Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brother Joe, with help from his granddaughter Lydia, has sent us this interesting document. It is authored by David Roberts and is his introduction to the Madden family history booklet. He wrote it cir. 1996. [If it is too small to read, click on it to enlarge the page.]

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Joe sent the following:

"It is a real joy seeing the blog being read in various locations throughout the world. Maybe some of the readers would be so kind as to add some notes of their own. The following is listed for general information:

LAFOE - Edward Egbert LAFOE was born in Tyrone County, Ireland cir. l837, married Eliza BYRNE, in Dundee, Scotland in 1866, emigrated to the United States cir. 1870 and died in Northview, MO. USA in 1928. He is buried in Welch Cemetery, Webster County, MO, along with some of his immediate family.
They raised three daughters and four or five sons? Thanks in large part to Harriet LAFOE, this is fairly
well documented.

One of the sons, Lewis (or Louis?) LAFOE was born Nov. 21, l867 in Kiblarchan, Renfrew, Scotland. He married Laura Francis NASH on Sept. l9,l893. Her dob 11-??-1872, in Texas. In l920, they were living in Peabody, KS. She died in Peabody, KS on July 10,1939

One of Lewis (or Louis?) and Laura's sons, Leo F. LAFOE was born July l894, in Strafford,MO. He was inducted into the U.S. Army 4-13-l918, in Springfield, MO. His Army S/N is 473,770

The 1920 census shows him living in Springfield, MO
The l930 census shows him living in Los Angeles, CA

MADDEN - This family history prior to the Civil War (1861-1865) is sketchy, often times contradictory and
mostly unconfirmed. David Harve MADDEN (1878-1961) had eight siblings living in the 1900 Census.
His death certificates show parents as James MADDEN and Margaret WILLIAMS
His brother Denzil's (1872-1942) show parents as J H MADDEN and Anna NEWMAN
Folklore has it our ancestry came from County CORK IRELAND but when they came is subject to debate.
Robert MADDEN's family history booklet has an introduction and a complete copy is attached.

FELIN-FELLIN family history shows Jake (also other first names used) being born in Austria and coming to the U.S. in the 1880's. One of his brothers settled in Pennsylvania and another reportedly returned to Austria. He died in 1934 and is buried in the Marshfield, Webster County MO Cemetery.

Any and all additions, corrections, etc. will be appreciated.

Contributed, in part, by Joe Felin"

Joe also sent an additional file, "Madden Book Introduction," which we have yet to know how to access. We're working on it.
It's past time for an update everywhere and I've been trying to outwait everyone but just didn't do it. Catrina, you left us hanging on Margaret so we really need an Abbott catch up. I talked to her a long time this morning and also yesterday and she has her sense of humor back - if she's ever lost it. Sabrina spent the day with her yesterday and left her own three guys to fend for themsejves. Sabrina was working on her sixth load of laundry this morning when we talked. I told her she must be the "laundry fairy" at their house as Shirley is here and Chris says Shelly is at their house.

Pete called yesterday morning with his weekly report. They're not sure when they're heading back to Idaho for the summer. They're having work down on their lean-to and he was waiting for the carpenters. I told him he needs a 'Doug' like I have. He had already talked to the rest of the family when he called me. We reminisced about soon-to-be-50 years since I spent my sophomore year in high school in Idaho Falls and Pete taught me to drive. Did they have automatic transmissions back in those days? Pete thought I'd never learn to shift gears using the clutch. Neither did I.

He told me about an incident with Nancy's 16 year old son, Eric. He took Eric to a truck stop where he hangs out and told Eric about this kid who works in there that wears a T-shirt with his jeans down low (as kids do these days) and who has a navel hernia. He told Eric not to look because the kid was self-conscious about it. He said Eric was like a 'coon dog on point'. (I believe that was the expression he used.) Poor Eric couldn't keep his eyes off it. I'll bet Eric never goes back there with Pete!

