Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cold Weather has Arrived

It's cold this morning, so Rose turned on the furnace..  There doesn't look like there's any frost yet but it is in the forecast for the weekend.  Most of those leaves that were falling have fallen and are now laying on the ground.

Rose and Shirley are both working today and my helper is coming to assist with my exercises and physical therapy.  The occupational therapist from Medicare who was scheduled  to come yesterday didn't show.  She will be here tomorrow I hope.  She will give me some assistance and pointers to make our lives easier.  The helper will be here Friday also.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Procedures at Barnes

Wednesday and Sis took me for a follow up scan and neurosurgeon appoint for the shunt on my brain.   (I'll have to look up information  and the previous dates about this shunt.)  The neurosurgeon decided to leave things just as they are.  Unless my condition worsens, I don't back for this fellow for six months.  Rose and I had a Steak 'N Shake picnic in Forest Park after the appointments at the Center for Advanced Medicine in the Central West End.

When I called Scott to report on the doctor's visit report and told him about his findings. he said the doctor knows exactly what he (Scott) knows "NOTHING".  Scott wasn't very sympathetic about the neurosurgeon department.

Stephanie will have her MRI on her rotate cuff injury tomorrow and will get the results and plan of action on Monday.

Shirley's nephew and his family were going to come up from Memphis on Friday for the weekend.  They have a two year boy.  We were so looking forward their visit and all the Halloween tricks and treating.  Now they postponed their visit for two weeks.

The temperature is much cooler today than yesterday.  It's a beautiful blue sky outside.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Typical Monday

Monday and leaves keep falling.  University City is going to pick the leaves up with a suction device so we're hoping it doesn't rain before they arrive.  I have several appointments this week which Rose made for me this morning.  They aren't all this week but the therapist and the assistant are both coming this afternoon.

Rose is practicing her guitar and Shirley has just left to go to Walgreens.  Brayden's team lost their game on Saturday but Granny is sure he played very well.

We haven't heard back from Stef who was having the MRI today but will update when we get further information.  Remember, she took a fall on Friday.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I'm home and had a really good night sleep last night.  No one took my blood pressure or woke me up and I didn't even know who won the ball game until this morning.  Kansas City was my second choice since St. Louis didn't prevail.  We had a steak dinner and Chris stopped by to watch part of the game with us.  Shelly was working.

We talked to Sabrina.  Brett came home with her and Dave after his surgery in Kansas City on Thursday.  She was taking care of him.  Brett was in a lot of pain but is doing well.

Pete and Janet haven't called yet but it's early in Idaho.  Rose doesn't have any clients today.  I do have the nurse and the helper coming.  We haven't had breakfast yet.

Now we've had breakfast and Pete and Janet have called.  I had a bit of trouble with my computer, but Sis got it fixed or got me straightened out.

I had a lovely message from Leslie, my old neighbor in Springfield, this week. She and Sam are well.  Leslie's son, Chase, moved back to Springfield last month and started a photography business.  He had been in New York and he and his friend, George, quit their jobs there and are going to work in Springfield.  George and his wife are both from Oklahoma.  Leslie's other son, Jeff, is in Ft. Polk, LA.  He turns 31 tomorrow.  Happy Birthday, Jeff.  His daughter, Hannah, is 5 now and is in kindergarten.  She lives in the state of WA with her mother.

Sam, Leslie's husband, is now working at Bass Pro Shop.  He took a good part  of the summer off but likes working at Bass Pro.  Leslie bowls, works out at Curves, and does water aerobics.  I'm looking forward to their getting back to see me at the lake house.

After I started this update, the home health caregiver arrived to help me.  I've had this one before.  I really like her, and we achieved a lot of progress.  I am still working on the update.  Rose is napping and Shirley has gone to Whole Foods.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


My next to last day is today and I've had partial physical therapy but  I'm finished with speech therapy and Rose has come and gone. We're having steak for dinner to celebrate her birthday tomorrow night.  She thinks we're too old to celebrate with parties.  She's probably right.  Remember,  for a little while Rose, me, and Donald were apart in a year in sequence but  I  won't post our ages.

