Monday, June 30, 2008

Mark at his 50th birthday party. Shirley and Rose are in the background.
Had those great updates from Kansas and from Portland. I love Sandi's referring to us as 'Aunt Camp'. We love having campers at our aunt camps and look forward to more attendees.

Mark, Brick's son, celebrated his 50th birthday on Saturday. Karen surprised him with a luau at Babler Park on Saturday afternoon. He said he knew something was up but had no idea what was coming off. Karen sent me pictures and I'll get them posted as soon as Rose has time.

It was girls' weekend down at the lake. I didn't go cause I wasn't feeling too good and it was the first one in lots of years that I missed. I think there were more than ten girls were there. They wanted a weekend without kids hanging on them all the time. The guys had a BBQ at Doug's on Saturday night and Goldman said that there were ten kids in the hot tub at one time.

I had my regular appointment today with my favorite neurologist, Dr. Hogan. He's the one who was born in the same hospital in Springfield that I was only some 18 years later It's the hospital where Joe now volunteers. Dr. Hogan didn't change any of my medication and seemed pleased with my progress. His only suggestion was that I should maybe get more exercise. I needn't go back to see him until October.

Shelly and I are off to the lake tomorrow evening to get ready for the big fireworks. Scott and the boys aren't coming because of baseball practices and an all-star game. I told Scott that I'd be really upset if they didn't come AND they got rained out over there. He replied, "We will too, mom."
Sandi sent this lovely e-mail to Sue. We thought we would share it:

Sent: 6/29/2008 1:44:56 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: RE: Hello

Hi Aunt Sue!!

I am just getting awakened from my graveyard stupor and trying to catch up on everything. (I got off yesterday morning) I got home about midnight our time on Tuesday and then worked the next three nights TRYING to sell power. There are so many fires in California that the transmission lines are down everywhere and it's hot down there so they need power from us. Re-routing power through Idaho>Nevada>California over-loaded the lines there so we were getting "loop flow" back across the lines into the northwest causing other issues and making sales that direction impossible. Very stressful and very busy! In the meantime, the water up here is running high so we are having to spill it over the dams instead of generating so we are losing money. Other generators in the NW were calling to offer to pay me $50/MW to take power in! Crazy! (Sigh!) Anyway, I'm off today and can relax at home a bit. (What did the fish say when it ran into the concrete wall? "Dam!" That's how I felt this last week at work!)

We have hot weather here - up to 100 degrees. I had to put my window air conditioner in yesterday because it was 82 degrees in the house downstairs and probably 10 degrees higher upstairs! I hope you are at the lake enjoying the wonderful weather there and staying cool.

What did the doctor say after your appointment on Wednesday? Are you feeling better? No lyme disease, I hope! Yesterday was Dad's birthday and Tammy was out working in her yard. She said that she was putting up lattice and instead of strapping it together as most anyone else would, she was reinforcing it with screws to make it hold for the next century - in honor of Dad. Cute, huh? I regret not talking to Mom yesterday so I'm hoping some of my siblings did. I hope it wasn't a hard day for her. Today is tougher for me since I was half asleep all day yesterday! Dad would have been 80! I miss him.

My garden is taking off and so are the weeds. I have a busy day today so it will have to wait until tomorrow to get all the weeding done. I also need to talk to Doug about getting some stain for my fence and re-staining the deck. I came home to Carpenter Ants and had to have the exterminator come on Wednesday. Goodness - there are so many responsibilities when you are housekeeping!

I had such a nice time seeing you all. It was nice to hang out with you and spend some real time getting to see everyone. Thanks again for your hospitality and or entertaining me! I had a very nice time. Next year - I will recruit others to come. We may do Aunt Camp in Missouri!

Enjoy your day and say hello to everyone for me. I will try to post pics and an update to the blog soon!
Love you,

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Here are some pics of our recent trip to see Aunt Sue. It was good meeting Doug, Suzanne, Lukas and Josie, whom we've heard her talk about quite often. Ellie really enjoyed the kids, especially Jalen, and of course the swimming pool. The waverunner was another favorite for Ellie - we even got to go a little faster than idle speed this year. She didn't quite care for the lake but John got in with her for about 10 minutes. Last year she loved sitting with Aunt Sue and enjoyed listening to her sing, tell stories, and put her to sleep for naps. This year, I guess Ellie is too big for all that stuff - she tried to run with the big kids but she is not quite old enough yet. John, as always, enjoyed taking the kids for rides and just lounging around. (Something he doesn't get to do often enough). Ellie had so much fun that she slept most of the way to KC. We drove directly to our softball game and one it in the 10th inning. It was a great weekend.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Joe sent a short update on his girls. Beth is getting her MBA on July 25. Lydia and Lisa leave for Costa Rica on July 3. That was the extent of his bragging. I sat in front seat the day of our Turnbo Tour and also don't hear well so I'm having to drag any further information out of Joe. He's online but not answering my IM's. I think Lisa and Lydia will be going to Costa Rico for their tenth year.