If I put anything on this blog before I'm supposed to, I apologize. I can blame it on the medicine. I've had this week what the neurologist decided (after a battery of blood tests and a urine test) was low sodium and anemia. Rose is so good to me that when we went to Barnes for the tests and I had trouble producing the urine sample, she was going to give that for me. The cure--and I am better--is lots of salt. She and Shirley even put salt in my butter and, I think, in my coffee. For a while I was afraid I would't be able to go to New Orleans this week, but now I believe I am well enough for the trip.

Friday evening Chris, Goldman and I went out for dinner. When the waitress came around to take orders for drinks, Goldman and Chris suggested I have a virgin Margarita. She said they didn't have such a thing. After dinner we moseyed down to the casino. I loved just sitting by Chris and watching him play. Every hand was painful and each hand was difficult. He would ask me if I'd go for a straight or a flush. I'd said usually what I chose was the wrong one so don't take my advice. Just like his mama, he'd pick the wrong one. If he drew 3 of a kind he's have me push the button. He never did get the fourth one. I told him I was praying hard for him. He said "Not as hard as I am!" That place is full of people praying (and unanswered prayers) regardless of denomination. We left broke but laughing.

Thursday night Chris and I went to the Cheescake Factory for dinner. Shelly had to take one of their dogs to the vet and couldn't join us. Rose and Shirley had a meeting. Last night Goldman came over and took me to Steak n Shake. Rose and Shirley had a workshop Friday and Saturday and were tied up a lot of the time. Rose introduced the speaker Friday evening and I'm sorry I missed that part of it. That's three evenings in a row I was out with the young men. I don't believe I had that many dates 45 years ago - especially 3 nights in a row.

Have Kansas, Washington and Oregon fallen off the map??? We need updates. Chris is going to add one with a picture, soon I hope. I'm starting acupuncture tomorrow afternoon. I did acupuncture a few years ago and this is a different practitioner. She is at the Big Bend facility and Goldman's coming to take me as soon as school 'lets out' (as we used to say). I have Yoga Tuesday morning with Vicki here at the house. I see Dr. Allen, the doctor who did the angiogram, on Wednesday for a checkup. Thursday's the BIG DAY. We leave for New Orleans. We're going to go part way on Thursday and arrive there on Friday.

I got new walking shoes today hoping the weather will soon warm up enough to resume my walks. I'm still riding the exercycle (I did over 3 miles on it today and also walked around the mall once in my new shoes) besides doing some of my Yoga exercises. I believe walking through the French Quarter will be extra good exercise. My next posting may be from the French Quarter unless I'm too busy beating Rose, Shirley and Loretta at cards. Shirley already has the change counted out. She should add some paper money to theirs.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update per Margaret: Mom and I (Catrina) are sitting at the kitchen table and decided to update everyone on her situation. It appears her episodes have been a form of epileptic seizure due to serious head trauma from the two head injuries she has had, one in 1972 and one in 2006. The neurologist feels that it's possible she's had minor seizures all along but nothing as significant as these last two. She was sent home yesterday on an anti-seizure medication with three new doctors and is feeling well today.

And now, for the rest of the story: her boob. (Yes, she told me to say that.) Apparently there is some sort of infection in the biopsy site from three weeks ago (Sidebar: this one turned out to be benign and not an issue) but it's now having to be healed from the inside out. Her web footed doctor (quack) told her to pack it in sugar but forgot to realize the importance of an antibiotic. Luckily, she went the next day to one with a degree who decided the sugar needed to stay in the Kool-Aid and not in her bra, so he put her on what some doctors feel is the best remedy for an infection, and we loaded her up with a strong antibiotic but not before there was a problem deep inside. She is now continuing a strong antibiotic and the wound is being packed daily by her home health care nurse, Norman who is down to one gag per pack. She balked some at getting rid of Dr. Sugar Quack but it was quickly stressed to her that bedside manner doesn't alway mean a good healer of boobs.

I'm glad to post mom is giggling and laughing and we are in good spirits again, this time on only coffee and V8. No not mixed together. I figured I'd take advantage of her willingness to share what's going on.