Rose got my application for my absentee voting ballot this morning. I believe she already  had hers'.

Sabrina's son,  Brett, Brett had surgery today after he broke his jaw in a fall last Friday night. I'm getting 3rd hand news so I''m hoping will get some first hand soon.  This  accident occurred in Warrensburg but Sabrina and Dave had to take him to KC for surgery today. He wanted to be back today so wouldn't miss any school.

I thought Chris might come by but he and Shelly are going to the hockey game and might not have time.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Going Home on Friday

I'm leaving here this Friday.  I was hoping to be home for Sis's birthday but they want me to have a couple more days of therapy.  Rose and I walked outside today and I've had speech therapy earlier and will have physical therapy later today.   Occupational therapy is on  going..

I don't know if  Chris is coming by  tonight. Goldman is going to do some errands for Rose and Shirley.

Therapy is here.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Turning Leavs

We've had beautiful weather the past  couple days.  Rose has come over all three days and we walked outside on Saturday and today.  (Me in the wheelchair and Rose at a slow pace).  I had therapy all three days.  This facility doesn't normally do therapy on weekends  but did so for me.  I had three sessions of physical plus speech and occupational today alone.  I'm still assuming that I can go home on Friday.

I was talking to a couple therapists doing my therapy and they wished they had videotaped me when I came in here and taped me now. Such an amazing change.  Chris stopped by on his way home from work and he agreed. Of course, Sis sees me every day but she can see the change.

I'm eager to get home and to back down to the lake house,  Mad Dog  has the guy who usually winterizes the boat doing it and Doug winterized the wave runner.  I'm sure the trees down there are turning.  The ones  I can see from here are typically colored.

This BJEC has a beauty shop but I can't find them open or anyone who knows if they do pedicures for patients.  (and prices if they do).  I thought this would save Sis a trip
of taking me there.

Again, remember Thursday is  Aunt Rose's Birthday.  905 Barnard College Lane, St.  Louis, MO 6130

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rose and Shirley Arrived Home Yesterday

Rose and Shirley arrived back last night around 10:30 and Sis has already been here today.  I've had therapy today even though it's Sunday since they want me to have some additional therapy before I get released  this Friday.  Rose will also do some additional training to assist me at home.

It's about time for lunch.  We're having pot roast.  I eat breakfast in the breakfast room, lunch in my room with Lydia and dinner in the dining room with Jack and anyone else who wants to join us.

Now Rose has left after she and I have done some walking. Rose does her walking on her feet and I do mine in the walker and also in the wheelchair.  The therapist came in on this Sunday to assist me in achieving some goals that I didn't even know they had established for me.   I'm  still working on them.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sue and Den's Home in Springfield, MO

Sue's neighbor, Leslie, in Springfield sent Sue this photo of the house
where she and Denny lived.


Update from Sue

Sue e-mailed me this update for posting here:

"Rose and Shirley will get back from  Sedona tonight.  I've talked  with Pete and Janet with ou Saturday morning call.  I'll get out here this Friday, the  24th.   Remember,  23rd is Rose's birthday.  I was hoping to be home for that, but they want me to have some more therapy.  I don't mind, and I have good treatment both places.

Rose was hiking around Sedona in the mountains and lost her cell phone. Someone found it and texted Chris who texted Shirley who was with Rose.  Rose's new iPhone 6 was in a fine case (my birthday gift to her), and it contained her driver's license and credit card so she was quite thankful to get it back.  Without identification, she would have had a hard time getting on a flight home.

Linda has been here every day now for a week.   I've had lots of therapy.   Chris and Scott  were both disgusted with the St. Louis Cardinals.  But, hey, we're all Royals fans now!

