Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 15

A few words about our wonderful, terrible day yesterday. We traveled to Pisa, saw the leaning tower but didn't climb it because there was a three-hour wait.  We did go into the baptistery, climb to the top and were there for the enchanting chanting someone does every half hour or so.

From there we walked a long way to catch a bus to the Adriatic Sea in a coast town about half an hour ride from Pisa.  The guys went swimming while I sat on the beach protecting myself from the blazing sun. It was in the high 90's yesterday.

We took the bus back to Pisa, walked a long way to the train terminal because we got off the bus too soon.  This was the turn of a magical day to difficult day.  We walked a long way to the train terminal, then took the train back to Firenze, but got off one stop too soon.  After recognizing our error, we walked back to the train station and rode the short distance to the right stop which is a very short bus ride to our apartment or a 15 minute walk.  (After almost two weeks here, a 15 minute walk is nothing.)

Nevertheless , we hopped on our bus.  The driver tried to make us understand he was ending for the day and was headed to a parking lot.  Not understanding we stayed aboard, and he just shrugged his shoulders.  Soon we saw, and then understood, so got off that bus.  We walked a while, and hopped on another bus that Jalen, with his map, soon alerted us was going the wrong way.  Again, we jumped off at the first opportunity.  We ended up walking the entire distance, even getting separated from Jalen at some point.  As soon as Brayden could see the dome of the Duomo, he knew exactly how to get to the apartment. Jalen beat us there by a few minutes.

Adding to our part-terrible day was the theft of my iPhone.  We have heard warnings about pick pokketers from day one of our arrival in Italy.  As we waited for the train from Pisa to Firenze, there was a last minute platform change.  The three of us rushed to the different platform, just in time for boarding.  I had stuck my phone in my pocket, a definite no-no.  Sure enough, someone lifted it in the crush of people trying to board.  Along with the phone, the thief got my driver license and my atm card.

As soon as we got back to the apartment where we have wifi-fi, Brayden and I used Find Your Phone, of course, without success.  We erased the phone of all its contents, and I cancelled my ATM card.  Determined not to let our mishaps ruin a perfectly good day, we went out to dinner.  The dinner photos I posted last night were taken with my iPad.

A long, long day!  We finished dinner around 11:00 pm local time.

This morning I went to the Apple Store, a five minute walk from the apartment, to inquire about replacing the phone.  Too complicated because of my U. S. carrier.  

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