Saturday, August 31, 2013

scott doing dishes

We had to celebrate the rare occurrence of Scott doing some dinner dishes


I'm at the lake with the Labor Day group.  Pete and Janet have called and I've also talked to Rose.   I think most everyone is up.  Josie and Brayden were already up when I got up and got me my coffee.  I'm usually the first one to get up but they beat me today.

Mad Dog painted the downstairs and it look really good but now all those pictures down the stairwell have to be be rehung.  It's going to be a scorcher outside today so he may get some help out of the other guys to escape the heat and hear the Cardinals.

I had an email from Donald and Vita this week and they're off to Europe Monday.  I'm not sure what country your going to celebrate your birthday in but 'Happy Birthday, Donald'.  I know it's early but have a good one.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Friday for trip to lake

Not much news to report this morning except Bea and I were mixed up about our dates.  I'll wait and ride down tomorrow with Goldman and Groves.  I've already talked to Mad Dog this morning, and he's volunteered to have dinner prepared when we arrive.

Rose has an Apple lesson this morning, and then she and I are going to meet Catrina.  It's going to be a hot day here in Missouri after the cool days last week.  There's no ballgame tonight and that wasn't much of a game last night.

I''m still waiting on the results from the spinal tap plus scans.  We called back down to the neurosurgeon's office and requested any appointments there might be before October 18.  I'm still googling NPH a lot and have lots of the symptoms.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ready for Labor Day

Bea (the new woman) couldn't get her car serviced in time for us to leave first thing in the morning so we're waiting until Thursday.

It's the neurosurgeon who wants to see me to follow up on last week's testing.  I can't get an appointment with him until October 18.  He only sees patients in his office one and a half days a week, but we asked them to call if there were any openings.  I'm scheduled for an IVIG treatment in September, but I'm not sure if they'll do it.  Rose and I have talked to hospital/physician folk several times today and they are certainly helpful.

Again, I'm looking forward to the holiday weekend and the company I'll have.  I bought a brisket and have it here in the freezer and will get it thawed for Goldman to fix.  I haven't discussed the menu with anyone else, but maybe Bea and I can do some of the shopping since we will be arriving first.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Keeping the road hot

Chris and I are heading back to St. Louis this afternoon and Rose and Shirley will get back from Chicago.  I'm going to call my neurologist in the morning to see what the prognosis on the spinal tap is.  I've spent a of time googling NPH and spinal tap and shunt and I really do have a lot of these symptoms and hope a shunt would be helpful.

I'm coming back down Wednesday morning with a new woman.  Neither Linda nor Joan could come,but I've found a third person so between the three of them I should be here a lot.  The third person's name is Beatrice but she prefers to be called Bea.  Bea can leave on Friday when the holiday crowd begins to arrive.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


It's Saturday and Pete and Janet called.  It has turned cool in Idaho, but there are fires all around the state.  I'm here at the lake with Chris and Mad Dog, and it got hot here in Missouri again.  Pete had talked to Joe before he talked to me.  The grass was growing in Springfield.  Joe was working at the Railroad Museum this afternoon and watching the grass grow, then he was going to cut it.  Brother Pete told me he no longer cuts the grass himself.  He just watches it grow.

Chris just got back from the grocery store.  Mad Dog left for his Dad's and is going to stop and get some paint to do some painting for me.  One of the walls needing painting is the one coming down the steps with all the pictures.  Taking them down and putting them back up will be the real chore.  Hopefully, he will have some volunteers to assist next weekend.

I should find out this week what they will do to me next.  I thought I was out of physical therapy but the therapist came here to the lake yesterday to see if the spinal tap helped.  I believe it did and so do
other people.  I'm going to have to hear from the neurologist for his reccomendation at this point.  I don't believe I can have the outpatient therapy in both St. Louis and at the lake, and the therapist told me yesterday I can't have in home therapy because I'm 'too good'.  (I thought that was a backward  compliment.)

Friday, August 23, 2013


Now I'll tell what's been occurring the past few days.  I went to Barnes on Monday and stayed until Wednesday evening at 8:30 pm while they did a spinal tap, injected a radioactive isotope, and scanned my head at 24 hour intervals.   (I think I have the terminology correct).  I could possibly have NPH.  My neurologist wrote me the name of what it could it could possibly be, but his writing was difficult to read.  A resident neurologist told me to to google NPH.  It works.

