Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Shirley's Birthday and Sabrina's Birthday today. I won't post their ages but they are a year older than their birthday last year. Keeping the blog makes it easier to look back and see what we did on previous birthdays and other happenings. It settles a lot of disagreements around here. When we can't remember we just check with the blog. Shirley's getting an I-pad for her birthday and it hasn't come in yet. There's a big demand for them.

It finally got hot here and the weather is supposed to be good for the weekend. I'll go down to the lakehouse with Mad Dog Thursday evening or Friday morning. Everyone else will get here as soon as they can. Beth is doing part of the shopping in Kansas City because she was appalled at the prices at the lake. Scott and the boys have the longest drive. They will arrive really late Friday night.

Rose and Shirley are going to Chicago for the weekend. Ding wasn't sure if he and Shelly are coming to the lake. Shelly may have to work. Drew and Ding and I are going out for dinner tomorrow night. Shelly may join us.

I went for a post-op with the vascular surgeon yesterday. My blood pressure was 105/62. That's quite low for me. I had walked a lap on Sunday and my legs had started hurting but he said that was to be expected and to keep it up and that it's okay to do the treadmill. Unless I have a problem, I don't gp back to see him for a year.

The season is finally here and we'll be at the lake for the holiday. EVERYONE'S WELCOME.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Janet sent a lovely and news-worthy e-mail update to Sue which we want to share with everone:

Hi Sue. Just wanted to fill you in on the weekend's activities in Boise. We went over for James' graduation from Boise State. He had worked and gone to school for so long and finally decided the only way to get his degree faster was to go full time. We're really proud that he did that because it wasn't the easiest decision to make. He'll be 30 in August. Can you believe it?Kelly andNancy came, as did Merri, her husband and his 2 boys and James' dad and grandparents.

Pete,Nancy and I stayed with Kelly and went to his 10 year old's soccer game. His other boy is 8 and they are both such nice, kind kids. Great to see that in this day and age.

Pete had his prostate ultrasound on Tuesday. That's the next step on his road to recovery. Now the oncologist and urologist have to decide exactly where to put the seeds and then order them. The doctor told him Tuesday that he should be all done with the procedures by the 4th of July. That will be one huge relief.

We have had quite a lot of interest in our country property since we listed it. The agents have shown it several times and the feedback has all been positive. Since it's only been on the market about 2 weeks we think that's pretty encouraging.

Now I think you're up to date on the happenings on Turnbow western branch. Love to everyone there. Janet"

CONGRATULATIONS, JAMES!!! As someone who completed college at age 30, I believe I know just how good you feel.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There will be a memorial service Doug's brother Kyle on Thursday at 1 p.m. at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, 1485 Craig Road, 63146. Memorial contributions may be made to Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. I'm sure the family is just devastated and will never get over it.
I had a phone call last week from my old neighbor in Springfield who was just a boy when Den and I lived there. Needless to say, he's a grown man now. He's driving back from Baltimore with a friend and is going to be best man at a friend's wedding. He's going to Nicaragua for a couple weeks and also has a couple float trips on his agenda. He also has plans to come see me. Jeff is down to two months left in Iraq. He was at the largest base in Iraq this past week and went swimming in one of the pools Saddam Hussein had at a palace. Leslie (their mother) and Sam (King) are going to come spend a few days at the lake with me as soon as we can all get there together.
Pete and Janet were in Boise last week when they called. They were there for a graduation which they didn't talk much about. We've got more about Lisa and her happenings but need Joe to update us better. I think she's in Washington, D.C. When I get my info better, I'll update more. I had physical and hand therapy today. Both therapists were pleased with my progress even though I feel like I still have a long way to go.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scott, Beth, Mad Dog, Groves, Doug and I came down to the lake Friday. Scott and Beth and Groves and Scott and I got here in time for dinner so we ate at my favorite place - Ruthie D's. I think the kids played poker after I went to bed and they stayed up half the night.

After we were all up and Beth had fixed breakfast, Doug got a call that his youngest brother had been found dead early that morning. Someone found him in bed and called 911 when he couldn't be awakened. Kyle was 28 years old. We don't know much more at this point. Doug left here immediately. He called us after he got back to St. Louis. He said his parents are devestated. Kyle wasn't married. Doug has one other brother.

Our plan for the weekend was to paint the underside of the roof of the big dock but, after we heard the bad news, no one felt like starting the project. Besides that it rained off and on all day and was very humid. They did get rid of some of my weeds.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I hadn't updated about Mother's Day so need to finish doing that. Scott and Jalen and Brayden sent me some beautiful flowers. They came Saturday while I was at the lake but get prettier every day. Ding and Shelly hosted a lovely Mother's Day dinner for me and her mother on Sunday. Several other of her relatives were there. Beth sent me some home made goodies from Kansas City. Goldman and I went to the Casino for a while that evening. Groves and Mad Dog were at the lake with us. I talked with Suzanne on the phone. I probably forgot some. As one of the neighbors said, "How many kids does that old woman have?"

