Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Brief Update

Margaret is much, much better and may actually go home tomorrow, home being with Stephanie and Dan.  Sue is some improved but still no day set for her release.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Great House Guests!

Sue had loads of lovely lake company before she fell ill last week.  The kids made her cards which are in her hospital room.  Linda sent this photo today.  So sweet!

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<photo 2.JPG>

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A Brief Update

Margaret is still in Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Peters.  Sue is still in Lake Regional Hospital in Lake Ozark.  Stephanie and Sabrina tell me the physicians are trying to better balance Margaret's medications.  No word yet on a release date.  Linda, Sue's friend and caregiver was scheduled to spend the week with Sue at the Lake.  She went there yesterday and is with Sue at the hospital a good deal of the time.  Linda will talk with Sue's doctor this morning, then we'll determine the next step.  Sue is better but still suffering from a severe infection and still on antibiotics intravenously.

On a happier note, Shirley and I took Sue's eleven-year-old grandson Brayden with us to Shirley's family reunion in Arkansas last week.  There are tons of kids, especially toddlers, in Shirley's extended family.  Brayden loves these children, and they love him.  Brayden was good as gold and patient with all the travel by car, the family conversations, and the primitive park conditions (no internet or cell reception).  I'll post a few photos later.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


We can report Margaret is better, in the hospital still but improving.  Meanwhile Sue, who was at the Lake with Beth, Jalen, Brayden and friends of Beth from Kansas City, became very ill early in the week.  On Wednesday Beth took her to the local hospital emergency room, and she was eventually admitted.  She is still there, being treated with antibiotics by IV.

Shirley and I, with Brayden, traveled to Devil's Bend park in Arkansas for Shirley's family reunion.  There is neither cell phone nor internet access here.  We can drive about ten miles north to use our phones.  I have been talking with Beth, Sue, and Scott everyday.  Scott drove to the lake after work yesterday.  We will drive home tomorrow.  As yet, we have no idea when Sue will be released.

More when we know more. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Margaret Ann

As many of you know, Margaret has had some serious health issues for the past few years.  Sabrina very thoughtfully put together this summary e-mail.  Margaret is in the hospital again (Barnes-Jewish in St. Peters) after having just been released from St. Joseph's West yesterday (Saturday, July 19 2014).  Here is Sabrina's summary:

"My mom had a titanium ankle put on her right leg in 2009.  A few months ago it started to cause her some pain so the doctor removed some screws from the ankle that were no longer needed.  With this, she began to have more pain and the wound from removing the screws wouldn’t heal.  Stef took her back to the doctor and he decided they also needed to remove the steel plate in the ankle that also was not needed.  The screws and the plate were there to help the artificial ankle attach to the bone, which it did.  We knew there was risk with this because she would be put under anesthesia and we were concerned about her mental state.  Stef scheduled the surgery and right before she was supposed to go in for surgery Mom woke up in the night with what presented as a heart attack.  That was July 2nd..  She was taken by ambulance and admitted to Barnes St. Peters hospital and after many tests the doctors said there was no evidence of a heart attack.  However, she her seizure activity increased and she had to stay in the hospital until July 6th so that they could make sure she was stable enough to go home to Stef’s house.  She finally had surgery on her ankle this past Tuesday, July 15th and was sent home.  During the night that same night she started running a fever and her ankle was swollen and red, which indicated an infection.  She was taken by ambulance to St. Joseph West (because that’s the hospital where the orthopedic doctor practices)  in Lake St. Louis and given strong intravenous antibiotics.  She has been very confused since this all started but this past week has been the worst.  We weren’t sure if it was because of the medication or being in unfamiliar surroundings or if her dementia has worsened and we still don’t know.  She was sent home yesterday afternoon with a picc line so that Stef could continue giving her antibiotics intravenously.  She still remains in a state of confusion and early this morning when Stef went to check on her and she had pulled her picc line out.  As Stef waited to speak with a nurse and figure out what to do, Mom started turning blue.  She was taken by ambulance to Barnes St. Peters as this is the hospital that her primary care doctor works out of.  The paramedics said her oxygen levels were in the low 80’s.  

