Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jalen, The Scholar-Athlete

The photo that I tried to post with this headline is of the marquee at Jalen's high school in Louisville.  His name is listed as one of the winners of the Governor's Scholars Program.  Jalen's dad, Scott, was driving by the high school yesterday and saw the sign.  He stopped and took a photo which he sent me.

Jalen is currently attending a five-week scholar-in-resident program at Murray State University.  He will complete high school next year and will attend a university in Kentucky.  

Sunday, July 19, 2015


I am delighted to pass along the news that Stephanie's cancer is in remission!  Her family is planning a celebratory party.  It has been a tough eight months for Stephanie and Dan and all who love them.  Family, and friends, especially friends from their church, have rallied around them and given unbelievably loving and constant support--rides to doctor appointments, tests, and treatments; cleaning the house; mowing the lawn, repairing whatever, running errands, bringing food, checking in with encouraging and loving messages, and donations of much-needed funds.

The old saying about Christians, "You will know them by their actions," applies in spades to Stephanie and Dan and their family and friends.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Jake Felin Last Will and Testiment - December 8, 1934

Last Will and Testament - Jake Felin December 8, 1934

Sabrina (Abbott Smith) continues to find interesting artifacts as she sorts through her late parents' belongings.  She found the hand-written will of Jake Felin (my paternal grandfather, her great grandfather), scanned it, and sent the scan to Joe and to me.  I haven't yet found a way to get the scanned document posted here.

Interesting that another Jake (Langston), grandson of Bernie and Maudie Fellin, great great grandson of Jake Felin, was married last weekend in Spokane, WA.  We have one other Jake (Schmidt) whose great great grandfather was Jake Felin.  Jake Felin immigrated from Austria and changed his name from Giacoma to Jake after arriving in the U.S.  [Brother Joe and others, please weigh in here if I have any facts wrong.]