Brayden and Jalen are home with their Dad now and Scott says they have hardly talked about us. Every day is a new world. Tomorrow is Brayden's baseball award banquet. Of course he gets an award. One of them had practice at 8 this morning and the other one has it at 8 tomorrow. Jalen has his All Star Game on the 4th of July so they can't come to the lake for the weekend. Doug always has a big fireworks display and it's become an annual event. Jalen has even made a seating chart for the adults. It's the dads who should get the awards for their devotion to the game of baseball along with the kids..

It's girls' weekend at the lake and I don't feel just good so didn't go. I am sure I would have cramped their style. They promised a group framed picture to hang in the stairwell. Rose and Shirley and I are going to a luau tomorrow evening. We have decided to go disguised as three old ladies somewhere in our sixties.

Rose has gone to a retreat this afternoon somewhere in Illinois. Shirley and I are watching the White Sox beat the Cubs.

Jana and Sandi, the blog is ready for updates and pictures. Today Margaret and Norm were getting the camper to take down to the Valley. Sounds like she's getting around pretty well.

We need updates from everyone!!!!

Mom's boys were never vulgar - just crude funny and/or crude sometimes. They had a lot of unusuual expressions and if you will forward them or post any you remember we'll preserve them in the blog. A couple we still use around here are - when something is VERY green it's green as goose s--t in May or - when something is VERY shiny it's shiny as a diamond in a goat's arse! Sandi had a new one of Bernie's the other day - something difficult as socks on a rooster! Has anyone ever seen any of these three things?? Not me but I can always imagine what they imply.

Scott's boys won't say 'bad' words and can't be coerced into repeating one. Brayden, Sandi and I were watching Shrek 2 the other day and someone in the movie said 'jackass'. I played deaf and said "Brayden, what did he say?' Brayden replied "Granny, I can't tell you". "Why not?" "It's a bad word". "What bad word?" "I can't tell you". "How am I going to find out?" "You say all the bad words you know and when you get to that one I'll tell you to stop". Sandi immediately said "It was jackass". She said to me "I didn't want him to learn any new ones." Do you think I'm known for my foul mouth?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rose did the last post for me and got some of the days mixed up but she tried and types a lot faster than I do. The ants at our house crawl faster than I can type. I came back from the lake on about the 18th with Margaret and Norman and Rose picked me up at their house. We had to share Sandi for a few days with the Larimores. Rose and I then went over half way to Louisville to pick up Jalen and Brayden. The boys and I then went down to the lake with Doug, Suzanne, Josie, and Lukas.

Some of our Kansas relatives met us there. John, Jana, and Ellie arrived soon after we did and 'a good time was had by all'. They got sorta acquainted with Doug and Suzanne and found they had several things in common. Doug caught a 'mess' of crappie while John rode the waverunner. We're going to have a fish fry on Fourth of July Weekend. The kids swam and played Jalen rode with John til he was tired of riding. The two little boys stayed up later than the men next door who had a guys weekend.

Most of the other crowd had their annual float trip and wiffle ball tournament. Doug and Suzanne were sure they had a better weekend with a comfortable bed and a bathroom. The others wouldn't admit it. Scott first told me there had been no wiffle ball tournament but I found out later that he just didn't want to tell me he had lost.

Goldman took the boys to meet Scott yesterday evening. Sandi left for Portland last night. It is sure quiet around here. When I talked to Scott later and bragged about how good they had been while they were here he said they weren't being so good since they got home. Maybe we were too permissive????

We've got lots of pictures if people will post them.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday after another eventful stay at the lake. Maddog and I were sitting on the deck Friday afternoon when Ray and Trish came by for a beer and visit. They had just left when a boatload pulled up to the swimdock. Some of the guys were buddies of Scott's and hadn't been there since Kids Week 1995. With Scott's guidance from the cellphone they were able to find us without much trouble.

Maddog went back over to his dad's Sunday to celebrate Father's Day and Chris and Shelly spent the day at the lake. Chris messed with my computer while Shelly alternated between sunbathing and working around the house. He claimed he did a lot to my computer but what Shelly did was much more noticeable to me. Thanks to both of you.

Sandi had spent the weekend with the Abbotts and had gone to Nathan and Nicole's wedding on Saturday night. I've heard it was a gala affair and hope one of our contributors will post pictures and details on this blog. Congratulations to the bride and groom.