We're not sure but there's a possibility they could put a shunt in my brain to drain excess fluid.  I believe we're waiting for the findings from the scan.

I'm at the lake with Chris and Mad Dog right now.  Rose and Shirley had to go to Chicago for a conference this weekend.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spinal Tap

I had the spinal tap on Monday and then spent the next three days in Barnes having scans in 24 hour  for a period of 3 days.  Yesterday I was finished but waited for a head neurosurgeon who was waiting foe his boss who wanted to talk to me.  One of the nurses said she didn't  think a neurosurgeon had a boss except his wife,

I'm going to the lake today and will update more later.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pete and Janet's Great Granddaughters - 2nd Photo



Pete and Janet's Great Granddaughters

Our great granddaughters ( Merri's granddaughters) who are members of pre4-H called Clover buds. Six year old Deviney showed her lamb and four year old Brynnley showed her rabbit at the county fair. Their mom and her family are very active in 4-H which makes me happy because I spent many years as a member and as a leader. Dev's sheep is in the pen and Bryn's rabbit is in the cage. Love to all, Jane



Jalen playing varsity soccer


Happy Birthday, Jana, and thank you for the lovely update.  Brother Pete had asked me on his Saturday call if I had any recent news from our Kansas relatives and now we're up to date with pictures and school news.

I'm still in the hospital (Barnes Jewish) after coming in yesterday.  They did a spinal tap (AKA lumbar puncture), injected a radioactive isotope, and then took a series  of pictures.  They waited 24 hours, and this morning took more pictures.  Now they're waiting another 24 hours and will take another series.  After that I hope I can leave.  Rose told me about a play,' Miss Ever's Boys' that I'm going to google today.  It's a true story in which people have spinal taps as part of an experimental program that they know nothing about, one of those horrible practices that were common before medical ethics were well established.

Brayden is a Fifth Grader

Jalen is a Sophomore

Monday, August 19, 2013

Update from the Moores

As always, a lot has happened since I last updated the blog.  A few weeks ago, Jana and I had a weekend trip with our friends to the lake and we were fortunate to visit Aunt Sue on Sunday before we made the trip home.  It was great to see her again and we had to promise to bring the girls back as soon as possible.

The summer has officially ended as the girls are back in school.  Ellie has started the 2nd grade this year (it's nuts that she is already in the 2nd grade).  Kaitlyn is in the last room at her daycare so she will be starting Kindergarten next year.  Hopefully we can get her into the same school as Ellie so they can ride the bus together.  Thinking about her going to school makes me sad so I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Despite Jana's best efforts, we decided that it was time for the ladies to have their own rooms.  A few weeks ago we started the process.  Ellie picked out a lovely pink for her room and we found a confetti topcoat that really "girls" up the room.  After a very long night of moving furniture she was able to sleep in her own room, complete with a zebra stripe chair rail and new bedding.  We managed to get it done while the girls were with my mom so it was a nice surprise for Ellie to come home to.  Kaitlyn on the other hand, had the pleasure of walking into a munitions testing site in her room with all of her crap strewn all over everything.  This past weekend, Jana and I repainted her room with a really nice purple....which she hated.  She really wanted a darker purple so we caved and let her pick out a much darker color:  K-State Purple.  It is an awesome color, but maybe not for a child's bedroom as it is pretty dark, but she loves it and she got the same confetti sparkles that Ellie got.

Two weekends ago, we all loaded up and went to Salina for Carson and Ryan's birthday party.  They had quite a setup with a pool, play set, and bouncy house so everyone had a great time.  Karen. Cristian, and the boys are all doing well. 

In upcoming news, the K-State football season starts on August 30th.  To say that we are excited is an extreme understatement.  We are even planning on taking Ellie to a game this year if the kickoff times work out.  I think it is about time for her to watch an entire football game at Bill Snyder Family Stadium since she will be going to college there.  And yes, we have already discussed her college plans and she is on board with it.

Hope everyone is well and we look forward to seeing you all again really soon.

John, Jana, Ellie, and Kaitlyn

ATT U-Verse

I see that ATT U-Verse is advertising on the blog.  A note to our Readers:  We have had U-Verse now for over a year.  The trouble we have had would rival that of folk who owned the first automobiles.  Just recently, ATT had to dig up some buried wires to correct something.  Lots of times the remotes don't do a thing and are out of sync with the TV.  The service is unbelievably expensive.  We have had dozens of repair people to the house since we signed on.  Often we have wished we had the old basic service from Charter that, though limited, worked!

