Sunday, August 23, 2015

Father Daughter Dance

Dancing to "Amanda," a very poignant moment

Francis of Asissi

Sculpture overlooking the grounds at the Jewel Box in Forest Part. Site of Amanda's and Tyler's wedding yesterday

Amanda is the daughter of Randy and Lynn Abbott, granddaughter of the late Margaret and Norman Abbott.

Amanda and Randy

Father and Daughter dance at her Wedding

Monday, August 17, 2015


I had asked Stephanie to send an update for the blog, and she did.  Here it is:

"Hello, my sweet tante.

I am so sorry that it has been so long since I updated everyone.  I have just been feeling funky and tired.  That being said, here is the latest. I went to the doctor last Wednesday and am doing pretty well.  I am having some issues with my gait and my strength, especially in my knees and hips, so today I started therapy.  I will go once a week and do a very minimal workout, as they don't want to overdo and cause the weakness and pain to get worse.  They have also referred me to a dermatologist to get the black lines in my nails checked, as in some cases they can be caused by a type of melanoma, so prayers for that would be greatly appreciated.  I am still terribly fatigued, and sleeping 12-16 hours a day is not unusual for me.  My appetite is still not the greatest, and when I went last week, I had lost another 7 (I think, it could have been 9) pounds since my last visit a month ago.   The doctors are not very pleased with that, but I just can't eat a lot of times.  Dan cooks all kinds of wonderful foods for me, but I have no appetite, and so he ends up cooking me a hamburger in the hopes that I will eat it, and most of the time I do.  I have lost a total of about 33 pounds since I started chemo.  I will go in 4 weeks for another CAT/|PET scan to see how things are progressing.

While there I asked if I was in remission and was told that with this type of cancer they will never be able to tell me I am in remission, all they can tell me is that the last scan showed "no evidence of disease" or NED.  So, as of my last scan, there was no evidence of disease, and I will take that.  I wish that I could hear "remission", but with this type of cancer, that just doesn't happen.

To all of you who have been praying, sending cards, and keeping us in your thoughts, thank you!  We love you all.

God bless all of you,