Saturday, November 28, 2015

Museum Depot in Springfield, MO

Brother Joe, aka Joe Felin, is very active in the Railroad Museum in Springfield, MO, the city where he and his family have lived for almost 60 years.  Joe's group is raising funds to build a replica of a depot for the museum site.  The group's charter:  “The Railroad Historical Museum Inc. is dedicated to the preservation of Railroad History and heritage of the past and educating present and coming generations."  Most of you Dear Readers know Joe spent his whole career in the railroad business and is very knowledgeable about it.

On the very next Joe Felin Turnbo Tour, we plan to ask him to add the Museum as a stop--even though it is a "long way from Turnbo," (one of Joe's expressions for how far the Felin family has ventured from its origins on a farm on Turnbo Creek in Webster County in Southwest Missouri.)

If you are interested in more information or in making a donation, go to:

[The itself is interesting.  And, unlike many of the crowd funding possibilities, does NOT skim a large percentage of donations off the top.] 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Ryan's Ramble

My grandniece Carrie Thompson (daughter of Shirley, granddaughter of my brother Bernie and sister-in-law Maudie) sent me a T-shirt for my participation in Ryan's Ramble on June 20, 2015,  a race in memory of Carrie's son Ryan who died in a tragic crash while he was riding his bike.  (There is more information about this tragedy in earlier entries on this blog.)

Thank you, Carrie.  I much appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Brayden and Scott - November 14, 2015

Mark Goldman and Christopher Spreitler

These two came over to help us move some furniture around.
Mark thought they moved a cousin to "The Bench," a reference
to a concrete bench he helped us move in 2003.