More later, as time and Mom allow.
We are happy to report that Margaret was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. Still no test results that would explain her small "spell." She has a follow-up visit with her physician in two weeks. WELCOME HOME, MARGARET!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sue's grandson, Jalen, made me one of the most interesting and imaginative birthday gift I have ever received. We have kept the gift on our dining room table for a few months now. Every time I look at it, I appreciate Jalen's inventive and artistic talents a little more. When he and his dad and brother went to Florida last year, Jalen brought home a bag of beautiful beach sand. His gift to me was "A Florida Beach Scene" in three dimensions. Here are photos:
Catrina called early Friday morning to say her mother (Margaret) had been taken to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Peters by ambulance during the night because she had had another seizure-like episode. As was the case last time, Margaret was her normal self at the time Catrina called. Later in the day we learned Margaret was having an MRI and EEG but no results yet. She was waiting a visit by a neurologist who was due to see her last evening.

In a family like ours--many siblings, many siblings' offspring, down two and now three generations--there is always a lot going on.

Sue continues to do very well. She has considerable bruising, not unexpected, from the procedure but has resumed all her normal activities.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sue's procedure yesterday to open some arterial blockage in her right leg was successful. Her surgeon told her and Chris just before she went into the O.R. that there was a 50-50 chance the angeoplasty would work. That was news to us. The surgeon had not mentioned those (low) odds in the office visit earlier. Anyway, all is well. It did work. Sue had to lie flat on her back until 8:30 pm last evening. She will come home today and will have to see the surgeon for a follow-up. As Chris said, "High time Mama got a break!"

She is in Missouri Baptist Hospital which is the most confusing labyrinth I've ever entered. Some of the place is under demolition and construction so few of the signs are current, and lots of the halls are not straight. On top of that, Sue was the last person in the pre-op area. Her procedure was delayed past closing time there, so the staff moved her to some other place. Then she was late getting into surgery and late getting into a regular room, a room that was on the opposite end of the hospital. Of course, the information desk had lost all track of her whereabouts. All in all, a most trying day, especially for Sue as she was allowed nothing by mouth from midnight until after 7:00 pm last night. I took her some dinner which she wolfed down.

Margaret and Norm spent most of the afternoon waiting with Sue. Chris came for the surgery hour and to talk with the physician before and afterwards.

Today is Brayden's SIXTH birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRAYDEN!!!! Scott told Sue and me yesterday that there were big plans in the works for this most special day.

Monday, February 09, 2009

I'm up early again and the paper isn't here yet. Rose had to go to Chicago yesterday and will be back tomorrow. Goldman and I went by Doug and Suzanne's for a while yesterday afternoon. He and Mary Myers and I had a great time at dinner Friday evening before the play. She's read so many nice things about him on this blog and could see they are all true. She 'fell in love' but has to get in a long line of us old ladies who are also 'in love' with him. We often wonder if he's as good to his mother as he is to us.

Brother Joe is coming to town today for a railway club meeting and I'm hoping he will stop by. He says he's already promised to have dinner with one of his buddies and can't spend the night but I think he'll get here early enough to visit a bit. Pete called Saturday morning with his weekly update. He's not sure when they're going to head back to Idaho Falls but says Quartzite is beginning to clear out. I'm sure he and Janet miss the kids and grandkids. We sure miss Brayden and Jalen.

Brayden will be six on Thursday. He was supposed to email me a note telling what he wanted but hasn't done it yet so we sent Scott some more money and let him make the choice. He's not very talkative on the phone and Jalen didn't talk at all this weekend.

Chris and Shelly and I went out to dinner last night. Shirley was still busy preparing for today. Chris has had a flu bug for the past several but seemed on the mend yesterday. I'm going in for the angiogram Wednesday. Rose is taking me. I have to be there at 12:30. Margaret and Norm are coming over then because Rose has to leave. Then Chris is coming over so I'll have people with me when the doctor finds out if he can fix the blockage then and there or if he has to stop and I have to have more tests before he can fix it. One test I remember his saying was a stress test. I'm also not sure if I'll be awake for this procedure or not. Rose was with me when the doctor talked to me and she's not sure about these things either so I don't feel so stupid. Everyone please pray it's good news.