At this point, that’s all we know.   Please pray for our family.  We are at a loss for what’s best for Mom right now, except we know she needs to be in the hospital.  Beyond that, when she is well, we aren’t sure what to do.  Stef and Dan have been rocks through all of this.  Without them Mom would’ve been in an extended care facility a long time ago.  We all do what we can to help out and it’s been hard on all of us, however, it’s been toughest on Stef and Dan because they are with her 24/7.  Pray for Mom to get well and pray for our family to handle what comes our way with grace and gratitude for the love Mom always has given us.

Aunties, edit what you want.  Just ask for prayers please.  I love you both to pieces."

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sue and Brayden

Margaret is on her way home.

After several days of promises, the physicians are finally allowing Margaret to go home. We're not sure when they will want to see her for a checkup, but it's still got to be a relief  for the family.  Stephanie spends much time at the hospital and it's a 60 mile roundtrip for her.  Margaret loves the Cardinals and I'm sure will be home to watch the game with some of the others in the family this afternoon.  I think they are treating her with antibiotics and will continue to do so until the infection is under control.  Contradict me if I'm wrong.

Rose and I went with Brayden and Jalen to the Galleria today to the Apple store.  It is certainly a busy place.  Sister Rose is on a first name basis with a lot of them and introduced the three of us to the store manager.  Of course all of us have Apple computers and Shirley who wasn't even with us.

Pete, Jalen is 16 and did the driving this morning.  He kept it between the ditches and I sat in the back seat and didn't even have to tell him.  He managed on his own.  We'll see tomorrow going to the lake.

Ballgame Time.

Brayden and Jalen are Here

It's Saturday morning and we're waiting to hear from Pete and Janet and from the Abbotts.  We're sincerely hoping that Margaret gets to go home today.  The doctors keep delaying it 'one more day' so surely this must be it.  We'll post as we hear.

The boys arrived safely and had eaten along the way but ordered in when they got here.  They weree hungry again by the time their carry out arrived.  We watched the Cardinals win and are going to watch them play again at 3:05 this afternoon.  If they win and Milwaukee loses  tonight, I think we'll be in first in our division.  I'll have to verify that with the boys.

I heard from Leslie, my old Latoka neighbor from Springfield, this week.  She flew to Seattle to visit her son Jeff and family, and flights were delayed and terribly rerouted  so the trip out took her a long time.  Her husband, Sam has finally retired and they plan on coming up to the lake some time this summer to see visit and so Sam can do some fishing.

Still haven't heard from Margaret.  Will let you know.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Good News

Just a quick post date.  The doctors are thinking Margaret will get out tomorrow.  Brayden and Jalen are getting very close.  We have television service and can watch the news and the Cardinals.  That's all for now.

Margaret in Hospital

Margaret has an infection and is in St. Joseph's West.  This infection is in her left ankle where they removed the plate and the doctors are treating it with an antibiotic.  We will update as we receive news.

Current Plans

I may be repeating myself I don't have much 'new' news to post.  Rose and I just came downstairs and haven't had our first cup of coffee yet.  Marnett will be here later this morning.  We had pulled pork for dinner last night which at first I had never heard of but have become familiar and fond of ever since.  I think Shirley gets it at Whole Foods.

I talked to Beth last evening and we are set for the coming week.  She and Scott are dropping the boys off here tonight and then they (Scott and Beth) are are going on to their float trip.  On Sunday Beth, Jalen, Brayden, and I will go to the lake.  Jalen may be bringing a friend.  I'll be more specific when I'm clear about the ride down.  Beth's friend with her three children will join us Wednesday, so we'll have a full house and lots of fun and company.

Today we should get TV service restarted.  Charter and NOT ATT.  We were disgusted and  disillusioned with ATT--expensive, unreliable, and complicated.  I have Charter at the lake house and I'm truly satisfied.  The Cardinals are probably going to play tonight though I haven't yet looked at where or when.  I guess we're still in second place but without checking can bet we're way ahead of the Cubs.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Still No Television Service

It's cool again today, but not so hot as it has been in the past few days.  Marnett came and she and I had a great workout.  She will be back tomorrow to assist me again.

