Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I want to correct my post of earlier this morning. I talked to Joe on IM. Joe and Donald are going to Idaho! Joe had put SLC and I didn't get it. It's via Salt Lake City. They're driving on up from there. Joe doesn't know what his little brothers have planned. I think Donald is going to drive over from Kansas City. Joe wants to hit St. Louis when traffic is lesser so isn't sure when he will get here. Ding and I flew out there one time and went through Las Vegas. We rented a car there and stopped in the casinos for a while. After we got on the road and weren't sure of the route I refused to buy a map. Ding was irate that I was too cheap to buy a map but would spend money at a casino!

Joe had some more news about Sean and Brian. Brian has sold his house and he and Sean are living in Aunt Virginia's house. They're sure Aunt Virginia is glad it's not setting empty. Brian's back has been bothering him and Joe wasn't sure what was causing it. Maybe the long distance driving.

Pete hasn't called yet this morning. Maybe since he lives in town he has a different lifestyle.
I'm nearly a week behind on my updates with no good excuse. Rose wasn't feeling well last Saturday so didn't participate in the run. Sabrina and Brett did get up early and run. Brett came in second his age group by only seven seconds! He came in 10th in a field of over 700. And he didn't train! The young man is a natural. He and Sabrina came by to see us after the race. He is a delightful young man. Of course, we have taken delight in Sabrina for a lot longer time! Brayden was with us and also enjoyed the two of them.

Brother Joe had lunch with Brian Madden one day this week. Brian says Aunt Virginia is 'some better'. Brian has been here to the lake house and knows how to get here so I'm wishing he would come see me sometime, Sean and Mike too. Joe said Brian didn't eat any potatoes at lunch. Pete, I'm not sure I was supposed to tell you that Idaho Russets weren't part of his lunch.

Groves and I here at the lake this morning. I think we made record time getting down here last night. He had my computer ready to go and my pills out and the coffee set up this morning. Shirley was taking Rose out for her birthday dinner last night. I'm not sure if Mad Dog is coming down today or not. It's chilly this morning but supposed to get up to 70 this afternoon.

My left arm has been hurting me a lot so I went back to my primary care physician one day this week and she gave me a cortisone shot. Boy, did it hurt! But not for long. I'm now going to a different therapist and three times a week. It's not far from the house but, even with my walking, too far to walk. Ding and I walked on the Katy Trail one evening this week and then went out for supper. On Thursday evening Shelly prepared an early Thanksgiving dinner for the three of us. She's going to Florida and won't return until Thanksgiving Day and loves to do things like that.

I think Joe and Donald and Rose and I are getting together one morning this week. We're going to try to get Joe to spend the night. Will someone correct me if I'm wrong? Rose and I just talked briefly about it and she hasn't called yet today.

The sun is just rising. I've seen just one fishing boat this morning. Neither of the neighbors on either side are here. Last weekend the boys were here but we had Brayden so had a really good weekend at home. Scott had to pick him early so he could play in two ballgames. His teacher even came to one! Our little Albert Pujols!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Today is Aunt Rose's Birthday! We have Brayden for a short time so will have dinner at home this evening as this is is his preference and also Aunt Rose's. Some of the guys are down at the lakehouse. Thoe ones that are down there call it 'cool guys' weekend and the guys who couldn't go are calling it 'old guys' weekend.

Norman has a bulging disc (the one he had repaired before)and had to go to the doctor for an MRI and the doctor believes he can fix it with medication. Margaret, if I've got this wrong, correct me. I talked to her yesterday and they were down at their camper for the third weekend in a row.

Brayden and I are the only ones up here. Rose and Sabrina are going to partipate in a three mile race or walk this morning. As it turns out, I could have partipated, in the walk anyway. I walked over 7 miles day before yesterday and I walked 7.47 miles yesterday! I'm pretty sure I won't top my best day (7.47) today because it's supposed to rain. I'll take a day to rest.

Aunt Rose is giving a talk on Sunday and Shelly has to work so Ding and I are going to walk at Forest Park (which we did last Thursday) and go see Shelly's presentation. Ding told me what creature it's about, some nocturnal something that I've never heard of, but he says she love doing it.

Missouri plays Oklahoma this evening and neither has lost this year so Scott says it will be an exciting game. Tomorrow is Brayden's last baseball game of the season so Scott will have to have to pick him up early. Us three here hate his leaving early!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I got behind on my updates again for no good reason. We've had beautiful fall weather here in Missouri and it's cooled off some so I've been able to go outside and do some walking over several days. Rose and I go to Forest Park or to a nearby neighborhood park on some days or just walk in the subdivision. I'm also doing one hour physical therapy and one hour occupational therapy at St. Mary's every week. I ride the exercycle and walk on the tredmill everyday. I was never athletic previously so this is quite a change for me, but I find myself adjusting quite easily.

Now on with the week's happenings.

Groves took me over to see Jack Delaney Friday evening. Jack and I worked together at Midwest Recovery for several years and prior to that Brick and I worked with his brother at GMAC. Jack is in a rehab facility and his health isn't so good but, as Groves said on our way home, 'he's quite a character'.