As soon as Apple comes out with an alternative, we are gone.  I show all the ATT people who come here our little Apple device for streaming video and compare it to the metal boxes for U-Verse.  Those boxes look like WWII ammo boxes.  We must have several hundred feet of excess wire hanging from the TV's and boxes.  What is so difficult about elegant design?  Obviously, ATT could use more women employees because we understand such things.

One good thing:  it is easy to record programs.

A Brief Update

Sue was scheduled for a cisternogram last Monday, August 12.  We got to the radiology department at Barnes-Jewish hospital at 8:30 am.  She had the beginning scan, then a physician explained the test would not be sensitive enough.  She would need another kind of cisternogram that involved radioactive isotopes that have to be made up the morning of the test.  So the department secretary rescheduled the thing for today.

Sue and I got to the hospital, again at 8:30 am.  [They now know us in the parking garage.]  They did a lumbar puncture to inject the radioactive isotope into her spinal/brain fluid then did the first scan and told us to come back for a subsequent scan at 1:00 pm.  Having had nothing to eat or drink, Sue had a hearty brunch.  Her primary neurologist's secretary called around noon, all apologies, to give us new information: Sue would need frequent scans over three days.  [Suffice to say, Barnes had a significant failure in communicating.]  The best bet would be to have her admitted to the hospital, but Sue's choice.  So, back to Barnes downtown for the 1:00 scan followed by admission to the hospital until Wednesday, Sue's choice over multiple trips to Barnes.

The cisternogram is a test to check out fluid pressure in the brain.  The suspicion is that Sue's recent difficulties with balance and walking are caused by some fluid imbalance.  We still believe the sudden withdrawal of the trial med, which even the pharmaceutical company making the stuff warns not to do, caused this whole ordeal.  Sue, and we, have had a tough summer.  Thank God for Linda, Goldman, Maddog, and Joan.  With their help Sue was able to salvage some really fine days at the lake and is hoping for more into the Fall and early winter.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013


Friday Morning

Friday morning and I'm still in St. Louis.  It was a nice dinner with Sabrina and family on Tuesday, and then last night Ding took me to TGIFriday's for supper.  I don't know why I'm getting all this attention, but I like it.

Mad Dog and Dave Smith are staining the decks at the lake house.   They should be finished this evening.  I'm eager to see the completed job.  Both young men do good work.

I've been home for a bit with a set back in how I've been feeling, so Rose insisted  I go to the doctor.  I'm having some tests done on Monday.  I did go to a fill-in for my primary care doctor who was  on vacation.  The fill-in guy was handsome as the devil but, as Rose pointed out, I am old enough to be his grandmother.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


It's Tuesday afternoon and I haven't made it to the lake this week for two reasons.  First. I haven't found anyone who can stay with me.  Linda and Joan are both currently busy cut will be back later on.  Yesterday I had scheduled that test with my neurologist which he postponed until next Monday and I believe I have a new companion whom I haven't interviewed yet.  She's supposed to call this evening.

The other reason was I got up a bit unsteady on my feet today.  I'm much better now but would probably have waited until tomorrow  though I'm even more steady now.  I cancelled my therapy at the lake but the supervisor said I was out of sessions anyway.  I did do 20 minutes on the exercycle.

Rose, Shirley, Sabrina, Alex, and I plan to have dinner at Macaroni Grill in St. Peter's this evening.  I'm feeling much better and believe I can go.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend in St. Louis

Joan and I had a really great week at the lake and I feel like I've made true friends with both Linda and Joan.  I certainly enjoy their company and hope they enjoy mine.