I talked with Margaret today. She says Norm is fine. They now have his medicine level adjusted and he's okay. She also said she's getting around without a cane or walker for the most part. She and Norm, between the two of them, manage to get most everything done but Lynne, their daughter-in-law, cleans for them every two weeks. I bet Margaret does most of the cooking.

I'm back to physical and occupational therapy twice a week. I try to ride the exercycle 20 minutes a day which is over 2 miles besides the exercises I do at St. Mary's. Since I had the angioplast in my leg the pain is greatly reduced. My balance is off so the therapist and I are concentrating on working on that now.

It's probably boring to the readers to hear about me all the time. I loved the update from Sandi. More like that from there and here and other parts of the country would be nice to hear. I'm going to the lake again this weekend. It's subdivision work weekend. I'm not sure who all will be there Everyone is welcome. Candace was going to come clean one day this week but she called me and isn't feeling and will come next week. That is perfectly okay because it's not quite the 'season' yet. Beth is coming and will do the cooking except for the meat which she says Scott will cook on the grill.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just wanted to update about Norman. He's going home today! The blood in his urine was caused by his medicine and when the doctor got it adjusted he was okay. Margaret just called me and she was there to pick him up. I'm not sure which of the kids were with her. She was in a hurry and didn't want to chat long. I have therapy this afternoon so Rose is insisting I go eat lunch. More news later.

Sue received this lovely e-mail from our niece, Sandi Fellin, who lives in Portland:

"Hi Aunt Sue,

Happy Mother's Day! So nice to hear from you. How did you know I was thinking of you yesterday? I was at work so I couldn't email you so I was delighted to receive your note when I logged on this morning.

All is well here. We had a nice visit with Mom last weekend. She was over on our side of the mountains and so six of us got together with our families and joined her at Tammy's for a Mother's Day brunch a week early. The weather was cool so we were indoors but we bundled up against the wind afterward and took the dogs to the off-leash park for an hour or so and got a good walk in. Mom keeps up with us as we walk briskly about the open field where Tammy and Cyndi bring their dogs to run freely. Tammy says that there is a coyote that has confronted her dogs out there a couple of times so it is a very rural area. So nice to be together and enjoy some exercise and let the dogs have fun. I'm not a pet person per se, so I love to go so I can live vicariously through my sisters' pets.

Here's a picutre of us all on Tammy's porch. (attached) We always try to pose for pic on the porch when we are altogether esp. at Tammy's - it's become a tradition for us. Doug and Cecile had to leave so we tortured them with a group shot on the porch before we could let them go. As we were getting set up, I waved to a passer-by on the street in front of the house and, to my surprise, a gentleman pulled over and graciously used 3 different cameras to get various shots of our motley crew! So much fun. We are a rag-a-muffin group, but so enjoy our times together. As you know, a big family is such a great blessing! We loved our day together, celebrating our mom.

Yes, I know it's May, but Mother had to wait to leave to go home until Tuesday - she had planned to head home Monday afternoon. It's about a 5-6 hour drive for her over the mountain pass, (in her new Honda Accord!). There was a storm that blew through and dumped 6 inches of snow in the mountains and so we twisted her arm to stay another day!

Dave and Cyndi have Sunday and Monday off together. In the afternoon on Monday Dave announced this storm with wind and rain (i.e. rain in the city = snow in the mountains) was headed our way. So we jumped up and ran out to get the yardwork done before it hit. Kyle and Jake manned dueling lawnmowers and Dave tackled the edging (and I don't know what else because I was doing other stuff...). Cyndi and I swept up pine needles and the patio and sidewalks, weeded the flowerbeds and helped Dave plant some dahlias. Mom sat in the sunny living room with her feet up and her nose in her book, enjoying the peace and quiet and watching out the window at our exuberance as we raced against the storm. We had so much fun! (Well, honestly one of the boys was less thrilled than the other, but we encouraged him and ended up getting everything done with a smile. Good times!) After we got done in the yard we packed up the Jack Russel Terrier named Louie and went for another long walk at the dog run. Storm or no - we were die-hards. Mom said she felt so much better after getting some exercise and we all agreed. (Hmmm....there wasn't anyone else at the dog park - I wonder why not?! Lightweights!)