Chris and Shelly left Sunday night and Sandi arrived. She and I got up early Monday morning and 'headed for Turnbo'. We stopped in Conway for Maudie. Her sister, Vivian, wouldn't join us though we tried every which way to coerce her. We met Joe, Lisa, Lydia and David in Marshfield at an upscale 'Miss Muzzy's'. Dave was our driver. Lydia is 16 now and has her license but didn't want to drive. Pete, I told her that you taught me to drive when I was 16 and not only did I learn to drive then but I also learned some new words.

Dave took us first to 'drag the gut' i.e. circle the square. Some of the buildings are still standing but some are just empty lots. The Cotton Shoppe is just an empty lot. Did I mispell it right? We then drove around town a bit. The cemetery is very well kept and we lingered here for a bit. The old house in town is pretty pitiful looking and smaller than I recollect.

Now, on to Turnbo Joe had gotten permission from the current owner (Frank Andreatta) for us to go down the lane to where the house used to be. There were horses in pasture there so we had to watch our step. We were watching for snakes anyway so had no trouble. The two silos were still there. The cellar was visible but no one was brave enough to go inside. There was a hole that Joe and Margaret said was the well. When Joe wins the lottery he's going to excavate down there because he's sure there's something worthwhile down there. Joe held my arm and helped me get through all the rubble and brush but warned me that if he saw a snake I was on my own. Dave helped me back to the car and they traipsed around in the brush for another hour. I waited where it was cool and there were no chiggers or ticks.

We got back in the car and David took us to Shockey Ford. Lydia took her shoes off and went wading in the cool water. I'm know the rest of us wanted to. I think we used to swim here as kids. It was such a wonderful day I think we all hated to see it end.

Sandi and I took Maudie back to Conway and had dinner with her and Vivian before we headed back for the lake. We thought Tuesday was going to be a boring day but we convinced Margaret and Norm that a trip to the lake was in order and they hopped in the truck and joined us. Margaret isn't exactly hopping but is walking now and getting around pretty well. Sandi went back down to Conway and got Maudie and we had another wonderful day.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

This is the picture I mentioned earlier that Mike M. sent me. Margaret says this is me in the middle, the other girl is Rose and the man is an old boyfriend of mine that we called Cotton. Chris says we look like we may have been dressed up for Mardi Gras. Actually, we were quite in style back then. I think we were in a small town where Uncle Curt and Aunt Virginia lived at the time called Olive. Correct me if I'm wrong, Mike. I do remember that the town was very small. I don't know why it was called Olive and I don't remember why we called the boyfriend 'Cotton'. Maybe it was his hair.

It was a beautiful day at the lake. Chris and Shelly arrived last night and I've had people in and out for two days.

Haven't heard how the wedding went yet but they had perfect weather for an outside ceremony. Sandi will be here tomorrow and it looks like our Turnbo tour is on for Monday. Will update more later.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Two photos of Uncle Curt (Mother's brother) and one of Mike, Curt's son. Thanks for the photos, Mike.
Joe, Lisa, and Lydia met Mike M. over in KC Kansas last Monday at some fancy restaurant (fancy, per Mike) and had a wonderful visit. They had a scuffle over the check and Joe won. Joe, I hope you had Pete's credit card. Mike sent me a picture that was taken in the early 60's that Margaret, Rose and I all claim to be "the pretty one". I'll have Rose post it on this blog to see if anyone else has an opinion on who's who.

Sandi LL got here Wednesday evebing. Rose, Shirley, and I got to keep her just until Thursday morning then Shirley had to go to Chicago. Rose had clients and a webcam class. Maddog and I came back down to the lake. SO the Abbotts get her for a few days. She's going to stay with them and go to Nathan and Nicole's wedding on Saturday and then come down here to the lake to spend some time with me. Two weeks just isn't enough time for all the time we want with her. Maudie is in Conway with her sister Vivian. She wasn't feeling very well yesterday but I haven't heard today.

One thing that Sandi and I had wanted to do while she's here was go to Marshfield and do the Turnbo tour with Joe. Joe's sister-in-law, Louise, is in the hospital in Springfield and is very ill. An email from Joe this morning said she's 'holding her own' but if you can't do the tour this year we'll understand and give you a raincheck.

A raincheck is certainly in order. We had a downpour and thunderstorm this morning and it's still raining this afternoon. Maddog and I had a wonderful dinner at my favorite restaurant last night. It's Brayden's favorite restaurant. We were going out for dinner New Year's Eve and this is where he wanted to come. He didn't know and didn't care it was 170 miles away. Maddog had to pick his dad up in Jeff City from a hospice where he's been adapting to his second prosthesis. His dad lives down here.