Donald and Vita got back from their extended trip to Europe on last Sunday and, per Email, had a fabulous time.  We still don't have TV and are amazed at how much we miss it, especially with the big news today that awful plane crash.  It's bad news today and will be for quite sometime in my opinion.

I believe the current plans (which I'm informed of as they periodically change) are that Scott will come here with Brayden and Beth tomorrow evening, leave Brayden, and he and Beth will go to the float trip.  They'll come back Sunday here.  Scott has to go work on Monday, so I'm not sure about the car situation.  [I'm going to have Rose edit this and correct any mistakes.]  I believe Brayden will be at the lake for several days after Beth gets back from the float trip.  Jalen is coming down Monday.  He's working now and can't take off the whole week.

If this is confusing, that's okay.  It's confusing to me too.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Coming Week

It's cool here today and University City trimmed the trees on our street and around the neighborhood.  Rose and Shirley were both busy, but Rose and I did go out and run some errands.  I think we're not going to have TV until at least Frida,y but we keep entertained.

The woman in the picture, Marnett, is the assistant who helps me with my exercises and other things,  She is lovely help.  Dave Smith came over and did some staining on the back steps here on the patio and some repairs to the front porch and garage entry.  The humming birds have been very active the past few days.  I guess they prefer the cooler weather.

It's float trip weekend coming up, which is a tradition for lots of the crew.  I believe we'll get Brayden on Friday.  Beth, Brayden, and I will go to the lake on Sunday afternoon.  I do know that I'll have a good time and plenty of help.  As usual. I'm looking forward to it.

Another view

Our Secret Garden

Marnett and Sue

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Again, Typical Tuesday

I've seen only a couple humming birds and it's a cool morning with the windows open.  Marnett and I may walk outside, but I will definitely try to get in a lot of steps.  I did over 1300 yesterday with no effort.  I did 4.25 miles on the exercycle before I showered.  I had worked up a sweat on that.

Rose works this afternoon.   Dave Smith is coming this morning to look at some work Rose and Shirley need to have done on the house.

Breakfast is ready.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Morning

It's a quiet morning and not going to be as hot as yesterday.  Rose has her guitar lesson this afternoon and Marnett from Martha's Hands is coming to assist me with my shower and exercises.  I'm not sure what Shirley has planned.  We still don't have TV service and won't have until Friday.  We all three agree it's been many years since we've lived without a TV.  [Actually, we argue about who was poorest as a child.  Rose and I win.]  The ATT U-Verse system we've had for almost three years has been riddled with problems.  The breaking point was this last outage that would have cost about $250 to repair.  Rose is busily researching the best alternatives.

Milwaukee beat the Cardinals yesterday, a game I listened to on the radio.  It is the All-Star break this week, so we will probably spend our evenings with Rose and Shirley playing Scrabble and some watching of old movies through Apple TV, which never breaks down.  I did watch "The Parent Trap" last night but fell asleep before it was over.  I'm going to finish it today.  It's one of Shirley's favorites, and I can see why.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tristan and Brayden

  This photo is glorious!

Chris's Birthday

It's Chris"S birthday and again I won't post his age.  He was born on a Sunday evening at 8 in the evening but I had gone in labor in the middle of the night on the 12th and I just told him it's been a long suffering ever since.  We have to go back to St. Louis today around 11 this morning and the air conditioner on his car doesn't work very well.  It's going to be a scorcher.  We've both showered and had breakfast.  Mad Dog is still sleeping.

The Cardinals beat Milwaukee again yesterday and play them again today and TV is still out at Rose and Shirley's.  Somehow, the house has to be rewired,  We won't get to watch the game today.  There's lots of TV's in that house, same with phones, seems unlikely. Chris just told me no Cardinals games until Friday anyway because of the All Star Break.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Exciting Game

Chris and I came down to the lake last evening and watched the most exciting game I had ever seen.  Rose and Shirley's TV was out of service (again), so they missed it.  The game was tied in the middle of the ninth.  Then Holliday hit a home run to put the Cardinals ahead.  Milwaukee didn't score in the ninth.  With this latest win, the Cardinals are tied for first place.  They play again this afternoon, and Wainwright is pitching.  We'll see what happens.  My husbands would never have believed how excited I've gotten about baseball.