The next morning could mean leaving during rush-hour traffic through Seattle - something every person should try to avoid. Mom could leave at 6 a.m. and get to the pass by 11:30 or stay until 9 a.m. and get to the pass at 11:30. So....she stayed and we saw Cyndi and Dave off to work and Kyle and Jake off to school and then we left. We caravaned our Hondas to the freeway entrance - I went south to Portland she headed north to Seattle then east to Spokane. She said the pass was 37 degrees and the roads were plowed and just wet as she went through. She got home in time for a 4:30 appointment - safe and sound. It was such a nice time.

Nice to hear you are at the lake. (Just thinking of that drive from St. Louis to the lake makes me think of the Steak-and-Shake. We don't have them here. hee hee). I would love to come for a visit. I don't know when I could come, I'd want to bring others with me. I have a work conflict for most of the summer so it might have to be September or October. I will keep it foremost in my mind and try to make it happen. Thanks for the invite - I know your doors are always open.

My son is still in Florida. He called me last night and we "had dinner together". We talked for a long time - until his cell phone was dead. I love hearing how he's doing. He really shares his heart with me so even though he's a gazillion miles away I feel like I'm in touch with his life. Such a blessing! He gave me a lilac bush for Mother's Day several years ago. He is allergic to lilacs so it was a sacrifice for him, but he knows I love them. It is so nice because it blooms around Mother's Day and as I type this it is in viewi just outside my window in full bloom. I think I'll cut some and bring them in to enjoy this afternoon. Today Ty is heading up to see his other grandma that lives about an hour north of him in Bayonet Point, FL. He is very sweet to remember her. I should get a call later after he's back to fill me in on how she's doing.

I am spending the afternoon with my niece Monica. We are going for a hike out in the Columia River Gorge. She is texting me now to say she's on her way. She's mom-less and I'm kid-less so it's a perfect day for us to spend together.Give big hugs to the clan out there for me. Thanks again for keeping in touch. I'll let you know when my plans come together, but I will try to make a visit your way happen this year. (I still owe Uncle Pete and Aunt Janet a visit from last summer - it just didn't happen - still on my radar though.)

Gotta run!
Love you,
Sandi LL"

Sandy also sent this photo:
This will probably be a short post. I'll finish later in the day. Uncle Norm is in the hospital. Margaret took him in in the middle of the night the night before last because he had blood in his urine. They did tests on him all day yesterday and concluded that the cumidin (blood thinner) may need adjusting. Margaret told me that they check his blood quite frequently and that he's been taking this stuff for about five years so they're going to do some more tests today but will probably let him go home after that. She said he's not in any pain from it, just worried.

We had a terrific storm last night. I think it woke all three of us up. Lightening and thunder seemed really close. Sabrina spent the night with Margaret and I'm sure Margaret was glad to have company. More later.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

I'm here at the lake again. This time with Ding, Mad Dog and Groves. Ding and I ate at Ruthie D's Thursday night, the place Brayden does NOT like. He may have been glad he had school on Friday so he didn't have to go there. It's a bit chilly this morning but Pete and Janet had snow day before yesterday and 29 degrees today so I guess it's not so bad here. The sun is shining.
A neighbor couple (Dave and Judy) came over to visit yesterday afternoon. They live here year round and are so nice to keep an eye on the place. The census man came here and though I'm the only original owner, I hardly know anyone. I sent him over to their house. Dave first came over to scold me about siccing the census man on them.
Ding made breakfast. Mad Dog made dinner last night. Mad Dog is doing dishes right now. Shelly got a new position at the zoo which she thinks she will like much better. She will start training Monday (I think) and will be working with animals. I hope sometime we can take Brayden and Jalen to one of her presentations.
Scott and the boys sent me flowers for Mother's Day. Beth sent a package from Kansas City. Ding and Mad Dog are going to plant flowers down here today. All my children are so good to me that I wonder that I deserve it. I can't count how many. As one old man down here says "How many kids does that old woman have?" I always have room for more.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Joe sent Sue an interesting e-mail with some history:

"I sent the following to Pete yesterday and later thought all of you might be interested as it is sort of Turnbo, Northview and Greenwood news, all in one. The RR's location may be close to Greenwood church & cemetery, also the former Greenwood Rural School.

Bro Joe
see below:

Saw Johnny Pekarek and his son James at the RR Model show yesterday. The following will get you to the Pekarek miniature RR link. www.nfrailroad.com I am not sure just where near Northview but think it is north of Interstate 44 close to the Northview exit. Johnny says he lives east of Niangua, MO on 40 acres.

Sometime in June, either 8th or 15th I think?, they will assemble it at The Railroad Historical Museum, Inc. in Springfield www.rrhistoricalmuseum.zoomshare.com (where I play train, according to Mary).

Bro Joe"

I remember that the Marshfield Mail newspaper included a column entitled "Greenwood Items." Is this THAT Greenwood? I know also that our paternal grandmother, Katie LaFoe, was from Northview, right?