Chris and Shelly are coming down tonight. I hope the weather clears up so we can enjoy some sunshine. Donald, I've been watching for you at the US Open. Did you have a red shirt on?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's Sunday and a beautiful day at the lake. Goldman and I got here on Thursday and have spent as much time as possible just lazing on the deck. We did spend quite a bit of time on Friday working on his book. He's writing and I'm editing. He spent a lot of time yesterday waximg and shining up the Acura. Maddog got here yesterday evening just in time to have dinner with us. He had been to his grandmother's 93rd birthday party in St. Louis. I regret that I didn't have a camera. He looked spiffy. The weather has been beautiful except for some occasional thunderstorms. We have to go home for a few days tomorrow and really hate to leave.

Pete called with his Saturday morning call yesterday. He said it was cold in Idaho and some of the freeways had been closed because of the blowing winds. He said the farmers are really suffering with the weather of gas and the weather. Pete, we bought Idaho Russet potatoes and tipped the boy a quarter as you've always advised us to do when we grocery shopped.

Donald called on Friday. They had a wonderful trip to Italy. His favorite part of Italy was Venice but he would like to go back when the roads were't flooded. They had an audience with the pope. I think he said there were only 30,000 other people there at the blessing. He's going to California in a couple weeks to see the US Open. I told him I'd watch for him on TV.

Joe is wondering if any of you remember the name(s) of Granddad's sister(s) who 1. was a Penecostal preacher 2. didn't trust banks and kept her money in her purse and 3. raised billy goats. He hopes to be having lunch with Mike Madden and is going to ask Mike if Uncle Curt wouldn't let the Aunt keep the goats on his property because the property wasn't fenced for goats. Pete says goats can climb and have to have special fencing. I want to know why a person would keep goats AND how big was that purse.

Sandi will be here on Wednesday and I'm so looking forward to her visit.

I have such great neighbors here at the lake. They came over this morning with a huge pot, big bag of potting soil and plants that they planted for me. Friday they brought me a bottle of wine they want me to try. I can't do much in return but my boys are helpful over there when needed. I'm the only original owner in the subdivision.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Schools out! Today was Goldman's last day of school, and he and I will head down to the lake first thing in the morning. He's going to work on his book and I'm going to edit his book. He and I are going to spend as much time as possible at the lake this summer. I look forward to lots of sunshine,lots of company, and lots of editing.

Pete didn't get a rhubarb pie for their anniversary but he got a lemon cake like the one Janet made me at Sabrina's for my 60th birthday. She said he ate most of it himself. I'm jealous. Pete, I remember I had to share.

Sandi arrives from Portland next Wednesday night at 8:30. Rose and I will be at the airport to pick her up. She will be here until the 23rd, but already I don't think that's long enough. Tentatively, I thought she and I might go down to the lake on Thursday for a couple days. Then on Saturday the 14th Nathan, Stephanie and Dan's son, and Nicole are getting married at the Schmitt house, and the Abbott clan is planning on her being there. From then I'll just wait and see what happens. Sandi wants to visit her Larimore relatives in Conway, MO. She has a friend in Ozark she wants to see. I would like it if we could get together with brother Joe and do the Turnbo tour one day. I will try not to monopolize her company. Maudie is going to be down in the Conway area some of the time, but she won't have time to come to St. Louis. We'll miss you, Maudie.

Last Friday the GMAC office in St. Louis closed its doors. My friend Liz had to transfer to an office in Chicago or loose her 28 years seniority. GMAC and I go back a long way. From Spokane to St. Louis. Found my first husband at GMAC. Worked at three different locations in the St. Louis branch.

I talked to Joe on IM (instant messaging) yesterday, and he told me that he and Lisa and Lydia and maybe Dave are having lunch with Mike Madden near Kansas City. Lisa sees an eye doctor in Kansas City and Joe goes with her. Their lunch may have been today. I'll update that later.

Margaret said she got rid of her hospital bed on Monday, and it was good riddance. She said it was pukey ugly. She wasn't sure how to spell it - puky or pukey - but said it was ugly.

Rose and another colleague are teaching an online/webcam class this term. This will be the third one they've taught, and each one gets more sign-ups. They had some technical difficulties at first but seem to have gotten all the kinks ironed out. I took the first two and I'm sure I was the teacher's pet though I didn't deserve to be.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sue received the following e-mail, and we thought it worth posting:

From: JO from MO
To: MarthaBoaz
Sent: 5/28/2008 2:15:57 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Decoration Day

Yes, we made the tour, Welch, Marshfield, Turnbo creek (two locations) and returned via Fordland Cemetery.
(Miss Mussy's was substituted for Danzies ( something like that) on spur to Hwy. 44.)
Dave was out driver, Lisa, Beth, Lydia (land Pepper) were the passengers.

Have fun with the boy and also have a safe trip to-from meeting Scott.

Bro Joe


Well, not many folk know it is called "Decoration Day" anymore. And Miss Mussy's is really "Miss Muzzy's", a favorite haunt when we were kids. Buy why do they call it the "spur?"