Chris and I stopped and ate dinner on the way down last night.  Mad Dog came over today.  I'm sure they're going to the grocery store today.  Neither of the neighbors is here.  I've talked to Pete and Rose and Scott today.  Jalen is working, Beth is in Kansas City, and Brayden is in North Carolina with his mother.   I tried to call Scott last night, but he din't answer.  Today he told me he had already been in bed two hours when then phone rang.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Typical Wednesday

The Cardinals have really finished up well the last two games.  I managed to stay awake for all of the nine innings but wasn't sure I was going to see them win last night. The water on Wong may have been sweat or it may have been team mates congratulating him.  I never did figure it out for sure.  They play again here tonight.

Rose is with a client right now.  Shirley has gone grocery shopping at Whole Foods.  I'm waiting for Marnett to assist me with my exercises.  I walked over 1100 steps yesterday and did my usual 25 minutes on the exercycle. We usually have chicken on Wednesday because Shirley shops at Whole Foods but we're having pork chops that accidentally thawed when the freezer was off I think.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Back to Regular

Back to regular routine today.  Rose has a Jung board meeting tonight, and she and Shirley both had clients today.  Marnett came and assisted me with my exercises.  The wave runner is fixed and they were going to deliver it.  Mad Dog was available at his Dad's if they needed his assistance.  The Cardinals won last night finally.  There's another game tonight which I'm counting on their winning.  Our home team is way far back right now.

We had a power outage in the night and the freezer in the garage was out.  We're having (unintentionally-thawed) crab cakes for dinner which was not what we had originally planned to have.

Chris and I are going to the lake on Friday.  Sunday is his birthday.  As usual, I won't post his upcoming age.  I'm sure I'll have another post before Sunday.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Brayden batting in all-star game


I wanted to post about how crabby Doug got in the mess of traffic we got in coming home yesterday but forgot.  He and I were in the front seat and he had a funky tape in and I asked him to find out how the Cardinals were doing.  He said 'What do you want me to do?  Just ask them?'  My reply was 'Rose uses that little Apple and does.'  He answered, 'I'm not Aunt Rose.'  Needless to say,we lost.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Brayden, at the ready

Brayden, the All Star

The holiday is over.

It's over and it sped very quickly except for the traffic coming home.  I did stay awake long enough to watch the fireworks last night but missed them the night before.  The younger ones couldn't believe I slept that soundly.  One of them got 'boat sick' but soon recovered.  Goldman's soon to be stepson knew Scott and Goldman had been friends since they were little and Chris too, but he only knew Chris's nickname - Ding.

We're having crab cakes for dinner.  I did lie in the last update and told Doug I would correct it in this one.  He did get to fish some yesterday evening, but I don't think they were biting.  The sparrows were eating on the humming bird feeders.  There were some Blue Heron on the big dock.  They leave a mess.

Saturday, July 05, 2014


Sue sent the following update from the lake just now:

There are so many people here at the lake house for this Fourth of July that I haven't been able to count them.  Doug has taken the kids for several boat rides and tube rides.  The wave runner is still in for repairs but no one seem to miss it.  The pool and lake and boat and eating keeps everyone entertained.  Derrington brought his camper, and we had a group sleeping in it.  Luckily, none of the neighbors is here so we had plenty of parking spots.  We had a fireworks display last night but I slept right through it.  I think they're planning on another one tonight.  Fireworks were cheaper when they bought more today

Brayden had his first All Star Game today, and his team lost.  Scott said he played well.  Brayden's team plays again tomorrow and if they win that one, I'm not sure what happens.  I asked Scott if Brayden was upset but he didn't think so because he played really well.