I'm hoping to be strolling through the French Quarter toward the end of the month. We went ahead and made our plans for our annual spring trip. We've decided to drive and make it a 2 day trip down there stopping somewhere along the way. Highlights of our trip will be playing cards with Loretta, Shirley's sister and getting to see Savannah, Shirley's great niece. Suzanne is getting us a doll to take to her. Shirley says she loves dolls.

Shirley's up and went out and got me the paper so it's time for the morning to begin. What I've forgotten to put in -and what I believe is really helping me- is Yoga. I've been practicing my yoga daily and both Rose and Shirley who see and observe me daily think so too. I have this instructor, Vicki Lander, who comes once a week and gives me different exercises to do -besides she's fun to be with- and I've been faithful about doing my ritual. My healing touch person whom I see once a week has also given me some new hope. She's just gone through some hard times herself so I keep her in my prayers.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Up early this morning. Paper isn't here yet and no one else is up yet so decided to put a little stuff on the blog. Sandi's update was really good but now we need news from other parts of the country. John Moore called me from Kansas the other day because he couldn't remember one of Chris and Shelly's dog's names. I nagged him a bit. Ellie is looking forward to her 'thister's' arrival. Leslie (from Springfield - that King boy's wife) sent pictures from her trip to Washington but Rose isn't up yet and I don't know how to post them.

I'm hoping Spring will finally arrive this weekend. Scott said yesterday that Louisville had had a little more snow but the boys were finally back in school. We've still got patches of snow on the ground but it should be gone by Sunday.

I've decided to go ahead and have the angiogram next Wednesday. I'll just be in the hospital overnight (Missouri-Baptist) with a 48 hour recovery - assuming the best.

Rose and Shirley and I are planning our annual Spring trip - this year to New Orleans - towards the end of the month and I should be recuperated by then enough to stroll through the French Quarter. They have casinos down there which Rose and I are big fans of and Shirley has lots of relatives - some I've met and most Rose knows. Rose and Shirley both have these really fancy phones so maybe we can post lots of good pictures. Weather should be hot there, too.

Tonight Mary Myers is joining Chris and me for our weekly dinner out - Goldman, too we hope. He wasn't sure if he could make it last time I spoke with him. Then Mary and I are going to a play about Rose and Shirley's idol - Carl Jung - and a clandestine triangle affair involving Sigmund Freud. It's being presented by the New Jewish Theatre and Rose has helped get the word out about the production. Tonight's presentation is a sellout so we couldn't get tickets for Chris and Goldman but I don't know if they minded. Dinner at T.G.I. Fridays's will be fun for sure, though.

Rose just got up and the paper is here and I really didn't have much news so I'll quit for now.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Just back from the vascular surgeon and feel much better after consulting with him. Rose went with me and he left me with decision of what to do next. The studies that were done in the Vascular Center at Barnes two weeks ago showed 20% or so blockage in my right leg, which is causing the pain in that leg. There is some blockage on my left leg but not severe. The surgeon will do an angiogram to see if he can fix the problem with a balloon and/or a stent. That procedure requires an overnight hispital stay and a 48 hour recuperation period. If more invasive surgery is called for, it would be scheduled some time after the angiogram. Surgery would mean 4-5 day hospital stay and 4-6 week recovery time. Meanwhile the doctor said I can go ahead and exercise, walk, and ride the exercycle but he said don't do it to the point of agony. I was reassured by this and will probably go ahead and have the angiogram done.

The snow and cold weather in Louisville has been hard on Scott. His electricity was out for seceral days last week. The boys were off school but were with their mother whose power was on. With no school and their Wii, they were happy. Scott had to go to Mt. Vernon, Il. to get a generator. He was back an hour and half when the power came back on. There was still no school today.

More later.