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Drury Website Page

The following is a listing from: http://www.drury.edu/multinl/story.cfm?id=25029&nlid=441

Sender's Comments:
Here is an interesting article about Brother Joe's daughter, Lisa.


Content listing:

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'll make this a short post since I don't have a lot to say. I believe Rose is with a client right now. Shirley's on the phone. I've talked to Ding and Mad Dog both today. Ding is going to pick me up tomorrow afternoon and we're going to head for the lake. Weather may be a little cooler down there by the weekend but still nice. Mad Dog is coming some, too and of course you're all invited. Brother Joe,I wish you would just bring all of yours sometime. Di and I will get there Thursday evening and stay until Saturday evening. You're all welcome any and all the time.

My grandsons are avid baseball fans and baseball players. We're determined to get over to Louisville for one of each of their games. They both had games last night. Jalen's team won. Brayden's team (the younger) lost. He wasn't so upset until Scott told him he had made an error. Both boys follow the major leagues, too.
After a great weekend at the lake, it was nice to be home too. Mad Dog stayed down there with his Dad after we came back. The group from the subdivision along with Scott and Beth and Mad Dog worked some on the deck and dock. The big 'kids' did all the cooking. The hot weather season is about to set upon us and I believe we're all looking forward to it. The 'little' kids are eager for it to get here.

The pool for the subdivision has already been painted but there remains other repairs that will be completed by the subdivision volunteers. That Work Day will be held on Saturday, June 15. All volunteers are welcome.

Monday, May 03, 2010

I'm back from the lake and today looks like it's going to be a much nicer day than yesterday. We left around noon. Beth and her mother, Alice, went one way and we went the other way. It was a great weekend and I really enjoyed getting acquainted with Alice. We did a lot of visiting. Saturday afternoon Scott and Beth took the boys to Miner Mike's (whatever that is) while Alice and I visited and Mad Dog pulled weeds. Mad Dog stayed down with his dad after we left and also was going to finish cleaning up. He sure is a great kid. Beth made Chicken Cordon bleu for dinner Saturday evening. I'm not sure I even spelled it right. I know I never could have made it, especially that good. Work weekend for the neighborhood association is May 15. I have several volunteers already but could always use more.

Rose has several clients today and a video seminar tonight. She's in the kitchen making breakfast now. Which reminds me, I talked to brother Donald Saturday. Julie and Jennifer have bought another restaurant in Cameron, MO. That's about 15 miles from the one they have. I'm hoping to get over there to see them sometime this summer and Donald said they're there often so maybe we can meet up. He said maybe I can eat at both places. I don't know how I'll work up that much appetite. Perhaps Goldman will bring me. He has a good appetite and may help!

Brother Pete wouldn't tell me how much he made off the auction. He said he didn't know but also said he hadn't bet on a horse in the Kentucky Derby. Mine and Rose's bet didn't pay off. We should have done like Brayden suggested - bet on every horse. The track was sure muddy.

Both Brayden and Jalen play on baseball teams and follow the St. Louis Cardinals. Brayden likes to tease Shirley about the Cubs because she likes them and he doesn't. One or both has a game or practice almost every night. One of Scott's friends brought some baseballs here for them so they could have batting practice. Brayden will play catch with Scott as long as Scott will play. Batting practice may wear Scott out quicker. I'm eager to find out.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

I wanted the address of Pete's auction before I forget it again. - bighornauction.com - Brayden just got up and told me that maybe I spelled auction wrong. Joe just IMed me and gave it to me and he is also waiting for Pete's call. We're wondering how much money he made and what he's going to buy with it. He probably won't tell us.
Today was Mom's birthday. She would have been 106. There were storms, especially in St. Louis last night, but today it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. Scott and the boys and I got down here yesterday evening about eight. Jalen and I aren't sure about time because the car clock has Louisville time and we got here by St. Louis time. Jalen is up now too.
Mad Dog was already here when we got here and Beth and her mom will get here later today. Mad Dog had the place all clean except he could not crawl up and make the new bunkbeds. Jalen has had experience since he and Brayden have bunkbeds. This is Jalen now Granny is on the phone with Uncle Pete. This morning I woke up and thought "where the heck am I" and then I remembered I'm at the lake! I do this everytime I come here on ther first night. The bunkbeds are awesome! They're way better than mine at home. I just looked at the picture Uncle Mark made where Loyola grew up. I wish I could've met him. Me and Granny are talking about how my dad likes a different toilet paper. CHARMON ULTRA STRONG! It's not very strong when he uses it, thats for shore. Tonight I get to make dinner with Beth. MY GRANNY IS QUEEN OF THE LAKE! Well I got to go. Bye for now. This is Granny and Jalen logging off.