forced to come inside.  We got here about six yesterday evening after stopping in Jefferson City for a hamburger.  That was about the same time Rose and Shirley arrived in Chicago.  Ours was a much shorter trip than theirs.  Mad Dog was here and had the air conditioner running and the flowers watered and the humming birds fed.  Marnett from Martha's Hands stayed with me yesterday until Chris picked me up.  We managed to miss most of the traffic.  Rose said they didn't miss it around Chicago.

I haven't heard from Pete yet this morning but I'm pretty sure it's Saturday.  Chris did get me my coffee and has my phones setting by me.  I'm afraid they're predicting thunderstorms all day long.  The Cardinals are playing in a day game but they are in a slump and the stadium in Canada is inside so we can watch them if it's raining here.  I did stay awake and watch them lose again last night.

The new medicine is increased as time goes on.  Rose very carefully measures and gets it ready along with the other stuff I take.  I start off with a half in the morning and a half at bedtime and gradually increase to three times a day.  Though I've taken morning dosages and evening dosages of something for quite sometime, I've never taken been dosed three times daily.  Insurance paid for these, another good thing, so far.

Friday, June 06, 2014

New Medicine

Friday morning and I'll start the post before anyone else is up.  It was a long day yesterday and will be a long tedious one today, especially for Rose and Shirley.  They have their drive to Chicago which will be their last for a while.  Rose took me me to see Dr. Lopate, the neurologist I've been seeing now for 8 years, and we spent some time in his neurological clinic with his young assistant.  Rose remembers better than I do when and where things occurred, so it was really really helpful having her with me.  The young doctor took lots of my history from us and consulted my charts before he left us and returned with Dr. Lopate.  Dr. Lopate took some more measurements of my strength, asked me some questions, consulted me about two paths we could follow and gave me his opinion.  I'm going to discontinue the IVIG that was helpful but doesn't seem to to be increasing my strength now.  The problem since last May is that my balance is way off.  We're going to try a new medicine called Sinemet.  It is not made specifically for MMN but may be helpful for treating some of the symptoms, especially lack of balance.  Rose and I stopped and had the prescription filled on our way home from the doctor.   It came with a set of complicated instructions, including cutting some of the pills in half for the beginning dosages.  I left the doctor's office with hope again.

As Rose was helping me give the young neurologist my history he could tell how close we are and he looked over at her and said 'You have to take care of yourself too, you know'  Then he asked how many siblings and our age differences.

Chris and I are off to the lake this afternoon.  I did over 1900 steps on my Fitbit bit yesterday.  Marnett is coming to spend the day with me.  She will stay until Chris arrives.  Mad Dog will have the air on at the lake house if need be when we arrive.  I've seen two humming birds this morning but I'm watching for more.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014


We had a thunderstorm last night which seemed to have scared the humming birds away.  I've yet to see any.  Rose and I set here in the living room drinking our coffee on our computers watching for humming birds.  This is how we meet our mornings.  Shirley isn't downstairs yet.

I'm wondering if it rained at the lake house.  Mad Dog was going to go over and take care of plants, etc., this week.  I haven't looked at the Missouri precipitation yet today, so perhaps he wouldn't need to do so.

I'll update more if anything occurs.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Post Memorial Day Weekend

It's Tuesday afternoon, and I believe Rose and and Shirley are finished with clients for the day.

I believe it's usually chicken on Wednesday and Friday but I'm going to the lake with Chris Friday morning and Rose and Shirley are going to Chicago so we're off our regular schedule.  I'm sure we'll adapt easily.  We've getting some tomatoes that are home grown and can be fought over. 

Not So Fat

I don't believe I've put in here what I discovered about my feeling fat.  My pants were snug and feeling difficult to pull on, but when I stepped on the scales, I was no heavier.  Rose had got out our summer clothes, and I was wearing whatever we chose in the morning.  When I was getting ready to leave for the lake last Friday, Rose got a pair of shorts out of the dryer and looked at the size.  They were a medium and I had been trying to fit in a small all week.  With Rose and me, it's been a lifetime struggle to achieve the lesser size.  I had on her pants!

We've had our morning coffee and I've seen three humming birds.  Rose and Shirley have to go to Chicago this weekend to finish cleaning out their condo (which they have finally sold!).  They are going up Friday morning and coming home Monday or Tuesday.  Chris and I are going to the lake.

Martha's Hands, the group who assists me, is a real inspiration.  Marnett, the current assistant, keeps me motivated and I'm ready to rest when she leaves.  Every session is an increase in exercises from the day before, so I rest up before and after.

Breakfast Time.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Cardinal Baseball on May 31, 2014


We saw a gorgeous photo of Margaret Ann on Facebook, taken while the family was at the St. Louis Cardinal baseball game on Saturday.  Sue asked Sabrina about the day.  Sabrina's response:

"Hi Aunt Sue,

We had a great time a the Cardinal game.  It was Hussmann day so I bought several tickets and took my mom, Stef, Dan, the boys and some of their friends.  I got Mom wheelchair accessible tickets and Stef and I took turns sitting by her.  Originally those tickets were on a different level but I traded with someone at the game to sit closer to the rest of our crew.  I was worried about where we would park and how to get in with the wheelchair so I got online and bought parking in the East garage and looked at the map for the best wheelchair entrance.  It really wasn't too bad except I had to tell people getting on the elevator who were capable of walking that they should let handicapped people on there first.  That was the Norman coming out in me.  There were two rain delays and we got soaked during the second one so that's when we left.  Mom had a great day.  She loves the Cardinals and enjoys getting out.

Love ya!

We'll try to "lift" the photo off Facebook at post it here.

Monday and Back in St. Louis

I believe I have the facts straight on the wedding of 57 years ago.  If not, Pete will tell me in next Saturday's call.  I believe Pete and Janet are both on the speaker phone, but Janet does all the emailing.  We enjoy their call on Saturday mornings.

Chris and I got back from the lake around five yesterday afternoon.  We're going back Friday as soon as he gets off work.  Mad Dog is feeding the humming birds and watering the plants while I'm gone.  Den's daughter (Kim) and her husband came over for a brief visit on Sunday morning.  They have a place not far from mine.  It was nice catching up on all the Boaz news.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Colorado Wedding

I'm back in St. Louis now and Janet has sent  the  correct details on their wedding.  I just thought I remembered.  They were married in St. Mary's Catholic Church in Walsenburg, CO.  It was  a half way point between Idaho where Janet was teaching and Pete was working from.  Bernie and Maudie and Mother went from Marshfield and janet's parents and brother Gene came from Idaho Falls, ID.  They did go to Branson on their honeymoon and stopped in Marshfield on their trip.  Their stopping by Marshfield is probably the reason I thought I remembered the occasion.

This Family Gazette has settled a lot of arguments and anytime we have differences, please feel free to let us know.

I don't know how many of you remember Jack Delaney. an old friend I worked with at Midwest Recovery.  He sang Amazing Grace at Denny's funeral.  He had been in an extended care facility in Illinois for several years.  He died on May 20, and his body was cremated.  His daughter will let us know when the service will be held.