We got back Friday afternoon and Scott and Beth ad the boys arrived later that evening.  Pete called Saturday morning so I knew it was Saturday.  I did hear from Brother Joe and they had missed the flooding.  There was a big soccer match here in St. Louis Saturday that Scott, Beth, Jalen. Brayden, Chris and Shelly went to.  Rose and I  knew nothing about it until it was over and Rose saw how many attended and that it was international.  The group hung around downtown St. Louis for the Cardinal Cubs game.  Again, the Cards lost but they finally won one today.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Rain Again

I was typing away, did  something and couldn't restore what I'd updated so i'll try again.  It's raining here again this morning.  I had an email from my old neighbor in Springfield and they had had escaped the flooding in the southern part of the state.  Parts of Interstate 44   are  closed butt we don't go back that way.  We're leaving this afternoon.  Scott and Beth and the boys are coming either tonight or in the morning so I'm really looking forward to that.  I believe they are going to a soccer game and a Cardinal game so we probably won't get to see a lot of them.

I had a phone call from Brother Donald yesterday checking to see how I was doing.  He and Vita and planned to come to Missouri this summer but didn't make it so far.

The therapist was here earlier today and thought I wasn't walking as well as I did on Wednesday.  I have an appointment with one of my neurologists and for some tests on Monday at Barnes.

Joan is fun and and she and I enjoy each other's company.  She's a great cook but doesn't think she is.  I  keep telling her she works too hard, but she has a hard time setting still.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

House Flood

Joan and I arrived yesterday around noon and had a lovely lunch lunch and dinner and watched the Cardinal game but this morning was a different story.  I've had this house for 30 years and it has never leaked.  There were puddles all over the kitchen, laundry room, eating area, and some even seeped over into the setting area.  I came down first in the stair lift and could see the water and puddles so I was afraid the floor would be slick so called Joan and she came hurrying down to see what I needed.  She spent a long long time mopping and made sure I just sat still so I wasn't in danger.  She heard the storm in the night but I slept through it.  The therapist came later today and said he's hardly ever seen such a torrential downpour.  He lives right up the hill.

Mad Dog is coming over later today and I'm going to have him look at the outside where Joan and I believe the water must have come in from.  Not a good way for Joan to begin her first day on the job.  30 years and now it floods and there's more rain in the forecast.  Ros says they haven't had any and they truly need it.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

John and Jana and Joan

John and Jana didn't have the girls when they came by on Sunday morning as you can see by the pictures but we had a lovely visit.  Jana is going to send more pictures of an upcoming family event.  I came back with Chris so I could show Joan how to get down here today.  Brother Pete didn't miss his Saturday call and said it was chilly in Idaho.

Joan and I got here around noon today and she's already made my lunch.  Mad Dog was here and showed Joan things I can't show her about.  I believe she is going to be just as delightful and helpful as Linda.  She has a list of notes she and Linda had made together about me and my care.

I hated missing the lunch with Margaret and the Abbotts.  Hope to do that again when I can join them.

I have to have some tests on the Monday, the 12th, and am not sure about the rest of that week.  Scott and family will be in St. Louis this weekend for the Cardinal-Cub game and for a soccer game, so we won't see a lot of them.  

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Friday, August 02, 2013

Kansas Visit

The therapist just left and again he agreed I was much improved since the first time he saw me.  He will come again next week Wednesday and Friday.  He seemed glad that he keeps to keep seeing me after Goldman has to go back to school.  So am I.  Joan starts on Tuesday and I'll go back to St. Louis Sunday evening with Chris to get some things and to show Joan how to get here.

It's raining this morning but we need rain.  Jana and John and the girls are going to come by sometime this weekend.  Remember, Jana is Brother Bob's granddaughter and Bobbie's daughter.  They come for a stay every year but we've missed the last couple years because I've been 'under the weather'.  I'm really  looking forward to seeing them.  I'll get Jana to help me post some Kansas news.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Great Week at the Lake

Thank you, Goldman for posting the names of the participants in their float trip.  Needless to say, I didn't go nor could I have named them all.  The Lynches had to leave yesterday and the little boys really hated that.  They did get to use their bait and go fishing but I could tell they weren't real fishermen because they did catch some and didn't exaggerate about the size.

It's just Goldman and me this morning though we're expecting Chris and Mad Mad Dog tomorrow.  The therapist came yesterday and will come back tomorrow.  He is very helpful and thought I had the best day I've had yet.  The nurse will come this afternoon.  I think she just comes as part of Medicare.

The humming birds have found the feeder.  At first  I was counting when I spotted one but I can't keep track any more.

When Goldman was at the grocery store on Sunday, he ran into one of their old buddies who used to come here, Mike Lundry.  There's pictures of him in the group picture on the wall.  He came over later and may come back this weekend because he knows Ding too.