Chris and Shelly took me out for supper Thursday night. They were going to the Rams game on Sunday. I'm not a football fan. When Pete called on Saturday, he and Janet had been to Boise the week before. The College there has their football field painted blue, and ducks kill themselves diving into it thinking it's water. I asked Pete about it, and he had never heard that. I hope Scott didn't make that up!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Scott brought me home from the lake yesterday and then left immediately for Louisville. The weather was perfect both days of the weekend, and there were mostly fishing boats on the water. I believe there was a fishing tournament going on. Beth got down there about the same time we did on Friday, and Mad Dog was already there. He did have to leave early Saturday morning. Beth made Chicken Cordon Bleu for supper Saturday night, and I brought the leftovers home for supper last night.

I tried to get Brother Joe to join us for supper and the Chicken Cordon Bleu on Saturday, but I think he had done something with the Railroad Club all day. He did tell me he and Donald are cooking up a plan to go to Idaho in November in lieu of their deepsea fishing trip. The oil spill influenced their cancellation of their 2010 deepsea fishing plans. It gets cold in Idaho early, brothers! Pete and Janet were in Boise for a grandson's birthday. Some of the guys were also going trout fishing. Hope they did better than when Pete took me and Den a few years back.

Leslie, my former Springfield neighbors, just got back from a long weekend in Olympia visiting her son Jeff and his family. Sam, Leslie's husband, is working at the Bass Pro Shop which was Den's ambition of THE place to work. I would love for them to come spend some time with me at the lake but there's the dogs. These pictures are of Leslie and her family. The other son, Chase, is now a photographer and has been all over the country taking pictures.

These are photos of Leslie's Family. Leslie is Sue's good friend and former neighbor in Springfield. We lifted the photos from Leslie's Facebook Page. [Not sure why two of the photos are duplicated.]

Sue and I walked in Forest Park one beautiful afternoon last week. If you look carefully, you will see her in the lower right side of this photo. She is circling the Grand Basin. I took the picture from the top of Art Hill in the terrace in front of the Art Museum.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Another update of current events. I didn't think I was going to get to the lake this weekend and Scott called me yesterday evening and asked me if I wanted to go. Of course my reply was a YES and I am delighted. He's picking me up about 5:30 and I told him I'd be sitting on the front porch when he gets here. It's a beautiful day here and weather is supposed to stay nice all weekend.
Ding and I had dinner last night at one of our favorite little places - Frank and Helen's. We both agreed the name (if I got it right) sounds like a tavern, but it's an old family restaurant not too far away on Olive. Rose had her class she teaches on Thursday and Shirley had a client.
Rose and I are going walking in Forest Park again after while. I've already done the tredmill, exercycle, and walked in the subdivision today. Walking at the lake seems like every where is uphill so probably won't do much except sit on the deck. Mad Dog will be there when we get there and have dinner ready. Beth is coming but Scott wasn't sure what time. I talked to Brother Joe on line and tried to get him and some of his to join us but he's working at the Railroad Museum and can't make it.
I hope Scott or Beth will take some pictures this weekend. The trees and foliage may be at their peak in color. Brayden and Jalen have gone to Disney World with their mother so we won't have them. I'll miss them though they probably won't miss me. I hope they have a wonderful time.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Had some nice communication with Brothers Pete and Joe. They're both claiming to be the SMITW . (For those who don't know what that stands for - Sweetest Man in the World - I told them the world may be in trouble!) Joe and some of his family had gone to Liberty to see William Jewell College win a football game and, more importantly, to see Lydia who is a student there. William Jewell's team won and the campus and town are beautiful, kinda like Plattsburg, close to Kansas City but far enough away to make it more rural than city. They connected with Donald and Vita and some family members in Plattsburg around 6:30. Lydia had prior plans and couldn't join them. Joe and family left later that evening. Donald is leaving maybe tomorrow and Vita on Saturday.
The guys had their weekend. This is the ten that were there: Ding, Scott, Goldman, Mad Dog, Dave Smith, Groves, Ray, Derrington, and Tim. Doug and Tim caught a bunch of fish that they cleaned and fried. They also cooked 15 lbs. of chicken wings along with pork tenderloin and burgers. Usually their vegetable is potatoes. They didn't mention that but I'm sure potatoes were on the menu.
I had to go see the neurologist, Dr. Lopate, recently and spent a night in the hospital for the IVIG. Now I have a new prescription for therapy. I have a hand and a physical session later on today. I walk outside some everyday now that it's cooled off. It cooled off and got cold overnight but didn't stay that way. I ride the exercycle and walk the tredmill everyday, too. Rose got me a Fitbit which shows me when I've increased my distance at least some most every day.
Pete's Saturday morning call is an awaited event. Last Saturday Joe Emailed to be sure to tell Pete he wasn't going to be home. Last night Joe Emailed and said he hadn't been able to get hold of Pete. What numbers did I have? I gave him the two I have and after a while decided to call Pete myself. He answered right away and I told him Joe hadn't been able to get hold of him. Right off he said "I know why that is." I asked, "Why's that?" Pete's answer "He hasn't tried!"

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

This will be a short post and I'll add more happenings later. I want to see if anyone wants to go to the lake with me this weekend. Last weekend was 'guys' weekend and there were ten of them down there. I think the weather is going to be nice both Saturday and Sunday there though it's chilly here in St. Louis this morning. The ten guys ate a lot of fried food and played cards and Risk. Rose, Shirley, and I were supposed to have Brayden but he got sick. We sure missed him.