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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here is the link to Dave's photo album:

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PHOTOS FROM TAMMY AND DICK'S WEDDING ON MAY 15, 2011. Both Glenn (Tammy's brother) and Dave Langston (Tammy's brother-in-law, husband of Cyndi) have sent us links to many gorgeous photos. We will post those links here when we figure out the technology. Thanks you, Glenn and Dave.

Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm up early this morning all set for the weekend. Everyone coming to the lake have to work today and are also all set for the weekend. The weather is supposed to be summertime-like, finally. I'm sure the kids will be wanting to go to the pool, in the lake, in the boat or on the wave runner. We call the downstairs bedroom the "dungeon," AKA the video game room, and they spend their time in there after dark.

I talked to Joe on line after the big tornado in Joplin. Mar'Ellen has some employees from the company she works for who work in Joplin and, though none of them were hurt, one lost everything. We had some storms here one afternoon and went to the basement, but they blew over, When I talked (on line) to Brother Joe, I tried to get him and some of his family to come up to the lake house for at least part of the weekend but, I believe much to his surprise, some or maybe all of them were going to make the 'cemetery run'.

After June 9 (I thought it was the 6th), I plan on being at the lake pretty much all the time this summer, and I love having company. Jana and John and the girls are coming June 19 through the 23rd. Ding and I went to supper last night because he and Shelly can't come this weekend, and we hadn't had our weekly outing lately. I talked to Margaret yesterday. She and Norm (and she wasn't sure else was coming) are spending the weekend 'down to the valley'.

Pete's weekly call last week brought information about Janet's cataracts. She was having the second done Wednesday (day before yesterday). When I'm at the lake with whomever, first they ask on Saturday morning "Has Uncle Pete called?"

Shirley and Rose have a big trip planned. In late July they are going for a week to Sedona, AZ, a place long on Shirley's "bucket list." Shirley has friends who are giving them a week's timeshare, and both Shirley and Rose have airline ticket vouchers. It will be hot in late July, but both are excited for the opportunity.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There's been tornado warnings sounding all afternoon interrupting me, and I thought I'd never get this updated if I didn't do it now. We went to the basement for the first sounding but I'm just going to keep typing now. Mad Dog and I got back from Louisville last week Thursday and then Groves and I left for the lake on Friday. Mad Dog was already there ahead of us. Doug was there with a trailer load of fire wood from a Maryland Heights tornado. They had the trailer unloaded before we got there. The new community dock is there but not completely installed yet.

I came back on Sunday to go to Barnes-Jewish for my periodic IVIG where I only have to stay one night. Lots of the staff remembered me which, in a place like that, isn't necessarily a good thing. Pete called with his weekly call. Janet was going to have her second cataract done this week, and Pete was going to have a colonoscopy in June. It's been 5 years since the last one.

Today is Shirley's birthday and Sabrina's, too. Glenn sent some pictures but I'll have to get Rose to post them later.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm in Louisville today. I flew over Thursday and my flight was over 4 hours late. Goldman too me to the airport and wouldn't leave until I was ready to board. It made a short night of rest for Scott. Brayden had a game scheduled for yesterday afternoon but it got rained out. We went to the batting cages yesterday morning. On the way home Scott told him that he and I were going to sit in lawn chairs in the outfield so we could see better and asked him if that was okay. He replied "But Dad, what if I have to talk to you about something? '

After Pete left Missouri, some of his family went right away to Spokane for Caitlin's graduation from Gonzaga. I think he drove up with Kelly. Caitlin is staying up there and only has two more classes to get her minor's. They did see Maudie and some of the boys are taking her with the camper over to the wedding. Some proud parents and grandparents, I'm sure!

Rose and Shirley drove up to Chicago Friday and are coming back today, I think. They ran into a lot of road construction on the drive so it took them quite longer than it usually does. Mad Dog is coming to Louisville this evening and we'll go home Wednesday. Scott is in the process of making breakfast {biscuits and gravy}. Brayden has another game scheduled for this afternoon but the forecast isn't promising. Jalen went on a field trip to Cincinnati and then spent the night with a friend so I've not got to see him very much.

Brayden's class had a field trip to the Louisville zoo this week. Aunt Shelly, he says the St. Louis zoo is much better and he told some of his friends and Ms. Gibson that he'd been there.

When we were at the lake last time, Brayden lost a tooth. He got up next morning and came out with a $10.00 bill. I asked where did he get that. He said "Either you or Dad." I said I thought it was probably the Tooth Fairy. He said he knew there was no tooth fairy because he 'googled' it.

Breakfast is ready.

Friday, May 06, 2011

I haven't posted all week and I'm finally going to update about the family occasion, amongst other things. I may have to stop in the middle and finish up after while. We had a great evening at the Friday night event. I'll try to list all of the attendees and must say we missed those of you who couldn't be there. There were Shirley, Rose, Margaret, Pete, Donald, Joe, Norm, Sabrina, Dave, Chris, Shelly, Randy, Lynn, Amanda, Erica, Brett, Alex, Connor, Mark and myself. If I missed anyone, there's probably a picture of you that Rose posted. Didn't she do a nice job with the camera?

I woke up Monday morning with cold and mostly congestion. I decided I'd best cancel both nights with my boyfriends and Bingo as well as my physical therapy. Nor did I go to my Apple lesson. Chris and Shelly did have me out for dinner Tuesday evening. Goldman and I had supper at Steak N Shake last night. Rose did a lot of work in the yard a couple days this week. It's beginning to look a lot like spring - finally.
Scott and the boys and a friend of Jalen's are coming to the lake this weekend. Also several of the big guys. They're going to play golf, and I hope one of them will take the kids up on the strip. I don't know if their Uncle Ding is playing or not.