Of course I've talked to Pete and Rose today.  I just had Goldman count and there are 17 visitors here at the lake.  I guess 16 because I'm not a visitor.  Doug trimmed the trees that Denny planted so many years ago.  I don't think Doug did much fishing even though he bought six dozen medium shiners like Den used to do.

The weather has been perfect - not too hot.  No rain.  Both the guys and girls have done the cooking and dishes and  grocery shopping.  Chris and I are coming back next weekend.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

2014 Fourth of July

It's chilly this morning.  We have the windows open and the air conditioner off.  Mad Dog will probably still go over and turn adjust the thermostat since it will be late afternoon before we arrive and getting warm.  According to the forecast, the weekend should be nice weather wise and not blistering hot.  I believe I have sunscreen enough for everyone.

Mark Goldman, his fiancĂ© Joy, and her son Lucas came over last night for a visit and to show us Joy's ring.  The ring was Mark's grandmother's and is beautiful, as is Joy.  Joy's other son Drew was working so we'll meet him later.  Lucas and Brayden are the same age, and Drew is about a year older than Jalen.  Mark, Joy, and Lucas are coming to the lake for the weekend.  Drew has to work.  Mark and Joy's wedding is coming up--a joyful occasion (pun intended).  They are a beautiful couple, and both Joy' sons adore Mark.  But, then, all kids do.

I'm disappointed that neither of my sons nor my grandsons will be with me this Fourth.  Chris is on call and Shelly has to work.  Brayden has an All Star Game.  He predicted being on the All Star Team would "ruin his summer."  I didn't know it would hurt mine too.  I'm very proud of him and his All Star position.  Jalen has a job at a Kroger.  I'm not sure what his hours or duties are. but he loves being at the lake too.  If Brayden's team loses two consecutive games, they will be eliminated.  I don't know what to hope for.  Too late for the Fourth but there are other weekends.

Brother Joe has a standing invitation at the lake house.  Donald and Vita are in Europe for a few weeks.  I'm not sure when they left nor when they're returning.  Donald didn't think the girls were going to go to the lake this weekend, either of them.  Do both of them still live in Plattsburgh?

Time for breakfast and some exercise.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Managed to get an appointment to get my hair cut yesterday evening.  Stephanie, the hairdresser worked me in, and Ding took me.  Ding and I had dinner next door after my appointment, all in all, a very pleasant outing.  We ate at a 5-Choice Hamburger Place and deciding which burger to order was tough.  Unbeknown to me, the one I chose was meatless.  I got home and had more supper with Rose and Shirley.

 Goldman and Joy, his fiancĂ© are coming over tonight.

I usually make a list of things I need to take to the lake, but Rose and I have decided we can just use one of the old ones this week.  I've got lots of water bottles I'm sending with Goldman.  I'll get someone to fill them before he gets here.  The water from our lake well isn't potable.

Rose has a guitar lesson this afternoon, first one in a while, even though she is diligent about her practice.   Shirley does the Whole Foods Shopping on Wednesday morning.  The helper from Martha's Hands will be here today.

I haven't seen any humming birds yet but I've been typing and haven't been looking.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Eye Doctor

Heard from my old friend from GMAC, Ron Reinhardt, yesterday who's been following this blog for years.  He and his wife, Georgia, have spent the past several winters in Florida but chose this year not to go.  With the brutal winter we've had, he told me it was their worst decision.  I am glad they are keeping up to date with me, and happy to hear from them.

I had that eye surgeon appointment yesterday and after checking me out with various tests, she asked me if I'd got new glasses.  I replied yes and asked her how could she tell.  She said because I can see better.  My vision is 20/25.

They didn't get the wave runner picked up yesterday.    Mad Dog (aka Chris Lynch) just called to say the Wave Runner is in the shop.  We are eager to get it fixed before the big 4th weekend.

Rose is going to make me an appointment for a haircut today.  Stephanie is our hairdresser and is a sweet heart.  She comes here and cuts my hair sometimes.  She is the person who found Linda for me.  She also does Rose and Shirley's hair.  Her salon is nearby.