More Later.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Update from Sue

I've had all my therapies today, Linda has been here, and it's not even lunch time.  People continue to be amazed at at well I've progressed.  Chris came by last night and worked on my computer.  He was on his way to meet Shelly to go to the Rams game, which the Rams lost.  The computer worked for a while, but Linda figured out a way I can update in a round-about manner.  

I'm still waiting for that second whirlpool bath.  The Washington University Students aren't here every day.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Update from Sue

Rose and Shirley''s plane hadn't left the ground on Friday when I began having  troubles with my computer.   Linda and her husband, Joe, came over and Linda worked on it.  We could not fix it.  The office manager assistant told us it was possibly something wrong in the BJEC system.  Chris came by after work today and got me back on AOL.  Linda has been here every day and is coming after Bible Study tomorrow.

There were eleven guys at the lake house this weekend.   I haven't heard many details and I'm not sure I want to.  They are grown men.  

Rose and Shirley left for Sedona on Friday and plan to return late on the 18th of October.  Rose's birthday is Thursday, 23rd and I'll be home by then.  As is my usual, I will not post her age.  I will ask her to edit this and see what she says or adds.  [Rose here, adding only that Sue has done miraculously well in rehab, has worked very hard, and will be home for my birthday.]

This institution (BJEC) hasn't been televising all the Cardinal games.  We didn't get to see the game last night but I've heard we'll get Fox Sport One for tomorrow's game.  He knew knew the game wasn't going to be shown here,  that I would fall asleep, and wake up and want to know who won.  He stopped in to see me yesterday on his way from the Lake back to Louisville and told me about the Cardinal win and Wong's walk off home run..   

My room mate is a lovely woman from Mount Vernon, IL., a small town not far from Evansville, IL., the town Brick was from.  She and I have lunch in our room every day, but I can't get her to go to dinner with me in the dining room on the main floor.

I had my first whirlpool bath (at age 71!) and surely hope to have some more. Two Washington University student nurses assisted me, and it was a luxury.  They aren't here doing that work everyday, but I'm going to request a whirlpool whenever I may have the option.

My three therapists continue to help me, and my sessions go too quickly. I believe I can do more but best not overdo.  They are encouraging but careful.  All are amazed at my progress.

Brother Pete teases me about Jack, and now the assistants have decided he's sweet on me.  We do have dinner together every evening, and they tell me where he is if he's late.  At one time, he played football for Notre Dame and wants ne to look him up on the computer.

Shirley at the Sedona Airport Vortex

No Country for Old Women

At Sedona Airport Vortex


Coffee Pot

Thursday, October 09, 2014

An Early Morning Note

I woke up before daylight but didn't look out to see if the lunar eclipse had passed.  The night shift wasn't interested and by the time I got dressed and got my coffee, the sun was rising. Lightening and thunder was occurring outside but it's quiet now.

Sue and Sylvia, Friends and Roommates

St. Louis Cardinals

An aid came in my room early this morning and asked me what time the game was going to be on Saturday.  They were sure if anyone would know, it would be me.  It's at 7 and better be on TV here at BJEC.  I did know the time, and it was soon known all over the place.

Shortly after breakfast Rose arrived.  She and Shirley are leaving for Arizona tomorrow and Linda Orso or Chris will fill in should I need anyone.   Or show up just to keep me company.  I've had physical and speech therapy besides wheel chair walking today.

Sue with her therapist

He is from Bransin

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

2014 Guy's Weekend

I thought guys weekend was in November but Ding was just here and told me it's this weekend.  Then talked to Scott and he is coming.  Not sure who else.   They assured me they would get the boat and wave runner winterized and the place cleaned. Just wanted to add this to make sure date was in October.

Cardinals 2 to 1

I started an update and stopped in the middle.  Couldn't find it so am having to start again.  My room mate's son has had even been assisting me and we couldn't retrieve it so  having  to restart.

Rose has come and gone after bringing me coffee, creme brele, and goodies.   Scott even called to be certain I knew the Cardinals won last night.  I fell asleep.  We didn't get them on TV here but I heard first thing this morning.  We play again today at four o seven.

The BJEC Chaplin just came by and ask what I was so diligently typing.  I know one of the therapists read the gazette and keeps up with my progress and perhaps more than one.

Rose and Shirley are going to Sedona, AZ. this Friday and they have extended my stay here until the 19th.  Linda will fill in for Rose while they are gone.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Merri's Rose Bush

Pete and Janet's daughter, Merri, certainly has a green thumb.  She grew this rose bush at 6000 feet!

Sue and I sent Pete and Janet a photo of a lone tomato plant in the BJEC garden.  (More like our green thumb.)   See below:



Monday Morning

Not much to write about since my last post except that Scott never liked me to buy toilet paper that was on sale - I can only purchase Charmin for his use and that's what he buys for himself.

Maybe it's going to be a Missouri St. Louis/Kansas City World Series Contest.  That league has a game here in St.  Louis tonight but I don't think that will tell all.  I'll have to ask Brayden when I can get him to talk to me.

Rose hasn't arrived yet.  I haven't heard from Chris so I assume he's well.  I'm waiting for therapy.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Scott and Beth's First Wedding Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was Scott and Beth's first wedding anniversary.   When I talked to him, Scott didn't know how they were going to celebrate, but Brayden has games both yesterday and today,

Probably everyone knows the Cardinals lost last night.  We were completely disgusted because it wasn't shone on cable  here at BJEC.  Rose even came back over, and with Chris's telephone assistance. could not livestream it on my computer either.

Does anyone know the name of the artist who did the Marshfield Square Pictures?  I believe I  got the first ones at the old Carnegie Library Building, now the museum, some years back.  While Rose was  here this morning, Pete and Janet called.  Janet said she was trying to get some of the sketches the artist made of Mother's store on the Square.   We all thought Mother would be smiling at our remembering the Cotton Shoppe.

Chris has been under the weather the past few days.  He was 'on the road' Thursday and intended to drive home, but just didn't feel like it.  He came back yesterday and says he feels better today.

Brayden No 5

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Saturday, October 4, 1914

Cardinals beat the Dodgers last night, but I couldn't get it on television.  I ended up watching a remake of the Africa Queen, which is one of mine and Rose's all time favorite movies. She and Shirley did get the ballgame and now hope to find the redo of the Africa Queen.

I had lots of exercise yesterday but none yet today.  Rose was here yesterday and today. Shelly and her Uncle Butch visited and brought me a cup cake on Thursday.  I'v gained two pounds since I've been admitted.  I've heard that muscles weigh more than fat.  Maybe that's true.

It's almost lunch time, and then there is going to be a German beer sampling later this after noon.  My CNA and I are going to pass on the beer sample.  I've had dinner with Jack and he says I look better since he's had his cataract surgery.  The two of us get lots of teasing.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Thursday. October 2, 2014

Rose and I figured out how I can get directly on postings to add to the Family Gazette.  I don't know what has changed because I'm not ding anything differently.  With her assistance, I am back on direct posting.

Sis has been here this morning.  She brought me a goodie.  I've had physical therapy and waiting for shrimp for lunch.

In the interim, I don't have much to post about.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Note from Sue

Sue still cannot access the "Family Gazette" directly so sent this to me in an e-mail:

"Again I had lots of therapy - all three kinds.  Rose and I walked in the garden, me in the wheelchair and maybe slightly stronger than previously. At least, i feel more confident.  I heard from both my sons today and Shirley brought me a bag of candy bars and some Creme Breule for my dessert tonight.  

We're going to have to take my new phone back to ATT to get my voice mail set up.

Meanwhile, dinner is ready and don't try yo leave a voice mail."

Every day Sue is getting steadier and stronger, quite a remarkable come-back.  We will have to call her the "Come Back Kid."